Barbie Cars on Jay Leno's Garage!

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This is the TV show we have been keeping secret for months! This is a behind the senses look at our day with Jay Leno and his production team for Jay Leno's Garage for CNBC. This is Grind Hards first time on a real TV show and we had a blast. Jay Leno's Garage rented out the Honda proving grounds for a day so we could finally drag race our CRF230 Power wheels Mustang vs our CRF 450 Princess jeep.
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Sam Hill
Sam Hill - Måned siden
Good to see the boys bathed and out of their realm.
Amit Singh
Amit Singh - 2 måneder siden
Tomas Chacon
Tomas Chacon - 2 måneder siden
That’s so cool you guys! Gotta be extremely proud of yourselves, and these projects have gotten insane (better)!
Jaces world Hollywood
Jaces world Hollywood - 2 måneder siden
Yo help me out on a 107cc into my kids monster truck
Cameron Seifert
Cameron Seifert - 4 måneder siden
Make a drifter power wheels
ช่องสํารอง The King
omg good
Renew Crew
Renew Crew - 6 måneder siden
Jay Leno is an huge douche bag. Bravo
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards - 6 måneder siden
What happened to turbo on Barbie car
Cardboard Sliver
Cardboard Sliver - 6 måneder siden
I'm jelly. You got to meet the coolest and most chill car guy to ever exist.
Dave Krahn
Dave Krahn - 6 måneder siden
Driving starts @6:16
nobody 369
nobody 369 - 7 måneder siden
Needs a fulx capacitor ,)
Carlito Rodriguez
Carlito Rodriguez - 8 måneder siden
Mario kart frl 😎
RUBEN GONZALEZ - 8 måneder siden
you guys have to hunt down a cbx 1050 honda and build a shifter f1 powerwheels ...go and listen to the exhaust note ...u will not regret it ...!!!!!
Tommy Torres
Tommy Torres - 8 måneder siden
👍⛽💯 you to
Rob Daschle
Rob Daschle - 8 måneder siden
Well I think you guys are crazy, but it looks like you make crazy pay the bills. Keep up the good work and have fun.
moongaming - 8 måneder siden
so cool
Jerry Gundecker
Jerry Gundecker - 8 måneder siden
"...Covering logos we're not cleared for..."
I wonder if there's a planet in the universe that doesn't have lawyers.
Drive one of those into a Jiffy Lube and see what they say.
Planet of the Abes
Planet of the Abes - 8 måneder siden
I'll be honest I've found antique pedal cars done like this from 20yrs ago and cant believe it has taken this long to recognize the beauty in this power to weight and looks like /th scale cars. Anyways good job guys we all love your inspirational videos and builds🤙
TheKnightDrag0n - 8 måneder siden
came here to see them cars race, don't care about jay leno.
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades - 8 måneder siden
Leno is a class act letting you guys film
John Martin
John Martin - 8 måneder siden
Would have been Bad Ass had you got Jay to drive your toys 🤘🏻😜😜
Lonn Craw
Lonn Craw - 9 måneder siden
Y'all need to build a Ford pick up power wheels with a banshee motor on it. That would be sick
MMA MINDED - 9 måneder siden
Awesome! So cool of the Leno crew to allow you to show their stuff. Super interesting! Great co-production! 🤜🤛
morphman21 - 9 måneder siden
What else do you use the race suits for besides for these. I PERSONALLY WANT to see you guys wear your suits in the snow and do the race in the GREEN suit.
jackass patriot
jackass patriot - 9 måneder siden
Just sayin you guys have done everything I've ever wanted to do wit a powerwheels
Wendell Adkins
Wendell Adkins - 9 måneder siden
Mad Maxine
James G
James G - 9 måneder siden
That makeup girl, damn 😍
That1guy219 - 9 måneder siden
Now you said 85mph but leno says 110......? I don't know why they feel like they needed to say 110..85 is still impressive for that thing.
OIFIIIOIF07-09 VET - 9 måneder siden
Fuck Leno. Biggest piece of shit in show biz.
what ever
what ever - 9 måneder siden
what episode of jay lenos garage is this one? i think its season 5, but which episode specifically?
