1000cc 4WD Off Road Go Kart Build Ep. 6 Steering

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Our KTM LC8 now has full steering! Cant wait to take this go kart off road to see what it can do! This might be our most wild build yet! What do you think? Thanks for watching guys!
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Frank Geimer
Frank Geimer - 11 dager siden
What great fabrication. Very talented!!
C Smith
C Smith - 2 måneder siden
Someone probably already said this, you're never supposed to wear gloves using a drill press, I almost lost a finger, the index finger of my glove caught, and wrapped around a drill bit, then my finger started wrapping around the bit. It took a few months to heal and now that finger is always curved.
I know you still will wear gloves using the drill press, I still do sometimes, but just try not to, or be extra careful.
You guys do great work.
jlhuffa - 6 måneder siden
Love the innovation you guy's use with what you have on hand. Engineering as you go. Good minds and you use them to get things done. Kind of like farmer's have to do to get a job done. You have better equipment though. Keep doing what you're doing. We enjoy every step!
John DeBrular
John DeBrular - 6 måneder siden
It would have been easier if the frame was a bit longer & wider. Just a thought but overall a fantastic idea.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Check out the cars and cameras videos on the 670 lawn tractor it literally rolled on Isaac at 85 miles an hour
Johnny swe
Johnny swe - 6 måneder siden
Relly cool projekt.
Cameron Long
Cameron Long - 6 måneder siden
what qualifications do you have? love ur work!
MsJinkerson - 7 måneder siden
I learned on a lathe a little older than the one you have
TdrSld - 8 måneder siden
So the steering setup y'all built is called a "swing-set steering setup", y'all just did it up side down. We use them in Trophy Trucks that use the Ford twin I-Beam and Twin Traction Beam front IFS. It gives you almost NO bump steer on a long travel setup on the Twin system.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 7 måneder siden
Yes! That's actually where I got the idea for this setup! I got curious about how they deal with bump steer on the long travel TTB setups, and looked at pictures on Google. 🤣
Rttfdxfgh Jhfgydiutf
Rttfdxfgh Jhfgydiutf - 8 måneder siden
Ютуб гавно ебаное!хотел посмотреть Джон уик на русском,а оно другим словом не назвать!!!!какуето п..... Пишет
El Sibarita Del Castillo
El Sibarita Del Castillo - 8 måneder siden
El nuevo hermano
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller - 8 måneder siden
4:41 If your glove would have caught on the drill, that could have been bad. I've always been told to NEVER wear gloves when doing any machining. Too much risk of the tools catching the gloves and pulling you in.
Anderson Ferreira Ugioni
Anderson Ferreira Ugioni - 8 måneder siden
bob sean
bob sean - 8 måneder siden
nice work bro am an enthusiast from Botswana 🇧🇼 and I also do small projects from scrap
mad pharmy
mad pharmy - 8 måneder siden
stainless tubing just "laying around"
Aj Seuol
Aj Seuol - 8 måneder siden
Before you start praising this guy on his machine shop skills? STOP!
This guy is an idiot. He needs a vertical Mill with an indexing head to cut splines the right way.
Robert Riggle Riggle
Robert Riggle Riggle - 8 måneder siden
Try to run the rally track backward, just a thought.
hammerfix - 8 måneder siden
you guys have so many option after this too :D electric, two stroke, diesel and the list goes on. cant wait to see all of that.
Scale Rcworkshop
Scale Rcworkshop - 8 måneder siden
Wow very interesting steering scheme🔥👍🏻👍🏻
Kyle Locker
Kyle Locker - 8 måneder siden
You guys don't live to far away from plains MT!! It's awesome to see people doing cool shit on YouTube from this neck of the woods
Sun4ez 54
Sun4ez 54 - 8 måneder siden
From Russia. You are magic man 👍
SE Creator
SE Creator - 8 måneder siden
Ethan, thought youd appreciate this vid, and maybe learn something valuable. Enjoy
11;15 >
James Pascuzzi
James Pascuzzi - 8 måneder siden
I would like to see you guys do a go kart with a Harley Davidson engine
Jesse Gruber
Jesse Gruber - 8 måneder siden
Can anybody help me out with the name of that app for selling and buying vehicles at these guys talk about a lot, I've been trying to skip around some of the videos and find it but it's proving more time consuming then asking so I figured I'd ask.
Jesse Gruber
Jesse Gruber - 8 måneder siden
@SE Creator wow that was super unhelpful, did you miss the part where i was looking?
SE Creator
SE Creator - 8 måneder siden
They usually list that in the vid description
Aaron Provance
Aaron Provance - 8 måneder siden
Your fab work amazes me every time. I love the new tunes. You guys deserve a nice new workshop that doesnt rain inside.
persteel - 8 måneder siden
Also must say, for your own safety, have seen your race around the property. Never considered building a rollcage ?? Dont have to be heavy or uggly. ( I am also older 55 years....) BR Per
persteel - 8 måneder siden
Hello, really nice projekt. Funny I am doing almost the same but electric : https://youtu.be/56sbTlS0_hM BR Per
Clayton Csonka
Clayton Csonka - 8 måneder siden
0:58 what was that laugh
SEKIGAN TIVZ TMD - 8 måneder siden
Bryan Putz
Bryan Putz - 8 måneder siden
jonkwilloughby - 8 måneder siden
Wow, your ability to visualize, engineer and fabricate is just other worldly. You guys are such an amazing team. I enjoy your interaction, video/audio production, location, prettily much everything you guys do and come up with. Thanks guys; you are both awesome!!
