500cc Transforming Power Wheels Build Subaru Powered

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Time to get building on our Fuji Heavy Industries 500cc powered Camaro Go Kart. In this video we build a custom tube frame for the Camaro SS and plan out where our transforming air ride suspension will be placed.
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MILES GAMING - Dag siden
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Donald Flowers
Donald Flowers - 8 dager siden
so have guys talked to go powers sports about a power wheels kit ?like spindles and everything but the tubing ,i think you should do something like that
The Skull Meister
The Skull Meister - 20 dager siden
LOL is that Corona Aided Design
Dax arms
Dax arms - 21 dag siden
yeah those black wheels are so much better than what came with the Camaro I wasn't going for that plastic bling too much
Catching Bass wit’ Josh tv
Catching Bass wit’ Josh tv - 29 dager siden
Could u make a Chevy Silverado go cart
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - Måned siden
Has anyone bought one of these artistic beauties
Your dog must love to sleep
André Underground
André Underground - 2 måneder siden
Deslike pela quantidade absurda de anúncio
Malakhi Weddington
Malakhi Weddington - 2 måneder siden
When you do another one of those put a predator engine
Eli Spady
Eli Spady - 2 måneder siden
were did you guys learn how to do this
Dakota Robertson
Dakota Robertson - 3 måneder siden
So im new to the channel, (ive seen the Barbie Mustang on Facebook and stuff) but Ethan(i think) looks like Chris Masterson, and the camera guy(Colin? Edwin?) (as soon as i posted this comment I went back to the "about" section on the channel, and found your name, i think/in a future video it when you guys talk about Last Past it says Edwin lol) but you look like Tom Payne(especially his character from the TV show Prodigal Son(the characters name is Malcolm Bright) but yeah its really trippy on how closely you guys look Chris M and Tom P. But love these videos, can't wait to watch more vids
Ricky Osborne
Ricky Osborne - 4 måneder siden
I need original parts off that car. Bought one used and my 3yo was super depressed when it died after five minutes of use...
Jordan GK
Jordan GK - 4 måneder siden
How much would it cost to get someone to do this?
Kyler Ashton
Kyler Ashton - 4 måneder siden
How much for it?
Sherman Shepherd
Sherman Shepherd - 4 måneder siden
All I have is an 49cc engine. Still might look dope if I did something like this lol
Knife Wilderman
Knife Wilderman - 4 måneder siden
9:39 hey look it's corona

From 2020
MellowDevil - 5 måneder siden
i want to make this
MartyGramRC - 5 måneder siden
I love the ingenuity of your projects. The type of engineering only found in fabrication. I remember when I first incorporated a live axle rear end in a mini bike I built years back. A very solid design. Good work!
βГДИδΩИ ΩГ†ΣĢД - 5 måneder siden
those are some meaty tires
KGEAST - 5 måneder siden
what is Sam doing in the background?
Yeet doge
Yeet doge - 6 måneder siden
Subelejamz - 6 måneder siden
I wanna do a gmc power wheel how much ya charge me
Firdaus Jm
Firdaus Jm - 6 måneder siden
Emang boleh wong kono kuen lur
Kenned !
Kenned ! - 6 måneder siden
I love your channel, the bad thing is that there is no subtitle in Portuguese
loi koch
loi koch - 6 måneder siden
Alejandro Alvarenga
Alejandro Alvarenga - 6 måneder siden
A pesar los dia meses años quiero de Sir que aun sigo viendo tus videos del de el principio de todo, aclaración de vida 👏😅🤣👌
xd FISTED WAFELS - 6 måneder siden
He has Coronavirus
Mister_Hacks - 6 måneder siden
about this and that
about this and that - 7 måneder siden
Please help me with money as much as you can please, map 5469180015868055
Gangus Khan 2024
Gangus Khan 2024 - 7 måneder siden
If you built a complete frame with Motor installed...then put the body on at the end...would that work too? Great job guys! Amazing!
Wayne Haile
Wayne Haile - 7 måneder siden
Engine melt the plastic?
