BMW Turbo Truck is Finished!

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$2,000+Welder Giveaway and new merch here! in this episode the turbo BMW truck gets real rally wheels! Fifteen52 Integrale Gravel in Carbon Gray 15x7
We also used UTV tires and spacers from eBay! And best of all we installed a new windshield and it's all painted one color!
6:35 Akina Boy - U132
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Runtime: 16:01


Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 3 måneder siden
$2,000+Welder Giveaway and new merch here
Bibi_le_vrai - 5 dager siden
So cool
Oto motor
Oto motor - Måned siden
V6 v8 v12ler burda
Corrales Racing
Corrales Racing - 2 måneder siden
Que grande
Limbein Maza
Limbein Maza - 3 måneder siden
@Jon Snow q
Dax arms
Dax arms - 3 måneder siden
Since you're going for the pickup truck look with the BMWwhy don't you weld a rack of Casey lights on the top I brush guard and a winch?it's just a thought have an excellent Sunday night Monday 😀😀😀😀😀
Mikel Bogner
Mikel Bogner - 9 timer siden
I guess ya aren't cleaning those wheels hahaha. Those are gonna be a bitch to clean
Rihards :]
Rihards :] - 12 timer siden
Gained a new sub
Francis Russ
Francis Russ - 18 timer siden
If the only requirement for something to be a truck is to have a bed..than my bedroom is a truck.
Mikas Tolvaisa
Mikas Tolvaisa - 19 timer siden
Thanks its mynew project👌
Юсуп Алиев
Юсуп Алиев - 2 dager siden
Berkan Koç
Berkan Koç - 2 dager siden
kaç tane araba var la kapıda sayamadım ben bı taneyı alamıyorum ak.
dorifto 13
dorifto 13 - 3 dager siden
Борщу не показывайте
D C - 3 dager siden
Great car and great place!
Mikrofalufka - 3 dager siden
Nissan GTR R34
Nissan GTR R34 - 3 dager siden
1wasser bitte
1wasser bitte - 4 dager siden
Fading Dynamite
Fading Dynamite - 4 dager siden
Literally an el camino
Oliver Väre
Oliver Väre - 4 dager siden
Is this diesel car
Risovozki DV
Risovozki DV - 4 dager siden
pashok104 - 4 dager siden
случайно нарвался на этот канал)блин это круто и интересно!молодцы
yong hwang
yong hwang - 5 dager siden
I have E91 Wagon. I think it would be cool to put those off road tires like those porsche rally car. But my car is rear drive so it would be just for the show. I thought about getting 328xi too but Bimmer guys don't consider awd car as a bimmer. So that kind of influenced my decision.
Attila Kovács
Attila Kovács - 5 dager siden
This is hungarian turbo bmw
Mister Q
Mister Q - 5 dager siden
Nice Work only one question what have u payed for IT in total?
Dylan Muller
Dylan Muller - 5 dager siden
Trop lourd !
Uno Uncognito
Uno Uncognito - 6 dager siden
Almost like Tesla 🤣🤣🤣 Epic project !!!! How many $$ did U spent on this ? I consider how big gap in costs is beetwen US and Europe
Szymon PZT
Szymon PZT - 6 dager siden
paint this car ???
Jarmezrocks - 8 dager siden
DOT approved tyres but then puts a hugely uncompliant and possibly illegal in some states "wheel-hub spacer"?
But it's a bolt on one! Oh well that's ok then 👍

Great project though. Sounds wicked! I had an E36 years ago and you you can actually flare more than 2½" of the wheel arches without even grinding of cutting anything?
You only need a piece of pine log and trolly jack👍 Not only that but it increases the the space between the outer circumference of the tyre and the fenders making for even better clearance 👍
Jarmezrocks - 8 dager siden
I'll shut my mouth until the end of the damn clip next time! Lol out with the pine log or steel post or what ever you want that's roughly that nice diameter you've just clearly displayed in your clip. Bravo sir! At least you showed the world and didn't just keyboard warrior someone's NOburn clip like a know it all 🤭 Yup sorry. As you were.....oh right yes I do have the play button correct again sir, thank you
Zrbyn Mgvd
Zrbyn Mgvd - 8 dager siden
gio delle casette gio
gio delle casette gio - 8 dager siden
senza senso...un auto sportiva traformata in un pickup fuoristrada...boh...
