Building a Back Yard Rally Track + 130HP Odyssey Rips.

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We built a rally track in the back yard and time lapsed the whole thing! After finishing the track we tested it out with our 130HP engine swapped Honda Odyssey and it ripped! It has always been a dream to have a race track in my backyard and now that dream is coming true. It still needs some work but we are getting close to being able to take the cars around it.
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Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson - 8 måneder siden
Storror collab?!
boganindustries - 8 måneder siden
This is the best channel since "davesfarm" 🤣🤣🤣👍 ......just dont touch any kids!
G C - 10 måneder siden
What's a rally track you cant drift on good for? All corners need to be much wider for that vehicle.
Matthew774 - 10 måneder siden
11:18 how do you guys know Sach??? #storrorarmy
Nolan Payne
Nolan Payne - 11 måneder siden
build some jumps
Kevin McGann
Kevin McGann - 11 måneder siden
Whats with the rear tires, are yall gona improve them?
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips - 11 måneder siden
Wish I could play all day everyday.
LORENZO TORANZO - 11 måneder siden
Niceee ! Add some mean back tires
Charles Magnuson
Charles Magnuson - 11 måneder siden
I'd like to see a video on that tree house.
jimmer - 11 måneder siden
You should have done a lap in the bobcat!
Saijen Alexander
Saijen Alexander - 11 måneder siden
You should widen the front suspension and give it a bit more steering angle as well
graham laursen
graham laursen - 11 måneder siden
That step down through the trees was absurd XD
Gizmo1-boss - 11 måneder siden
The old one is better
Adam Brown
Adam Brown - 11 måneder siden
I love the music choice in this video
joo o
joo o - 11 måneder siden
Need turbo
batch2448 - 11 måneder siden
Need to get a cheap old running or cycling gps hooked up
Joep Duijvestijn
Joep Duijvestijn - 11 måneder siden
This vid is underrated
Unnito Cases
Unnito Cases - År siden
I saw a remote control bob cat before and though it would be way better than actually sitting in the dusty bumpy tractor. Plus you can get a good view of the stuff in the bucket. To make a berm in a tractor you usually have to be perpendicular to the corner. If you go straight into the corner its hard to carve out the the dirt to make an embankment.
OcelotNA - År siden
I want one lol
I_Am _Alive_Inside
I_Am _Alive_Inside - År siden
You see this you gotta plant a tree let me know if you did
Sagen Nc
Sagen Nc - År siden
Maaan when y'all gonna make an update and fuck these pussys on being safe just don't do nothing stupid and you will be fun
Obd1andDown - År siden
Holy shit y'all are gonna die
Obd1andDown - År siden
Your production value is the tits bro. I love these northern woody areas.
NΞXXUS - År siden
guys you have to make a motorised pedal tractor, i would look really sick i think😂
crazy fast
crazy fast - År siden
Need some better tires
crazy fast
crazy fast - År siden
Was Jay Leno who you thought he was?
Brycen Bellamy
Brycen Bellamy - År siden
Next built is a new Garage you need it
SuperLitherland - År siden
needs jumps
Пожилой Жмых
Круто, мне нравится! Это круто!!
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - År siden
КРЭЗИМЭН! =) Круто
Tyler Franklin
Tyler Franklin - År siden
What if y'all put really aggressive tires on it, u think it would break axles. It probably would be faster and more controllable
David Vail
David Vail - År siden
Now go the opposite way on the track and see if it’s any faster
Your moms Dad247
Your moms Dad247 - År siden
Why are your eyes always red like you’ve been crying? You good
Skeptic Fucker
Skeptic Fucker - År siden
Mod dual a arms on the front?
CaveMan - År siden
Y'all need some track netting to keep you out of the trees.
SiberianDirtRiders - År siden
John Schouten
John Schouten - År siden
Ha, still has the old front suspension on the odyssey
Cean Andrey
Cean Andrey - År siden
Do you sell??
Storror guys?
WhiteBird - År siden
Everyone from Idaho 👍🏻.
ghost rider1003
ghost rider1003 - År siden
You should put tires around the trees around the track so if you loose control and hit a tree it wont do that much damage
Leif P. Booger
Leif P. Booger - År siden
Sick Ride cooler then this guy:
Gaming Time
Gaming Time - År siden
Can’t you guys rebuild a lawn mower to a racing lawn mower and drift it
Everything Loud 406
Everything Loud 406 - År siden
I'm so excited to see this track finished
teas - År siden
Can i buy your barbie jeep, I am from Russia))))
Your moms Dad247
Your moms Dad247 - År siden
What did you guys go to collage for
Eric Meyers
Eric Meyers - År siden
Right at the new start bye the tree house you should stretch out the berm on the straight out area take the little tree out and make the berm longer where you messed up on the berm I just feel like you'll you drift further around that corner better if you do it this is just my opinion so yeah just giving a little info 😉
piston tweaker
piston tweaker - År siden
This is old footage because the new front end is not on the oddesey yet
connor morin
connor morin - År siden
You guys should do a colab with hoonigan
Fix It
Fix It - År siden
1 mistake and its over. Get some PPE!!
Alston Wu
Alston Wu - År siden
Hi I see you guys building interesting project and I have a cool idea if you guys can build a Batman motorcycle with big wide tires that would be really cool tho 😎 I seen a e-scooter with wide tire, that kinda gave me Batman motorcycle vibes and while I just checking this channel!!!