Matt H
Matt H - 7 måneder siden
Where do you guys get all your dirt bike engines
Victor Reyes
Victor Reyes - 7 måneder siden
U guys are fuc*ing awesome !
Steven Hamke
Steven Hamke - 7 måneder siden
Watch Mojo presents: Top 10 Power Wheels Cars You Shouldn't Let You Kids Drive
andrewlgastelum - 7 måneder siden
Where did you guys get that tube bender?
Dropdown123 - 7 måneder siden
I'm building one rn
Lagu Dj terbaru
Lagu Dj terbaru - 8 måneder siden
So nice...😍😍😍
Custom Crawlerz
Custom Crawlerz - 9 måneder siden
I stumbled across your channel by accident, and now I have to check out the rest of this build and your other projects.. All of this is right up my alley as a fellow Designer/Builder/Customizer, only currently I do my stuff in Radio Controlled.. #customcrawlerz
Brad Focht
Brad Focht - 9 måneder siden
I kinda like the coolant lines being part of the frame...Except if you wreck hard, boiling coolant could spray your nuts since you have to straddle them...Boiled nuts doesn't sound great.
Ernesto Casillas
Ernesto Casillas - 9 måneder siden
I love all what you do ❤ i real love the camaro
Iam speed • 31 years ago
Iam speed • 31 years ago - 10 måneder siden
Can you guys do a budget version?
Ender Varli
Ender Varli - 10 måneder siden
Wade Riggs
Wade Riggs - 10 måneder siden
U guys should seriously start making and selling these
Christian A Thomas
Christian A Thomas - 10 måneder siden
I was wondering if you guys could build me one of those I’m willing to pay, like they are cool asf
Donald Barrett
Donald Barrett - 10 måneder siden
Another challenge, Radio Flyer wagons seem to be really catching as low riders, rat rods and parts chasers at rod shows. Time for a 500cc radio flyer? I would advise staying away from stock wagon steering.
Donald Barrett
Donald Barrett - 10 måneder siden
I just found your You Tube channel,. you guys are nuts. Those cars and the scooter are great! Here is a new challenge.....Gravity Cars. No power at all. Just good bearings. good suspension, good tires and brakes. And maybe some thought to streamlining. These guys are going downhill at up to 85 mph. Check it out.
A Z - 10 måneder siden
IRL mod nation racers
davonte davidson
davonte davidson - 10 måneder siden
Sell one
K-dog xz
K-dog xz - 10 måneder siden
Do a hoodstack exhaust
space Age
space Age - 10 måneder siden
I really want to build one of these but I'm not capable of building but I'd give it a new custom paint job
TorpidAlpaca663 - 10 måneder siden
If your son drove the power wheels camaro
Marshall Howarth
Marshall Howarth - 11 måneder siden
I love how your dog is just siting in the background 6:55
kermitraille - 11 måneder siden
garry's mod in real life
Brianyazul Azul
Brianyazul Azul - 11 måneder siden
Where did you get your tires or I can put it on my Gocort
Paul Dupey
Paul Dupey - 11 måneder siden
Pimp my ride grown kid style
Miguel Bélanger-Perez
Miguel Bélanger-Perez - 11 måneder siden
Where did you get your engine?
Tyler Sweat
Tyler Sweat - År siden
Say Jackshaft one more time. Lol my girlfriend is rofl.
Bl4ckH4wkdwn 343
Bl4ckH4wkdwn 343 - År siden
The camera man sounds like a rust youtuber I watch. I think it was either blooprint or aquafps
fastbastard2007 - År siden
What brand pipe bender do you use.. looks expensive
fastbastard2007 - År siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co thnx for the reply, i will look it up👍
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
It’s a Rogue Fab model 600xHD, and it’s actually pretty affordable!
CHoot - År siden
I learn quite a bit of stuff from watching these videos...keep up the awesome work guys!