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes - 12 dager siden
Please what kind of bmw is this because i really wanna do this now
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux - 20 dager siden
J adore vos delire mais une bmw e36 c est surtout fait pour faire du drift ou des Yom timer des voitures de collection tres rechercher aujourd'hui
Mii Afonso
Mii Afonso - Måned siden
Could you please share a link for those tires. I can only imagine those on a 4x4 Suzuki Every mini van.
Keep doing what you guys do. Great videos, entertaining contest, and killer cinematic via drone footage!
albu kerk
albu kerk - Måned siden
Ultra consommateurs fuckin usa...
Димон - Måned siden
Более нудного и неинформативного видео в жизни не видел.
Emily Gladkowski
Emily Gladkowski - Måned siden
Please paint ittttttt
The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics
Not trying to be a no it all but it’s technically called a ute
Zack Linton
Zack Linton - Måned siden
that hail is brutal haha
Valyshka2la - Måned siden
Нихера не понятно о чем говорят,но все равно интересно.
David George
David George - Måned siden
rally car dirt raceing wood be fun in that car
Mhv Tomi 🤣🤣
Oto motor
Oto motor - Måned siden
Super car 😁😁
Maureen Ruble
Maureen Ruble - Måned siden
I just love how these guys dont focus on CoSmEtIcS and mainly focus on functionality. Its awesome how far they have come, especially contrasting other DIY channels like themselves!! Great job broskis
markcozzie - Måned siden
Shame really,seems you dude's have got the skills to build some awesome stuff but rather build junk,and waste good part's, sorry i just don't understand why?,like i said you have good skills and could build some really nice stuff. .👍
Спартак Иванов
Andrew Obuya
Andrew Obuya - Måned siden
Repping the fifteen 52s
Quarterjack - Måned siden
Great build guys!
Mishu 2000
Mishu 2000 - Måned siden
ok that s so fucking cool
Richard Busby
Richard Busby - 2 måneder siden
Idaho! Greetings from twin!
My own Idenity
My own Idenity - 2 måneder siden
I had a 325 IS convertible. So regretting selling it now
امير الطريق
امير الطريق - 2 måneder siden
you are the best :)
Petar Vulin
Petar Vulin - 2 måneder siden
kolko drva stane u njega ??
Tomek Sroka
Tomek Sroka - 2 måneder siden
Pomysłowi ludzie,ok!
Just a car guy Car sounds as well
The rims for the Ute look like rally Subaru rims also if you put a lift kit on it you won’t have to cut the arches out
#Luki To#
#Luki To# - 2 måneder siden
defalt - 2 måneder siden
zurtev - 2 måneder siden
liftttttttt ittttttttttt
Sauce God
Sauce God - 2 måneder siden
That blow off valve sounds really good
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan - 2 måneder siden
A lifted offroad bugatti how would it be?
Arron Jones
Arron Jones - 2 måneder siden
You are supposed to heat the sealant up. It's proper stiff if you don't! And you guys should have gloves on!!!
K. HARITA Works'
K. HARITA Works' - 2 måneder siden
Hi, that's a very attractive wheel, what's the name?
J&D Boss
J&D Boss - 2 måneder siden
Quick question about how much was it spent building it was looking to see if it fit my budget ??? BIG HELP
alex wallis
alex wallis - 2 måneder siden
Yall need some air hammers
marc maurisse
marc maurisse - 2 måneder siden
de série oui en ix
marc maurisse
marc maurisse - 2 måneder siden
c'est une bonne idée pour BMW de nous en faire de série :~) bravo
jason corgna
jason corgna - 2 måneder siden
It sounds really good without exhous system, that turbo whistles nice. Great job also to the body!
juan juan
juan juan - 2 måneder siden
Ron EverGrow
Ron EverGrow - 3 måneder siden
Put a monster lift kit on it and call it a day!!!!
