Ultimate Off Road Adventure-BMW Turbo Truck Rally!

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We rallied the BMWs hard! The trip was a Blast and one of our off road BMW trucks got wrecked! At the OG Gambler 500 2020 we brought our eBay turboed BMW E36 truck on fifteen 52's and our chopped off road convertible on 31's! Build series on both cars can be found on our channel.
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Wild Hurst Manor
Wild Hurst Manor - 3 måneder siden
“There’s nothing better than being miserable with your friends.”
Will M
Will M - 3 måneder siden
Spoken like a true owner of an old BMW
Maxmayer Mustermann
Maxmayer Mustermann - 13 timer siden
mad max type shit
Dan Valentine
Dan Valentine - Dag siden
Looks so fucking amazing..... LOVE THAT SHIT
Nermin Leto
Nermin Leto - Dag siden
is this BMW RWD or 4x4 ?
Robert Bidochon
Robert Bidochon - 3 dager siden
it needs tint though
👀 and a sunstrip
Jose Single
Jose Single - 5 dager siden
please, use glasses of motocross
Genis Puig
Genis Puig - 5 dager siden
you are the brother of lanna rohades??
Jarmezrocks - 8 dager siden
I know it's a rally basher with half a front bumper....but is anyone else OCD mildly annoyed with the black insert in the rear bumper?
I'm ok for the centre strip staying black but the lower black part can easily be trimmed or deleted entirely whilst you were painting it? Who kept it and didn't ½ it's size to match the centre strip! Yes rally bashers are just as deserving!
**Waits nek minnit someone does what I said in the video and I'll have to come back and publically apologising for not watching it entirely before commenting**
Arto 121
Arto 121 - 15 dager siden
How many hp ?
Artur Krzeminski
Artur Krzeminski - 27 dager siden
Nice lads! Whats the tune at 8mins?
FantasticPhil - Måned siden
At first I thought the “fellow gamblers” in the trees were raccoons 😂😂
Span - Måned siden
Awesome!!!! Just found your channel, you guys are a blast to watch. Keep it real homies...from Post Falls!!
Edgaras Poltergeist
Edgaras Poltergeist - Måned siden
camera name please 7:25 :) :) :) osom I'm wont that
D3TREX - Måned siden
u guys are so baked hahaha seko
Scott Shipp
Scott Shipp - 2 måneder siden
Captured the dust + dirt out there pretty well this year 👍
Dani Maric
Dani Maric - 2 måneder siden
At least there’s trees growing from the volcano, which gives me so much hope in life 🤣🤣🤣
Николай Глушенков
Добрый день. Как называется направление
nichtsexy - 2 måneder siden
In Germany you get the deathsentence for driving cars like this on the road 😂
MGB’mira Brs car
MGB’mira Brs car - 2 måneder siden
Hayden Mastel
Hayden Mastel - 2 måneder siden
Dude looks high asfff
Cody Ivey
Cody Ivey - 2 måneder siden
What size rim you using and tire?
Lek Veuenza
Lek Veuenza - 2 måneder siden
Leaving the doors off of the car was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen
Lek Veuenza
Lek Veuenza - 2 måneder siden
Was this a clip from Dumb and Dumber
Shane Fritts
Shane Fritts - 2 måneder siden
3:10 he looks so high 😂
OpposingForces - 2 måneder siden
considering how dirty you guys all got you should have stripped down to the undies and gotten a free shower on the way home with all that rain.
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ - 2 måneder siden
Gotta love BMWs your drone person is amazing though!
Avery Moritz
Avery Moritz - 2 måneder siden
You should all be wearing a helmet great builds but be safe 👍
Dee-Bee Kooper
Dee-Bee Kooper - 2 måneder siden
HA, I'm buddies with the guys who started this whole thing. Multnomah Village/Jimmy's FTW.
Jason Redfeather
Jason Redfeather - 2 måneder siden
So.....this is NOT a channel about being a plumber? 🤣😎👍🏻👍🏻
carlos armas Armas cabrera
carlos armas Armas cabrera - 2 måneder siden
Usen mercedes benz
Chris Henniker
Chris Henniker - 2 måneder siden
I'd love to see you boys tackle a traditional hot rod. Say, a 1932 Ford three window Coupe with a late 50s/early 60s style, but with all the BMW running gear.