Ty Pauley
Ty Pauley - 8 måneder siden
I’m positive this build is past the point of being called a “gokart”😂
Massimo Russo
Massimo Russo - 8 måneder siden
Please use Momo, Sparco or OMP steering wheel on this Go Kart.
Italian steering wheels are the best ones.
Savage Beast621
Savage Beast621 - 8 måneder siden
The next power wheels should be the amg 6 x 6
Joshua Suriner
Joshua Suriner - 8 måneder siden
this guy needs a bridgeport
Eric Swenson
Eric Swenson - 8 måneder siden
Just had an ad for Magic Car come up during this, which looks like a power wheels rip off, pretty funny 😅 someone is being clever!
Adam Paszak
Adam Paszak - 8 måneder siden
Any space to run the rack on the passenger side and connect to the column with chain, like old rat rods?
Might prevent some wrist snapping torque steer
Michael Arsenault
Michael Arsenault - 8 måneder siden
Guys I have all ways wanted to be in one of your videos. I know you get this a lot but I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan. I want to really be able to do what you do when I grow up. Do you have any tips on how to become a successful you tuber. Thank you. Also sick beanies.
oldreliable303 Justin Scott
oldreliable303 Justin Scott - 8 måneder siden
You can use a divideing head on the lathe, to indext your spiles....
Or get a mill.....
The Mechanic
The Mechanic - 8 måneder siden
Need to time the u joints coming off the engine to the trade/trans you have mounted or that driveshaft will sling apart!!!
Celtic Drones
Celtic Drones - 8 måneder siden
I'm out. To many commercials. He sold out. Call discovery to start your show with all there commercials
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson - 8 måneder siden
Stop making shit that causes me to dream of starting new projects! This is amazing craftmanship!
GAMMA Fahrzeuge
GAMMA Fahrzeuge - 8 måneder siden
Greetings from Germany. We would love to see you transforming one of our cars with your mad skillz
Groovie Shroomie
Groovie Shroomie - 8 måneder siden
this thing is gonna be scarrrrrry i feeel
amorton94 - 8 måneder siden
I hope to someday see a build on some crazy rotary garage or something for all these toys.
Christian Busch
Christian Busch - 8 måneder siden
Hi, I love your vids! Short question from Germany: What is the dimension of the tubes you are using for the frame? And... is it possible to get in contact to one of you inside a chat? I have several more questions because I planned to bild my own "barbycar". Best regards, Christian
GBracing - 8 måneder siden
the trees were good, but not quite as good as they normally are
Alexandre Verdi
Alexandre Verdi - 8 måneder siden
Please see it
Travis Lee
Travis Lee - 8 måneder siden
When are you going to post more progress on the long travel odyssey ?
Mauricio Narcia
Mauricio Narcia - 8 måneder siden
Now image what he can do with real jeep an ls swaps or hemi rollcage more custom work love ur hard work
bmx and rap
bmx and rap - 8 måneder siden
It only needs one more thing all wheel turning
Gino Joosen
Gino Joosen - 8 måneder siden
you shoud make a cop car
สมโกก ลมเกิบ
แต่ละคันที่พี่แกทำ สุดยอดทุกคัน 👍👍👍👍👍
Bradley Soole
Bradley Soole - 8 måneder siden
I was thinking that is so much work, why not just get a sick quad then u thought if I had the option to ride this or a quad I would def pick this mentalness
Sam Lane
Sam Lane - 8 måneder siden
You guys should try something like this for the next build YT link: https://youtu.be/GKg2gast8Pg it wouldnt be too hard to do something like that with your skills
Echo Sierra
Echo Sierra - 8 måneder siden
About how much has it cost to make this so far?
Mad Jeeper NH
Mad Jeeper NH - 8 måneder siden
Nice work guys!!! I love what you are doing, the complexity of your builds, challenging yourselves more with every build. I anticipate every new video.
Hooha888 - 8 måneder siden
Good way to screw up electric tools or electrocute yourself by not fixing the leaks in your roof.
Strychnine '69
Strychnine '69 - 8 måneder siden
Those tires look perfect for it
Ethan Yarbrough
Ethan Yarbrough - 8 måneder siden
When this is finished I expect tracks
dirt bikes, quads and sleds
dirt bikes, quads and sleds - 8 måneder siden
Where were you guys going to ride in the mountains let us know just do a fan Meet and greet also my shop leaks when it I would so come to it as I live 1hr 24 minutes away from you guys
vulcan2000pilot - 8 måneder siden
That property you guys are at looks so beautiful. The videos are amazing brothers! Look forward to this one ripping.