Ron EverGrow
Ron EverGrow - 3 måneder siden
Nice !!!!!!👌👌👌❤
Tutus Sugiarto
Tutus Sugiarto - 3 måneder siden
hello from indonesia
Farming in Australia
Farming in Australia - 3 måneder siden
Its a ute - trucks are used to haul heavy goods
LivedMirror1103 - 3 måneder siden
What yeah is your bmw
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
2:14 song?
james nrge
james nrge - 3 måneder siden
i need to really work on my welding
computers and games
computers and games - 3 måneder siden
how many hp?
DatBoyTheo94 - 3 måneder siden
Who would’ve thought that I needed a Turbo Off Road E36 Truck 🤔.
Keep thinking outside the box fellas, loving this content and the spooly bois sounds lol 🙌
Kain Parrish
Kain Parrish - 3 måneder siden
How come the gambler video was taken down?
Kain Parrish
Kain Parrish - 3 måneder siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co Sweet, thanks for actually responding, it really shows that you guys really care about the community!!!
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 3 måneder siden
We just messed some stuff up. It will be back up tomorrow!
J450N98 PR0D
J450N98 PR0D - 3 måneder siden
Nincs - 3 måneder siden
A B - 3 måneder siden
Can’t wait to see the LS swapped go kart
A B - 3 måneder siden
I have seen it all
Hugh Clow
Hugh Clow - 3 måneder siden
Would love to know track name @ 12:30!!
CausticFlamingo - 3 måneder siden
what's the song around 2:10?
cogboy302 - 3 måneder siden
I'm liking the road sign sump guard. Been there, done that.
Josh Sutton
Josh Sutton - 3 måneder siden
With all ur projects i should have u guys come this way pick up my project & put it together for me since u guys are here in WA State
FirstKickProduction o
FirstKickProduction o - 3 måneder siden
what did you guys use to control fueling with the turbo setup?
Rhubarb Pie
Rhubarb Pie - 3 måneder siden
I like how you guys are ALWAYS using PPE, even when performing the most... improvisational "fabricobbling" skills. Ten fingers, ten toes, four limbs, two eyes, and proud! 😂
kez - 3 måneder siden
Best plumbers around
Es Na
Es Na - 3 måneder siden
How is that house doing...
Fadhlan Awe
Fadhlan Awe - 3 måneder siden
is that 4 wheel e36????
dachi - 3 måneder siden
How many horsepower have?
Kiettisak T
Kiettisak T - 3 måneder siden
Pawex55 - 3 måneder siden
Copied from motokot's
Chris Neely
Chris Neely - 3 måneder siden
I cant wait to see the convertible being built! Love the rim an tire combo! Gave me hudge ideas.... thanks guys an keep building!
Matthew Dunn
Matthew Dunn - 3 måneder siden
Who gave Danny Masterson access to a lathe?
davis perchuk
davis perchuk - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else remember when they where at 17k?
BMWDriver - 3 måneder siden
Sweet truck, how about a roof chop to go with that..... 🤔
Love the way it sounds as well 👍
Arman Davtyan
Arman Davtyan - 3 måneder siden
ICEY - 3 måneder siden
2j lawnmower?
Benjermin - 3 måneder siden
Haaaiiillll Mary
Arthur Feeney
Arthur Feeney - 3 måneder siden
Try leaving the windshield adhesive in the sun for a while so it comes out easier.
robert mason
robert mason - 3 måneder siden
can you do yard work in that truck?
westward bound
westward bound - 3 måneder siden
Sweet wheels. They remind me of stock Ford tempo wheels
Shawn Stanfield
Shawn Stanfield - 3 måneder siden
420 comment Yee Yee great video tho
Brett Mason
Brett Mason - 3 måneder siden
truck gang truck gang!!