Building an Oil Tank From A Speed Limit Sign 100HP 4WD Power Wheels build EP 11

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Its time to get our custom off road go kart thing ready to run! In this episode Ethan fabricates an oil tank to feed our 100HP KTM LC8 out of an aluminum speed limit sign. Special thanks to GoPower Sports for the new Axel! Axle
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Travis Troutner
Travis Troutner - 6 dager siden
Project idea... I just saw a tictoc of a guy who built a work bed on a power wheels dually but left the rest stock. So how about a dually diesel build with a goose neck trailer to haul the general and cenderella
Travis - 12 dager siden
lmao it sounded like cameraman was makin animal noises at the end lol :p
Tayro Thinkingoutloud
Tayro Thinkingoutloud - 3 måneder siden
FYI You should mount an oil pick-up tube OFF the bottom of the tank. The bottom of the tank is where nice things like metal frag, sludge etc lives. You want that stuff to have a happy place to rest. Not in a place that's trying to suck it back through your engine.
Just saying. It's your thing. Do what your going to do... O' $#!t, I started channeling Motown. Cause I can't tell ya what to weld it to.
AcesUpOffroad - 5 måneder siden
Hey what transfer case are you using?
peterson0096 - 5 måneder siden
Are you still going to be able to remove that axle after welding that
Chuck Under Fire
Chuck Under Fire - 5 måneder siden
How is it the top comments doesn’t cover the Bad Obsession Motorsport reference!
Long scallop
Long scallop - 5 måneder siden
The speed limit sign looks awesome I love the way it discolored near the welds❤️❤️❤️
Fabián Rojas
Fabián Rojas - 6 måneder siden
Do a 2 stroke build!
Lee DesRosiers
Lee DesRosiers - 6 måneder siden
All I want to see is this zoom zoom zoom, and not go boom boom boom.
phil mortlock
phil mortlock - 6 måneder siden
You guys have really awsome sponsors.
Zachmansd - 6 måneder siden
It certainly looks like space is at a premium in the garage there, but after seeing how the keyway was cut, and the splines for the other shaft, I'd like to suggest investing in a mill. I'd say it would be real handy with the tube notching I saw earlier in the build as well , Put the fixture in the mill, and use the quill's leverage to run the saw through the tube. Bought myself a Bridgeport a couple years back. I haven't done anything too serious with it yet, but with the simple stuff I have done so far, it's totally been worth it.
Josh peterson
Josh peterson - 6 måneder siden
Scotty Bhoy
Scotty Bhoy - 6 måneder siden
lol yar acting on the sponsor bit was super cringey no one thinks you actually use that crap and tbf no one buys anything they see on youtube ads not once have I thought yeah that you tube ad makes me want some of that anyways I understand you need to fund projects but we all know you don't use that smelly stuff lmao
dale c
dale c - 6 måneder siden
watching GHPC is the only thing that makes me forget everything and feel alright for a min
Hassan Sanaa
Hassan Sanaa - 7 måneder siden
the u joint phasing is wrong man
Jaddier R.
Jaddier R. - 7 måneder siden
Is going to be a really clean build!
Jaddier R.
Jaddier R. - 7 måneder siden
Is going to be a really clean build!
Jules Servin
Jules Servin - 7 måneder siden
I keep coming back to see if the new video is out yet, man I can't wait!
matt wood
matt wood - 7 måneder siden
20 mins on a oil tank
Eric Sullivan
Eric Sullivan - 7 måneder siden
⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔Build a motorized power wheels tank. It would be the coolest thing yet ⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔
Mark Boone
Mark Boone - 7 måneder siden
Some road sign body panels would be dope
Kaden Smith
Kaden Smith - 7 måneder siden
So where can I buy one of these
Ray Conger
Ray Conger - 7 måneder siden
16:06 "check" valve, sweet !
JGs Adventures
JGs Adventures - 7 måneder siden
This is going to be one of the sickest build
Jack Walton
Jack Walton - 7 måneder siden
Where did you get the turbo for barbie car👍🏻👍🏻
Pietrosky - 7 måneder siden
Can you make a rotary engine power wheels?
Ray Conger
Ray Conger - 7 måneder siden
Copper moves heat out even better than aluminum, if you can stand the green corrosion.
Connar Schell
Connar Schell - 7 måneder siden
You should make a tuck that is diesel and then put a small turbo.
erick segovia
erick segovia - 7 måneder siden
Your videos make lock down fun. Thanks Grind Hard....I'm spreading the word to other locked down people.
jayhawk184 - 7 måneder siden
What if you guys made a mini snow mobile with those treads from sendy ?
Explore Outdoors
Explore Outdoors - 7 måneder siden
the tig welding is looking great, and sick new beat!
a h
a h - 7 måneder siden
the oil tank location isn't in too of a bad spot, reason being if a stick hits the tank and your going fast your screwed and will have to make another. its good thinking tho love the vids on it
tallwill38 - 7 måneder siden
I watched until the cologne ad came on
Things You Might Like
Things You Might Like - 7 måneder siden
Keep it up guys. Builds are looking great!
