450cc Barbie Jeep Hits The Dunes

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Music Akina Boy-Shakespeare's Summer noburn.info/id/video/zXeQoZiod5Gwq4Y.html (Music Video)
We took our custom built Honda CRF 450 Barbie Jeep Wrangler to the Sand Lake sand dunes in Oregon and got crazy! We found some paddle tires and got rowdy. Also along for the ride was our snowmobile powered dirtbike scooter and a CRF230 Barbie Mustang.
See the scooter build here noburn.info/id/video/3ozKe96cdLKGkJQ.html
Steve brought his KTM450 Porsche Power Wheels noburn.info/id/video/1YippbFkiYV5o3I.html
and his KTM 300 drift trike!
Steve's Channel noburn.info/post/ZQV65v0kPH7HPBDNZxjqow.html

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Use promo code GRIND15 for $15 off your first trip!
Alan Godden
Alan Godden - År siden
You guys have a big future in engineering i can't wait to see what else you modify or improve, keep up the good work...
Black John Wick
Black John Wick - År siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co Yall shoul make a business out of this
gino poncho
gino poncho - År siden
Is there any way to purchase one of these 🤔??
cory douglas
cory douglas - År siden
Omg things so amazing great work guys thing rips I'd love to rip on that thing exsp next to the ocean. Never been to the ocean yet so it's awesome u guys did it there to.. Thanks for the amazing g stuff u guys put out. I'd pay big to get something costom from you guys such great work.. Thanks again. Much love from upstate NY
dirt bikes, quads and sleds
@Dave Leach dang it I got the notification and I thought grind hard repled to me
Tyler Reichel
Tyler Reichel - 12 dager siden
Really wanna see Colonel Senderz getting rowdy in the dunes
Corbin Stoller
Corbin Stoller - 14 dager siden
Thanks for showing me Turo. Already got the app.
Solar_ dust
Solar_ dust - Måned siden
cindys suspension looks like its based on a prerunners suspension in my opinion
Mo Matthies
Mo Matthies - Måned siden
Is that in oregon? I think I recognized the place
Cod mobile master 2010
Cod mobile master 2010 - 2 måneder siden
Is that sand lake
Little Ol' Western
Little Ol' Western - 2 måneder siden
My dream has come true
I don't know how to drive but I'll learn how with that barbie Jeep 🥰
Anzetko Smuc
Anzetko Smuc - 5 måneder siden
My dreams
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Also last time you're there you drove it through the ocean and that probably wasn't none too good for the engine but I'm glad the Barbie mustangs running better
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
The 10 year old has weight advantage compared to the adults on the machine that probably weighs 50 more pounds and he does so even if you guys were using the exact same machine that kids going to always win because that machine is not pulling as much weight have a great day
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
KTM drift trike is sweet says the snowmobile scooter
billshriner99 - 8 måneder siden
Putting your builds through the sand shows your build quality... 👍 great job.
Solar_ dust
Solar_ dust - 10 måneder siden
Yes big boi 👍👍👍
Lina Díaz
Lina Díaz - 10 måneder siden
best. video. ever
Dish Dude
Dish Dude - 10 måneder siden
add an actual wheelie bar to cinderella, then do more testing. it would be cool if it had an easy change spare tire/wheelie bar.
caleb aldea
caleb aldea - 10 måneder siden
you guys are awesome i wish i could ride the jeep
NIKO - År siden
I whanna buy jeep or porche
Brindin Ovalle
Brindin Ovalle - År siden
Wow son geniales sus vehículos me encanta la música y mas me encantaría poder manejar el jeep de barbye 😎lol saludos
Tin can For a cup
Tin can For a cup - År siden
Kevin T
Kevin T - År siden
I have an Ford F-150 Powerwheel. I also have a 9 year old grandson. Unfortunately I am disabled and have no garage. Would you and how much would you convert it into Fordzilla or something of that nature? Problem is it has to be 50cc or less in Ky. But of course it can be built with an upgrade in mind in the future. I am serious about this. You gentlemen rock. Please reply somehow, I don't know how you can, but I'm sure we can figure it out.
Kevin T
Kevin T - År siden
Is Bumblebee finished?
