Barbie Jeep Rips Moab Trails!

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Our CRF 450 Power Wheels Jeep does real trails in Moab Utah! The front I beam suspension and rear four link really did the trick. We were amazed at what she made it up this year! We did Fins n things, the Moab Rim Trail, Pickle, hells revenge and parts of more!
Merch is available here
Our 50 HP offroad go kart is finally done, it is strong, the steering works and everything is perfect! Lets see if we cant break it next week in Moab!
Full build tread with every part used in this modded Power Wheels here
Music from Epicdemic Sounds (A site with thousands of Royalty Free Tracks For NOburn Videos)
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PO Box 2370
Sandpoint, ID 83864
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Runtime: 14:34


Teo Srol
Teo Srol - 21 dag siden
Can i buy this car
joshua I San you the money joshua
Happy birthday
Matt Finlay
Matt Finlay - Måned siden
You should go with colonel senders out here ! It would rip these trails
Tyson Whyte
Tyson Whyte - Måned siden
My clumsy ass would have hit acceleration on the edge of the cliff
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - Måned siden
Have u thought abt maybe getting air suspension of some sort under seat
Roger O
Roger O - Måned siden
And this was well before the Monster Jeep was done after about 85 build days of work. And magnificent build days they were too. I would sure like to see that jeep try this site.
Riley Harrison
Riley Harrison - Måned siden
Ethereal Project
Ethereal Project - Måned siden
I love Moab, cant wait to go back.
Ahmid Krdal
Ahmid Krdal - Måned siden
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
Harry. B. Renner. jr. - Måned siden
That Senderrila Jeep is pretty capable for only being two wheel drive. it has serious suspension on it. a little reinforcement on it. should cure it of any problems in the future.
happy birthday Ethan.
thr0ttl3j0ck3y - 2 måneder siden
In a pinch, you can put potato chip foil inside your safety glasses and weld that way.
Roxana Venegas
Roxana Venegas - 2 måneder siden
Okayyyy. That shit is gangsta as fakkk!
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
also because of that air-cooled engine doesn't have a fan on it so it cannot cool itself at low speeds and needs are rushing over. I was more afraid you would have cooked the engine from not having enough airflow
Worapoj Ninvong
Worapoj Ninvong - 4 måneder siden
Nick Arnup
Nick Arnup - 4 måneder siden
Should take the new 4x4 go kart thing here
smurf streetking
smurf streetking - 4 måneder siden
I think she needs lights guys pink neons ect
Luke Rutledge
Luke Rutledge - 5 måneder siden
I’ve run both the trails they ran, and they are really tough. That Jeep is a beast!
Lil Shock Pump
Lil Shock Pump - 5 måneder siden
Intro music? hit me up
Luis Fernando Arreguin Robles
Luis Fernando Arreguin Robles - 5 måneder siden
Alguien de Mexico
D Subie
D Subie - 6 måneder siden
Cool! Could you JB weld that if needed?
Smooth Move
Smooth Move - 6 måneder siden
Pretty impressive performance.
Outdoorsie Bros
Outdoorsie Bros - 6 måneder siden
Did 😂
Outdoorsie Bros
Outdoorsie Bros - 6 måneder siden
Jp dip well
Outdoorsie Bros
Outdoorsie Bros - 6 måneder siden
Happy birthday me to that’s the place I’ll be on my birthday
TheTimesWeCherish - 6 måneder siden
What is the opening song?
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Seems like the Cinderella Jeep it's quite capable rock crawler
Breken Bateman
Breken Bateman - 6 måneder siden
I see you have a oregon ohv permit ? Probably from the gambler
John M . and free
John M . and free - 6 måneder siden
Hope you guys come back with the new hurricane jeep.
phil mortlock
phil mortlock - 6 måneder siden
Taking Mario cart to an adorable new level, fine machine that little jeep.
Marilyn Smith
Marilyn Smith - 6 måneder siden
I have fallen in love with Cinderella! This gave me 15 minutes of smiles in an otherwise rough day. Moab is shut down, I wish I were in Moab, shut down or not, and if I were, I wish I were driving Cinderella. Can't wait to read about her build, etc. As I'm in the south, I just know the idea had to start with, "Hey, y'all, watch this!"
