1000cc KTM Power Wheels Build Gets Headers and Fuel Pump

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The KTM Adventure powered Power Wheels go kart build is nearing completion! This week we fabricated custom headers and installed the fuel system. We cant wait to finish this build series it will be running soon we promise.
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 6 måneder siden
New video upon the Second channel today as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BaKK_SDwr8
WickedTRX - 6 måneder siden
i commented on the last video that you would need a an ignition module, a Bosch 0 227 100 200 a JPT 7-WAY connector will do on a pinch
Mike Brown
Mike Brown - 6 måneder siden
Grind Hard Plumbing Co, seeing as how you guys have a haltech, and it can control coil on plug, maybe that would be something to look into instead of having to add the amplifier in. You would also benefit from a much stronger spark as well. Just a thought.🤘🏻👌🏻
JACK BEETS - 6 måneder siden
just you just need to put a couple of hoses on them to the ground or to a catch can
JACK BEETS - 6 måneder siden
I sure hope you put the crankcase vents back on the side of the engine that you took off a couple of videos ago or this build is sadly not gonna last very long
Ashley Plamondon
Ashley Plamondon - 6 måneder siden
That is a good free hand with a plasma cutter.
cade_olson - 10 dager siden
PLAYTAL FF - Måned siden
Justin - 5 måneder siden
I did not know him before this channel, so I like that you had Lucas give a tour of his shop and talk about his business. I appreciate the quid pro quo and professional friendship. If I lived nearby this is definitely the type of advertising that would draw me to his business.
It’s rad to have him and his shop to help with projects, I look forward to future collaborations!
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
So what's the story with the old fordson tractor that's behind you
John's Junkyard
John's Junkyard - 5 måneder siden
Don't wanna be this guy... But... The lightest AWD chassis that Subaru made was the Justy. Came in front and 4wd, same as the Impreza but was half the size. Lol
John's Junkyard
John's Junkyard - 5 måneder siden
Don't wanna be this guy... But... The lightest AWD chassis that Subaru made was the Justy. Came in front and 4wd, same as the Impreza but was half the size. Lol
Rational Guy
Rational Guy - 5 måneder siden
You say NA but you can see the turbo
Guillermo Denis
Guillermo Denis - 6 måneder siden
Coloque subtítulos !! Muy bueno
Phillip Jack
Phillip Jack - 6 måneder siden
Was there oil in the motor when it was being turned over ?!?
revans425 - 6 måneder siden
nice "turbo install" on the subie haha. That thing is so sick regardless of what aspiration it is
4206mmj - 6 måneder siden
How soon before they turbo it lol
David Stewart
David Stewart - 6 måneder siden
Almost seems as if there is enough fueling here to allow for some BOOOOOOOST!!

Hypothetically speaking of course.
Emanuel Morales
Emanuel Morales - 6 måneder siden
I'm always amazed with making with what you have, I wonder what would you do with the cng,machine...
That fabs, everything you would want out if computer
Fix It
Fix It - 6 måneder siden
What a talent and skill set awesome
antonov a-40
antonov a-40 - 6 måneder siden
if only i was as good at fabircation as you guys wow
antonov a-40
antonov a-40 - 6 måneder siden
build a flying tank
antonov a-40
antonov a-40 - 6 måneder siden
what size is the engine and how many cylinders does it have?
Sebastian Gaddis
Sebastian Gaddis - 6 måneder siden
Hey guys, I'm a massive fan of the channel. I am currently trying to get into metal fabrication myself, but I am struggling to find metal. Online does not seem reasonable and I can't seem to find anywhere in my city. How do you guys recommend sourcing metal?
noah christiansen
noah christiansen - 6 måneder siden
Hey grind hard it's noah Christiansen im the one who sold you guys the jaguar last year. I have a Honda Odyssey go kart I just picked up and am looking for guidance on it or if you guys would like to do a build on it let me know thankyou i hope i hear back
240sx95 - 6 måneder siden
How neurotic was the tree house masters guy? He seems like the man but just out there lol
holeshot 1
holeshot 1 - 6 måneder siden
U gotta get away from the kids toys and step it up to cars and home made frames..
