100HP Power Wheels Build Finished Exhaust And More

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Our KTM Powered Power Wheels will be up and running this Friday so Subscribe and hear her roar! We have put more time energy and money into this project than any other so please bear with us and we finish this thing up right! We will be tearing up the mud very soon don't worry.
The KTM 990 is going to sound so good with this custom exhaust we are so pumped!
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robert yeh
robert yeh - Måned siden
whats with the random fpv drone shots.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
It looks like the average 12 volt go kart on mini bike battery
Pedro Carrai
Pedro Carrai - 5 måneder siden
Monta um monster truks
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
the only thing about having the switch instead of a key switch is when you go on a Vincent Torres like a gopowersports.com somebody can climb in the vehicle and start it up and do serious damage to the vehicle themselves or others by putting the key switch on it it protects you from some liability
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
Have you ever drove a vehicle up that lean to the jump it off the top of the barn you would really get some awesome are but you probably also break your back if you tried it without having the proper shock absorption. Have an excellent day
1million no video challenge please do It
At 3:07 the song says “downshift”
TheHoodlum3640 - 6 måneder siden
" we did not steal this street sign" Be a lot cooler if you did 😎 lol
Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson - 6 måneder siden
fix the drive shaft
Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson - 6 måneder siden
Wait you did yay!!!
GARAGE IdiotS - 6 måneder siden
Dude that muffler is so sick, first time watching your channel, very well edited / filmed, great job guys! If you’re ever in Colorado hit us up!
Pensieri e Curiosità
Pensieri e Curiosità - 6 måneder siden
Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson - 6 måneder siden
If you stick a piece of aluminum underneath whatever a piece of steel you’re welding it will help fill the gap because there’s something underneath there but steel won’t stick to aluminum. And vice versa. That would’ve helped a lot with that mesh stuff for the silencer!
Phillip Jack
Phillip Jack - 6 måneder siden
Best moment the accidental double protection with the two pairs of safety glasses & two pairs of ear protection ahahah very funny better too safe than not enough though also
Joshua Southard
Joshua Southard - 6 måneder siden
Why not just add another flange instead of having to take the thing halfway apart to get the muffler off? 🤔
Marko Rusanen
Marko Rusanen - 6 måneder siden
The O2 sensor is too close to the end of the exhaust system. It won't give proper readings..
LukeTheJoker - 6 måneder siden
Thin aluminum universal joint guard?
J. Ressler
J. Ressler - 6 måneder siden
Ethan looking like Doc Brown!!! I love it. Keep up the good work guys.
Melvin Woods
Melvin Woods - 6 måneder siden
Where I'm at we just steal the science
Kenan Schoon
Kenan Schoon - 6 måneder siden
You guys should make a one of those dirt bikes that can hydroplane across the water
MaryAnn Rose
MaryAnn Rose - 6 måneder siden
You need to enter this ride in the quarantine car show. Minty division. If you check out ( Zipties and bias plys ) channel he explained what he's looking for. And you guys are it.. It is being put on by Deboss garage. check them out..
Mike H
Mike H - 6 måneder siden
Glad to see the driveshaft loop added. When I first started watching this one, that was the first thing that popped into my mind. Cool build guys.
Super Star
Super Star - 6 måneder siden
You sure know how to drag out a build to make more money, this is what it's all bout now isn't i????? Unsubscribed
StarrHanzo - 6 måneder siden
Idaho gang!
