Barbie Jeep Gets a Real Winch

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Time to add a Harbor Freight special to the Honda Crf450 Barbie Jeep. A 2500 LB winch should help us get some weight over the front axle to improve 0-60 times, control, and self recover from extreme off road obstacles.
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Runtime: 13:22


Grind Hard Plumbing Co
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m0neybaggzz - År siden
Grind Hard Plumbing Co Make the Barbie car a 4x4 Mustang. Mock up the suspension just like Cinderella and use the other motor, So you'll have Cinderella and Barbie
Carlos Castro
Carlos Castro - År siden
Grind Hard Plumbing Co I will give you 10k for that cart!!
itszwaterfrog - År siden
Hey how much for that VW bus in the backround
German Solis
German Solis - År siden
Grind Hard Plumbing Co take it to nitro world games
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez - År siden
Milo Ais
Milo Ais - Måned siden
Mantap bos ku smangat kawan solah
j wasto
j wasto - 2 måneder siden
I like the reggae at the beginning even tho they live in like the most rural inland place ever lol
PTSD Pegusus
PTSD Pegusus - 4 måneder siden
I wish they were selling these things they look like sooo much fun
Alfonso Ramirez Ibarra
Alfonso Ramirez Ibarra - 7 måneder siden
Why titule's video is on Spanish and the video on English?
Berto Castro
Berto Castro - 8 måneder siden
That Jeep is hot man
Brian Attridge
Brian Attridge - 8 måneder siden
Have you heard of the grave ninga?
Eslam Elgohary
Eslam Elgohary - 9 måneder siden
How much
Dannielle Candy
Dannielle Candy - 10 måneder siden
JohnAndrey 26
JohnAndrey 26 - 10 måneder siden
Do you make a barbie jeep and sell it?? Because I bought it.
DoubleB Try Me
DoubleB Try Me - 10 måneder siden
I have that same winch on my 250 quad track
Anthony Mcelroy
Anthony Mcelroy - 10 måneder siden
Put working headlights and spotlights next ! Love your videos !
Sam B
Sam B - 10 måneder siden
And you've Killed IT!! WOW!! Lights, lights, lights!
Orlando .B
Orlando .B - 10 måneder siden
Austin T.
Austin T. - 11 måneder siden
If you don’t utilize stuff from your scrap pile, are you really even a man?
Dallas Coppernoll
Dallas Coppernoll - 11 måneder siden
You guys should make cinderella four wheel drive
Tree killer
Tree killer - 11 måneder siden
4 x4 barbie car
Zander lain
Zander lain - 11 måneder siden
You guys should put real lights on it
Laura Marcia
Laura Marcia - 11 måneder siden
Eu sou brasileiro e assisto vocês
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - 11 måneder siden
That was a cool video
Mente Económica
Mente Económica - 11 måneder siden
haganlo 4x4
Audi Alucks
Audi Alucks - År siden
Ive watched every one of your build series, absolutely love the channel, but I'm really hoping to see a Silverado power wheels build at some point!!!
Kurtis Baumann
Kurtis Baumann - År siden
I wish I had the skill and money to do this keep up the great work
Colter Summers
Colter Summers - År siden
Need one of theses
Esteban Gomez
Esteban Gomez - År siden
Where is the gear and clutch system?
Matthew Sirrom
Matthew Sirrom - År siden
I want a barbie jeep too....
Yeferson Bonilla
Yeferson Bonilla - År siden
Ablas español
Ben Capley
Ben Capley - År siden
turn it into a 4wd
Black As
Black As - År siden
LED light bar on the bull bar
Tony Elyas_
Tony Elyas_ - År siden
Brand your action cam?
Mr. Fan
Mr. Fan - År siden
U should either give the Jeep a custom trailer or/and give it a turbo
CumminsMan98 - År siden
Would you be willing to build be one with one of the Dodge Ram power wheels bodies? I want one soo bad!!!!
Suvakas Poiss
Suvakas Poiss - År siden
I want to buyyyyyyyyyyyyy it this is best ever!
Benjamin Wolfgang
Benjamin Wolfgang - År siden
How much
Анзор Кумахов
Здравствуйте сколько будет стоить на заказ у вас его
mad max
mad max - År siden
You guys need to put a rocket on the jeep
Mr Madazza
Mr Madazza - År siden
Put the back spare wheel on the front and add some wheelie bars.
BettaBeGood Jr
BettaBeGood Jr - År siden
It's time for a Rock Crawler powerwheels!!! Just give me a shoutout
Trenton Martin
Trenton Martin - År siden
You should make it 4wd
Brett Randall
Brett Randall - År siden
Make it 4wd please!!!!!!
Rani Martinez
Rani Martinez - År siden
It’s unreal how Sendarella hopped over the road, absolutely awesome.
kgomotso selwe
kgomotso selwe - År siden
Can you send a link of the rims on the barbie kart or just say the name
Alex_700r - År siden
If you mass produced that jeep, you could get some bank.
