2JZ Lawn Mower Build

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We got an old 2JZ and a very large lawn mower... Time to build the ultimate racing lawn mower! In this episode we pick up the 2JZ and tear apart the lawn mower to see where we can mount the engine. Next step we will have to order a transmission and cut up the lawn tractors frame to see where we can fit the drivetrain.
Special thanks to Ameribrade for the amazing grinder! www.ameribrade.com/
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 10 måneder siden
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: https://clik.cc/GHPC_iOS ✅ ANDROID: https://clik.cc/GHPC_Android
Nick Arnup
Nick Arnup - 4 måneder siden
When is the driving video??
Suck Me Arse
Suck Me Arse - 5 måneder siden
@dayy dreamer yeh its annoying
Suck Me Arse
Suck Me Arse - 5 måneder siden
Any videos of the tractor now,
dayy dreamer
dayy dreamer - 5 måneder siden
do a update video!
Isaiah Banks
Isaiah Banks - 5 måneder siden
Its been awhile. Vidio on update?
Sillyzombie666 - Dag siden
and this was never heard from again
Martinian0 - 2 dager siden
Part 2????
FPSNPM - 4 dager siden
Its been almost a year. All hope is lost. The rice burning grass slayer is no more.
Dakota Thompson
Dakota Thompson - 6 dager siden
That tree house in the back is sick
jacob young
jacob young - 9 dager siden
When’s the next episode coming?
MrCrispyNips - 5 dager siden
789costela - 13 dager siden
so Wat happend to part 2 ?
a&t rc and lawn tractors 66
a&t rc and lawn tractors 66 - 19 dager siden
When the next video on this
MrCrispyNips - 5 dager siden
Joey Chandler
Joey Chandler - 22 dager siden
Are there any updates on the mower?
Mukhrizthedodo - 27 dager siden
wonder what happened to this project? definitely a cool concept
Collectroom610 - Måned siden
2jz tractor when?
Syrus K
Syrus K - Måned siden
It's been 9 months now what's going on get that mower blowing and mowing !
glock guy 87
glock guy 87 - 2 måneder siden
Nice grinder
Bruh Lol
Bruh Lol - 2 måneder siden
What happened to this
Kyle Hurley
Kyle Hurley - 2 måneder siden
He said " weekly terminants" in the rpg plug haha
Sawyer Hodges
Sawyer Hodges - 3 måneder siden
Me 7 months later waiting on an update 👁👁
Raldoux - 3 måneder siden
Who is here because life OD has not posted in a long time and not regretted it an now has a new channel to watch
Bryce Simpson
Bryce Simpson - 3 måneder siden
I want more of this please.
William Collins
William Collins - 4 måneder siden
Thank God somebody finally doing it life OD or whatever you call them disappeared right after announcing there two Jay Z tractor
Jamison Cover
Jamison Cover - 4 måneder siden
What happend to this project
Brandon Peterson
Brandon Peterson - 4 måneder siden
Part 2 ???
Stephen cutiepie
Stephen cutiepie - 4 måneder siden
Whens this gonna happen
Dale Ross
Dale Ross - 4 måneder siden
That's gonna be one badass mower tho
T  H  E J  D  M
T H E J D M - 4 måneder siden
Is a supra what is a supra
Joe Maxwell
Joe Maxwell - 4 måneder siden
what kind of mower is it
Chief Roundknob
Chief Roundknob - 4 måneder siden
I just found out there isn’t a real plumbing company
After like a year of watching
Love the content too much to care though
Jerry Tuley
Jerry Tuley - 4 måneder siden
How come you weighed it with the torque converter on it, that's about 50 pounds you don't need
Random Videos
Random Videos - 5 måneder siden
we will see ep. 2 when life od does an ep. 2
Homeinen Leipä
Homeinen Leipä - 4 måneder siden
lmao, underrated comment
James Brown
James Brown - 5 måneder siden
Plz start this build againnnnn
N3OXITY - 5 måneder siden
Where is this at 0w0
Phattmatt 2003
Phattmatt 2003 - 5 måneder siden
where is it
Justin Hurley123007
Justin Hurley123007 - 5 måneder siden
Finish this build please
foxxrider250r - 5 måneder siden
It always looks freezing as hell outside, where yall located at?