evan j
evan j - 6 måneder siden
Exhaust looks good cant wait to hear it run now 😄
Chance Alot
Chance Alot - 6 måneder siden
Love how he explains his methods and techniques instead of slapping it together and saying "there it is"
Travis bennett
Travis bennett - 6 måneder siden
Safety is so important, it would be hard to continue to make videos if you're missing eyes, fingers etc. Keep up the "double, double safety"
Matthew Cherrington
Matthew Cherrington - 6 måneder siden
From here on you are on "DOUBLE SECRET SAFETY"
99 miles away
99 miles away - 6 måneder siden
The exhaust turned out so good, I love it! So much exquisite work going into this build guys, loving it so much. Keep rocking on, guys, keeping rocking on 🤙🤘🤘🤘
Kyle Burks
Kyle Burks - 6 måneder siden
Lowkey looks like a less sarcastic Danny Masterson lol
Lachlan Onita
Lachlan Onita - 6 måneder siden
Day 3 of asking grindhard to make a drift power wheels
Barman - 6 måneder siden
Start that thing this is waiting too long
Sam Millward
Sam Millward - 6 måneder siden
What drone do you use
Yaquub Bayjou
Yaquub Bayjou - 6 måneder siden
The double protection moment 😂
Кто я Я это ты
Кто я Я это ты - 6 måneder siden
I do not understand whether it is rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, if rear-wheel drive then make it all-wheel drive
Jimmy Neutro
Jimmy Neutro - 6 måneder siden
Mano, voce tem a casa dos meus sonhos
ratatacoon0 _0
ratatacoon0 _0 - 6 måneder siden
That looks a shit ton like north idaho
Edit: I watched further in the video lol what a coincidence
Mike Mann
Mike Mann - 6 måneder siden
What differential are you guys using?
JG Boyz Garage
JG Boyz Garage - 6 måneder siden
Cant wait bubba to see it run!
No Name
No Name - 6 måneder siden
Super quadriple protected
JTL - 6 måneder siden
Why make the muffler so big?
The pistons does not top/compress at the same time, so you dont need the double size tube...
Patrick Gravel
Patrick Gravel - 6 måneder siden
Where in north Idaho are you guys
Dozer1642 - 6 måneder siden
It’s stupid how cool this build is becoming.
DuckButt3rs - 6 måneder siden
Finish the project its been 3 months
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith - 6 måneder siden
You guys need to get a banshee 350 in a powerwheels!!
reuben pippin
reuben pippin - 6 måneder siden
no muffler just header dump it
Skip Garnier
Skip Garnier - 6 måneder siden
I'm not trying to put your welding down but I learned a good way how to TIG weld exhaust and I would like to tell you where I learned it... Look up Finnegan's garage he's on YouTube I don't know what episode it is but there is a guy who was a professional exhaust Builder and he does it tig welding I just figured you might want to check it out... I'm a welder and I think what they show on that is very educational towards TIG welding on exhaust systems they tell you to use argon to fill the pipe so that's an inside weld doesn't crystallize which it will if your welding stainless exhaust
john smith
john smith - 6 måneder siden
I hate to say it guys but your exhaust placement is terrible. You are going to be burning off leg here continuously and slow roasting your leg fat. Should have probably ran it lower underneath of the vehicle with and 8 in thick piece of aluminum heat shield separating it from the passenger compartment.
Mike Spinks
Mike Spinks - 6 måneder siden
Would you guys please work that magic and START THE DAMN THING🙃
Robert T
Robert T - 6 måneder siden
That muffler i don't think will work like you are hoping. The exhaust needs to flow through the mesh pipe and packing. Basically you need a "S" flow in the muffler. Inlet has straight solid pipe going internally that stops a inch from the other side and the exit has the packing and mesh pipe. Need a divider wall that stops 2in from one side. You can reverse it where mesh and packing is inlet though.
Skylar Young
Skylar Young - 6 måneder siden
PPE for dayyyys lol
paul langwell
paul langwell - 6 måneder siden
You do not need O2 sensors on this. Those of us who ride any bike with this engine, take them out
Gustavo N
Gustavo N - 6 måneder siden
RECOMEDATION:::::it would be nice to put a black background on the metal logo on the white door to make it stand out
Derek M
Derek M - 6 måneder siden
I brought home some women a couple times I should have been double, double safe with lol
Brap 69HD
Brap 69HD - 6 måneder siden
No offense but ya'll dudes like mormons or something I knew ya didn't steal the signs lololol great work in every way in this vid. It's awesome seeing both your minds working
Thomason1005 - 6 måneder siden
just wanted to say the image quality in these is amazing. you can see all those particles on the table, all the details in the welds. always inspiring to watch.
wonder what equipment they use.