Dustin Bentow
Dustin Bentow - 6 måneder siden
Is the fuel pump form Wahl Bros Racing?
Dylan Higginbotham
Dylan Higginbotham - 6 måneder siden
Yo I have that exact same seat in my 1977 toyota hilux
Dylan Higginbotham
Dylan Higginbotham - 6 måneder siden
Old boy at 9:00 reminds me of that trailer home makeover, comedian dude
Asylumental - 6 måneder siden
Who is this guy playing? He says it's an NA motor...but then the camera sweeps over what is clearly a turbo...
Eguren _mx427
Eguren _mx427 - 6 måneder siden
Hola saludos desde Dominican Repúblic ,😎😎😎😎😎
B_back_in_10 - 6 måneder siden
I want one XD
Gavin Hunter
Gavin Hunter - 6 måneder siden
Stop fooling around and get that Vtwin buggy running.
Andreas Heggeriset
Andreas Heggeriset - 6 måneder siden
Where is the 2jz land mower build?
Cole and Neale's channel
Cole and Neale's channel - 6 måneder siden
This is probably going to be the best power wheels build in the world
meddling kid
meddling kid - 6 måneder siden
So how much of what you've done is totally necessary, I thought you were putting a motorcycle engine in a go cart. Now I'm seeing all these sensors and "overkill" fuel pumps.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 6 måneder siden
Well, we needed a fuel pump, so why not get a better one?
jeffery wages
jeffery wages - 6 måneder siden
Looks good but dude wear your safety glasses remember safety first
HARD Carry
HARD Carry - 6 måneder siden
Year 3020 it will run firstime
Shane Bep
Shane Bep - 6 måneder siden
I liked the tour at the end! They seem like some cool dudes
gabe kenyon
gabe kenyon - 6 måneder siden
Sandpoint idaho?
mike risso
mike risso - 6 måneder siden
Why not use hole saw and drill press for the holes? Plasma cutter ad? Lmao
Eric Fredrickson
Eric Fredrickson - 6 måneder siden
The driveshaft is still out-of-phase; the two yokes on the center shaft must be mirrored. It will have horrible vibrations, and damage the drivetrain if left that way.
Jesse Freshour
Jesse Freshour - 6 måneder siden
Looking sweet. Badass seeing the fpv drone footage, thats my s#*t!
Seth Chaps
Seth Chaps - 6 måneder siden
Sweet 8N!
Ben Carpenter
Ben Carpenter - 6 måneder siden
Build a 2 stroke power wheels
michael polyashov
michael polyashov - 6 måneder siden
When are you guys going to have your grind hard Plumbing hats available?
Nicole C
Nicole C - 6 måneder siden
What makes me made is Subaru went cheap starting 2015. 2014 they would pull 3.300 lbs / 2015 & on only 1.500. What a shame.
Nicole C
Nicole C - 6 måneder siden
Go Subaru
Justin Oliver
Justin Oliver - 6 måneder siden
Love the steam punk Lincoln hood! I have the exact same one... That new 4c lens is AWESOME yeah!? ....and the head gear!
Chris van der Walt
Chris van der Walt - 6 måneder siden
I just love how everyone in the comments thinks that impreza is turbocharged... its obviously not hooked up and anybody who knows anything about turbos wil no that a turbo wont work there... its just a prop to confuse people😂
SMS Auto & Marine
SMS Auto & Marine - 6 måneder siden
We have a winner here boys! 🤣
Byron Bass
Byron Bass - 6 måneder siden
I wish I was in Idaho, I’m having boating issues and would happily give your friends at SMS some dollars of mine! Keep up the builds guys, love what y’all do!