Leon Blackwell
Leon Blackwell - 5 måneder siden
where's part 2 at ?
shawnsack1 - 5 måneder siden
When are you getting back on this project?
Deezildennis - 5 måneder siden
Give up on this?
kyborg44 - 5 måneder siden
What up with this build?
Sawyer Hodges
Sawyer Hodges - 6 måneder siden
I’m just waiting on ep 2 😐
Tommy James
Tommy James - 6 måneder siden
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
Harry. B. Renner. jr. - 6 måneder siden
About 1700 LBS total. that thing is going to be crazy. the HP to weight ratio is going to be incredible. what are the HP numbers for that engine in its current form?your going to need to buy plenty of rear tires for that thing. the biggest hurdle will probably be the cooling system. it should be very interesting.
adam ganjaman
adam ganjaman - 7 måneder siden
01:23 2jz laughs
KARR - 7 måneder siden
Where is the 2jz mower?????
Crashz28 - 7 måneder siden
Do a video on the treehouse lol
Drew Campbell
Drew Campbell - 7 måneder siden
You guys have awesome builds and amazing talent. Both fabrication and video production. My only question... is the shop heated? lol
Brodderick Freeney
Brodderick Freeney - 7 måneder siden
Any updates?
Justin Lillard
Justin Lillard - 8 måneder siden
Is it still getting finished
Donald Cromer Jr
Donald Cromer Jr - 8 måneder siden
Can you send me the card off the mower motor
MicKMuzZ MKMZ - 8 måneder siden
With that new grinder, you guys can really "grind hard" now!😂
I know, that was terrible, but seriously, it'll be very interesting to see how you make this project work.
Any mower parts hooked up to the engine will probably all fail in some way. Overcoming all of these issues will prove challenging indeed!
Best of luck with it.👍
carvajal99 - 8 måneder siden
Y los subtítulos español
Courtney Savard
Courtney Savard - 8 måneder siden
What year is the mower looks like a 73, what are you guys going to do with the old motor I want it
Oxenan17 - 8 måneder siden
Just a suggestion, 4A-GE would be good for the mower. I think it'd be even more epic as that engine is so small you can turbo it without stuff hanging outside the hood.
Muhammad Khater
Muhammad Khater - 8 måneder siden
(I hope you’d read this and take it into consideration)
How about you guys get a Subaru boxer engine and drive train and install it on the VW van, AWD VW van with a tad of a lift.
IrocJared - 8 måneder siden
When can we see the finished product?
Sebastian Nilsen Håvarsrud
Sebastian Nilsen Håvarsrud - 9 måneder siden
When will the new vedio come about mower??
Viking's Mancave
Viking's Mancave - 9 måneder siden
I wonder how many trips to the ER you guys have made... First name basis with 'first responders'..... lol.
Duey Jones
Duey Jones - 9 måneder siden
Fab work isn’t the easiest and way more difficult than “restoration” which is where I got my start
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 9 måneder siden
M.T. Rainwater
M.T. Rainwater - 9 måneder siden
Caden Yeomans
Caden Yeomans - 9 måneder siden
You should make a drift trike
WCTA Chicago underground sound
WCTA Chicago underground sound - 9 måneder siden
I want a 2Jz Bobcat next
Bruce Werner
Bruce Werner - 9 måneder siden
"New belt grinder" seems more fitting of a title
Solo Astronomical
Solo Astronomical - 9 måneder siden
Question...why waste the time and engine on a build like this?
I’d much prefer putting that engine in a more worthy car/truck.
Solo Astronomical
Solo Astronomical - 9 måneder siden
Question...why waste the time and engine on a build like this?
I’d much prefer putting that engine in a more worthy car/truck.
Cullen Sloss
Cullen Sloss - 9 måneder siden
This is the first good news I’ve seen in 2020
jonkwilloughby - 9 måneder siden
That grinder is awesome! Good luck with the build, it should be a great challenge but not too much for you guys!!
Peyton Harrell
Peyton Harrell - 9 måneder siden
Put a big block in it or a motorcycle motor in it
Daniel Womble
Daniel Womble - 9 måneder siden
“I don’t have the patience to restore”
But he does have enough patience to completely prefabricate a lawnmower to support a 2jz. I love it!
Malin Jones
Malin Jones - 9 måneder siden
You must be mad but I like your ambition
dylan kerwin
dylan kerwin - 9 måneder siden
Im really interested in doing and building stuff like you guys do what courses did you have to take to learn about this stuff in school?