Wilver Castillo
Wilver Castillo - 9 måneder siden
briantobin9 - 9 måneder siden
I think that your helmets and race suits should have had to be pink 😆
Mitchell Whitehead
Mitchell Whitehead - 9 måneder siden
I bet that was a ton of fun. Congratulations bro's
YoMOmA YoMOmA - 9 måneder siden
Arnt you that guy that started blowing shit up with his mind ?
Kelton Foster
Kelton Foster - 9 måneder siden
Couldn't hide the sky enough i see. I wonder why they tried to obscure the sky so much when they filmed this episode?
dangerous toys56
dangerous toys56 - 9 måneder siden
saw the jeep start to wheelie after take off , thats awsome tho. i had a pink escalade i planned on using lawnmower parts to get motorized, but i had other projects and got rid of it . very cool !
Huuge - 9 måneder siden
Quite a feather in you caps.....BRAVO.......1 in the win column for the ...Phsyco plummers.....Yea baby
Naya Bell
Naya Bell - 9 måneder siden
Hey my son have a AMG Mercedes Benz would you guys love to create a motor vehicle for this car if interested give me a shout back
Masterdave Edwards
Masterdave Edwards - 9 måneder siden
Liked that you made it to Jay's playground...but your homegrown stuff is better. You are the real stars of your success. In our new world of digital media you set the bar...thanks for the ride. Hope to see some of your homegrown stuff soon you guys are awesome.
Mike of Indy
Mike of Indy - 10 måneder siden
Your channel is really on a level all its own. The video editing, camera work, and raw talent. I appreciate the attention to detail the projects are given. Your home property is the envy of most any man I do believe. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, you have the most interesting thing going in Idaho. Keep up the fantastic channel. I appreciate the hard work and time you all dedicate to creating this awesome product. I think I will now go buy a T shirt from you.
roneman20 - 10 måneder siden
You guys made it big! Nice work
Doug.McBeth - 10 måneder siden
How cool is that. Good job!
William Nail
William Nail - 10 måneder siden
Congratulations, your hard work has been recognized!!!
illuminated Sculptures
illuminated Sculptures - 11 måneder siden
panda man
panda man - 11 måneder siden
Are they a gay couple
Jaylen alexander
Jaylen alexander - 11 måneder siden
My name is jaylen that's crazy
RotN H8S_lies
RotN H8S_lies - 11 måneder siden
Not sure who could thumbs down this. ... if you watched it,clearly you should be interested...and a gearhead.... maybe just jealous....??
David Strouse
David Strouse - 11 måneder siden
I wanna see the Camaro run flat out.
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson - 11 måneder siden
Daniel McAdam
Daniel McAdam - 11 måneder siden
And Epstein didn’t kill him self
braeden F
braeden F - 11 måneder siden
watched this live on tv
Oudoor BTC Cookouts Fast-Learning Investing
When I grow up! I want to be from Lagos 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Roberta Jordon
Roberta Jordon - 11 måneder siden
Yes good
TheDLZ72 - 11 måneder siden
Very nice
JAMO - 11 måneder siden
Congrats Totally awesome !!!, Love the builds makes we want to be a machinest..I love that you guys are super talented and also appear to be just great guys. Definitely good role models for all.
CAgrowin - 11 måneder siden
this guy is an amazing builder and very creative but I cant help but think how silly putting your mind to little cars for. uncomfortable cars for adults? sorry, this is weird
your building skills kick ass though. cheers.
buckets of lead
buckets of lead - 11 måneder siden
Who dislikes videos like this? Haters or just people with nothing better to do?
FGB JAY - 11 måneder siden
Go check out the new video and show some love, appreciate all the love n support🔝🙏
Chris Goodwin
Chris Goodwin - 11 måneder siden
Normally a half a horse power. Right, yea somthing like that lmfao
Jay Fitmob
Jay Fitmob - 11 måneder siden
Awesome fellas! Congratulations! Wait for the subscribers to PILE IN! You deserve it!
