100HP 4x4 Power Wheels Jeep Full Send!

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We took our 4x4 100HP Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane to the mountains and fully sent it! We built this jeep from scratch watch the full build series here noburn.info/id/video/zJixq9R6cnCumKg.html
Thank you guys for watching here are some details for the build; the engine is a KTM 990 V Twin from a KTM adventure, differentials and control arms from a 4x4 quad, custom tube frame, snowmobile chain-case and shocks.
Music From Artlist (A site with thousands of Royalty Free Tracks For NOburn Videos) artlist.io/artlist-70446/?artlist_aid=GrindHard_579&GrindHard_579&GrindHard_579
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Mark Sprinkle
Mark Sprinkle - 2 dager siden
This thing is SICK, looks like so much too.
ian reed
ian reed - 3 dager siden
Awesome build ! How's the temperature on the motor doing ? It's obvious that it's not overheating , just wondering how hot it's getting ?
Eli Benjamen
Eli Benjamen - 3 dager siden
i want one so bad!! please mass produce these!
2 shay
2 shay - 6 dager siden
So when and where can I buy one?
Seriously, somebody has to start producing these things
klr 68
klr 68 - 10 dager siden
nobody's bullit proof , if your gonna go that hard, better get some full gear for your body
jason white
jason white - 13 dager siden
Usually I prefer commentary butts this was truly wonderful just as it is
shain hall
shain hall - 14 dager siden
how much to have one built?
Zachary Ruben
Zachary Ruben - 22 dager siden
Man I’ve been saving up for an atv 4x4 but THIS is what I really want lol
Drew Igoe
Drew Igoe - 22 dager siden
How much does it cost to build
Lawson Smith
Lawson Smith - 22 dager siden
ok so how much money do i have to pay you to build me one of those.
deusotdeus - 23 dager siden
I love your videos
Bryce Peterson
Bryce Peterson - 26 dager siden
I have a question wich one did you enjoy building more Cinderella or the kernel
twigglykevin - 27 dager siden
Welding is prohibited in the state of cancer as it causes California
Mukhrizthedodo - Måned siden
this has gotta be the scariest thing to drive. 100HP in that tiny, lightweight chassis, with absolute zero safety equipment. i wanna test it
Tom Tom
Tom Tom - Måned siden
Hey guys,
Greetings from Germany.
First of all, I express my greatest respect to you. It was really fun to follow this project over the long term. You really did a good job, worked cleanly and implemented a lot of ideas. If there ever was a problem, you always found a good solution. The "Monster" has a super good sound.
And the end result looks like a lot of fun.
Nexus 6
Nexus 6 - Måned siden
That's awesome! Why no roll bar though?
Muharrem Nergiz
Muharrem Nergiz - Måned siden
Can i ask your music's name in artlist.io website? I cannot find it. Thanks
Aas Yyd
Aas Yyd - Måned siden
Edmando Arroyo
Edmando Arroyo - Måned siden
Me regalas uno por favor soy tu fan porfa porfa porfa porfa porfa es para llevar a mi novia porfa porfa es que le gustó porfa porfa 🤗porfa porfa porfa porfa porfa porfa porfa
Brent Ferro
Brent Ferro - Måned siden
You should install real mirrors. The helmet cam footage would be badass showing the rooster tails through the mirrors.
blood4774 - Måned siden
갖고싶다. 만들어서 팔생각 있어요?
Camping Tv Kkm
Camping Tv Kkm - Måned siden
Camping Tv Kkm
Camping Tv Kkm - Måned siden
It's an expandable camping car that I made myself.
Come and see us,
Falcon Customs
Falcon Customs - Måned siden
Awesome build! Did you ever consider a fold down ROPS bar?👍
Amit Vaisbert
Amit Vaisbert - Måned siden
My small children loved this video.. so they have made a small homage .. enjoy 💪
Ильфат Х
Ильфат Х - Måned siden
О, да это же американская джимхана)))
Ahmed’s PLAYSX
Ahmed’s PLAYSX - Måned siden
Me:daaam those wheels are thick
patocamarada - Måned siden
I thought the thumbnail featured a child. I was concerned.
Porsche Man
Porsche Man - Måned siden
Fucking well done 👊
DAVE P - Måned siden
Those logging roads look like my childhood playground in cle elum washington where I spent all day riding 4 wheelers and dirt bikes
MANJU NM - Måned siden
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos - Måned siden
Ariel Sadran
Ariel Sadran - Måned siden
Ta linda la corta pasto
Chase Urdreams
Chase Urdreams - Måned siden
I want one
matthew smith
matthew smith - Måned siden
Needs a roll cage, but I would buy one.
Nobody Levin
Nobody Levin - Måned siden
Wow new erangle pubg
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma - Måned siden
Cool..... But give some safety lika roll cage ....like in baja sae.. If you were not a good driver it lead to serions accident.....after rolling of the vehicle
Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison - Måned siden
Great job looks like a lot of fun what do you think about caging it with a four-point
Mat Al
Mat Al - Måned siden
Beautiful job!!!!
Lightning - Måned siden
I hope it only has high, low and reverse. Can't wait to see what powers the bat mobile!
Md Guddu
Md Guddu - Måned siden
Cristian Aguilar
Cristian Aguilar - Måned siden
Hey brothers, someone tell me where the video was signed, why do I think I'll go there one day?
