100HP Power Wheels Build Shocks and Seat! Ep.9

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Our 100 HP Power Wheels Jeep is getting better every week! New second channel noburn.info/post/DJo4LLCjlbupu1DMgvNlDw.html This week we figured out the rear suspension, made custom tube fenders and mounted a new racing seat from Go Powersports www.gopowersports.com/high-impact-injected-plastic-seat/?fbclid=IwAR3GVE_Jn6EgWVZSY8a4ODQp6-chIgU9USQHzfaRpEE5L-eojZEHNLgFc7I?NOburn&Grind_Hard_Plumbing&Video
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Runtime: 19:34


Hojoz - 4 dager siden
Sometimes I wonder why you guys haven't rebranded to something that makes more sense
enteringnickland - 28 dager siden
Jay-DJ- 06
Jay-DJ- 06 - Måned siden
Do a corvette power wheels with the 4 exhaust
Jesse King
Jesse King - 2 måneder siden
So its chain drive ?
Justin Cook
Justin Cook - 5 måneder siden
Would like to learn how to make this?
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
It's about time for those jeans to go into the washer don't you think
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
At least you were injured during a awesome stunts which is admirable and it wasn't because you were stroking AKA flogging the log choking the chicken
Foodie Champ
Foodie Champ - 6 måneder siden
i want to purchase thiss
plz tel me price
Lubin le ouf
Lubin le ouf - 6 måneder siden
Ya des français zebi😅😅
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Remember back in the day when you can buy go-karts that used to have a fiberglass body on it well using a power wheels body is far superior cuz unlike fiberglass which will crack and break if it rolls over ABS plastic will just bounce back into shape that's why I always believed that power wheels bodies are far superior than the fiberglass bodies have a great day. PS I think Mattel power wheels can Branch off into making go-kart bodies
bob stoners
bob stoners - 6 måneder siden
can you guys make a motorized go kart out of a shopping trolley
Mambo Mma
Mambo Mma - 7 måneder siden
What happened to episode 8
thomas harvanek
thomas harvanek - 7 måneder siden
ROPS hoop guys?
Thinking that seat isn't going to permit 'safety squint' the neck would take all the energy
Jyoti Sansanwal
Jyoti Sansanwal - 7 måneder siden
Please give it to me for €1200
Brandon Love
Brandon Love - 7 måneder siden
This guy is probably the most talented guy on YouTube.. should really make either complete kits to sell or custom order options.. I'm sure you could make a serious killing off these units 💯
Rodin Pascual
Rodin Pascual - 7 måneder siden
Lo malo q no lo prueban
Clifton Goodson
Clifton Goodson - 7 måneder siden
The only problem I can see with your tube fittings, is it's a place for mud, ice, snow, dirt, and water to fill up and rust your bolts and clog your tube. Need to make rubber bung ends caps
David Cross
David Cross - 7 måneder siden
that raid commercial was killer
DEMOND TURNER - 7 måneder siden
Can’t wait to see this going
Alexander McLeod
Alexander McLeod - 7 måneder siden
so far, i'm very happy i found this channel
lochie halfpenny
lochie halfpenny - 7 måneder siden
I really can’t wait to see this beast running, so much has gone into already looks amazing
Olek Makowski
Olek Makowski - 7 måneder siden
Will you make a safety cage ?
Cole and Neale's channel
Cole and Neale's channel - 7 måneder siden
Can’t find your 2nd channel could you tell me what to search for
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 7 måneder siden
45johngalt - 7 måneder siden
Where's the link for those reusable heavy duty zip ties? I could really use those to clean up the installation of an engine I just put on my bicycle.
B Dubz
B Dubz - 7 måneder siden
It's not recycling, it's upcycling lolol. Any future plans for a build with a pissed off v8 ? A side by side maybe?