Nick Cam
Nick Cam - 7 måneder siden
Y’all should do a power wheels truck build but find a smaller diesel motor and delete it so it can roll coal. Just a suggestion. anyone agree??
immrnoidall - 7 måneder siden
holy crap dude. that tank could be in an art exhibit. so cool. amazing work.
AspectYT - 7 måneder siden
its gonna rust
john spain
john spain - 7 måneder siden
Do u really want to be welding on the bearing housing after the bearing is is in it?
Logan Hinc
Logan Hinc - 7 måneder siden
im pretty sure you guys could make a v8 fit into a smart car the way you are making all that stuff fit in a power wheels
Climber31 - 7 måneder siden
Every other comment is 'ALIGN THE U-JOINTS'.
Guess everyone is a expert on U-joints. I'm not concerned, worst case, we learn something.
Aron Charlwood
Aron Charlwood - 7 måneder siden
Nice Ally Tig for a first go man took me a few years to get decent at it
Yura Yakovtsov
Yura Yakovtsov - 7 måneder siden
Хороший контент !
The Story Till Now
The Story Till Now - 7 måneder siden
Haha that's awesome! 👍
007 T-5
007 T-5 - 7 måneder siden
Oil tank is so sick..! I just hope it doesn't get in the way of the exhaust for that side...? When the time comes for that...👍🏁
Stupid Fast
Stupid Fast - 7 måneder siden
Why not just but a broaching kit? Lol theyre not that expensive although i do LOVE the "work with whatcha got theme ✊🤙
Zachary Melancon
Zachary Melancon - 7 måneder siden
Y’all gotta bring this to cars and cameras mini mayhem!
Brent Heltsley
Brent Heltsley - 7 måneder siden
“Junkyard” :)
Ratonmone - 7 måneder siden
15:11 Is that a sample from a Mighty Car Mods song or is it just me?
Dozer1642 - 7 måneder siden
Street signs are usually such a pain to fabricate with. They don’t handle bending, I think because they are tempered, or it’s just a special low grade alloy to discourage them being used as a public sheet metal source.
Great job on the tank, it looks awesome!
David Gagnon
David Gagnon - 7 måneder siden
I love using signs for projects I used a dot bump sign for the roof on my side by side then added a roof top basket and 4 3inch led spotlights worked out awesome
TrailRippers44 - 7 måneder siden
Where you get those signs😂
Cole and Neale's channel
Cole and Neale's channel - 7 måneder siden
@grindhardplumbingco Hi I love the build and all the other stuff I want to sub to you’re 2nd channel do you have a link as I can’t find it on YouTube
lochie halfpenny
lochie halfpenny - 7 måneder siden
I cant wait to see this thing rip
Philyppe Despatie
Philyppe Despatie - 7 måneder siden
What’s the brand and model of your new AC tig welder you used ?
Blake Flaten
Blake Flaten - 7 måneder siden
Glad to see these videos guys are Awsome at what you do which is pretty much everything 😅😅🤘🤝greetings from Mn
Fred Duvall
Fred Duvall - 7 måneder siden
I can hardly wait to see this crazy machine rippin the roads & trails up! looks GREAT!
Shane Conklin
Shane Conklin - 7 måneder siden
Song 7:17?
Theo Lindblom
Theo Lindblom - 7 måneder siden
Next do a 2stroke build
Cyrus Fisher #19
Cyrus Fisher #19 - 7 måneder siden
What happened to that old 2j
WurstExpress #616
WurstExpress #616 - 7 måneder siden
this music is the WORST about this channel
Dalton McClanahan
Dalton McClanahan - 7 måneder siden
I see you still have the Peugeot wheels from the Subaru. Any plans for those? I need them lol.
Hunter Evans
Hunter Evans - 7 måneder siden
A simple Google search will tell you the drive shaft is not in phase, where did you come up with this stuff lol. Crawl under a truck and look at that drive shaft
James McGee
James McGee - 7 måneder siden
Can't wait to see her rip!
jacks 420
jacks 420 - 7 måneder siden
21:17 umm
Lost Boy & Diesel Pig
Lost Boy & Diesel Pig - 7 måneder siden
When you put the signs around the track you should use mild, half and
full send in place of the numbers
Trucking Chase
Trucking Chase - 7 måneder siden
Phil Rae
Phil Rae - 7 måneder siden
when i built the skidplate in my avatar a while ago I got a lot of hate from people who assumed I must have stolen it. There's tons of different roadsigns in some recycle yards
Quintin Bayerl
Quintin Bayerl - 7 måneder siden
Also just looking what did you do to the odyssey
thatdude Inblue _
thatdude Inblue _ - 7 måneder siden
When is the SAS going to happen for the tacoma
Quintin Bayerl
Quintin Bayerl - 7 måneder siden
Hay I just want to tell you we had a parts sled 440xcr race sled Polaris and you guys have really brightened my imagination on the Honda oddasy we may get a frame and my build one like yours this is a cobbled moter with a old crank and a old motor with perches pistons. This will be a fun project thanks to you guys thank you for the inspiration
Bri - 7 måneder siden
Really enjoyed the talking to the camera from the fab guy but try to constantly look at the camera only and not the guy holding it. We need to feel you are talking to us not him. He gets enough attention from you, we don't. We enjoy your fab and your dialogue as well! I loved the oil tank, it was a very sweet build.
dz1sfb - 7 måneder siden
Love your work.