Dan F
Dan F - 8 måneder siden
Great channel. But PLEASE keep the rain off your lathe! 👍
Gabriele Fugazza
Gabriele Fugazza - 8 måneder siden
I am completely in love with your editing style and I love what you do and how you do that... That's my dream... Live where you live and do what you do... Guys you're really cool!! Keep going!!
Walker Toates
Walker Toates - 8 måneder siden
I think y’all should bring back a turbo build and use like a newer r3 engine so it can have efi.
MRT - 8 måneder siden
Could u do next very powerful electric go kart maybe with tesla body?
高橋保弘 - 8 måneder siden
mark nelson
mark nelson - 8 måneder siden
Hey guys I committed on the wrong video sorry about that this project is the one I was talking about . I love this channel check your u joint timing it’s way off they are clocked wrong it will break joints and gear boxes the joints on the shafts should be inline with each other or they won’t be constant velocity. After all that work I’d hate to see you guy get hurt with a flying driveline. Be safe guys can’t wait for the next video
moab - 8 måneder siden
Anthony Schirtzinger
Anthony Schirtzinger - 8 måneder siden
The spline cutting trial and error is exactly the kind of stuff that keeps we watching. Pretty cool guys.
imperlast2 - 8 måneder siden
i like for calling it the proper name toque
D-Ran Yatertots
D-Ran Yatertots - 8 måneder siden
It was said that you need to go to the coffee shop to upload, do you not have internet at the house?
D-Ran Yatertots
D-Ran Yatertots - 8 måneder siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co that makes this whole operation so much more impressive
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 8 måneder siden
Nope not at all
guillermo acosta
guillermo acosta - 8 måneder siden
talent man, awesome!
BaddaddyBrad - 8 måneder siden
You live in heaven! Such an amazing area!
andrew Jones
andrew Jones - 8 måneder siden
This thing is sick. It looks like a big bull dog.
anonMS dawg
anonMS dawg - 8 måneder siden
If it were real leather id buy one
anonMS dawg
anonMS dawg - 8 måneder siden
You guys arr insane! And i thought youd never complete the batbie jeep
Leo Davenport
Leo Davenport - 8 måneder siden
Do you guys have a masters degree in photography? 😅😂😅
BAYN Mods - 8 måneder siden
I'm ready for you guys to build a full size buggy , with all the cool tricks y'all have learned .
Dustin Brinker
Dustin Brinker - 8 måneder siden
Need to buy the batmobile car bed from wayfair.com or some kind of car bed and do a build.
J Fizzy
J Fizzy - 8 måneder siden
Just stumbled across your channel..... Wow! Epic project, will be watching eagerly to see this 4wd twin beast come together 👌.
InsaneJW - 8 måneder siden
Wont the Ackermann steering geometry be effected with the steering knuckles flipped around?
Tayloredarc - 8 måneder siden
Wicked build again.
With the steering, would a boat hydro work? Cost a bit more but could fit in some tight spaces
priveetje - 8 måneder siden
you guys need a new shop, you deserve it !!
Sean logie
Sean logie - 8 måneder siden
You guys need a mil in the shop,making splines would be so much easier and faster .
trent adams
trent adams - 8 måneder siden
Is the treehouse build on the channel?
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 8 måneder siden
No, but we do have a Video showing it and explaining it!
Keegan Shannon-Lohenry
Keegan Shannon-Lohenry - 8 måneder siden
Please never do that with the bearing and the drill press again, take a think on what happens if the work slips out of your hand and the drill bit catches your glove...
Daniel Tracy
Daniel Tracy - 8 måneder siden
8:38 Shakespeare’s summer is my favorite song. Always turn the video up when I hear it!
Andrew Horjus
Andrew Horjus - 8 måneder siden
Can I fabricate pipe like you when I grow up?
anyutubenamesleft - 8 måneder siden
Why.....just why
random-guy-from-the_Internet - 8 måneder siden
Why not cantilever the shocks you have right into the driver's shins?
Matthew Wolfe
Matthew Wolfe - 8 måneder siden
Good god.... at around 9:00 he must have check fit that support bar like 30 times before he welded it in. In fast motion it looked hilarious but in real time it probably was a pain in the ass to fit it properly.
Straight Line Cycles
Straight Line Cycles - 8 måneder siden
Offset risers for the steering rod?
Nate Somers
Nate Somers - 8 måneder siden
Your fab skills are crazy good buddy!!! Can’t wait to see it finished!!!
Straight Line Cycles
Straight Line Cycles - 8 måneder siden
Make a big full size version
Austin T.
Austin T. - 8 måneder siden
Is the grind hard plumbing do from plumbing in a house to a toilet or sink, or like plunking for an engine? My guess is plumbing for motors and shit, but wasn’t 100%
banmadabon - 8 måneder siden
Staring at the steering...
Mike Popp
Mike Popp - 8 måneder siden
You guys make a good team
Leighton Chapman
Leighton Chapman - 8 måneder siden
Pretty cool. When you take the barbie jeep into the mountains you should also take the camero
Diogo Azevedo
Diogo Azevedo - 8 måneder siden
Go check Akina boy on youtube, you will just chill