Barn Find + Supercharged Engine Swap

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Today we find the body for our next project. We wanted something old, light and good looking and we found just that! New Shirts and stickers here
We found a 1962 Triumph Spitfire for sale 15 minutes from the garage which is insane considering we were looking everywhere in a 300 mile radius. Picked it up and tried to get the classic car running, which we did. Next step was to find a power plant. We decided to get the best bang for our buck we would need a turbo charged or supercharged snowmobile engine and we found a 2003 Yamaha RX1 with a MPI supercharger kit for $2000. I steal of a price because the old RX1's are heavy and unwanted. Next up will be the insane engine swap so subscribe and watch this super charged beast come to life!
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We are so excited about this build! What do you guys think? Our stickers now have free world wide shipping!
MotoMania - År siden
I’ve long wanted to put a super bike engine in a spitfire. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with this car.
DSR - År siden
Could you keep the transmission and mate the motor up with the CVT? Just run the trans in whatever gear is closest to 1:1. That way you still have reverse? Just a thought Either way it’s gonna be sick!!
leedle lee
leedle lee - År siden
You guys should paint it the same color blue as the sled!
Shadrach Sandi
Shadrach Sandi - År siden
Engine swap Widebody Wheels Interior Paint
LibertyNOTPoverty - År siden
I love it!!! Ive been wanting to put a rotary in one of these for years!!
Mike McDaniel
Mike McDaniel - 4 dager siden
I am interested in putting an engine from a yamaha or artic cat in my mini truck. I would like to watch a series like that on your channel
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
My 670 predator engine that is a built engine it's about the same horsepower
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
Normally I would say keep it original, but because it's a Leyland motor carswap the engine out if you want reliability with something more reliable such as a snowmobile engine. Have an excellent day 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Asterisk - 4 måneder siden
4:47 that’s what she said.
Don’t worry about all the hate comments it would have just sat in pieces in some guys garage for 40 more years
jlucasound - 6 måneder siden
Study the snowmobile cowl and see if that has any effect on the way it runs. You may need to duplicate that effect in the Triumph. Just a thought.
StonedPanda - 7 måneder siden
The snowmobile is not supercharged its turbocharged lol
View from the road
View from the road - 10 måneder siden
I bought one in '73. Wish all the time I'd never parted with it.
stinkypea - 11 måneder siden
Can’t wait to see/hear it. You guys do great work.
Даниил Шикарев
Даниил Шикарев - 11 måneder siden
Блин жалко что не на русском!
Adam Wilby
Adam Wilby - 11 måneder siden
Can I buy the motor
Adam Wilby
Adam Wilby - 11 måneder siden
Wtf really going to reak that car u people dumb
Mike Goodwin
Mike Goodwin - 11 måneder siden
Got a question for you. At 10:28 in this video there is a Jag in the back ground. I can't find any vids on it. Are you going to do any episodes with it? I have a 1985 XJ6 that has a 350/TH350 swap. It's our next project.
Fuel Injection Sucks
Fuel Injection Sucks - År siden
So I'm late to the party, did the British car enthusiasts show up crying yet?
geoff burrill
geoff burrill - År siden
Bit of a shame, these Spits are so rare in Britain most rusted away. Even in bought condition would be worth quite a bit. Still I would rather see a Spit on the road modified than in a scrap yard so well done.
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson - År siden
Wil Morris
Wil Morris - År siden
Greetings from 1A, glad to see I'm not alone, when I finally go home someday.
Marcangelus - År siden
You could also get the GT-6 with a straight six engine which is basically the same car.
Marcangelus - År siden
Got the minilite wheels, bonus.
Lyon - År siden
Is that a 944 is see back there?
Ass - År siden
What a waste of a classic.
THAT Guy - År siden
Congratulations. You have managed to garner my hate with this.
I hope this project crashes and burns.
Just for the fact that you would mangle such a piece of automotive history.
Darkhan Beissenov
Darkhan Beissenov - År siden
Beach buggy racing in real?
Thai Gyro
Thai Gyro - År siden
Hahaha! Just reviewed this video...the plates are from Ravalli County Montana. (I am from there) Not many old sports car fanatics. Looks fun! For the younger bro had a one off build from another era...215 aluminum block V-8 in a custom Harley/Indian frame. I think it was over 11 feet long. Plus, it had an automatic, 2 speed tranny. He did get it over 150 mph before his sack vacuumed onto his throat.