Grey Haack
Grey Haack - 7 måneder siden
My good buddy was charged with 2nd degree possession of stollen property for having a couple of street signs at his house. Beware guys. I would hate to see some dickhead cop get a wild hair up his ass and make an example out of ya😉
Jacob Ogden
Jacob Ogden - 7 måneder siden
You should use a dab of green loctite to seal that baring onto the shaft since it wasn’t a press fit you want to keep it from spinning, doubt it will but it’s a good way to steady it
Brandon Masieniec
Brandon Masieniec - 7 måneder siden
cant use synthetic oil unless its amsoil or lucas meant for a wet clutch. gonna ruin them clutch plates and make themslip like a sumbitch with that castrol
ddaychannel - 7 måneder siden
A easy way we use to test tanks is make up a thick solution from builders chalk line chalk and some thinners and paint the welds. Allow to dry and add about 100mls of diesel in the tank and swirl it around it will show up as a dark patch in the chalk if you have a leak.
the chevy dude
the chevy dude - 7 måneder siden
It looks like it is going to be a pain to fill the new oil tank
Maxime HODEN
Maxime HODEN - 7 måneder siden
i wich i can do what you do one day. (i'm french sorry for bad english)
Goomer - 7 måneder siden
nice work
Koty Sisson
Koty Sisson - 7 måneder siden
Amazzing work keep it up
JHS - 7 måneder siden
Shot for every time he says aluminum instead of aluminium
Matthew Bergin
Matthew Bergin - 7 måneder siden
9mm or 38 caliber?
Jozef SK
Jozef SK - 7 måneder siden
this music is Half Life quality. So amazing
Weston Furman
Weston Furman - 7 måneder siden
Fuggin awesome!
lukestoyz - 7 måneder siden
How did you solve the differentials breathers issue of them being mounted upside down?
UnShapingTheEarth - 7 måneder siden
I like the new music tracks!
mark montgomery
mark montgomery - 7 måneder siden
My Gf and I love your work , can not wait to see the 100 Hp power wheels Jeep finished . Anyways I had your latest video on pause and was admiring the garage man door steel Grind Hard Plumbing Co Sign , but because the door is white , I can not really see it , looks KEWL though , any chance you can paint the back of the door a dark color or back drop the door , then maybe we can see what is written on the sign. and you Guys Rock!
Thanx Mark Montgomery from Atikokan Canada.
Mark paul Lewis
Mark paul Lewis - 7 måneder siden
Ur coming along nicely...u can see it now....very good...
Mike Mchaney
Mike Mchaney - 7 måneder siden
Your incorrect on the drive shaft phasing. Your center section needs to be at the same orientation, not 90°… go look under any of your trucks/cars. Only the outside yokes are 90° off the center line of the middle shaft.
Вова Кондрашов
Вова Кондрашов - 7 måneder siden
Привет из России , респект вам , просто глаз радуется смотреть на вашу культуру производства
Levi D Bateman
Levi D Bateman - 7 måneder siden
Oil tank speed, awesome!! Can’t wait to see the exhaust!!
killdogxes - 7 måneder siden
I have never been so entertained watching an oil tank being fabricated :-D
Homeless - 7 måneder siden
How much is your Aluminum Tank going to cost? Read the sticker on the back of the speed limit sign.
Eric Fredrickson
Eric Fredrickson - 7 måneder siden
The driveshaft yokes as shown are out of phase: the yokes on the the shaft are to be mirrored , i.e., the same position opposite of each other(180 degrees offset). The way it's shown on the vehicle (90 degrees offset) will tear itself apart. On the farm, all pto and other such powershafts on equipment are mirrored yokes, i.e., in phase; pto shafts are designed so it's nearly impossible to put them back together wrong.

Also, are you going to extend the dipstick length, so it will show just how low the system can get?

Fascinating build; can't wait to see this run.
john bernier
john bernier - 7 måneder siden
YEARS AGO i use a STOP Sine to repair a hole in the floor in my FORD RANGER it works
Landon Waisner
Landon Waisner - 7 måneder siden
I love yalls videos so much. I look forward to them everyday
Blacksheep 973
Blacksheep 973 - 7 måneder siden
YOU DONT OFF SET DRIVE SHAFTS 90 DEGREES!! They have to be dead straight!! Making them offset is will make them bind! Look at the driveshaft of a pickup truck....
C Puzz
C Puzz - 7 måneder siden
Stole a Speed sign for the build. Nice!
C Puzz
C Puzz - 7 måneder siden
Spinning U joint next to a leg bouncing on bumps. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
Steven Donaghy
Steven Donaghy - 7 måneder siden
Great episode this week guys. Editing was on point, just like the fab work.
Daniel Degler
Daniel Degler - 7 måneder siden
Are you sure that the u-joint should be turned 90 degrees? I have often seen 0 degrees. Its just a question.
Keep up all your nice work. I will follow your channel from sweden. You give me
inspiration on my own builds.