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson - 7 måneder siden
Make your own car company. Build simple cars and trucks that are reliable and the owner can fix themselves. Simple or no computers no self drive. Just an old truck or car but brand new. Ask jay Leno for funding and name the car the Leno. All you have to do is build 1. People will buy
jason white
jason white - 7 måneder siden
Was there a previous video where you mentioned raid shadow where you said you made a clan?
Me I
Me I - 7 måneder siden
But love the channel
Me I
Me I - 7 måneder siden
Does it make you more arrow dynamic shaveing your face lol jk
Samuel Mayhew
Samuel Mayhew - 7 måneder siden
Hey crew, how do you create your time-lapses?
Craig Moorhouse
Craig Moorhouse - 7 måneder siden
Awesome loving your build. just started building an Audi Tts with a 190cc motor also finished a drift trike with 14hp upgraded carburetor to 35mm intake. Running around 80kph. Have look my channel any ideas
Todd McCardle
Todd McCardle - 7 måneder siden
I know I can't wait to see this thing ripp!!!!! it is going to be nasty asf and it's probably going to destroy anything that they put it up against Cindy is a badass but sorry to say when that thing is done Cindy better stay out of that thing's way cuz it'll run Cindy over and spit it out the tailpipe lol cfw
Raztech Powersports
Raztech Powersports - 7 måneder siden
What transfer case did you use?
BaddaddyBrad - 7 måneder siden
❤️ you guys builds . Keep killing it brothers . I’d love to come visit . And that invite is open to my house as well!!! 🤙🤙😂
Gman George
Gman George - 7 måneder siden
When you’re attaching the two tubes together lengthwise, do you rosette splice or just weld the two edges together?
itbe likedat
itbe likedat - 7 måneder siden
wesly holmstrom
wesly holmstrom - 7 måneder siden
Hopefully no one has suggested the following comment already, delete if so.
These "wheelers" are about all the smallest they could be regarding their capabilities, with that said, wouldn't it be cool to up the level by making one of them radio control??
Mickel Mitchel
Mickel Mitchel - 7 måneder siden
I need one of those little quick xars
Mickel Mitchel
Mickel Mitchel - 7 måneder siden
I want to buy one of your builds
Jake Flanagan
Jake Flanagan - 7 måneder siden
What type, size, thickness of steel tubing do you guys use??
Go Jonnypede
Go Jonnypede - 7 måneder siden
it's gonna be Awesome!
John L Galt
John L Galt - 7 måneder siden
You know, when that first fly gets smashed up in the rad fins, you'll have a passenger!
W M - 7 måneder siden
you guys are literally living the actual lives of the Mechanics at Los Santos Customs
Mike Lunt
Mike Lunt - 7 måneder siden
Ultra cool fellas! 😎
Notching linisher is quite the new addition to the workshop aye!
Please do a workshop walkthrough including a little history on the Lathe & Piranha etc.
Ronnie Williz
Ronnie Williz - 7 måneder siden
That thing looks so bad ass
StraightSixBenz - 7 måneder siden
Imagine that transfer case exploding while you have your cojones laying on top of it
Romulous75 - 7 måneder siden
Your pile of jump parts looks like a transformer died there.
MONKEYBIRD DL - 7 måneder siden
So awesome!!!
Karl Adam
Karl Adam - 7 måneder siden
With all the quad frame's can't you make something that will hold?
Karl Adam
Karl Adam - 7 måneder siden
Your scrap yard is quite something, might as well use some of it? I would use the scrap quad frame's
Fretful Toast
Fretful Toast - 7 måneder siden
Where can you get turbos for Briggs Stratton 205's?
Jeff Whitlatch
Jeff Whitlatch - 7 måneder siden
Todd Weber
Todd Weber - 7 måneder siden
link for reusable zip ties please?
ICEY - 7 måneder siden
When is the 2j lawnmower coming back??
Unboxing NStuff
Unboxing NStuff - 7 måneder siden
Are you in the woodsman tv show? With the treehouses?
Jaocb Curzon
Jaocb Curzon - 7 måneder siden
Make a removable roll cage!
Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson - 7 måneder siden
Man, I freaked out, I seen you on a show called Woodsmen. I was like I have seen this guy. Wow! Oh and I am building a Power wheel, A Ford truck. I am looking for a quad for parts.
N Scooz74
N Scooz74 - 7 måneder siden
I’m scared!!🤣🤣
hudzaifah Duzan
hudzaifah Duzan - 7 måneder siden
The best
ARAGON __05 - 7 måneder siden
Pls make a video about how to plan those "toys" and how much tjey cost
Love your channel❤️
Can you build a motorcycle or 2?
Would love to see that🏍️
Keep up tje good work
Thanks to this channel i finally decided to be a mechanic and i will start on 1.8 thanks for your inspiration guys
Greetings from austria 🇦🇹
By the way what about a real tire snowbobile
Jason Thornton
Jason Thornton - 7 måneder siden
Just a question, I’ve been following all of the builds and this one is really cool! My question is during the build did you all ever think of doing 4 wheel steering hydraulically with a switch and a lock mode? ? Or did you think that would be a week point?? Keep up the great videos!!
James McGee
James McGee - 7 måneder siden
Dude this is your best project yet! The framing is phenomenal! Nice work guys!
Alexandre Albergaria
Alexandre Albergaria - 7 måneder siden
"could be awesome"- no IT IS AWESOME
BigEstudios - 7 måneder siden
Any worries about the driveshaft next to your leg? Would you consider putting a cage or shield around it, just in case?
troy barnhouse
troy barnhouse - 7 måneder siden
Bevis and butthead ruined the word bung for me lol. Anytime someone says bung I silently think about cornholio.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris - 7 måneder siden
8:15 I've known 2 different people that had their arms amputated by rotating equipment. Both cases were due to them wearing gloves.
Gregory Jewell
Gregory Jewell - 7 måneder siden
Not supposed to wear gloves around rotating machinery. Unfortunately, alot of people do.
Bryan Turner
Bryan Turner - 7 måneder siden
You guys need to try and get on the new season of monster garage with Jesse James ASAP👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 send him a dm on Instagram he responds to people with true talent like you guys
wrxsubaru02 - 7 måneder siden
Grind Hard Future Junkyard Co. lol
Michael Moose
Michael Moose - 7 måneder siden
The 2jz tractor tho 😅?
Greg Burgess
Greg Burgess - 7 måneder siden
You guys have mad skills
Conner Sellings
Conner Sellings - 7 måneder siden
How much would you sell it for. If you do give it away could I please have it because I’m your biggest fan
David Kelm
David Kelm - 7 måneder siden
Bryce Munson
Bryce Munson - 7 måneder siden
Time for a haircut my dude
mattio79 - 7 måneder siden
your middle (moving) wheel is slightly off-centered. that is giving you 100% of your problem. it looks like a few good hits on the upper frame (which is also bent a little in the same direction) might get it centered.
JGs Adventures
JGs Adventures - 7 måneder siden
mad video love the build
R YT - 7 måneder siden
I can't believe this beast is almost done
Kyng Wolf
Kyng Wolf - 7 måneder siden
I want see them put nitrous oxide in one of their projects really bad plz do it 🥺
Andrew Wiser
Andrew Wiser - 7 måneder siden
Zip tie link?