Tall Paul
Tall Paul - 6 måneder siden
Love moab, done every major trail there, I would love to take the Barbie Jeep on them loll, Golden spider wouldbe a blast
DinnyWinny Gaming NZ
DinnyWinny Gaming NZ - 6 måneder siden
Anyone know the song at 2:10
agusci hendrayana
agusci hendrayana - 7 måneder siden
that so fun
Skiridr22 - 8 måneder siden
That was amazing
Daryl SKYTZO Willis
Daryl SKYTZO Willis - 9 måneder siden
I love that you can do so many different things with the that little Jeep. Great design and consant upgrades.
Colorado4x4 - 9 måneder siden
Loved every second. Dude, that scared the chit out of me when you were about to drop off the Top of the World. You would have walked right up Hells Gate if you didn’t break. 🤘
Joseph Byrnhopf
Joseph Byrnhopf - 9 måneder siden
Makes me wish I had become a plumber.
Joseph Byrnhopf
Joseph Byrnhopf - 9 måneder siden
How on earth can you possibly have any fun in that thing without remote proximity key ignition, Sirius 9 speaker sound, power windows, AC, heated seat, ESS, USB and $700 a month payments for the rest of your life?
SKoutdoors - 9 måneder siden
And now for the 4x4 version...
Hunter Millsap
Hunter Millsap - 9 måneder siden
you guys are a different breed
Adelso Morales
Adelso Morales - 9 måneder siden
I want to buy your toyata v6
worlukk - 9 måneder siden
this video should be voted best of youtube
Jackass Presents Big Nate
Jackass Presents Big Nate - 9 måneder siden
Can she pull a full size car?
Tellun YT
Tellun YT - 9 måneder siden
i wish i could have as much fun as you guys but im 14 an dont have much freedom
Tellun YT
Tellun YT - 9 måneder siden
@Joseph Byrnhopf ive tried asking my parents for the materials and they just think its stupid and i dont kno enough about mechanics to do it. smh
Joseph Byrnhopf
Joseph Byrnhopf - 9 måneder siden
Build one and avoid buying a JL.
SAY 10
SAY 10 - 10 måneder siden
Your only supposed to be able to off road like that in GTA. love the 2 wheel vertical climbs.
Kimberly Rowe
Kimberly Rowe - 10 måneder siden
Happy birthday
Mud Motors Max
Mud Motors Max - 10 måneder siden
Not cool bro get off of that cliff I want to be able to buy one of these someday!
nathen harmse
nathen harmse - 10 måneder siden
Where did jou get the barbie jeeps wheels
peterson0096 - 10 måneder siden
Hey grind hard Plumbing future Tech tip you don't need a welding helmet if you have a cell phone put it in camera mode and use the phone that's what they do in the Philippines I saw it on a video
satyaveer_ thakur
satyaveer_ thakur - 10 måneder siden
He iam from India and my son is crying for a jeep like sinderela can you made it I'll by it
Jarebear The Gamer
Jarebear The Gamer - 11 måneder siden
Make the rims pink. Pleaseeeee
Isaac Hansbraugh
Isaac Hansbraugh - 11 måneder siden
Happy birthday!
provlogs 77 jedd barker
provlogs 77 jedd barker - 11 måneder siden
Grind hard u Must hit a ramp with the jeep!!!! Please!!!!!!!
lorne burnham
lorne burnham - 11 måneder siden
How much would you charge to build one of these?
Denis Gisele
Denis Gisele - 11 måneder siden
Hey you should try the can am outlander 1000 max xt in this trail
Edward Neveau
Edward Neveau - 11 måneder siden
Happy birthday
Kaleb Seth
Kaleb Seth - 11 måneder siden
My butt hole pukered watching that
Angeles Estrada
Angeles Estrada - 11 måneder siden
Red Bull
jacob kelly
jacob kelly - 11 måneder siden
Make it all wheel drive!
VILLAIN NIK - 11 måneder siden
My contact number is+91 9503198504 India
Cikkadeaw channel
Cikkadeaw channel - 11 måneder siden
I love it!!!
MariFNシ Yt
MariFNシ Yt - 11 måneder siden
Put some headlights on the jeep
PUBG_ GAMER - 11 måneder siden
**Sponsor By Barbie**
Apple Tech Restorations
Apple Tech Restorations - 11 måneder siden
2:14 Imagine if he tripped while live.
