100HP Power Wheels Gets Reverse + 4WD Drivetrain! Jeep Hurricane EP.3

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Buy auction vehicles without a dealer license with AutoBidMaster bit.ly/3adPqiq Use coupon code GHPC to save $50 on sign up. Our off road go kart gets a full 4WD drivetrain and we solve the issue of our differentials turning the wrong way. Next week we will start the frame!
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Corbin Stoller
Corbin Stoller - 17 dager siden
I love watching u guys. Thanks for teaching me. I’m learning a ton.
Mateusz Lamparski
Mateusz Lamparski - Måned siden
where from did You add difs front, middle and rear ?
Edward Tomes
Edward Tomes - Måned siden
Why didn't you just put the rear diff in the front and the front one In the back?
Joseph Hobbs
Joseph Hobbs - Måned siden
What's the transfer case and diffs out of? Thanks!
Mikey Pendt
Mikey Pendt - Måned siden
What was the reverse gear box used
Skinflaps Meatslapper
Skinflaps Meatslapper - 2 måneder siden
You know.....there's an easier way to get a more precise gear ratio measurement. Rather than break out an angle finder, all you had to do was ten wheel rotations instead of one, then divide the driveshaft rotations by ten to get accuracy down to a tenth. So if 10 wheel rotations made 27 driveshaft rotations and change, you'd know the ratio down to 2.7 plus a little more. The more wheel rotations you do, the more accurate the results are...you can use any number, provided you simply divide the driveshaft rotation by the wheel rotation. If you wanted to get the exact measurement, you'd simply go to 100 and divide the total driveshaft rotations by 100. So if your wheel made 100 rotations and the driveshaft made 278 rotations, you'd have a 2.78:1 final drive ratio.
Mordecai - 3 måneder siden
You guys should add real lights on it
Levi Maxwell
Levi Maxwell - 4 måneder siden
This video is lame because it’s all just building like drive it already
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
We ever thought about acid bonding when you don't want to change the temperature of the steel by using a welder on it? Companies who make armored put the metal armor plates together by using acid bonding
Mikey Pendt
Mikey Pendt - 6 måneder siden
What is the transfer case you used to pull this off it’s cool as hell
Fco. Antonio Luzania Acosta
Fco. Antonio Luzania Acosta - 7 måneder siden
Good afternoon, I changed the crankshaft to a 6.5 hp engine,
Michael Boyce
Michael Boyce - 8 måneder siden
What kinda transfer case are you guys using
Kuryis Hernandez
Kuryis Hernandez - 8 måneder siden
You Should try making a huge version of hot wheels
martin magee
martin magee - 8 måneder siden
Could of swapped the diffs from front to back?
Munesh ramdhanie
Munesh ramdhanie - 8 måneder siden
This power wheel go kart bilt make it into a frount wheel drive make it please
carvajal99 - 8 måneder siden
Que pasa con los subtítulos español
Wayne Hallenbeck
Wayne Hallenbeck - 8 måneder siden
What snowmobile chain case allows a shaft to go through both sides of the case ?
John L Galt
John L Galt - 9 måneder siden
You're only ballin' as hard as you think you are.
And you've been featured on Jay Leno's program - I'd say that's some hard ballin', bros!
Michael Burnheart
Michael Burnheart - 9 måneder siden
Hey ur page is garbage
Matt Rivers
Matt Rivers - 9 måneder siden
Where did they get the transfer case from or out of?
Tony Ozimek
Tony Ozimek - 9 måneder siden
What make is that T-case?
Hyatt Busbey
Hyatt Busbey - 9 måneder siden
A driveshaft with a single U-Joint isn't ideal. You'll probably get some drivetrain vibration and a shortened U-Joint life. Then again, in a build like this, a little extra vibration probably will go unnoticed.
ST Havoc
ST Havoc - 9 måneder siden
You guys are Nuckin Futs.. are.. you.. sure.. I;m not.. your Grand Father. great stuff, you keep making them and I'll keep watching
Ali N
Ali N - 9 måneder siden
Wait a minute, isn't that the slingshot Maxwrist crashed?