Vincent Garzon
Vincent Garzon - 7 måneder siden
Do you ride Harley
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
Harry. B. Renner. jr. - 7 måneder siden
I agree with Ethan it's going to be AWESOME. I like you guys style. and I've been checking out your videos almost right from the start. when you guys started building the Camaro. with cooling system running through the chassis. along with the many other cool ideas incorporated in to it. that you guys were going to raise the bar for all the other You Tube builders and did. but then came this project you not only raised the bar. you also lowered the ground it was raised from. that's to bad for the other You Tube builders. I think it's going to take a while for the other You Tube builders. to catch up to guy's let alone pass you. and this project wins out in many ways. you guys broke though a milestone by having the first such a vehicle with all wheel drive. not to mention the long list of other killer features like 100 HP. the only way one of the other builders might catch up to you. is if one of the other builders builds some sort of mini rock crawler. or something thing like that and then I'm not sure they can. Ethan can think his way out of most any situation. and if it ain't right the first time he gets it right the second time. it shows in all the previous builds and I can tell as I've been watching this project coming together. that it's going to be one badass vehicle and it looks like it's going to be a blast to drive. you guys might want to watch out the manufacturer's. like Polaris, Yamaha, KTM or one of the others. may want to build something like this. which would be ok with you approval. but don't let them steal it. you might want to look in to patenting or trademark information. just something to consider in this dog eat dog world these days. I like also really like your videos and production. I like the fact the you don't do way over the top production. even though You Tube tends to push such sensationalism. after all these are videos not movies. you guys know when to speed past what might be boring to some viewers. and focus in on all the important factors. even the drone footage is awesome even if you hit a tree once in awhile. that's just part of the deal in such a beautiful place with so many trees. I have been subscribed for quite some time. and will continue to check out your progress on this project and future projects. I can't wait to see it when it's finished. keep up the good work and good luck in your future.
oh I almost forgot I really love those wheels and tires. and would like to find out more information on them. say maybe a link in a future video or something thanks.
Yung boof man
Yung boof man - 7 måneder siden
whats the correlation with a raid shadow legends and someone who builds power wheels? lol desperate
martin m
martin m - 7 måneder siden
I'm a little concerned with airflow through the radiator. Seat in the way....that Jeep sign (altho perforated)
Some kind of ducting might be in order
BL00D H4ND - 7 måneder siden
That transfer case will be disturbingly close to your nuts. Be careful safety should always be taken in consideration
Christopher Kelley
Christopher Kelley - 7 måneder siden
Y’all should put the yota on tracks
dooks4life - 7 måneder siden
lost me at raid shadow legends
Алекс Хоменко
Алекс Хоменко - 7 måneder siden
01:33 there goes my first dislike
Eon Nagek
Eon Nagek - 7 måneder siden
I would like to see it with dual shocks. lol
Bill Canell
Bill Canell - 7 måneder siden
I like the time and perfection you put in this thing it is so overbild, but it is going to be so nice i can not wait to see it done. And driving. Greetings from Bill from Holland
notisp - 7 måneder siden
Can't wait to see the front suspension!!!
seropserop - 7 måneder siden
I probably fell asleep during all the slow mo scenes
NipponJim - 7 måneder siden
lighten up the spring rate and add gas powered bumpstops if you want more squat without sacrificing capability
Stack - 7 måneder siden
Awesome job guys, it’s starting to look better all the time, can’t wait to see the finished product, it’ll be crazy like everything else !! Keep up the Great Work and Vids !! 👍✌️
Jacob Muñoz
Jacob Muñoz - 7 måneder siden
Link to zip ties?
buellski - 7 måneder siden
You should paint 100 horses on it and cal it the "100 horse powerwheels"
Jurrian Mulder
Jurrian Mulder - 7 måneder siden
nice work, but you shouldn't wear gloves when working with a lathe... since rubber will 'grab' itself around a piece very easily....
awwbubba30 - 7 måneder siden
100hp for that, you’re gonna kill someone lmao
Michael Bruner
Michael Bruner - 7 måneder siden
Could you mic up Ethan?
Andthos garage
Andthos garage - 7 måneder siden
You should get some endcaps 3D printed so that all those tubes with bolts inside doesnt get filled with crap. 🙂
Alex Estremera
Alex Estremera - 7 måneder siden
Best builds on you tube you guys are freaking awsum 🏁🇺🇸
El Sibarita Del Castillo
El Sibarita Del Castillo - 7 måneder siden
Cuanta chatarra
Shane Bep
Shane Bep - 7 måneder siden
Keep it clean shaven, you look good! Also the build is coming together so nicely