Marcin Sokołowski
Marcin Sokołowski - Måned siden
This is the toy I've always wanted to have 😍
Loki Outdoors
Loki Outdoors - Måned siden
Owen Rutledge
Owen Rutledge - Måned siden
this is amazing! keep it up!!!
Markus Wischinski
Markus Wischinski - Måned siden
Hallo was kostet so ein Gefährt ???
Der Knaller das Dingen!!!
Houston Kilby
Houston Kilby - Måned siden
That thing is wicked cool!!
Gabriel Gonçalves
Gabriel Gonçalves - Måned siden
Não Não 7
paul Pegu
paul Pegu - Måned siden
i want this thing anyhow.........
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - Måned siden
lol lit and so ghetto trying 2 make my childhood memory s super lit
Jp Phil
Jp Phil - Måned siden
What an amazing piece of earth that is
shuudark - Måned siden
omg so fuuuunn, i know what i want noww !!!!
Muhammad Bhatti
Muhammad Bhatti - Måned siden
My goodness they’re so much smoke
Coin Kid
Coin Kid - Måned siden
Are you guys up in Sandpoint?
Jamesthebond 007
Jamesthebond 007 - Måned siden
How would I go about arranging or going at paying for yous to build one off these.or just buying one in general
Jamesthebond 007
Jamesthebond 007 - Måned siden
Like the pink barby jeep it's the best though haha dam
Sasa Guzun
Sasa Guzun - Måned siden
Мужская игрушка
Арсен Агапов
Арсен Агапов - Måned siden
Gadget Jeff TV
Gadget Jeff TV - Måned siden
Would order one in one second if available
yakapo999 - Måned siden
It would sell, even if it had just 35hp.
Malcolm Daniels
Malcolm Daniels - Måned siden
Doogie Howson
Doogie Howson - Måned siden
1000HP my arse..!!!
Appletini iBake
Appletini iBake - Måned siden
Damn it performs well and looks great
Andy - Måned siden
You really gotta patent this before someone steals your idea. It’s AWESOME! Now THIS is a bug out vehicle.
Андрей - Måned siden
Крутая тачка Бро💪
El Wily Franco
El Wily Franco - Måned siden
a question, do you sell those little cars?
Anderson - Måned siden
Man. I want this!
Sandro Esteves
Sandro Esteves - Måned siden
3:24 GTA V!!!😍😍😍
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - Måned siden
Omg 😮 I would love to rip it on a track or something !!! 👍👍👍
Павел Сваровский
Вау!! Очень круто)
Jorge Guerrero
Jorge Guerrero - Måned siden
The oly think i see is puting more danger to kids...and throwing dust all over the trees...i think that you guys are fuking up nature...
Cristian Pecino De Mesas
Cristian Pecino De Mesas - Måned siden
Ces ceroso
maxerious brooks
maxerious brooks - Måned siden
Love these things they seem to be just quads with a different seating position and the engine upfront it definitely makes them handle and fly totally different
lesley williams
lesley williams - Måned siden
Take my money that thing is sick
Семён Семёныч
Семён Семёныч - Måned siden
Расим Наилевич
Что за двигатель?
bala ganesh
bala ganesh - Måned siden
I need one ..can you build me up...and price how much?
Сергей Кокнаев
Виды как из far Cry 5
Şegenin Maceraları
Şegenin Maceraları - Måned siden
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Justin Lowery
Justin Lowery - Måned siden
Baldy mountain sandpit?
Life With Jalon
Life With Jalon - Måned siden
Do y’all won’t to sell one of those cash in hand
macerton1 - Måned siden
Aren't all these builds just Off Road Go Karts? I dont see power wheels anything on them
Ала Тоо
Ала Тоо - Måned siden
Сверху сделайте защитную арку из труб, для безопасности водителя. А то техника прыткая, возможны перевороты
Cristian Vallesteros
Cristian Vallesteros - Måned siden
Were did the engine so cool
Devin Arnette
Devin Arnette - Måned siden
I love living in northern Idaho... you guys are awesome
lorenzo sanchez
lorenzo sanchez - Måned siden
hola Esso es lo que yo quiero
Jose Perezpaz
Jose Perezpaz - Måned siden
James Castle
James Castle - Måned siden
I’ll give you $2500 for it right now
Marcos Zenón
Marcos Zenón - Måned siden
La jeepetita
yelowboxes yelowboxes
yelowboxes yelowboxes - Måned siden
Cookboy Cook
Cookboy Cook - Måned siden
Are they for sale
Cookboy Cook
Cookboy Cook - Måned siden
Hey I like your little right there I wonder are you selling those two
Виктория Черкасова
Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey - Måned siden
Man! This is epic af! First time I've seen anything remotely like it!!! Great build!!! Are others doing this? Does it have a name? So inspiring 🤙🤙🤙
jose delgado
jose delgado - Måned siden
I need one of those asap
Asmar Amhaz
Asmar Amhaz - Måned siden
Hello, how are you? Can we please her to Lebanon Beirut?
cars lifetym
cars lifetym - Måned siden
that's awesome
Виктор Даниленков
Чумовая телега!
Hamada Alsayegha
Hamada Alsayegha - Måned siden
Needs a roll cage😅
Nazim Ali Nazim
Nazim Ali Nazim - Måned siden
Андрей Новиков
Дуга безопасности нужна. С такой посадкой водителя он становится заложником стечения обстоятельств.