Tow Ninja
Tow Ninja - År siden
So.......? All seriousness how much would you charge me for a Jeep like that but electric start I’m not playing at all not sure how you would get in touch with me but we need to talk
VortexModz - År siden
Love from Australia ❤
keith bieghler
keith bieghler - År siden
Oh I miss sand lake I used to live in beaver down blane rd. If you know the little store before sand lake I'm old friends with the store owners daughter lol small big world
Limitedcurve22 - År siden
It's called a kill switch
Ryan Strickland
Ryan Strickland - År siden
On the Barbie Jeep, why not make a bracket to turn the spare tire 90 degrees and use it as a roller in a wheelie bar? You could make it adjustable up and down to control how high it wheelies. 😉 You could even spring load it so it soaks up some of the hit when the spare touches down.
Bobby Eskey
Bobby Eskey - År siden
The barbie jeep is so sick I want one
t c
t c - År siden
Janky death traps in the sand traps is how it should be
michael hirtle
michael hirtle - År siden
Loving barbie jeep
David Tenace
David Tenace - År siden
how fast can the barbie jeep go
Jack Boė
Jack Boė - År siden
I believe the design of this jeep needs a patant and mass production.
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother - År siden
Ohhh the poor sliders 😥
John Walsh
John Walsh - År siden
All of these machines make riding a dirt bike on the dunes look like a sane proposition.
I’m a novice in the sand. I did not realize in some conditions you can totally lose all depth perception just like white out in snow. So on my first trip to Sand Mountain in Nevada with my dirt bike I inadvertently rode off a cliff and managed to live through the experience with only some unimportant broken bones.
The funny part was about an hour after my crash I was in a Jeep with my cousins taking them back to the spot where I crashed and coming from the alternate direction we crashed his Jeep onto the base of the same cliff I had ridden off the top of. Talk about slow learners.
ANYTHING 23 - År siden
You need a FULL sand dune tire setup
Garydos - År siden
Only one word describe this "beautiful"
true country
true country - År siden
How much do you have invested in this build
Vicky official
Vicky official - År siden
I want to make jeep like that in my country, I want a picture of potty, ukurn, details I may please😭😭😭
Vicky official
Vicky official - År siden
I want to design jeep barbie😭😭😭😭😭
El Sibarita Del Castillo
Barbie vive muchas aventuras jajajajajajajaja
Drip ACE _
Drip ACE _ - År siden
Ur life looks fun
Ryder Fisher
Ryder Fisher - År siden
how much can i buy the barbie jeep for????
breakshot74 - År siden
it should be illegal to have so much fun ;))))
Cody Swanson
Cody Swanson - År siden
Sand lake fun spot love going down there
สุพัด คําสุทธี
I forgot to tell my house, Ban Hua Dong, house number 66, number 12.😆😆☺️🤣
สุพัด คําสุทธี
If multiply for me, my address, Si Sawang Subdistrict, Phon Sai District, Roi Et Province
I am very grateful and ask people to follow me a lot.🙏🏻😊😊🔥
สุพัด คําสุทธี
I am Thailand I want your car. I don't have a car to use elsewhere. Can I get a car? Brother
Jaleel Connelly
Jaleel Connelly - År siden
Donut media brought me here
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
Love the beats guys good job keep up all the good work
Gray_Fox - År siden
Barbie Jeep sound like hill climbing Bill
Trysha wade
Trysha wade - År siden
U should make a little tikes police car
-][][- - År siden
Why is this not a husaberg 570? Or CR500? Or maico 750?
Can u get a big bore kit, do some head work, lighten the flywheel and supercharge it? NO2?
MickyD - År siden
The edit with the voice over of the forecast is dope, attention to detail is top notch 🔥
Jason Trump
Jason Trump - År siden
How much for one? Love it
Potential Spam
Potential Spam - År siden
I miss super mario kart
Olav Muldbakken
Olav Muldbakken - År siden
Rust... do i need say more?
John Porter
John Porter - År siden
My daughter said she wanted a Barbie jeep. Can I get one of these at Walmart?
J R - År siden
I’m in love 😍
w s l
w s l - År siden
vulcan2000pilot - År siden
One of my favorite channels! You guys are top notch!
Ravenn - År siden
The ultimate mario karter.