Old Iron Addiction
Old Iron Addiction - 11 måneder siden
When you drove up to the edge of the cliff my nuts shriveled up inside me.
Michael Deering
Michael Deering - 11 måneder siden
I love that stabilized view from behind the stinger bumper. 10:25
Cooper Brill
Cooper Brill - 11 måneder siden
2:06 throttle gets stuck pinned
George Stephanie
George Stephanie - 11 måneder siden
4:18 slowmos.. 😂😂😂 I'm dying!
Josh Kapsar
Josh Kapsar - 11 måneder siden
it would definitely be a challenge but it would be sick if you made an all-wheel drive one
# boiler
# boiler - 11 måneder siden
I want si much lmao
xavier lennox
xavier lennox - 11 måneder siden
I wish i had the jeep
xavier lennox
xavier lennox - 11 måneder siden
You should put a light bar on the Barbie jeep
ccd ccd
ccd ccd - 11 måneder siden
Song while welding?
Rob Moore
Rob Moore - 11 måneder siden
Him looking over the edge made my heart race and my brain go 'step away from the edge'.
Scary just watching
Angelo Tabuga
Angelo Tabuga - 11 måneder siden
dznnf7 - 11 måneder siden
Sounds like you popped a water pump seal. And one of you guys should take a welding class...
Nathan Comstock
Nathan Comstock - 11 måneder siden
@6:08 Taco Jr and Taco Sr out for a rip, don't chu tell my son where he can and can't drive ever again.
Yashraj Singh
Yashraj Singh - 11 måneder siden
Foe safety put some weights in the front
emerson ferreira
emerson ferreira - 11 måneder siden
Very good gran kenion? Very good working congratulations I am crazy off road
claustrophobic turkey 69
claustrophobic turkey 69 - 11 måneder siden
2:03 Me: wtf is he doing?
Him: proceed to go furthur
Turbo Custom
Turbo Custom - 11 måneder siden
Че я тут забыл
Life in Washington
Life in Washington - 11 måneder siden
Front wheel drive time
Life in Washington
Life in Washington - 11 måneder siden
Vertigo anyone.
Alec Wells
Alec Wells - 11 måneder siden
Man a four-wheel drive version of that thing would be Kick-Ass
Caleb Hendricks
Caleb Hendricks - 11 måneder siden
How much money for the Jeep
Burnout Clips
Burnout Clips - 11 måneder siden
Worthwhile content!
CamDigz 11
CamDigz 11 - 11 måneder siden
Happy birthday man😙❤️❤️🎂🎂
________1706axel - 11 måneder siden
repainted him
Liam Sweeney
Liam Sweeney - 11 måneder siden
build these and sell them the amount of overlanders/rock crawler guys would probably love to buy em for their kids
Liam Sweeney
Liam Sweeney - 11 måneder siden
@Random Guy lol obviously you'd have to tone it down a bit, i was just pointing out that theres a market for it
Random Guy
Random Guy - 11 måneder siden
Liam Sweeney it would be supper irresponsible to put a kid in one. First off it’s pretty much straight piped, super loud, it has an exposed exhaust pipe, and it has a 450cc motorcycle engine that is putting out at lest 40hp. Not to mention it’s a manual with hand controls. No start kids off on 50cc mini bikes and quads, not this.
KYLER BOLENBAUGH - 11 måneder siden
You should make Cinderella into four-wheel-drive
Moldabek Kadirbaev
Moldabek Kadirbaev - 11 måneder siden
Leon Leonidos
Leon Leonidos - 11 måneder siden
singletracktician - 11 måneder siden
Any chance this video comes without music?
littlesargent12 - 11 måneder siden
I’ve always dreamed of this
rokyle2323 - 11 måneder siden
Living the dream
Макс Макс
Макс Макс - 11 måneder siden
6:37 хахахахахахахах
Gavin Moore
Gavin Moore - 11 måneder siden
I've been there for a hummer ride it was super fun
Nan zhang
Nan zhang - 11 måneder siden
man why is your intake smoking?
Борис Борисович
Борис Борисович - 11 måneder siden
Where is it?
Luca Marezza
Luca Marezza - 11 måneder siden
make this cinderellla 4x4