Bostongreenm3 - 6 måneder siden
Bring back the original theme song for slow motion scenes! it never gets old
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram - 6 måneder siden
Hmm looks like you guys have been buying some tool, bout time. I know it ain't tough or cool but I would highly suggest you wear eye protection when you are turning on the lathe. Take it from someone who has multiple times had metal scooped out of my eye with a mini melon baller at the ER.
thiago lopes
thiago lopes - 6 måneder siden
and a boost reference line that we won't use right now 🤨humm
Drew Campbell
Drew Campbell - 6 måneder siden
We need more specialty shops like SMS. There isn’t enough in this country, let alone my area in upstate NY. Those guys seem like a wealth of knowledge....and everyone hates doing their own electrical work!🤣
Randy Bunn
Randy Bunn - 6 måneder siden
Pretty sure my mom has that same old Ford tractor at her acreage. Still gets used around the place to this day
Alec Canty
Alec Canty - 6 måneder siden
That's nice to know there not fare from me I'm just 35 minute out of cda
Kamar - 6 måneder siden
1:28 "2.5 n/a motor that I built"
*me looking at the turbo charger*
Andrew K
Andrew K - 6 måneder siden
You still want to connect the vacuum line because it drops fuel pressure at idle when you have full vacuum. Then when you are wide open throttle you have full fuel pressure. If you don’t have it connected you will have a super rich condition at idle and low rpm.
Some Kiwi
Some Kiwi - 6 måneder siden
That shop is beautiful
burntorangeak - 6 måneder siden
Sometimes a guy has to finish a major project in a hurry.
Yo Metubewrx
Yo Metubewrx - 6 måneder siden
Liking the Impreza
TRYAGAIN13 - 6 måneder siden
Gleno D
Gleno D - 6 måneder siden
MAF = Mass Air Flow
Adventures With Seth
Adventures With Seth - 6 måneder siden
Jist went through something similar trying to get a cbr1000 motpr going in a sandrail. Ecu was not happy about it and i never could get it to fire. Wouldve been nice to buy an aftermarket ecu but it wasnt in the budget. Im stoked to see so much progress guys keep pushing this thing is gonna be insane!!
Julie Waite
Julie Waite - 6 måneder siden
All that for a naturally asperated motor total overkill
Chad Gustafson
Chad Gustafson - 6 måneder siden
You need to get yourself a Bridgeport.
Jake Savoie
Jake Savoie - 6 måneder siden
Where did you get the engine?
Robert Williams
Robert Williams - 6 måneder siden
Is this thing 4x4 and I thought it had a brute force motor
STAY TUNED ROD & CUSTOM - 6 måneder siden
Awesome content! Check out my 1000cc Offroadercycle scratch built trike
letterpool - 6 måneder siden
OMG riding Tank at walmart! Needs power and real tracks!!! LoL
s1283 - 6 måneder siden
I’ve been mulling on this for a few days, but I see your driveshaft from the motor to the t case is 90 degrees out of phase. You want the ends of both yokes on the center shaft to be the same direction. Your going to end up with some secondary vibrations, and loping rpm. Your shaft angle in and out should be balanced as well for best results. I love this build! Huge fan!
สมยศ สุดทางด่วน
vance warner
vance warner - 6 måneder siden
I want to hear it run so bad! It's so close!
amorton94 - 6 måneder siden
People are actually complaining about how long this build is taking?! I mean, I want to see this thing rip as much as anyone here, but come on! Look at that thing! Does that look like some weekend build to you people?
Kenny K
Kenny K - 6 måneder siden
Who else is concerned about the strength of that front suspension framework?... 🤔🤔
WillisKeesel - 6 måneder siden
Nope, these guys are geniuses
Wazz Zappening
Wazz Zappening - 6 måneder siden
Interesting compact project watching from Australia. Looking forward to it,s completion.
Sheadorr D
Sheadorr D - 6 måneder siden
My god I cannot wait to see this thing run
ปวรปรัชญ์ ฝั้นติ๊บ
สุดยอดครับ ผมรอติดตามคลิปใหม่อยู่เรื่อยๆครับ ชอบช่องนี้มากครับ 👍👍✌✌
Cameron Bohman
Cameron Bohman - 6 måneder siden
so thats the newly released N/A turbsky, eh? lol
Sruikyl - 6 måneder siden
I think it would be wise to use the vacuum/boost reference for the fpr even though its N/A. Especially because youre running a pump capable support over 500 hp, if you run a fixed pressure your injector pulse widths will be tiny at low speeds which can make it hard to tune at idle especially if youre running a big injector. The vac reference will pull the fuel pressure down low at idle so you have better control over the injectors.