The Cracker Cartel
The Cracker Cartel - År siden
Who saw the deer in the background at 0:39
The Cracker Cartel
The Cracker Cartel - År siden
Bryan L olds97_lss could’ve been
Bryan L olds97_lss
Bryan L olds97_lss - År siden
I think that was a dog. Blurry, but looked like a dog with his tail up.
SuperDmongo - År siden
At 9:36 you guys should think about moving the stack of wood on the saw horses. If you swing wide going fast you have a potential of running right into that stack and that wont go well for the driver. Keep doing the awesome builds I enjoy the videos.
Chuck Wood
Chuck Wood - År siden
might be a dumb question, never rode something like this before, but wouldnt it be easier to drive with throttle and brake foot pedals instead of hand controls?
Krookymonster - År siden
That jump down the hill was bonkers m8!
Mr. Babygoat
Mr. Babygoat - År siden
I would crash intently on that track
sourdonkeyjuice - År siden
Hoooly this looks insane!
Chris G.
Chris G. - År siden
That thing needs twice the roll cage it currently has. Your whole upper body is at some serious risk if you were to crash
440exbeast - År siden
Your next build should be a lawn mower with a Honda 450 in it
8warrior5 - År siden
For safety cut down some trees.
nodak tinker
nodak tinker - År siden
You guys are such an inspiration thank you for all that you.
Dân Tộc Cao Bằng TV
Siêu xe đẳng cấp
H20vanoss Garcia
H20vanoss Garcia - År siden
Make a tutorial video on how to build the go kart with the off-road tires
Gustavo Lara
Gustavo Lara - År siden
You guys don’t got a website for your merch? Really want to support 💪🏼
Luis Gonzalez Herrera
Luis Gonzalez Herrera - År siden
Espero, idiotas que por cada árbol que hayan talado, plantaran 10.
Elan Schinader
Elan Schinader - År siden
actually you did the new track because of the logs for the winter, right?
刘遇丰 - År siden
Facundo Rivero
Facundo Rivero - År siden
transform the Tacoma into a prerunner truck!!!
Niko Ondera
Niko Ondera - År siden
You should really try combining the old and the new rally track and do some kind of a two lap course
sn0wchyld - År siden
love it mate... makes me want to start hunting for a new house with a few achres of land :D
Urusov - År siden
Как говорится нихуя не понял, но очень интересно.
motoX - År siden
maybe reverse the course...would help slow you down into those sketchy-af corners, plus you would be able to run more WFO cuz uphills...without going full paul walker
Astle Truscott
Astle Truscott - År siden
You should get 2 step for the barbie kart
Are you guys gay together
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto - År siden
I realy gotta say it to even point it out feels so good u guys realy living the boyhood dream love what i see wish to come and visit u guys some day😊
Carolina mud Reaper
Carolina mud Reaper - År siden
Jim Marriott
Jim Marriott - År siden
A few carefully located sheaves, a little tubing plus some starter cord and your Oddasity could be started from the seat. There's very little pulling force lost to friction.
You could pace your track for an approximate loop measurement to use for calculating average lap speeds or spend 20 minutes and build a wheel for accurately measuring distance. Either way keeping track of and sharing your accomplishments is interesting. Peace.
Garfish - År siden
Ohhh. That is proper rowdy now!
That fast left with the stacked lumber and trees on the outside looks kinda sketch however.
Odyssey rips though!
leveltate - År siden
Adding some sprinkler system would keep ur dirt track on a harder service for you lower carts
Skylar Miller
Skylar Miller - År siden
You guys need to build something that is 2 seater and larger wheel base I feel like Ethan would make a sick rig
Thomas Allan
Thomas Allan - År siden
Is the red car for sale
M Salsa
M Salsa - År siden
You need to learn how to probably drive a mid engine layout. The turns, braking, and timing on press the gas is really SLOPPY . Look up some videos then u should be good👌🏼👍🏽
bob frapples
bob frapples - År siden
Yes hi
MannyMakes ModesteMusic
Use the old track to push the vehicles to its limits and the new one to test
harry guy
harry guy - År siden
Sounds like the engine might have blown a cyl...def not running on all cyl at the end...
Jony the spam
Jony the spam - År siden
4 ADs
Trent - År siden
Please someday do a pick up power wheeles build
Pacheco F
Pacheco F - År siden
Zack seiler
Zack seiler - År siden
hey so I've been watching your videos for a while now and you've guys inspired me to start my own power wheels build and I was wondering if you can make a video on how to weld
Sho Yu Weeni
Sho Yu Weeni - År siden
You need arm nets before you lose them.
Luuk Heerdink
Luuk Heerdink - År siden
Odyssey vs crosskart from cars and cameras
Deadly Steadly
Deadly Steadly - År siden
Im truly hoping that my kids see the value in hard work and good living gives you self pride and confadince.. Some body lite that fire under your asses and we should tip our hats to them cause you guys are what friends spose to do.... Great stuff..
Clint Mullins
Clint Mullins - År siden
Should be named the aratech circuit
Ant La Porte
Ant La Porte - År siden
This was made before the long travel suspension? Sick track
Paul Horton
Paul Horton - År siden
That thing does not have no 130HP!!!
Austin _gasman546
Austin _gasman546 - År siden
Where is the toyata
Brandon Andrew
Brandon Andrew - År siden
You guys should do a quadwatertruck. Just say’n.
grizoh - År siden
Burm should be a little bigger I think
Max Sledge
Max Sledge - År siden
After seeing this I definitely wanna see more odyssey video’s! This is pre long-travel build right?