Adrian Banach
Adrian Banach - 9 måneder siden
i just want to say that the level of quality that you make these with is amazing, this is coming from a person who has years of experience under his belt in manufacturing... with that being said, im sure someone in the community is "ballin hard" enough to where they might be able to sponsor a video so you can do a slingshot build
George Duckworth
George Duckworth - 9 måneder siden
Where's the clutch? Is it not cvt?...ok maybe I see..weird set up ktm lol
The Driveway Engineer
The Driveway Engineer - 9 måneder siden
What's the chain case from?
SkywallGuttz - 9 måneder siden
Shipping from Newburg, NY... I bet it was stolen. 4:50
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson - 9 måneder siden
Maybe make a roll cage on this one 😬
Alexander Pötzelsberger
Alexander Pötzelsberger - 9 måneder siden
You are really professional. Love this channel. Greeds from mattighofen, the home hometown of ktm were the engine comes from
Wyatt Oakes
Wyatt Oakes - 9 måneder siden
put a atv plow on it!!!!!!!! and a winch.
holly parker-summers
holly parker-summers - 9 måneder siden
How many people clicked on this build video to listen to loud, annoying and distracting music?
Just natural noises and commentary PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Holly :)
(edit)... It is a great idea to weld the 'ch'assis to the table. : ) Credit where it is due! : )
ps... Why describe this machine as 'Sick'? What is wrong with it? It looks like a brilliant , creative, interesting and exiting project to me! There is certainly nothing 'Sick' about it! Unless maybe the engine doesn't work, or there is some other structural fault with the components!
The English language has countless appropriate adjectives that can be used in precise and descriptive ways to aid communication. Why use ethnic ghetto gangster rapper slang?
jwfirebird none
jwfirebird none - 9 måneder siden
favorite project to date, also a kawi twin owner for decades, the brute is all about low end, the arms you are using are rubber and wore out im sure, the engine is less than 40 hp stock and you plan on 100hp they do make a poly a arm bushing upgrade i would research and buy for sure
Zack Jordan
Zack Jordan - 9 måneder siden
4:14 i actually own two 1996 polaris slt 780’s project ski and a parts one hopefully gonna be riding in the spring 🤘🏻
Phillip Baugh
Phillip Baugh - 9 måneder siden
Where are y'all at to have all that snow???
Gary Kaiser
Gary Kaiser - 9 måneder siden
Damn I want one now that is bad ass I’m 50 years old and would love to kick one of them bad ass little things around town
Søren Olesen
Søren Olesen - 9 måneder siden
Why don't you just flip the ring and pinion in the dif to change the rotation?
Ahmad Issa
Ahmad Issa - 9 måneder siden
im glad i subscribed to this channel
Josiah Packard
Josiah Packard - 9 måneder siden
What’s this name of that LoFi music for montages
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 9 måneder siden
Soul Sauce - Akina Boy
Kaden Shablow
Kaden Shablow - 9 måneder siden
Soooo idk y but I red 1000hp Jeep instead of a 100hp and I was watching wondering how tf that thing is gonna make 1000hp but then I reread it
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones - 9 måneder siden
You guys need to take this thing to moab sometime
Gary Paisley
Gary Paisley - 9 måneder siden
A left-handed Johnson rod would tie it all together
Paul Adams
Paul Adams - 9 måneder siden
That’s gonna be a death trap.😂
Pretty cool though.
Easto L
Easto L - 9 måneder siden
You guys should make both front and rear u joints slip on and off of the diffs. Make a locking system so it will just stay on the drive shaft side while going and you could have 4x4, rwd, and fwd. Hard to explain but I think you guys will get it
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 9 måneder siden
The front diff already has a decoupler built into it with an electronic actuator!
GBracing - 9 måneder siden
those trees were dope. well done
Larry'sChopShop - 9 måneder siden
couldn't just swap front diff to back?
x Stringthumper x
x Stringthumper x - 9 måneder siden
I volunteer to send it at 101 mph 😃
MakeIt Punk
MakeIt Punk - 9 måneder siden
ackerman.. that will be your issue with moving the steering in front of the front axle... Those carriers were designed with a sympathetic ackerman angle for the steering behind the axle.... Which puts the ball joint location for the steering linkage just inboard of the carrier steering pivot plane..When you change it to in front of the axle the steering linkage ball joint location will need to be slightly OUTBOARD in comparison to the carrier steering pivot plane to get a sympathetic ackerman angle on the inside wheel to make it steer smoothly.. The way it is now your outside wheel will have more throw than your inside wheel , which equals notchy, erratic steering caused by a combative ackerman angle .. I learned this lesson on a kart..
c4or2ey0 _naked_ninja
c4or2ey0 _naked_ninja - 9 måneder siden
Yooo that sidekick i watch this guy wreck it on here on someones channel lol
LEOKING 13’s - 9 måneder siden
You guys are sick at what you do
SuperNaaWorld - 9 måneder siden
i want to see more 2jz lawn mower
Pieter Ouborg
Pieter Ouborg - 9 måneder siden
Can you add "4th video" or something to the next video in this series to keep in line with the odd numbering system so far?