NonExistent - 2 måneder siden
Yeez you guys look like you had no sleep or had some kind of stranded in the middle of no where whit noting kinda thing
Granpappy Flito
Granpappy Flito - 3 måneder siden
Fan from Oregon! Good job on the build guys
G’vonni Delacruz
G’vonni Delacruz - 3 måneder siden
I need to get me an ethen homie coming thru with the solutions quick asff 😂💯
classydays43 - 3 måneder siden
Pff.. doubting JB Weld. Nah seriously, looks like youse had an awesome trip!
Proffesor Dick
Proffesor Dick - 3 måneder siden
You guys are Badass!!!!
Toleich - 3 måneder siden
Taking BMWs on the gambler.
Spends half the time fixing them.
Who would have known?!
Twoleggedkumulava - 3 måneder siden
EPIC!!!!!!🤘🏼🤘🏼🤙🏽🤙🏽In Hawaii we say CHEEEHOOOOOO!!!!!
jaedan link
jaedan link - 3 måneder siden
Peep the stizzy
Collin Klassen
Collin Klassen - 3 måneder siden
Wish I could do my prerunner build with you guy's on my 83 ranger, I would like to put a b18c motor in as well haha something different.. 😋
Collin Klassen
Collin Klassen - 3 måneder siden
Just got my grind hard plumbing sticker today! And couldn't be happier 👌🏼😏 thank you guys very much for making good vids!!! Reminds me of my farm days..., Wish I could meet you guys in person.
Jesus Celis
Jesus Celis - 3 måneder siden
What happened with the power wheels?
ThiccBrz YT
ThiccBrz YT - 3 måneder siden
Wheres everyone else
Tooling About
Tooling About - 3 måneder siden
Best quotes: “six THOUSAND psi” “you should take a turn in the back”
8eewee - 3 måneder siden
Holy shit that looks fun. Except the maintenance. I couldn't change a car battery to save my life.
gigglebot - 3 måneder siden
is the giveaway only in USA
Lew Ciokiewicz
Lew Ciokiewicz - 3 måneder siden
You guys Gambled properly. Great vid. Thanks
TJ B-RAD-y - 3 måneder siden
I’ve only been to lover’s gas stations on road trips
MetalMan 329
MetalMan 329 - 3 måneder siden
“it’s the dust......”. yeah. maybe Angel Dust.
MetalMan 329
MetalMan 329 - 3 måneder siden
(3:10) EYES of WEED... yup... dumb and dumber right there. Edwin sounds like he’s got COVID and looks like he’s got COCAINE!
Joel Fennelly
Joel Fennelly - 3 måneder siden
Literally any random thing....
"yEwwW" like a total doof.
R1nger - 3 måneder siden
Always remember your goggles and dust mask when riding in central Oregon 😄
OG 500!!
Super Bikes and Stuff
Super Bikes and Stuff - 3 måneder siden
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage - 3 måneder siden
Looks like a fun time!👍
CAN Control
CAN Control - 3 måneder siden
Goggles and a roll bar for the drop and you good
S B - 3 måneder siden
1:25 was waiting for one of yous to swat away some imaginary bats and say something about bat country
Scott Bowman
Scott Bowman - 3 måneder siden
Love the video.Thank you
Uriel Salas
Uriel Salas - 3 måneder siden
I'm surprised you guys haven't been pulled over in that. Is it street legal?
Drew Campbell
Drew Campbell - 3 måneder siden
Please stop saying “yeeeew”. It’s played out. Thanks
Cody Zimmerman
Cody Zimmerman - 3 måneder siden
Speaking of winning, y'all already won. You did the gambler right. Didn't see any trash though! 👀
If y'all ever decide to get rid of that Ute I call first dibs! 🔥
Dax arms
Dax arms - 3 måneder siden
I see you got your first Gambler 500 sponsor NAPA Auto parts
Dax arms
Dax arms - 3 måneder siden
dudes make sure that is truly a volcano and not a slag pit from some old steel mill that's went out of business many years ago that stuff is highly toxic if it was a steel mill slag pit. Glad you're having fun at The Gambler 500 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Seth Chaps
Seth Chaps - 3 måneder siden
TillmanXL - 3 måneder siden
Looks like a you have said A-blast.
You're getting better at your choices of music.