Richard Raueiser
Richard Raueiser - 6 måneder siden
This one is such a crazy tight fit build!
Beau D
Beau D - 6 måneder siden
You my friend are a
Sick Made Mad Scientist! SMMS
Richard Williams
Richard Williams - 6 måneder siden
This is a bad a** vid this one is takeing the longest to biuld good job keep theas vids comeing
Cole and Neale's channel
Cole and Neale's channel - 6 måneder siden
This build just keeps getting better and better I say it’s gonna be the best in the world
Mike Burris
Mike Burris - 6 måneder siden
Question! Is the exhaust going to be too close to the u-joint on the driveshaft? Won’t You be melting any grease that is put into the u-joint?
CJ Osman
CJ Osman - 6 måneder siden
If you do end up making another muffler in the future you can make two strips to sandwich the seam of the mesh. Clamp it all together, cut down the middle of the strips then weld that seam back together. Might give you some more material so it doesn't burn through. You can even weld on the outsides of the strip as well for added strength.
Can't wait to see this finished!
Brian18741 - 6 måneder siden
Jacob Cartmill
Jacob Cartmill - 6 måneder siden
You gotta get a gas lens kit for that tig welder. It looms like you’ve got a lot of heat and sugaring (tell tale sign of insufficient gas flow). Good luck! I love the videos!
A# RANTAU - 6 måneder siden
Saya suka kria anda, mantap dan keren abiss from indonesia
Steven Thompson
Steven Thompson - 6 måneder siden
Awsome work.. I'm super glad you all started doing these projects... an the quality you do them... love the street signs being repurposed... I use then in my Suzuki sidekick when I have a rust repair in the floor pan🤘👨‍🏭!!!
Anthony Milford
Anthony Milford - 6 måneder siden
Great tune! On the perforated part of the silencer extend the inlets and outlets in to the cambers. Let the extended pipes retain the perforated part with out welding. Great tube.
LF X - 6 måneder siden
Should have merged them into an x-pipe for the O2 sensor and then merge them back out to have dual exhaust.
Andy Hasdifferentopinions
Andy Hasdifferentopinions - 6 måneder siden
We don't steal street signs, we got it from a scrap yard. Coincidentally, the are no street signs in our area........ anymore.
Thad Conklin
Thad Conklin - 6 måneder siden
Pro tip for better welds on stainless. Use back gas to purge oxygen out of the inside of the pipe. If you look on the inside around the welds they tend to look crystallized and ashy. The welds might look ok, but they will crack easier without the back gas. Check out weld.com. They have some pretty detailed videos and good tips for beginner welders. Keep stacking dimes!! :)
Dylan Higginbotham
Dylan Higginbotham - 6 måneder siden
What yall actually bought a 4x8 peace of sheet metal!!!!!!!!!!
007 T-5
007 T-5 - 6 måneder siden
Dude...i swear to GOD! I was just thinking. He should make some protection from those drive shafts & like 5 sec later you said it...?👍🏁
Trevor Babajan
Trevor Babajan - 6 måneder siden
I’m so fucking stoked for this thing to run. Just tryna be patient. So much respect to you guys. This build is taking forever. Putting unreal time into it and the episodes. Lovin it guys!
Devon motorcycle mechanic
Devon motorcycle mechanic - 6 måneder siden
A carrier bearing like they do on long drive shaft truck might of been a little better on ur guard. Wouldn't let shaft flop around if it broke plus would of gave some extra strength on bearing in transfer case and engine??
