50HP Princess Jeep Hits The Streets

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Today we get our Honda CRF450 Princess Jeep ready for a TV show we were invited to be on near LA. They are renting a drag strip for us so we are going full drag mode
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Runtime: 14:10


Hunter James
Hunter James - 21 dag siden
Ethan: not for high way service, hmm let’s see about that.
Highway: bruh
يوسف يوسف
يوسف يوسف - Måned siden
Коля Михайлов
Коля Михайлов - 3 måneder siden
Сколько стоет такой сабрать
النجفي النجفي
النجفي النجفي - 4 måneder siden
أحسنتم عاشت اياديكم يابطال على هاذه الصناعات الجميله اروعه حقيقه تسر اناظر بمشهدتها والعرب مندي وكبسه وكباب وظراط هاذا الذي فالحين فيه
Coconut King
Coconut King - 5 måneder siden
where do you get your engines?
Jordon C
Jordon C - 5 måneder siden
Crown of the road makes er wheelie right dude
Mr Vig
Mr Vig - 5 måneder siden
5:21 this porption of the video shows what Edwin can do behind his workstation AND I LOVE IT!
Mr Vig
Mr Vig - 5 måneder siden
6:35 That was she said =)
Justin Cook
Justin Cook - 5 måneder siden
Can you massage me on how to build one of theses like the green jeep? With the big engine and 4x4 and reverse I wanna build one
SK W - 6 måneder siden
You shouldn’t drive that fast with your door open. 😆
Rk M
Rk M - 6 måneder siden
Ethan, you're off your balls mate
Margaret Burns
Margaret Burns - 7 måneder siden
Dis is wut iam talking about, little Cher gangster get dis
motaxhino thgodson
motaxhino thgodson - 9 måneder siden
you guys should put counter wait in the front and make it legit fast not scary fast but nbs this is one of the dopset shit ive seen in youtube so far
Chantry Fultz
Chantry Fultz - 9 måneder siden
You should take this to a car show
davonte davidson
davonte davidson - 10 måneder siden
D j
D j - 10 måneder siden
👍 nailed it , bad ass guy's .
Callum Brown
Callum Brown - 10 måneder siden
get it street legalised and drive it around
ImStillKareem - 11 måneder siden
I wish I had one of those 😢
shane ryan
shane ryan - År siden
How much to build me one lmao
notisp - År siden
Put the rear axle further back!
Christopher Navarrete
Christopher Navarrete - År siden
Can u make me one?
darlyn castillo
darlyn castillo - År siden
Do one with a cover
Like convertibles
Sam A.J
Sam A.J - År siden
Muito bom, TOP!🔝
Francisco Javier Segoviano Santoyo
hola, increíble proyecto, que calibre de tubo es que emplearon así como el tipo de soldadura y amperaje??? de antemano gracias! me divierto mucho como prueban los carritos!
David som
David som - År siden
Qual altura da roda e largura cm?
Ser Rossi
Ser Rossi - År siden
carnell bun
carnell bun - År siden
Benny Yohannan
Benny Yohannan - År siden
Like a boss!!!
i also want that "!
Baba Irkar
Baba Irkar - År siden
How to make a easy way to make a easy car
Егор Иванович
Очень круто, на заказ такой сможешь сделать?) если бы полный привод был, улёт просто!!! =)))
Shivu Raj
Shivu Raj - År siden
Really cool
Darrel Gonzalez
Darrel Gonzalez - År siden
Keep the same Tires don't go bigger guy's
Anthony Hubbard
Anthony Hubbard - År siden
My name is Tony wisdom and I wanted to know if you could make one for my 21 birthday
David Lyons
David Lyons - År siden
Why didn’t you go with a cr500 motor? Lighter and faster... two stroke to....
Mr Madazza
Mr Madazza - År siden
Dude your crazy driving with your door open like that😲13:32
Lucas Sikes
Lucas Sikes - År siden
what the f**
Khem Kush
Khem Kush - År siden
great job
Herison Willians Araujo
Good morning friends love the work of you guys are very fuck you do one of this to sell me a hi on my Whatts 5595991245103
Alexandre Verdi
Alexandre Verdi - År siden
My God 11:45 what a danger the door is open!
Kevin Talbot
Kevin Talbot - År siden
Man that is so sick. I wanna build one but not sure I have the time
Matias Marin
Matias Marin - År siden
Were can I place an order I would like dodge ram 3500
Kye Hall
Kye Hall - År siden
Omg I want one so bad, all I need is the plans I would so Pay for the plans so I can build my own
Red Knife ._.
Red Knife ._. - År siden
They say Barbie cars are for kids.. boy they wrong
MikeDavidBeats - År siden
How do I get the plans to build my own?? I must have!
Ефим Перчк
Ефим Перчк - År siden
Nice 👍 !
Adam Upton
Adam Upton - År siden
Crf450 motor in a power wheels got way too much time on your hands. Sweet build fine job!!!
artie lusk
artie lusk - År siden
You mean there’s room in there for your 10 pound balls? Damn! That’s crazy!
Jett Siscar
Jett Siscar - År siden
hope i can have a gear suit even if second hand hhmmmm :( im your number 1 fan
Spit JoOx
Spit JoOx - År siden
I like how that tiny door is flapping in the wind. Nice build!
Travis Hope
Travis Hope - År siden
That is epic! 😂🤣 He takes it easy like I do lol! Now y'all got me wanting to build a Barbie Jeep to take to the strip and eat Mustangs with.