Garage Guy
Garage Guy - 9 måneder siden
You guys got to do a motorcycle power wheels build!!
Martin Dillon
Martin Dillon - 9 måneder siden
Are you guys going to the Diresta go-cart challenge?
Darren Harvey
Darren Harvey - 9 måneder siden
I think you guys would make it 2wd with a actuator on the front to make it 4wd. Just do the front ujoint like you did with the rear and put a actuator on the ujoint to push it into 4wd
SFTW ORANGE - 9 måneder siden
Blood, Sweat, and 4x4's
Blood, Sweat, and 4x4's - 9 måneder siden
Could you use the front diff on the rear and the rear on the front?.....since they are IFS setups?
Raflyvv __
Raflyvv __ - 9 måneder siden
Cant Moto
Cant Moto - 9 måneder siden
Dont flip the diffs just switch them from front to back
Drew - 9 måneder siden
Do those diff's have breathers on the top (that are now on the bottom and going to leak)? Should be easy enough to plug and make the (old) drain plugs the new breathers, but just something to check out.
Moondyne .Joe
Moondyne .Joe - 9 måneder siden
Hi Ethan and Edwin, I just saw a video on make it extreme that I think you will get a lot of info from, this guy has a wealth of fabrication tips that will come in very handy for your future projects
Watch "Making a reverse tilting trike" on YouTube
It's always handy to see how others do things differently and in some cases easier than you do especially if you haven't thought up a economical way of mass production of parts using equipment you already have
I hope you gain some valuable knowledge from that video and all his other ones
Tony from Western Australia.
Lil Gruvy skrrrt
Lil Gruvy skrrrt - 9 måneder siden
Get another front diff and make rear wheel steer???
Andrew Pepin
Andrew Pepin - 9 måneder siden
Well the only thing left to do is make one that flies you've basically built everything else
Al Southern
Al Southern - 9 måneder siden
Wow! The ending scene with the music, drone shots with the snow and trees.... I could listen and watch that for hours! Great job!!
Árpád Hegedüs
Árpád Hegedüs - 9 måneder siden
You are already pretending like you have forgotten about four wheel steering haha
cam872k3 - 9 måneder siden
Do you think reverse in that transfer case is too weak, to make it the main forward gear?

Too late at this point as you've already done so much work, but I almost commented on your last video about just finding a transfer case that would spin the drive shafts in the direction you want them, but then at the end of the video you said you were using a transfer case with reverse, so I just assumed you would put the transfer case in whichever position you would need to go forward, then I watch this video.
Lonnie hand
Lonnie hand - 9 måneder siden
If it was me I would still and tap a new drain plug on the top of the rear diff so you can still drain the oil still
Lonnie hand
Lonnie hand - 9 måneder siden
I really love the way the motor is in there it is going to look like a motor in a car with duel over head came and it is going to be epic and polish the covers or crime them
Golf Cart Mechanic
Golf Cart Mechanic - 9 måneder siden
You guys need to build a golf cart
Appalachian Dad
Appalachian Dad - 9 måneder siden
Id love to see you guys build some sort of 4wd solid axle rock crawling kart. like a power wheels jeep that has 4wd and a solid axle front end.
Dracorex - 9 måneder siden
Dang this project looks good
SevenBolt7 - 9 måneder siden
Beautiful land all around where you live, I love it.
Ishotasheriff - 9 måneder siden
a 100mph at the wheels, but do it counts the wind resisitance and mass of the jeep ?
Nick Kuhlmam
Nick Kuhlmam - 9 måneder siden
Sooooo we just gonna forget about the odyssey???
Dalton Kozero
Dalton Kozero - 9 måneder siden
wait you couldnt have just swapped the front and rear diff or would it just be the same situation?
Twigjit - 9 måneder siden
I am so tired if the elevator music.... its starting to ruin the enjoyment of the videos for me...