Jacob Danjkov
Jacob Danjkov - År siden
Make a trailer for the jeep
Vinny Avalanche
Vinny Avalanche - År siden
I clicked to see the Barbie Jeep and your showing all kids of other nonsense...adjust your titling
Jeb Little
Jeb Little - År siden
I will say this for your next trip....the sheriffs have unmarled atvs that sit on the beach and run radar they give leeway to low 30's
Jeb Little
Jeb Little - År siden
Id recognize the launch pad for cell phone hill anywhere. Sandlake!
Neo Jacson
Neo Jacson - År siden
Donut sent my dumbass here.
Mz Alvarez
Mz Alvarez - År siden
Thank you
My son had a blast racing with you all (The 10 yr old)
Very much appreciated you guys are awesome!
Hopefully we can see you all again!
Thanx for the video
Mz Alvarez
Mz Alvarez - År siden
Thank you
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Awesome he helped us out alot. Your son can ride!
micoy calimoso
micoy calimoso - År siden
I’m here because of donut media
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Gabe White
Gabe White - År siden
You boys ever work with me in colorado?
Natalie Deyton
Natalie Deyton - År siden
This Jeep has to be my favorite build that I have seen on YouTube!!!! I can’t think of another that I would rather have. This and Karrs hellcat Miata are amazing
何所求 - År siden
Why not convert to 4wd
Mashdaddy70 - År siden
I would have lmao if you ate shit in the beginning
JkU - År siden
You have done very good job with the music👍 It suits perfect with the video!
D10 QAQALA - År siden
Josh Dreyer
Josh Dreyer - År siden
Imagine the barbie Jeep with a trailer for the barbie car🤔
Nick Conoan
Nick Conoan - År siden
I was just at that beach last weekend!!
Mikes RC Garage
Mikes RC Garage - År siden
I never watched these barbie jeep vids thought that's just silly! Dude that thing Rips! BadAss Bro! Floats nice, Very cool!
Raul Eduardo Fernandez Chavez
Vendes la troca de barbie
Robert Belote
Robert Belote - År siden
Wont lie im not like a big fan or anything just kind of a passerby, so with that being said , my opinion is the pink jeep is one of the most fun things to watch on YouTube right now.
KC 135
KC 135 - År siden
I don’t know where you guys come up with this shit but it’s awesome
Nicol - År siden
How much for this car Barby?
Tony Sal
Tony Sal - År siden
Spoiler alert: there's a yellow Camaro in the background of the last video of the triumph build
Big Bad Boi
Big Bad Boi - År siden
I love you put a weather guy over music!
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith - År siden
I feel like they need a 1000cc turbocharged barbie jeep now
Brownsworthy - År siden
Cheers for the shout out! Love what you guys do inspires me to get out in the shed!
suzuki etc
suzuki etc - År siden
For a harder launch on the murder scooter, it might be worth putting an angled foot plate behind you so you can hold yourself forward with one foot against the plate and one in front sort of crouched, a bit like what runners use at the start of a 100m sprint
If you guys are going to come all the way to Oregon you should really take the bikes to Winchester Bay instead. Barbie jeep on Banshee hill would be epic. Way more riding and filming area as well.
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke - År siden
Awesome work guys, the scenery, the music, the machines, the noise, the editing and recording, awesome friggin work!!! keep it up boys.
Camden Sheridan
Camden Sheridan - År siden
Amazing camera work guys and love how you made a song just for a video!
TheElement911 - År siden
That Jeep is the best of all. How about a 40/60 AWD on it?
Garfish - År siden
I don't know why you're shouting out to Aussie fans but yew!
Drue Skillz
Drue Skillz - År siden
You guys should totally make it into a torquey little 4 wheel drive Crawler....
Honda trx250
Honda trx250 - År siden
You should go to Florence or Winchester
JD ROYAL - År siden
ur channel is legit the sickest channel on YouTube bro like ur builds are soo crazy
RJ - År siden
Eat my sand 4:16
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez - År siden
put a seat on the murder scooter please?
Brian Wells
Brian Wells - År siden
Like what you guys are doing looks like lots of fun
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 - År siden
Awesome builds 👍🏻
Bryce Tennill
Bryce Tennill - År siden
I have a great build idea, get the power wheels f150 and do the same thing as the Jeep.
Dirtbikes4life16 - År siden
I can’t believe you made that song that’s awesome