Cam-Am Auto parts
Cam-Am Auto parts - År siden
Why don't u takethedoors off
SODA POP - År siden
Damn I gotta make one of these for my niece
Robert M
Robert M - År siden
Did anyone tell you you look a little like Jason Timberlake?😁 Love your vids, saw the Barbie kart since the star of build, awesome!
Ernesto Monterroza
Ernesto Monterroza - År siden
what the fuck that jeep is faster then a mitsubishi evolution ...
Moise Ndiaye
Moise Ndiaye - År siden
4:42 I swear he said this nigga
always_ banginggears
always_ banginggears - År siden
i want one
SPerkins - År siden
Your building a beefy goat and slapping plastic barbi pw jeep body parts around it.your not turning a power wheels barbi jeep into a 50cc kart
Myles Dixon
Myles Dixon - År siden
Dreams i never knew i had
Carl Schmiedeke
Carl Schmiedeke - År siden
Well there went them new tires
Cory Derrickson
Cory Derrickson - År siden
Lights are needed on these things!
Matti Virta
Matti Virta - År siden
i no want looking more, stupid waste support money to wery ugly stupid helmet, get back to show shit helemet and buy ,somethink tools or some motors. one expensive helmet money can buy 2-3 good motor crapyard to new car suv project. lot more funny than shit helmet.and others body care stupid. normal human no need ewer this shit. if drive than you in backyard and forest.
-][][- - År siden
50hp? Pftt... There are 250F’s putting out that.
You can do better, lets aim for 80-90hp
Mash-out VivA
Mash-out VivA - År siden
50 hp
Joey Marstall
Joey Marstall - År siden
I am sure that someone has said something about a Roll Bar!??
Joe Duke
Joe Duke - År siden
Here Kung Fu Barbie (one minute 4 seconds) youtube.com/watch?v=VraZ3-1cwXI She'd love this pink monster.
J. T.
J. T. - År siden
Senderella has a working wench Lmaooo😜
I just ordered a stage 1 kit for my 212cc mini bike from go power sports
Mancubus_gaming - År siden
What it’s like when a power wheels Barbie Jeep passes you on the interstate
Highway Man 9470
Highway Man 9470 - År siden
That's 1 damn good question...
Jay Joyner
Jay Joyner - År siden
😱😱😱 a hellcat powerwill
TADSHARK - År siden
Make it 100 hp
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz - År siden
Can i buy that from u
Carl Landriff
Carl Landriff - År siden
If u wanna skip here's the time 11:00
Zappy _
Zappy _ - År siden
Where can I buy one cause I’ll buy one
Brett Miner
Brett Miner - År siden
That’s the shit. Imagine giving that to your little girl for her birthday
Antwon Ridgner
Antwon Ridgner - År siden
Can you make me one I’m a Big fan
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - År siden
Now that's a hot wheele 8:22
Drew Avila
Drew Avila - År siden
Sell it to me
杨晨晨 - År siden
Tail Lights
Tail Lights - År siden
He look like sami zang
LiveLikeYouFly - År siden
I'd bet $1000 dollars my 4 year old grand daughter could absolutely out drive both of you.
LiveLikeYouFly - År siden
Build an enclosed trailer for it so you can haul around the other car.
LiveLikeYouFly - År siden
Hey Guys. Please dont misunderstand. I respect your work and love it. But for the time and effort and money put into building the Barbie jeep. You could have went and bought a brand new Razor with a warranty for less. So. Yeah.. just saying. Cool though.
LiveLikeYouFly - År siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing CoLove your work. You guys are so very blessed to have all the equipment necessary to accomplish such amazing projects. My hats off to you guys.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Haha! Maybe, but not one single person would care. We do this because we love it, but we are in fact in the business of entertainment people, and buying a new RZR entertains no one.
Marlon Ellamil
Marlon Ellamil - År siden
just awesome...
Semi811 - År siden
you need a wheelie bar asap
EURK - År siden
This was dope
Carson carter
Carson carter - År siden
2:43 you can get Google free
Nautica Shadow
Nautica Shadow - År siden
Imagine being a cop and just seeing this thing fly down the road
roberto rodriguez
roberto rodriguez - År siden
Was it just me or did everyone skip the sponsor
Like if u did
andy t 79
andy t 79 - År siden
You guys have great skills , keep posting these videos 🤘
stop judging
stop judging - År siden
My granddaughter would fall in love with this jeep
thanedogg - År siden
7:32 "we'll see about that" lmao
Juaquees YT
Juaquees YT - År siden
Ummm? Is it for sale?
Seth Moore
Seth Moore - År siden
I want one lol
Nel Robert
Nel Robert - År siden
Hello, I'm new here. , Have no money Want To, make big will for adults, Electric Top speed 35 MPH. And Around 24 in Wide ADA American with disability
Justin Nicholson
Justin Nicholson - År siden
I seriously think people thumbs down videos just for the hell of it.
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan - År siden
This is so good I have to comment. Nothing is fun unless its fast enough to hospitalize, lol
D Smith
D Smith - År siden
Looks perfectly safe to me🤣👌
Risk - År siden
put some huge time attack / hill climb canards on the front to stop ot from lifting as much, maybe abit more weight to it aswell somehow
Meat - År siden
what the fuck
Brad C
Brad C - År siden
More driving less talking