Twigjit - 9 måneder siden
@jake omahoney Constructive. You should go into advising Trump. You would be a perfect fit for his office. Your reading comprehension is right on par for the job.
jake omahoney
jake omahoney - 9 måneder siden
Twigjit shut up and just enjoy it
Dylan Michaels
Dylan Michaels - 9 måneder siden
Love the progress on this thing! After it's done you guys should do a video on the mustang ripping it or something since it was the start of all of this. Like this comment if you agree!
Bean Garner
Bean Garner - 9 måneder siden
You guys should make a t bucket wheel barrel go kart
Doggo Hide
Doggo Hide - 9 måneder siden
You need to do a Mclaren power wheels next
Will Simpson
Will Simpson - 9 måneder siden
I hope those differentials last but I’m pretty sure with them flipped upside down it’s gonna cause problems when you overpower them by close to double the hp and do 100 mph in reverse
MetalFabCreations - 9 måneder siden
Oh yeah this is going to be epic!
GraysdadCal - 9 måneder siden
I am really in awe watching the evolution of this build. Ethan, in so many ways, is a frik’n genius! I can only imagine if his brain power were focused elsewhere, what may happen...(keep up the good work)
Executive Life
Executive Life - 9 måneder siden
Cmon bro start making them start a business bro u think you making money now u can be billionaire
timjs1018 - 9 måneder siden
Guys, please don't do crazy high speeds on this thing. One mistake and it's all over. :(
rebecca trottier
rebecca trottier - 9 måneder siden
Haha I knew 4x4 would come after moab!! Back to moab for some mini crawling!!!! Woo hoo!!!!
D C - 9 måneder siden
Love the time lapses! When are we going to see a series on throwing a SFA under the taco? Love the vids keep it up!
Iexpedite1 - 9 måneder siden
They used to offset the engine of old MOPAR's by an inch+ so that the needle bearings in the U-joints would move. Don’t know anything about your drivetrain but If it has u-joints it may explain the cant.
Ricky bobby
Ricky bobby - 9 måneder siden
That is fucking sweet!
Trevor Trampe
Trevor Trampe - 9 måneder siden
Would love to see you guys take the power wheels to Minnesota and get rowdy with the Cboys. Would make fore a great colab video!
kevin goodrich
kevin goodrich - 9 måneder siden
Looks BAD A$$
Mathieu Harrison
Mathieu Harrison - 9 måneder siden
you should buy the slingshot and make it into a hovercraft lol
Cassette Walkman
Cassette Walkman - 9 måneder siden
Given the locked rear diff the front driveshaft needs a slip-yoke of some sort to allow a quick-disconnect to make it a 2wd drift machine on slicks.
Repo 37
Repo 37 - 9 måneder siden
I may have this wrong but if you put the rear diff in the front and front in the rear wouldn't that make them spin the opposite way? Example if rear diff goes forward from clockwise driveshaft rotation wouldn't it do the opposite when the shaft is facing to the rear when put in the front diff location and spin clockwise? Think of it as rear diff pulls when spun but front diff pulls when spun. I'm not familiar with if the transfer case makes the driveshaft spin clockwise to rear and counter clockwise to front making my idea not work. Just a thought I came up with.
Edit. After reading comments I see this was answered. Unless the front driveshaft spins the opposite direction of the rear (clockwise vs counterclockwise) then it would work.
jake scott
jake scott - 9 måneder siden
Why not put the rear diff in the front and the front diff in the rear? That should fix it.
BryDuhBikeGuy - 9 måneder siden
Sweet set-up.Drill and tap for new fill,and drain holes shouldn't be a problem.Figuring the vent changes either.I'm curious about the ring and pinion surfaces though.Can you show them,so we can see their cuts?
sherco dude
sherco dude - 9 måneder siden
Rico 808
Rico 808 - 9 måneder siden
Ethan should work for Elon Musk, NASA or 007 .
He's a Legit Badass!
Rico 808
Rico 808 - 9 måneder siden
dudes a genius
Caio Marchezini
Caio Marchezini - 9 måneder siden
rEZnapanZEr - 9 måneder siden
The production quality is getting amazing... that timelapse at a minute and a half in was lit
Anthony Toste
Anthony Toste - 9 måneder siden
100HP + 100MPH = One wild ride don't bring new pair undies LoL