50HP Princess Jeep VS. 500cc Sport Quad

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experian.com/ghpc We bought the engine for our next power wheels go kart build! A 2003 Polaris Predator 500cc sport quad. In this episode we put our custom off road jeep go kart up against the quad. This is a great test as they are both rear wheel drive, have full suspension and make a similar amount of horse power.
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
We're crazy excited to cannibalize the sports quad for a next power wheels build! What are you guys think? Here's the build thread to everything we used on Senderella https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/
Halal Hanane
Halal Hanane - 12 dager siden
@Talentless Cult /ج1ج
Margaret Mcdonagh
Margaret Mcdonagh - Måned siden
Alfredo Céspedes
Alfredo Céspedes - 4 måneder siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co Hola
Janderson Rosário
Janderson Rosário - 4 måneder siden
Sou fan de vc legal o que vc fez ✌
Teri Kowalski
Teri Kowalski - 10 måneder siden
How did you
Gary Warner
Gary Warner - 5 dager siden
Excuses excuses.
THE PAGE BURNER 1979 - Måned siden
The best thing ever !
Alan x27
Alan x27 - Måned siden
Alan x27
Alan x27 - Måned siden
Cómo quiero la Jeep de princesa
dyah sulistyorini
dyah sulistyorini - 4 måneder siden
Banga cobak bikinfidiyo mahin mobil balatm nyadirfi
Vinicius Gabriel
Vinicius Gabriel - 4 måneder siden
Só que sou do Brasil 🤔
Micah R
Micah R - 4 måneder siden
Race the jeep vs a 1000cc quad
Nick Minella
Nick Minella - 4 måneder siden
Jacob Rice
Jacob Rice - 4 måneder siden
this thing is an engineering marvel
Emmanuel Goribar Portugal
Emmanuel Goribar Portugal - 4 måneder siden
las llantas donde las compraste ?
แบ เบาะ
แบ เบาะ - 4 måneder siden
Caribbean and camping
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - 5 måneder siden
Pasame la quad a mi y la hago zumbar la llego a fundir el cerro lo paso volando xd 😂
BBS Animations
BBS Animations - 5 måneder siden
keep up the good work, its not easy on my side. haha!
Ollie Moore
Ollie Moore - 6 måneder siden
I like the Barbie power wheels most
phil mortlock
phil mortlock - 6 måneder siden
I have new respek for Barbie toy cars.
Serious Barbie jeep is a serious off-road icon. Please do a corvette.
Yefferson Canela
Yefferson Canela - 7 måneder siden
El jeep barbie tiene mucha potencia y me gusta mucho like si les gusta el jeep barbie
Ansiktskarl - 7 måneder siden
Sounds so wrong to compare a dirtbike, quadbike and a barbie car..
Julz Don Agyy
Julz Don Agyy - 8 måneder siden
Next build rolls Royce Cullinan powerwheel Make it 4 wheel Drive Super Quiet Engine With alot of light specks your welcome
Ken Gaming
Ken Gaming - 8 måneder siden
Your an inspiration 😍😍😍
Broke Mans Outdoors
Broke Mans Outdoors - 9 måneder siden
Make Sendy street legal
Gian corpuz
Gian corpuz - 10 måneder siden
I want that jeep its like amazing 😊😊
dandymcgee - 10 måneder siden
That little pink jeep has *way* more balls than it looks like it has on the surface. Damn.
Noob 69
Noob 69 - 10 måneder siden
How much for u to make me one
QUAD ADDICTION - 10 måneder siden
What year is the Polaris Predator
caleb aldea
caleb aldea - 10 måneder siden
you guys should try out the four by four trails in tahuya belfair, wa
SimonCyber - 11 måneder siden
this is ridiculous ... every f ** king time I see Sanderella she is better and / or more powerful than before! Stop making me want and start manufacturing on a scale with delivery to Brazil! hahah
Big hug and good luck!
Brent Guerin
Brent Guerin - 11 måneder siden
I’ve watched 2 videos well 1 n a 1/2 n this is my new favourite channel subscribed haha
Dirt Bike Boy
Dirt Bike Boy - 11 måneder siden
I was on a 90cc dr and my friend was on a 450 Honda rancher, I smoked him. 😂😂
Nathaniel Williams
Nathaniel Williams - 11 måneder siden
If the Jeep had the front end upgrade In this video
bronze back angler harden
bronze back angler harden - 11 måneder siden
So do u guys actually do any plumbing? Where you find all this free time? I barely have time to watch your vids
bronze back angler harden
bronze back angler harden - 11 måneder siden
Idaho looks like fun
Ohio Liprippin
Ohio Liprippin - 11 måneder siden
How much would you sell that badass thing for?
totalsend 24
totalsend 24 - 11 måneder siden
Where in North Idaho?
ka4172 - 11 måneder siden
This starts a new generation of fun offroad vehicles! But i would add a full cage.
vecrax -
vecrax - - 11 måneder siden
Congrats on 600k!
Cash Money
Cash Money - År siden
Where’s dirt bike boi
Lawrence Foster
Lawrence Foster - År siden
I thought I saw you take that motor off a 125.
Raheem Graham
Raheem Graham - År siden
Which one fast
Raheem Graham
Raheem Graham - År siden
Is it for sale
Mac Pratt
Mac Pratt - År siden
Seriously what do I have to do to ride in that thing lmao? I'll do it trust lemme at it please!
Brycen Bellamy
Brycen Bellamy - År siden
Try a trx450ex XC race quad I bet it would smoke that Jeep
SuperSaiyan Peg
SuperSaiyan Peg - År siden
Reminds me of mario kart. Wait a minute...