Devon motorcycle mechanic
Devon motorcycle mechanic - 6 måneder siden
I was thinking or ask myself whybu didn't flange end caps on muffler. Usually packed muffler the ends are rivited or screwed around edges so u can change packing. But I figured u guys built enough stuff to know what u are doing and why
David Berry
David Berry - 6 måneder siden
Amazing work you guys do I'm an auto tech and I love watching your channel the work you do is awesome.
Isaac&crystal lucero
Isaac&crystal lucero - 6 måneder siden
Getting all fancy these days; no more scrap metal from snowmobiles lol 😂
Steezy T
Steezy T - 6 måneder siden
“We don’t Steal street signs” lmao best part
Phillip Shatilla
Phillip Shatilla - 6 måneder siden
Wait, wait, wait... You guys eat?
notisp - 6 måneder siden
Good job, keep going!!!
brycea0225 - 6 måneder siden
The craziest thing to me is the amount of time the big name manufacturers take to build a new vehicle. Yes they have to comply with certain laws but they have huge teams and r&d departments but y’all and building this thing in a couple of months in a shed.
Andrew Arnatt
Andrew Arnatt - 6 måneder siden
Bring back the old tunes 🎶
Joe Vicari
Joe Vicari - 6 måneder siden
So do y'all build any of these to sell?????
Jeffrey K
Jeffrey K - 6 måneder siden
I noticed your driveshaft from your engine to transfer case is 90 degrees out of phase. I also noticed that there is no telescopic feature. If you don't fix those things it will tear it apart!!
Nick Rudd
Nick Rudd - 6 måneder siden
Thats going to be SO loud on full chat.
Tinkering with Ron
Tinkering with Ron - 6 måneder siden
I really think you guys should have used steel wool for packing in the muffler instead of fiberglass. The way you guys drive and beat stuff that fiberglass will blow out and become an echo chamber
Mc's Bike life
Mc's Bike life - 6 måneder siden
Try going to a number 10 cup it allows so much better gas coverage on welds and will help with color and heat. You can also get away with crazy stick out on tungsten for hard to reach welds.
Eric Hasz
Eric Hasz - 6 måneder siden
You guys do some really great and cool work. Very new to the channel but I’m watching multiple videos a day lol
Eddie O'tool
Eddie O'tool - 6 måneder siden
Wait what? A brand new piece of sheetmetal???

This channel is not what it used to be anymore...

(Not that it's bad tho!)
Kikeli Botond
Kikeli Botond - 6 måneder siden
16:03 nice try. We don't blame you tho 😀
Marios Nikolaou
Marios Nikolaou - 6 måneder siden
Heell yeah!!
Ryan m
Ryan m - 6 måneder siden
What's the song at 8:20?
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - 6 måneder siden
Considering how close y'all are to the caffeine capital of the US- Seattle- y'all ought to have your own coffee brand. "GRIND HARD COFFEE".
Fillip H
Fillip H - 6 måneder siden
Are you brothers?
Lord_Falcon - 6 måneder siden
the music in this video is sicK!
Nicholas Gionet
Nicholas Gionet - 6 måneder siden
You guys really need to add another split flange on the exhaust. You're probably going to regret taking the whole thing appart each time you need it out
Tex - 6 måneder siden
If you guys ever build a space time multidimensional machine, I will gladly pilot it for you. Seriously your a bunch of beautiful cerebral aliens thinking outside the dodecahedron! Simply inspiring and I'm a nature harnessing(try my best to) adrenalin sort of guy. IMPRESSIVE TO SAY THE VERY LEAST! peace from Australia...
KGB - 6 måneder siden
A (almost) 1000cc V-twin with unequal length headers and homemade straight silencer. This thing is gonna sound brutal.
Rizki Akbar
Rizki Akbar - 6 måneder siden
double safe, not bad
RESTORE or MAKE IT - 6 måneder siden
Love ur job sir .
AJ - 6 måneder siden
Can't wait!!! Greeting from Indonesia
Jon Devlin
Jon Devlin - 6 måneder siden
Thank you