Joshua Langhorst
Joshua Langhorst - 11 måneder siden
Wait why does Jay's video say 110mph but y'all say 85 I'm confused
Joshua Langhorst
Joshua Langhorst - 11 måneder siden
So no wheelies for Jay???☹️
Michael Socha
Michael Socha - 11 måneder siden
6:17.... Your welcome
Leonardo Rodriguez-Cuba
Leonardo Rodriguez-Cuba - 11 måneder siden
Mod nation racers in real life
Lil Ellie
Lil Ellie - 11 måneder siden
Yo I’m going to Bonner’s ferry Idaho this winter 🥶
Matthew Breedlove
Matthew Breedlove - 11 måneder siden
Funny thing is I’ve been watching Jay Leno recently and that’s the reason this showed up. But I’ve seen the Jeep build way before watching this and that’s amazing! Congrats!
Macdaddy - 11 måneder siden
Great job from Eureka Montana!!👍
EJ Wall
EJ Wall - 11 måneder siden
So cool!!
_fbfv_ - Fabian Bashota
_fbfv_ - Fabian Bashota - 11 måneder siden
Thanks for that behind the scenes part on the camera gear they are using!
Iwon - 11 måneder siden
Jay is a legend
Joshua Rogers Sr.
Joshua Rogers Sr. - 11 måneder siden
Hold on to your hats and glasses Boys!
Y’all are definitely going places🤘🏻
Robert Field
Robert Field - 11 måneder siden
That was awesome. Congratulations fellas. More builds....
Kalan Straley
Kalan Straley - 11 måneder siden
I’m from southern Idaho nice to see you guys repin idaho
Yophnia Kindred
Yophnia Kindred - 11 måneder siden
where was the porsche
Brad Couture
Brad Couture - 11 måneder siden
Wait 85 miles an hour 😳
Michael Lock
Michael Lock - 11 måneder siden
Super cool accomplishment guys! Can't wait to see that Season finally. 👍
The Brody channel #1
The Brody channel #1 - 11 måneder siden
They should have discovered you a long time a go
M@rco - 11 måneder siden
85 mph ????
What ????
137 km/h
Ahhh ok waow, that is fast.....
Creador De Contenidos CDC
Creador De Contenidos CDC - 11 måneder siden
Porque está wea me sale en español y hasta con subtítulos en español?
Azhar Siddek
Azhar Siddek - 11 måneder siden
6:18 tq
n0ukf - År siden
Any idea when this episode of Jay's show will be available to those of us without CNBC on cable TV (or TV subscriptions online)?
1111 1111
1111 1111 - År siden
6:05 gettin a look at her ass
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay - År siden
Congrats guys
StarsWithScars - År siden
God I dont like Lenno.. I think he is a creepy guy behind his smile
Bryan Lettow
Bryan Lettow - År siden
Did you guys get to look around his garage?
Daniel Kinard
Daniel Kinard - År siden
The Mustang has the exact same slip on exhaust that's on my ninja 300 race bike
IDSAVEYOU - År siden
Hahaha Hell yeah! Great job!
Skillz freshEstd
Skillz freshEstd - År siden
Great work!!
Kohler puller 2024
Kohler puller 2024 - År siden
You know
RonLaGasss Volgs
RonLaGasss Volgs - År siden
6:05 he got caught staring
MRBLACK947 - 10 måneder siden
@danteelite Thanks for that. I've been watching the channel off and on for about a year and I've never seen her before. She's very pretty. Congrats to him.
danteelite - 11 måneder siden
That's his fiance lol or... I think they're married now? Idk They had a video about their announcement a while back, I think it was Edwins engagement announcement. You can try to find it if you want lol but yeah, he's allowed to stare if he wants. (Although I don't think he actually was lol) - År siden
i loved this video so kuch
AphexTwin - År siden
9 minute video, 30 seconds actual driving.
Andy - År siden
Great job guys, awesome totally jealous in a good way. God bless
Jeff Johansen
Jeff Johansen - År siden
Make a 2 stroke barbie jeep
Lil yeet
Lil yeet - År siden
I was here when they had like a couple thousand subs and I come back and check and they over half a million
Baby-Shark GTO
Baby-Shark GTO - År siden
Congratulations guys!
saloni patil
saloni patil - År siden
Please I want your car
Luis Garza
Luis Garza - År siden
That was it! Boooooooo! Wanted to more.
the great white
the great white - År siden
Lol this does 110 but took the head gasket over the moon and back lol
Reggie Novenario
Reggie Novenario - År siden
When's the last time anybody saw Leno not in denim?🤣