Back Yard Monster Truck Show! Power Wheels Full Send!

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New merch and giveaway here This is the first ever Power Wheels Monster Jam! this might just be our best full send video ever! We got together the most insane Power Wheels go kart builds ever and trashed a BMW i8, did donuts under a zipline and did some huge jumps! We had Steve from Hessick Moto and his KTM 525 full independent suspension Land Rover Defender, Mike from Moto Mule and his giant 4x4 Grave Digger powered by a 454cc Quad engine, Chris from Rather B Welding and his Kawasaki Ninja 650 powered Grave Ninja, and of course Grind Hard Plumbing Co's Barbie Jeep with a CRF450 race bike engine and the Jeep Hurricane with a KTM 990 boasting 100HP and selectable 4 wheel drive!
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 24 dager siden
Enter to win the new giveaway here
John Lawson
John Lawson - 8 dager siden
Why the name Plumbing? You guys plumbers?
eegii eegii
eegii eegii - 9 dager siden
eegii eegii
eegii eegii - 9 dager siden
nick kirchner
nick kirchner - 10 dager siden
Long time watcher first time commenter C. Senders is the best I've been setting here with the parts from a polaris 4x4 500 and a fiberglass jeep body from a kids carnival ride for about 6 years so good job
David junior Gonzalez
David junior Gonzalez - 12 dager siden
@Rebecca N , has use 6:t
26 Delbert Fernandes
26 Delbert Fernandes - Dag siden
Spencer Roller
Spencer Roller - Dag siden
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin - 5 dager siden
1:60 Dang! 1 armed zip line.... my grandaughter did it this last august---she's I thought I could do it (50)..what was I thinking? 200 pounds hanging from a couple ligaments...I'm still recovering...
Reuben Gullackson
Reuben Gullackson - 7 dager siden
Hilarious!! Im in tears, lol
Garrick Wiseman
Garrick Wiseman - 7 dager siden
How long does it take to build them
Tlau Rina
Tlau Rina - 9 dager siden
I really want these jeep at 1:10
Mati Gonzalez Nunez
Mati Gonzalez Nunez - 10 dager siden
Grave digger rules
Smelt Mey
Smelt Mey - 12 dager siden
Z be gf dry in
Jason Krasko
Jason Krasko - 13 dager siden
Did rather b welding give his grave digger away to you guys or he still has it
Hessa Albastaki
Hessa Albastaki - 14 dager siden
Shirine Kernan
Shirine Kernan - 17 dager siden
What motor did you put in these
Christopher Guevara
Christopher Guevara - 17 dager siden
*¡Gracias por los Subtítulos!*
Island_Kermode - 19 dager siden
merch seems like a win not much i can do with a belt grinder living in a motel room... should do more merch giveaways for the people living vicariously threw your ch.
LEATHERFACE - 19 dager siden
Shawn 101
Shawn 101 - 19 dager siden
Can't believe you guys used a perfectly fine bmw i8 roadster in the making of this video for reckless stunts, some people just have money to burn I guess..😋
Young rebuilder
Young rebuilder - 19 dager siden
jaro23081984 - 19 dager siden
Ansari Salman
Ansari Salman - 19 dager siden
4:45 that's why women live longer than men.
Jan Antons
Jan Antons - 19 dager siden
This would be one of the Best Days in my Life if I was there too
Matthew Harbaugh
Matthew Harbaugh - 20 dager siden
How much for the Barbie Mustang I really want to get into the hobby I am 11
jus rou
jus rou - 20 dager siden
What about building an electric Power Wheels from the BMW ( well what’s left)?
Marisol Hernandez Pelayo
Marisol Hernandez Pelayo - 20 dager siden
Installing windshield on the jeep
Ethan Craft
Ethan Craft - 20 dager siden
Are we able to see these beasts go thru mud or can they not
Adil Atakanov
Adil Atakanov - 20 dager siden
Scharne Van Zyl
Scharne Van Zyl - 20 dager siden
That what you call srheding
Jordan M
Jordan M - 21 dag siden
My new life goal is to have a power wheel and property to ride around on
Cindy Jones
Cindy Jones - 21 dag siden
These are not even power wheels these are cars with a plastic cover 😂
Garrett - 21 dag siden
I've been watching since the Barbie mustang was an idea. I wonder if I've been forgotten about.