Napolian Solo
Napolian Solo - År siden
I WANT THE SPITFIRE WHEN YOU'RE DONE!! I've owned two and have been looking for another. I'll be watching to see what you do with it. (You might consider an IRS off a 510 or a BMW.) The stock suspension was prone to "Jacking" like the old VW beetles. Come on post another video. Please
Mike Cheeze
Mike Cheeze - År siden
Your gay....🖕🤣
Mike Cheeze
Mike Cheeze - År siden
"Its so quite"
All you can hear is bearings dying....
David Kelm
David Kelm - År siden
definitely will be an interesting project 👍
Jordan Little
Jordan Little - År siden
You couldn't have found a beater sled that one looks pretty nice
Ramon Reyna
Ramon Reyna - År siden
Congrats brothers. I appreciate you guys doing the custom build. I am happy you guys are using your full potential to go above and beyond cool and awesome and above the top.
HentaiRush - År siden
Ooom, there are wheels on the last shot? :D

edit: ..nevermind
Florida Man RC
Florida Man RC - År siden
I would ditch the CVT imo, a lot of the charm of a car like this is rowing through the gears. Yeah it'l probably drive ok, and probably be easier to set up with the cvt, but it just wouldn't be as cool.
Does that CVT sled transmission even have reverse?
John Doe
John Doe - År siden
Says "the rear is all over the place" 5:13 rear wheel wobbles lol.
lego technic
lego technic - År siden
YouTube recommended and it did not disappoint
SLOGOM & - År siden
I just love how the music and the car will get so well together
Wyatt Naud
Wyatt Naud - År siden
For the next power wheel build use a Volkswagen hippie van
Bebe Reyes
Bebe Reyes - År siden
Why would you ruin a classic by doing an engine swap? I was hoping you would be smarter than that.
Andys709 - År siden
This is gonna be awesome I just subbed an hit the bell lol. Not knocking this in any way but you should do a two stroke car next lol .
Josh Sutton
Josh Sutton - År siden
U guys said u got sled in montana where u guys from?
Karla Sproule
Karla Sproule - År siden
This is the ultimate sleeper
boltonky - År siden
So want to say no to CVT, as i feel like your going to have to end up re-gearing it anyway if you use it and i feel like a real clutch/transmission is more suited as people don't realise most bike engine aren't designed to move large weight around.
Looking forward to seeing it progress, and love the fact you use the snowmobile on dirt (AMERICA)
Christian Perez
Christian Perez - År siden
Keep the car classic!! 😍😍
The Mystery Machine
The Mystery Machine - År siden
Paint it, or least wrap it up!
Ben Blumberg
Ben Blumberg - År siden
Sad to see the snow moblie chopped
Kyle Barns
Kyle Barns - År siden
That little car is gonna be wicked fast!! Looking forward to this build.
TYSEROO - År siden
Just ordered my stickers. How many horsepower will it add to my vehicle?
Sam Kirkpatrick
Sam Kirkpatrick - År siden
Great vid but pls dont chop up suck a mint sled u culd make some sick vids in the mountain with that and the bike
EklipsedDarkness - År siden
Just seen him in a commercial riding the bike elevator. 👍
xxR3Vx1TxUPxx - År siden
I like the old background music better
Zach Janes
Zach Janes - År siden
Put it in the buggy
Don’t Test It.
Don’t Test It. - År siden
How’s you find that car I’ve been searching for almost 3 years for an old MG or something in that realm
Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself - År siden
Why do you call her the girl
bashr52 - År siden
IF the CVT went right to the input shaft on the transmission, you could basically just lock the trans in 4th and have an automatic, as long as the bike engine had enough torque to get it moving.
El Sibarita Del Castillo
Otro nuevo juguete
Jerefigueroa Beatz
Jerefigueroa Beatz - År siden
Are you guys millionares? You get stuff out of nowhere
Jonathan Rabbe
Jonathan Rabbe - År siden
Dont do that to that car thats terrible
wayfaring stranger
wayfaring stranger - År siden
Would be epic with a sequential gearbox!
BJ Jongejan
BJ Jongejan - År siden
THAT THING IS GONNA BE FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I'm suuuuuper excited as always for your guys' next video!!
SynthetikCreation - År siden
Me before engine removal: Why would you remove the original engine, it sounds awesome!
Me once they rev the snowmobile: Oh, nevermind
Luke #
Luke # - År siden
I can see it now the next James Bond movie!
Lawson Revan
Lawson Revan - År siden
Rad direction. I see a smooth wrap job in this rowdster's future.