Suleman Nawaz
Suleman Nawaz - År siden
What is engine capacity?
kgomotso selwe
kgomotso selwe - År siden
How much was it and what is it called where did you get it
Abdullah ALALOUCH Year 9
Add a radio so you can listen to barbie music😂
Mr. Trox
Mr. Trox - År siden
It needs to have that speaker system it had when they got it. "Hi, it's Ariel! I can't wait for the party to start!" *Rips out of the garage doing a wheelie*
bryan hamby
bryan hamby - År siden
Can you make blueprints for this so I can duplicate it?
Brandon Guerrero
Brandon Guerrero - År siden
Make a trailer for the Barbie jeep and will I sell it😂
Jeremy R
Jeremy R - År siden
Doe you guys sell them and if so How much to build one
deden wibby
deden wibby - År siden
louie s
louie s - År siden
Not sure if this is the last video but how long was the whole build??
Hunter Helmer
Hunter Helmer - År siden
Thing is purtty lol
jamison alsup
jamison alsup - År siden
Buddy behind the camera has a really punchable face ! Idk why but he does
Pacheco F
Pacheco F - År siden
Luciano Silva
Luciano Silva - År siden
Um bom upgrade para este jeep seria uma tração integral, deixá-lo mais longo seria legal para subir morros...
kada lastking
kada lastking - År siden
I play free fire
Alejandra Mariela Videla
Pintelon de verde like
RVbilly - År siden
The dude with the white shirt always has a super awkward looking smirk as he talks to the camera lol
Bine Peternelj
Bine Peternelj - År siden
That is so cool I wish I will had one
mizukka - År siden
Build 4x4
Gerla Marques Pereira Marques
Faz um para mim
Jorge Barcelo
Jorge Barcelo - År siden
All I can think of is tying the winch to a tree and doing reverse burnouts
Randy Hertzberg
Randy Hertzberg - År siden
my X wife turned out to be a real winch
Zelim Khasiew
Zelim Khasiew - År siden
Чщуоалул кокоса ела ушки ала так
The Mystery Machine
The Mystery Machine - År siden
Needs paint correction
j j
j j - År siden
Can I buy it from you
klewang pratama
klewang pratama - År siden
Ludgar - År siden
Couldn't u just lift it up
Austin _gasman546
Austin _gasman546 - År siden
Could u plz give us a updated on the tocoma
Fix It
Fix It - År siden
What an amazing channel and machine you guys built, great job keep it up
Roman sazykin
Roman sazykin - År siden
сколько кубов ?
lake rouse
lake rouse - År siden
This is just awesome
Robert Peters
Robert Peters - År siden
It is very awesome how well the jeep handles in jumps, drifts, wheelies, and while doing a combination of either and more even though it has a really small wheel base, I wish there was a not-so-impossible way to replicate that jeep! :D
Rafael Alexis Fomseca
Rafael Alexis Fomseca - År siden
Pongan le focos
Trevor Gilliam
Trevor Gilliam - År siden
Either in the jeep or on the next build make an all wheel drive it will help with the wheelies and traction
Lloyd - År siden
How are you keeping that battery charged if the stator doesnt supply extra power to spare?
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
We just have to plug it in at night
Laetitia Virelaude
Laetitia Virelaude - År siden
Naufalelek Tenan
Naufalelek Tenan - År siden
ThiccJuicyFruit - År siden
GOTTEM 8:02 lol
Patricia Lopes
Patricia Lopes - År siden
mim de pra mim por favor eu não tenho nada
Lucas bk
Lucas bk - År siden
Algum br
إبراهيم الشميمري
اكو عرب بالطيارة
Rafi Ardiansyah
Rafi Ardiansyah - År siden
jordan ortega
jordan ortega - År siden
Mayky Garcia
Mayky Garcia - År siden
Wen ken vertion off road use the jeep of barbie
Bryson M.
Bryson M. - År siden
honestly pisses me off that i have to wait so much to see the riding. not saying just this videos but others too
Olddogz58 - År siden
haha.... sick ride love it !
Scott Beckett
Scott Beckett - År siden
You need a Weeley bar
Ben Naylor
Ben Naylor - År siden
add a small dc motor to the mid shaft and a small charge contoler or regulator to keep the battery charged
Ben Naylor
Ben Naylor - År siden
lawn mower alternator would work and regulator very small and enough power to keep it charged
Nicolis Hodges
Nicolis Hodges - År siden
You should cut out the plastic lights and put real ones
Nicolis Hodges
Nicolis Hodges - År siden
I need LED headlight
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 - År siden
Such a bad ass machine!
Zak Naqvi
Zak Naqvi - År siden
You guys should make the Batbie Jeep AWD or 4 wheel drive
Snake indagrass
Snake indagrass - År siden
Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady - År siden
You guys should collab with cars and cameras like so the can see
lest day olv Genario
lest day olv Genario - År siden
For 4x4
Uriel Eduardo Camacho
Uriel Eduardo Camacho - År siden
and the leds
Harrison Baker
Harrison Baker - År siden
I’ll sub to anyone that subs to me ❤️
Harrison Baker
Harrison Baker - År siden
I’ll sub to anyone that subs to me ❤️
Mike Jorgenson
Mike Jorgenson - År siden
It being 4wd would have went really good with the winch