Mathias Herlufsen
Mathias Herlufsen - 21 dag siden
Top speed on the camaro?
Nico Cua
Nico Cua - 21 dag siden
Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!!
Christopher Hayden
Christopher Hayden - 21 dag siden
Can anyone tell me more about these vehicles? I just discovered these little guys and now I want to build one. Looks stupid fun.
Bank Robber
Bank Robber - 22 dager siden
Anyone know the song at 4:04?
wyatt young
wyatt young - 22 dager siden
You should do an electric i8
Crispy Cris
Crispy Cris - 22 dager siden
I low key got scared when he reached the end of that zip line
Your are. badass Mccuin
Your are. badass Mccuin - 22 dager siden
Rip air filter,
Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan - 22 dager siden
Love ur show i bought A gokart getting ready to chop it i have got great ideas from ur show.
Chris Cooney
Chris Cooney - 22 dager siden
Chris hear from Maryland from washing you guys from the beginning never won anything but I would love to some stickers or anything living Hagerstown Maryland thanks guys keep it up
M. B.
M. B. - 22 dager siden
That was a pretty good effort on the one handed zip line
Elias Lucero
Elias Lucero - 22 dager siden
You should make a mini version of whistlen Diesel’s monster max
Stefan Du Toit
Stefan Du Toit - 22 dager siden
What a waste of a perfectly good powerwheels body. You guys should make an electric powerwheels
minil steven
minil steven - 22 dager siden
Salut de la France vous déchirer 🤟
Austin Pendarvis
Austin Pendarvis - 22 dager siden
What I gotta do for y’all to build me one of these!!!
Alex Curtean
Alex Curtean - 22 dager siden
Nice builds but a bmw e30 m3 is the best! I challenge you to do a bmw e30 m3 buld !
Erik Larson
Erik Larson - 22 dager siden
Too much music and fancy edits. It was cool when it was about the stuff you were working on. Take care.
David Aguilar
David Aguilar - 22 dager siden
As un bmw como ese Bro saludos desde mexico🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
BigT_Money - 22 dager siden
love the content guys. Man i would love to see like a full on buggy build or a crawler something like that would be sick.
Joe Berry
Joe Berry - 22 dager siden
Need to do a cat powerwheel front end loader
Seth Adling
Seth Adling - 22 dager siden
Pls make a fast and furious power wheels
AJ Joseph
AJ Joseph - 22 dager siden
Whens the giveaway contest to come rip with you guys? lol
Seriously awesome giveaway though.
Brody Rhodes
Brody Rhodes - 22 dager siden
Hear me out. A Yamaha 760cc wave runner engine in a quad or go kart
معصومه حسين بيت الساير
نروح لحبايبي امام الدينارر
joseph clark
joseph clark - 22 dager siden
love it you should make another one with the barbie jeep
Sam Lipsey
Sam Lipsey - 22 dager siden
I love watching you guys work and play...keep up the awesome work...cant wait for yalls merch to get here!
TTV_Articblaze :
TTV_Articblaze : - 22 dager siden
Restless RC
Restless RC - 22 dager siden
Just got my merch yesterday. Now I just have to get more to get entered. Thanks guys!! Grind on!!! YEWWW!!!!
Kai - 22 dager siden
Song name?
Andrew Archer
Andrew Archer - 22 dager siden
Does the giveaway ship to the UK and France?
Incognito Bandito
Incognito Bandito - 22 dager siden
What are the sick wheels on that gravedigger??
H Sc
H Sc - 23 dager siden
Seems like your area needs some rain.
David Jessee
David Jessee - 23 dager siden
I guys need a water truck
Joshua Christensen
Joshua Christensen - 23 dager siden
I thought about doing the power wheels dune racer but lost my job so it got hung up on the ideal board..would be awesone to see yall do one to add to the rally track runs
Owen Mazury
Owen Mazury - 23 dager siden
Dare you to build a gsxr1000 or any 4cyl litre bike power wheels build! Is it too big? Love the videos keep it up guys!