I think y'all should build all the vehicles from mario kart.
Morel Djosetro
Morel Djosetro - År siden
Amazing barbie jeep
Jakee Clouse
Jakee Clouse - År siden
Dude that jeep rips! I want to drive that thing so bad. I love how sketchy it is. And idk if the quad and bike are just holding back but it's seems like that jeep is way way faster than that bike and quad. Inspiring for sure. Makes me wanna build one. Plus I bet when you guys go riding you get mad looks and attention.
Luis Antonio Carrizales Reyes
Anuncios no plis
Darren Young
Darren Young - År siden
Build me one please!
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer - År siden
I want that Barbie build
Kyle Shea
Kyle Shea - År siden
senderella is effin rowdy!!!
Suvakas Poiss
Suvakas Poiss - År siden
jeep is so fast! nice video and channel!👍
Dialysisforever - År siden
About how far can Senderella go on a tank of gas>?
Garfish - År siden
4:30 that scenery is majestic
Christopher Sparkman
Christopher Sparkman - År siden
New subscriber here. Awesome content!
izzy roots
izzy roots - År siden
Bro that barbie jeep is the best thing on the tube right now . Wow just wow
楊先生 - År siden
楊先生 - År siden
Samuel Clemens
Samuel Clemens - År siden
Swimmer 11
Jonathan Patzke
Jonathan Patzke - År siden
Love the videos guys. Went to grade school in Bonner's for a few years as a kid. I'm just imagining the fun shit you get into on a daily basis.
Keep it up dudes, maybe I'll see y'all in the future.
Brian Westfield
Brian Westfield - År siden
Senderella 😍
Croatia Quad experience
Princess going like hell
NENO BUTLER - År siden
I want to build me a power wheel cart
Alan Godden
Alan Godden - År siden
Well done guys love your work, AL from Australia...
amarjae veney
amarjae veney - År siden
how much does it cost for u to build me one
Chris Piper
Chris Piper - År siden
Mario, Luigi, and Krusty Klown are highly impressed with this build
Семен Горбунков
Да ,своей смерью не умрете , на таких скоростях на пластмассе😂😂😂
Cali Gaming
Cali Gaming - År siden
You should start selling those barbie jeeps! I want one!
abhishek yadav
abhishek yadav - År siden
You are requested to add caption option in Hindi
Brian Corrigan
Brian Corrigan - År siden
Is there any way to repackage the front end to use unequal length A arms to maintain better caster/camber control? Or is the long travel too much for that geometry?
Brandon Purtha
Brandon Purtha - År siden
Should use the Troy Lee edition. It has a better transmission along with reservoir Fox podium shocks up front. But it’ll be awesome to see what the future holds
chris mann
chris mann - År siden
That is cool
Nathan Green
Nathan Green - År siden
Put electric stat from quad on barbie jeep?
Nicolas Rodriguez Pereira
Pure fun.....
Christian Tyson
Christian Tyson - År siden
I would love some more enduro on Cinderella
Usman Zimri
Usman Zimri - År siden
What is the all price of jeep
LiveLikeYouFly - År siden
If you will answer? Where do y'all get all the money to do what you do?
Юрий Долотов
make a four-wheel drive in a jeep, 4x4 and in the mud. I am from Russia and I am interested in looking at this project.
Maddie Skye
Maddie Skye - År siden
this looks like Oregon or Washington state trails
Joffrey Jofferson
Joffrey Jofferson - År siden
I got a 75 point increase to my credit score
Evan Field
Evan Field - År siden
You cant go wrong with a Honda 450r but a cr250 two stroke would be better
AUDY DIAZ - År siden
De donde son chicos me gustaría divertirme asi con adrenalina
Clutch Boy
Clutch Boy - År siden
I think Power Wheels rally needs to be a real sport
AndyD - År siden
If the jeep was a women, I would ask for her hand in marriage!
Montana's outdoors adventures
Well the jeep is faster because if tou caculte ot ou 1 hp is equal to 14 to 17ccc so take 500 divided by that and then you get roughly 30 to 35 hp out of the four wheeler compared to 50 hp... the jeep will always win against the quad unless you do some up grades to bring it hp up 20 to 15 hp
amorton94 - År siden
I hate you guys. Every video just reminds me of how lame AF my life is.
Jonathan Figueroa
Jonathan Figueroa - År siden
how much would be the cost for a Jeep
Joshua Ward
Joshua Ward - År siden
What size motor u have in the barbie jeep ?
energy phocused
energy phocused - År siden
Get bigger shoes for Senderella..... a phenomenal machine you guys built!!
keeponpainting - År siden
What an amazing place to ride, you guys are so lucky :)
Laquadrick Turner
Laquadrick Turner - År siden
Hey I was wondering if u guess could build me a small go kart like the Barbie Jeep I’ve never had one or ever rode one my parents don’t have the money to buy me one if u see this comment pls respond bck I would love to have one
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown - År siden
Judah Stevenson
Judah Stevenson - År siden
What car is the fastes
Tras El Velo De La Realidad
Este es el comentario en español que andas buscando
10,000 subs with no vids
Lol hp vs cc
Leni loud PRO
Leni loud PRO - År siden
Me gustó el Jeep de princesas 🙂😄😆
Rex - År siden
I love that thing [Barbie jeep]
Austin Lee
Austin Lee - År siden
Throw some plates on the front as skids
El Sibarita Del Castillo
En las alturas
Dallas Trygstad
Dallas Trygstad - År siden
You need to work out a deal with Nitro Circus
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis - År siden
Those drifts tho 😂💯🔥