Seth Hieber
Seth Hieber - 3 måneder siden
They must not have goggles in Idaho yet
Uncle Roy Comedy
Uncle Roy Comedy - 3 måneder siden
Make a shopping cart go kart plz
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - 3 måneder siden
You would assume, with events like this taking place and the semblance of normal life returning, that America was beating this pandemic. Not that its worse than ever. Which is actually the case.
But whatever.
Davian Packulak
Davian Packulak - 3 måneder siden
Add motorcycle mufflers on the car
Kyle's Corner
Kyle's Corner - 3 måneder siden
I think I better go pick up like 2 Dr. J's for each vehicle I own and keep them in the glove compartment.
Stephen Croft
Stephen Croft - 3 måneder siden
I would have been all over that boulder in the road at that hill berm.
J S - 3 måneder siden
What tires r u guys using?
Max Lancaster
Max Lancaster - 3 måneder siden
I hope you brought a lot of extra oil
Brevan Hansen
Brevan Hansen - 3 måneder siden
Donut media (you know big automotive channel) mentioned you in their new video 11 coolest versions of boring cars.
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne - 3 måneder siden
Looks like a lot of fun love It
hayden hoopes
hayden hoopes - 3 måneder siden
I love that exhaust smoke at 16:58
Jeramy Masker
Jeramy Masker - 3 måneder siden
You guys are freaking awesome! I love your content.
bashr52 - 3 måneder siden
Thank God for that welded diff! Without that it would have been real hard to make it home on one axle 😂
BONGZ ON THE BEAT - 3 måneder siden
Swing through Klamath Falls! Hahaha
tdog 98
tdog 98 - 3 måneder siden
Great video really enjoyed it
vance warner
vance warner - 3 måneder siden
Both cars held up really good! Better then I would have thought!
Christian's Projects - CG Manufaktur
Awesome guys! I bet that your beemers are more capable offroad than a modern X-series BMW.
Tomass Brics
Tomass Brics - 3 måneder siden
yall blazed
Tyler Harper
Tyler Harper - 3 måneder siden
Hell yeah love when you guys do the 500 always entertaining
DJ Wallick
DJ Wallick - 3 måneder siden
You guys should have made a bikini top for your convertible. It won't completely keep you dry but keep most of the rain out. Lol
Jason Jones
Jason Jones - 3 måneder siden
Wear helmets at those speeds boy. You go off into the pucker your getting hurt.
Prospector Tripp
Prospector Tripp - 3 måneder siden
Nice work dudes!
Cool road trip!
JB weld is a life saver.. yeah I know 😬
smokesall - 3 måneder siden
man your geting so good with flying the drone i love the footage
sick cars to boys keep up the good work
Danny W6113
Danny W6113 - 3 måneder siden
Some goggles would be good hah
Ben Nawrath
Ben Nawrath - 3 måneder siden
Famous potatoes. Awesome.
niyash sookra
niyash sookra - 3 måneder siden
GT1Man - 3 måneder siden
The best strange vehicle fab channel on youtube by far.
Gabriele Fugazza
Gabriele Fugazza - 3 måneder siden
Yo guys!!! This video it's amazing! I really love those adventures
I have a little question, I live in Italy where it's illegal just touching the motor itself so, it's legal in America going outside in the street shredding and sending it with Your type cars??? Aniway, keep grinding hard, I love you guys ♥️♥️🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Juho - 3 måneder siden
shit wide angle camera
300zxdriver - 3 måneder siden
Had to be very hot sleeping on the ground.
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade - 3 måneder siden
Such an amazing video keep it up you deserve everything you have and I'd wish you luck but with the skills you have it wouldn't matter
Sam’s Garage
Sam’s Garage - 3 måneder siden
Great video guys.Looks like a lot of fun
boltonky - 3 måneder siden
Started to cringe at 6min mark realising the lack of saftey equipment in the vehicles at speed but 95% of the video we all good
Nathan King
Nathan King - 3 måneder siden
I watched it thinking, "when these guys turn 35, they will look back and be thankful they are still alive. We only think we are invincible when we are that young."
Thraxist - 3 måneder siden
Congrats, you made it on donut media
JD Macz
JD Macz - 3 måneder siden
GHPC is an inspiration for me...having to do something stupid with friend!!!and how to do something with little tools...
Seth Albrightest
Seth Albrightest - 3 måneder siden
The curly hair guy watches Adelia or Mark Dohner fee sher