S Sp
S Sp - År siden
Zyfix FN
Zyfix FN - År siden
My name is Lincoln and it said Lincoln electric
Kingz Gaming
Kingz Gaming - År siden
Chevy has always been better than other brand s
knify vlogs
knify vlogs - År siden
9:35 sponeserd by corona
Zavian Lindsey
Zavian Lindsey - År siden
U should make a 6x6x6 gokart
ROBERT SHUL - År siden
Tank cant be laying like that
III Vance
III Vance - År siden
I really dig how you guys don't just go by the book. Like the suspension solution, the cage being part of the cooling, that's all stuff they'd never do in other shops, because "you can't do that".
Keep with that spirit!
Officer jwal
Officer jwal - År siden
I love this
برق الشمال
برق الشمال - År siden
OK give me
Latoya Hamilton
Latoya Hamilton - År siden
Can I win 1
jingandanum kubar
jingandanum kubar - År siden
Genius pepole
Erica Gambill
Erica Gambill - År siden
You should use a hemi engine
Ronnie Allen
Ronnie Allen - År siden
You should run the exhaust pipes under the body coming out in front of the back tires on both sides
We Do It BEST 66
We Do It BEST 66 - År siden
Having a nice beer while working loll
Bebe ko
Bebe ko - År siden
Hope you will start selling them cause its the real definition of TOYS FOR BIG BOYS!!
RobesEleven - År siden
I got my eye on one of them tube benders did u get the HD ? What dyes u have ?
Justin McIntosh
Justin McIntosh - År siden
Were u out of clean Laundry, or just attempting to look buff?
jan rei
jan rei - År siden
What kind of iron is that?
Parker Birch
Parker Birch - År siden
I wanted to see the car more instead of your face in every shot, is that your boyfriend behind the camera too?
Troy Crowder
Troy Crowder - År siden
i like how you re doing the motor mount and attaching frame keeping things square brilliant idea you are good after all you are the power wheels, king glad to see you got power sports helping you earned their respect and deserve it congrats and long may you build great video good to see moto mule getting noticed i just love this stuff
xTzX ANGEL - År siden
Turbo turbo turbo turbo
DJ Johnson
DJ Johnson - År siden
How much would I have to pay for you guys to make me a Barbie jeep like the one y'all have
Andrew Horjus
Andrew Horjus - År siden
Clampy dealies are also referred to as a plum bob in the electrician world. Lmao love it. Keep up the great work.
Yamaha Rider
Yamaha Rider - År siden
Fab skills mint, video skills mint, music mint. Amazing
stephan B
stephan B - År siden
why is the guy behind the camera talking so slowly and has to repeat what is being said it's annoying
Swigity Swoogity
Swigity Swoogity - År siden
So it went from skrrrt skrrrt to braaap braaap. Nice
Robbie Henry
Robbie Henry - År siden
That's a badass build on the Camaro go kart.
Keep up the great work.
gijorge - År siden
I love you guys. Editing, music, content... all of it. I gotta know. Why plumbing though? Is it shit related? Because it runs down hill 🤭🤟 keep up the good work!!!
ExtremeATVOffroad - År siden
Love these builds
RED HACK3R - År siden
Butcher box link not in description btw
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta - År siden
I always wondered how you get the bends to come out straight, but never spent the time to research. thanks!
bristolcity514 - År siden
New table, next CNC Plasma cutter...
Tye Leask
Tye Leask - År siden
Giveaway time ?
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Tyler Strenge
Tyler Strenge - År siden
Where do you guys get your car bodies???
dawgzin - År siden
cópia do mini camaro com motor de hornet
daniesmailbox - År siden
Alfonso Hernández
Alfonso Hernández - År siden
Is very cool im fascined and excited from México
Estefaní Misquez
Estefaní Misquez - År siden
Do a 500cc 2 stroke power wheels build for you next one
Robbie Blade
Robbie Blade - År siden
are you.selling the jeep becaus i want one ill pay $1000 for it
Nicolas Iannone
Nicolas Iannone - År siden
Incredible progress! It’s also cool to see you continue to refine and master your craft. Love it.
I would love it if you shared a link to your welder, tube bender, tube notcher, etc. Im a builder in the making, and you guys are my inspiration.