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja - 9 måneder siden
Life OD: Makes original 2jz lawn mower build idea

Grind Hard: Heys Guys new idea for the channel
KARR - 7 måneder siden
and neither of them actually build it
A-traktor bass
A-traktor bass - 9 måneder siden
Please part 2😍
Joshua Suggs
Joshua Suggs - 9 måneder siden
Why not put the 2jc engen in the odyssey eventhough sweet I watch all your shows just awesome guys I'm currently working on a cross kart with a 1992 Chevy tbi 4.3 v6 sorry I didn't do any videos on it but can send you pics if you want but keep up the awesome work yall sure inspired me to doing my build
Dillon Fear
Dillon Fear - 9 måneder siden
Is there a build description for this? Curious about the transmission set up...
10 a C e bikes Jody Bennett II
10 a C e bikes Jody Bennett II - 10 måneder siden
If you don't put a roll cage on that thing I see one of you dying
Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson - 10 måneder siden
2jz should be rebuilt, turboed, and installed into the Tacoma
FastBowtie388 - 10 måneder siden
Going to use that Onan engine you took off? I am interested in it. Is it a B43 or B48 engine?
Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle - 10 måneder siden
This is bad ass. Great build let's see more of this thing
Aaron’s arty channel
Aaron’s arty channel - 10 måneder siden
Make sure the 2j turns just try turning it by hand
ItsChaBoi - 10 måneder siden
Quad or sport bike engine would be plenty
Bryce tokarski
Bryce tokarski - 10 måneder siden
hey just letting you know that's not a Lexus's 2jz that's out of a supra. lexus 2jzs have vvti and your 2j does not
XxX xXx
XxX xXx - 10 måneder siden
Stupid pindosy
MK - 10 måneder siden
Wait what
Vany Titov
Vany Titov - 10 måneder siden
Привет из РОССИИ!)
Skylar Miller
Skylar Miller - 10 måneder siden
I’m watching mountain men and I swear to god I’m looking at you right now
Klassen Kustoms
Klassen Kustoms - 10 måneder siden
That mower weighs 280 pounds less than my civic
Jesus Christ
Ryan Hensley
Ryan Hensley - 10 måneder siden
next episodes title "death of a mad man mowing grass with a 2J mower"
Tyler Culian
Tyler Culian - 10 måneder siden
I feel clickbaited into a grinder review
Only Grid Precise
Only Grid Precise - 10 måneder siden
Just ruined a classic 😭
Ben Phillips
Ben Phillips - 10 måneder siden
Y’all should cut the frame and use the engine block itself as the frame. It will drop it down so the hood will fit better
Caleb Owens
Caleb Owens - 10 måneder siden
I saw a lot that was new this video but just want to thank you guys. I work 24/7 and come home and watch the builds when you upload and it makes me feel young again.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 10 måneder siden
Hey thanks for watching! Happy to help you feel young again!
Felipe Bortolotto
Felipe Bortolotto - 10 måneder siden
I'm from Brazil 🇧🇷
Dmitry Bugaev
Dmitry Bugaev - 10 måneder siden
Это пиздец)))
Jj Hehe
Jj Hehe - 10 måneder siden
Is that a plan
oneAlonebike - 10 måneder siden
Never, ever thought I’d say “too much” but a near 220hp engine is too knarly for a lawnmower... I mean, K,MON!...
chuck sewell
chuck sewell - 10 måneder siden
Now you’ve gone too far
Skylar Marshall
Skylar Marshall - 10 måneder siden
Did you guys get that Duramax frame/go kart from whistlin diesel P.s 14k likes crazy
Father Phipps
Father Phipps - 10 måneder siden
I really enjoy the builds, but everytime you turn the camera on your face, I get creeped out.
Damn that sounds mean. I'm sorry.
F@#! you're creepy bud.
SinisterSnake 05
SinisterSnake 05 - 10 måneder siden
That build is going to be so unsafe unless he lowers the whole body.
Chandler Eastham
Chandler Eastham - 10 måneder siden
Shouldve done a k-swap
John Chrysostom Rev 3:9
John Chrysostom Rev 3:9 - 10 måneder siden
That's a gorgeous mower, lets see what she can do