Purged TV
Purged TV - 23 dager siden
Any tutorial on how to build this? I really want to build one of my own
chris baker
chris baker - 23 dager siden
I’m more impressed with the one handed zip line at like 25 feet
robmanueb2 - 23 dager siden
Love the reggae dub track at 4:03
Grilled Basil
Grilled Basil - Dag siden
Victoria Duvas
Victoria Duvas - 23 dager siden
Where's the pink jeep?
Music Man
Music Man - 23 dager siden
2:30 me trying to dance while drunk
Tay Tay Ippo
Tay Tay Ippo - 23 dager siden
Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in fort Collins co...
Stan Lucas
Stan Lucas - 23 dager siden
New to the channel. Great stuff guys, keep it up.
Λεονάρντο Ασκο
Λεονάρντο Ασκο - 23 dager siden
Build a pubg buggy with rear end engine transmission
Dan Bevis
Dan Bevis - 23 dager siden
Send the road jump already!
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts - 23 dager siden
I love watching how yall grow and progress through your builds. its so cool how the builds get more and more complicated and now yall are about to low key start a racing league from a joke build.
btw, whens the last time the mustang drove?
Joao paulo Xavier
Joao paulo Xavier - 23 dager siden
Itan and crazy
Joao paulo Xavier
Joao paulo Xavier - 23 dager siden
too crazy
troy martin
troy martin - 23 dager siden
It's nice to see Chris actually send it.
Nobleheart92 - 23 dager siden
You guys would be the best neighbors ever
gatmanaug - 23 dager siden
you all need psychological help and i love it my kind of people !!!!!
gatmanaug - 23 dager siden
boys dont want to grow up!!!!!!
Frank Pearce
Frank Pearce - 23 dager siden
I always thought i saw some kind of wire just chillin there in all there videos but i never knew it was a freaking zipline
Shannon Rickman
Shannon Rickman - 23 dager siden
Awsome video . You need to get Travis Pastrana to come out there and do a video with y'all
Mc- Dev
Mc- Dev - 23 dager siden
That KTM 990 sounds so good
_ jason_ _jason_
_ jason_ _jason_ - 23 dager siden
make a track in your backyars
Jordon Cooper
Jordon Cooper - 23 dager siden
you guys for sure need to make an electric i8 power wheels
Jordon Cooper
Jordon Cooper - 23 dager siden
you guys for sure need to make an electric i8 power wheels
240sx95 - 23 dager siden
Please make a drift build!
Loke Egnell
Loke Egnell - 23 dager siden
Put the zip line clip on daily dose of internet
Beardchanics Garage
Beardchanics Garage - 23 dager siden
Jumping dirt pile and crushing things, what could be more fun :)
Rob Metcalfe
Rob Metcalfe - 23 dager siden
You need sprinklers to keep the dirt wet so there is no dust
Calvin Fife
Calvin Fife - 23 dager siden
Make an audi in off-road
MrJoBe - 23 dager siden
Usually always give you guys a thumbs up but this time you got my first thumbs down.
Reason? I just don't like destroying of things just for the sake of destroying.
Otherwise an awesome vid as usual.
Tommy - 23 dager siden
So is it just me or does anyone else just want to buy all there merch😍 I got a little carried away visiting you guys online store! Looking forward to my shirts , hat and stickers!
You guys sign shirts? 😆
Stephen Newman
Stephen Newman - 23 dager siden
Can i come over?!
reptile home
reptile home - 23 dager siden
How much to build it
reptile home
reptile home - 23 dager siden
I love the litte orange jeep its sweet bro
Si Fatka
Si Fatka - 23 dager siden
Great vid guys
TD GUFO - 23 dager siden
Build a stance mini car
savage 06
savage 06 - 23 dager siden
are you guys fineshing the 2jz lawn mower?
Peter nufc
Peter nufc - 23 dager siden
Very cool video 🤘
robert rwitcher46
robert rwitcher46 - 23 dager siden
You need to water the track down