Creighton Morgan
Creighton Morgan - År siden
Snowmobile with front wheels, in the thumbnail, looks AWESOME!!! Video please!
bigviking0001 - År siden
Boy was Iwrong!!! Good haul....
Nathaniel Bradford
Nathaniel Bradford - År siden
Should go good, should have it hooked up to original transmission though so you have gears ⚙️
Jim Cole
Jim Cole - År siden
seems like a waste.
Nakiah - År siden
He dented his bed loading up the snow mobile
Dan K
Dan K - År siden
don't worry there are tonnes of these in the UK, no need to keep it standard. whatever you do, junk the rear suspension, its a f'king terrible design that folds on itself (you can already see its positive camber as is)... they are rapid, and do handle well when sorted (even the back end). but if you're going to the trouble of engine swapping it, makes sense to do the back end as well... looking forward to this
panicmech - År siden
Dude. Its Sunday.. you guys finish building it yet? Lol I'm gonna have to come up there from Rathdrum and crack the whip
Damon Elder
Damon Elder - År siden
Cant wait for that car! Siiick!
Rob G
Rob G - År siden
You guys are getting better and better at editing and building. Plumb hard, grind company
Rob G
Rob G - År siden
111 of yall need to TIGHTEN UP
ExtremeATVOffroad - År siden
Awesome as always guys
Josh - År siden
I love the Yamaha rx1!!! It was my favorite snowmobile to ride growing up, it’s a shame you’re doing that to that sled but your making something epic out of it so it’s alright
Anthony Arnold
Anthony Arnold - År siden
Gotta see this run man
Michael Hite
Michael Hite - År siden
It’s one thing to hack up a junk Jag, but a nice Spitfire is a different story. Why a sled motor?
Alex Weiss
Alex Weiss - År siden
How did u find an mg mgb!?!
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Triumph Spitfire.
MiniBikeAction - År siden
You should get it running on all four.
Christopher hill
Christopher hill - År siden
By far my favorite channel
Metal waves
Metal waves - År siden
Love the spitfire guys me personally i would have went with a 2.2 supercharged echotec but this your build not mine a supercharged snowmobile engine is insane keep up the mischief
sc928porsche - År siden
What a waste of Triumph.
Карим Гатиятов
Поставьте лайк, мол чет умное написал
(Кто русский)
hiram adair
hiram adair - År siden
Dudes this is such a cool car and look forward to it ripping.
Deividas Fan
Deividas Fan - År siden
you should try to just restore this , only engine swap if needed
Alex Willis
Alex Willis - År siden
The music on this video is the best yet. Is this still all composed by Edwin?
Nickelme - År siden
Not an LS swap making 600hp?!?!
Nick Wolford
Nick Wolford - År siden
"fill up the gas tank and then put it in the car"
My college's Baja SAE team used to do that since it was faster than fueling up normally.
Had a quick-disconnect on the tank line, pull out one, disconnect, connect the new one, and drop it in place. No bolts or anything, just nested onto 2 posts and had a lid come down and secure it in place.
And then another school had a fire or something and they don't let you do that anymore.
no0neX - År siden
well that one is interesting. do whatever you wanna do just dont chop the body, keep the clean look
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
You guys really do grind hard
MattyLeo - År siden
You never see the younger brother driving any of their projects. But sorry for a sorta negative comment . You guys are awesome and I love watching your videos !
rmail0 - År siden
Poor car gonna get trashed.
Ken Saner
Ken Saner - År siden
Sweet Spitwad!! Gave me flashbacks to some of my previous Bad Ideas! #badideacustoms
fpv ski
fpv ski - År siden
Put a v8 in it!
Matthew Sedgeman
Matthew Sedgeman - År siden
I'm interested in the motor an trans
Mitch Salsbury
Mitch Salsbury - År siden
You guys are idiots you ruined a very rare car to make a video
jones420of88 - År siden
I want the track and suspension for the rear what do you want for it p.m. me
Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan - År siden
Finally someone is engine swapping one of these
James McDermott
James McDermott - År siden
Little boys, little diks, little cars... It's all little...
Dallin Ostler
Dallin Ostler - År siden
you guys should build a large shed to store all the poor vehicles in.....
James Glenn
James Glenn - År siden
How come it looks like you need at least one fat chic in the non-backseat, the rear suspension is highly untuned.
James Glenn
James Glenn - År siden
This will be interesting, you'll figure it out.👍