Mark Makes
Mark Makes - 6 måneder siden
I knew you guys had to be close to Couer D' Alene from your videos. Was up there in early march visiting kids. We used to live about 30 minutes north of Spokane and went over into Idaho quite a bit. I'm originally from Idaho so partial to their forests vs. WA. Next time we're in the neighborhood...do you take visitors/helpers?
Corey McDowell
Corey McDowell - 6 måneder siden
Turbo lol
Sean Crutcher
Sean Crutcher - 6 måneder siden
Dude said that Subaru motor was NA when it clearly had a turbo
Paul McKeever
Paul McKeever - 6 måneder siden
Grind hard plumbing in 2022. Build day 43 first test vehicle built.
Micron RC
Micron RC - 6 måneder siden
Lol dont you love technology, you guys will figure it out. Funny how certain seats will fit in other models. I know the 63 Ford F-100 seat fit in the 85 F-250 and vice versa. 22 years later still using the same bolt pattern.
Salty Spicoli 27
Salty Spicoli 27 - 6 måneder siden
You guys always make my day. I've been so depressed lately. Then I saw it was a new Jeep video and I was like instantly happy. I know it might not seem like much but I've been watching you guys for a bit and it makes me happy to see you. You guys seem cool and it's like hanging out. Keep up the good work and that hurricane is looking so amazing!
NeuroticHobo - 6 måneder siden
That Subaru is Gorgeous
Brutally Honest MF
Brutally Honest MF - 6 måneder siden
For all those commenting about a high compression engine with a turbo... Yes kids is possible to build a high compression turbo engine, all depends in the engine internals, amount of boost, fuel type and tunning of course.
Gustavo - 6 måneder siden
Man, the upload once a week is great. It allways keeps you wanting more, and its never too much. Just the perfect dose of GHPC
buder5 - 6 måneder siden
7:55 is it coming ?? :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!

TURBO !!!!!!!!!!!!
lil murda
lil murda - 6 måneder siden
Biggest motor in a brute force is a 750cc they don’t make a 1000cc
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 6 måneder siden
What's your point? This is a KTM 990 engine.
steve oehler
steve oehler - 6 måneder siden
Center punch the line easy to see while cutting,
Женя Ефимова
Женя Ефимова - 6 måneder siden
Молодцы привет и России!
Fryphax - 6 måneder siden
Just accept it, the name is Colonel Senders.
travis spencer
travis spencer - 6 måneder siden
This is like the third video where they have put off starting it if you would have used the factory harness it would have been running by now
i_C_Wiener__ - 6 måneder siden
wtf, youtube unsubscribed me from your channel. i was wondering why no power wheels update and after maually searching for it i see i'm unsubbed
classydays43 - 6 måneder siden
I swear this is the most anticipated YouTube series on my subscriptions list by far. It's like the next gen powerwheels. All the others are old tech at this point!
El Sibarita Del Castillo
El Sibarita Del Castillo - 6 måneder siden
Por favor hablen español
adam b
adam b - 6 måneder siden
We need an update on that Street Mod autoX car (SM77)
SMS Auto & Marine
SMS Auto & Marine - 6 måneder siden
I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about it!
skmetal7 - 6 måneder siden
Jonathan Porter
Jonathan Porter - 6 måneder siden
I didn't know Ben Shapiro moonlighted as a auto mechanic.
GameHog FOE
GameHog FOE - 6 måneder siden
Who's the girl at https://youtu.be/oWgjNPTxzeg?t=632 ?

She came out of nowhere and photobombed you guys.
GT Macks'on
GT Macks'on - 6 måneder siden
N/A high.compression Subaru...video zooms in on turbo 🤔🤫