Building+Upgrading a $300 Dirt Bike From China!

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We bought a $300 pocket bike dirt bike from China and it is not as bad as we thought! This pocket bike has full suspension, inverted forks, front and rear breaks, a terrible weed wacker engine and most important to us an awesome body and frame to modify! It is leaking oil already! A better pocket bike dirt bike than we bought
Mini dirt bikes rock!
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Shortys Outdoors
Shortys Outdoors - 20 timer siden
Please do another video on this I'm looking into buying this bike
red thunder
red thunder - Dag siden
80cc bog bore
mr pb
mr pb - 8 dager siden
it slow af
WaHiD GM - 9 dager siden
If you got the 2 stroke version better it's really upgradable and there is all tuning parts you can think of
Ethan Enriquez
Ethan Enriquez - 9 dager siden
How much would you want for it
recoop003 - 9 dager siden
Is that a 10cc omg so small
Carl Reed
Carl Reed - 10 dager siden
Plz let me know about chamber muffler
Carl Reed
Carl Reed - 10 dager siden
Did you know them run better with chamber muffler. Give a try
Keigan Brandon
Keigan Brandon - 10 dager siden
R u doing any more videos on the triphuph
Night Bot
Night Bot - 11 dager siden
What cc is this Bc if it’s 110cc I need a 125cc
Hajj Fulton
Hajj Fulton - 12 dager siden
Can yal pls like this so he can do this build db24 tao tao it's a good bike sorta
rez shop fab
rez shop fab - 17 dager siden
Lmao, I just got one of these bikes but mine has a 2stroke and may need some frame bracing hehe. I live in wa, can't wait to see were this project goes😂
TimmY BoY
TimmY BoY - 17 dager siden
It needs polini minimoto water cooled engine haha
weekly upload
weekly upload - 17 dager siden
Did any of you guys see the mini helicoptor in the bag at 3:15 min
kody mcpherson
kody mcpherson - 18 dager siden
Should of got the two stroke one
DEE RICHARDSON - 18 dager siden
can't u mod the carb?
Allison St. Jean
Allison St. Jean - 19 dager siden
Give me the bike na
Pit Quaders
Pit Quaders - 19 dager siden
If you see this build a baby expansion pipe
Henrik Nordeng
Henrik Nordeng - 20 dager siden
Helmet is as big as half the bike :D :D :D
Jared Triche
Jared Triche - 20 dager siden
I have an identical one to this for my son and it won't run due to a lot of gas diluting the oil. Anyone know the cause of this??? It hasn't been ridden a ton or anything.
GFABS - 21 dag siden
I hope you guys reinforced the subframe mounts on that e36!!!🥴
C.J. WATTS - 21 dag siden
Omg it's a mini pit bike
Brandon Floyd
Brandon Floyd - 22 dager siden
Extended swingarm
iamandreja - 24 dager siden
I love your rally track, I'd spend all of my days there :D
Aaaanyway, this is how I crashed two stroke version of that bike, same as you, popped a controllable wheelie until it wasn't :D /watch?v=Yf_Xqtu3pP8
Those things are sketchy! And really bad quality, my output shaft broke on my superbike pocket bike, my clutch fell apart... All in two rides!
Jesus Barron
Jesus Barron - 26 dager siden
Hey can I have one
Adam Mihalko
Adam Mihalko - 26 dager siden
Nice little pit bike
Amarilis Fernández
Amarilis Fernández - 26 dager siden
Mays dirt bike300$
Amarilis Fernández
Amarilis Fernández - 26 dager siden
Mays dirt bike
THE PAGE BURNER 1979 - 26 dager siden
Is that a ultra lite.
arman rgun
arman rgun - 27 dager siden
thats a pocket bike lmao
Scott Gonsales
Scott Gonsales - 27 dager siden
Needs the orange ignition system, a 20mm- 22mm carb and two teeth less on the rear sprocket.
Joel Tobin
Joel Tobin - 27 dager siden
Put a ktm 50cc 2 stroke race motor in it
Justin Cavinder
Justin Cavinder - 28 dager siden
The frame was flexing when being jumped. Might want to reinforce the frame around the front suspension connection.
CRUD VADER - 28 dager siden
Remember when inverted forks would cost you $2,000. Street bike or dirt bike. Ohlins Forks were $2000.
CRUD VADER - 28 dager siden
Your channels background music is second to none.
CRUD VADER - 28 dager siden
How much did it cost
Colt Stacey
Colt Stacey - 28 dager siden
My dad got my little sisters the same ones but two strokes they’re actually pretty fasy
kevin auman
kevin auman - 28 dager siden
Lon sewell
Lon sewell - 28 dager siden
Thanks to this video my 4 year old will be getting one of these for his birthday :-)
dtvtechrp - 28 dager siden
It needs like a cr125 engine
PIXEL GUN KILLA - 28 dager siden
Y’all could have gotten a Apollo 125cc for like 600 with manual clutch 4 gears on like offer up or something like that
Ryese Hart
Ryese Hart - 28 dager siden
This thing needs an electric motor in it. You can get a conversion kit of eBay and then it will have way better acceleration
jordyn fouracres
jordyn fouracres - 29 dager siden
Motor swap it 250 2 stroke 😬 the death Rocket
Axel Ammons
Axel Ammons - 29 dager siden
I have one and it like the tires like to pop
Edmund Drumm
Edmund Drumm - 29 dager siden
Hey guys I have a pw80 2 stroke motor id like to donate to you guys and do a build possible
WITTEKIND RIDES - 29 dager siden
I remember when I first subscribed and you guys were at about 100k subs
Julien Videgain
Julien Videgain - 29 dager siden
get a crf110 and make it a build. They are the new trend!
ThatFabDad! !
ThatFabDad! ! - 29 dager siden
We’ve got 2 of those jump boxes at the shop, amazing little things. 10/10 recommended.
Tony TV bs
Tony TV bs - Måned siden
I want the Jeep please!!!
Tyler O’Dwyer
Tyler O’Dwyer - Måned siden
Went from sounding like a weed eater to a lawn mower yewww
T-Dog Racing and offroad
T-Dog Racing and offroad - Måned siden
Alternate video title: top 10 minibike fails 2020
jeep2003 - Måned siden
That goes surprisingly well. You should build a motoped with it
Mike And Ema
Mike And Ema - Måned siden
I bought one for my son....... he’s 27 loves it.
Not Sure
Not Sure - Måned siden
The helmet is bigger than the bike
Len Gaming
Len Gaming - Måned siden
Get one of those 49cc motors instead, a lot more potential be in those...
Dax arms
Dax arms - Måned siden
I think if you take the muffler off the carburetor air filter and the gas tank off of a factory Predator 212cc engine that's been modified for stage 3 or 4 and use go power sports parts you might be able to shoehorn it into that chassis
Taten Martinez
Taten Martinez - Måned siden
Looks even smaller than my mini one
stacey Starling
stacey Starling - Måned siden
ello1011 - Måned siden
these things cost 130€ in Germany wtf
Rondizzler Yt
Rondizzler Yt - Måned siden
New Engine, thicker wheels, skid plate and extended frame on this thing and she’s mint
Steve Samson
Steve Samson - Måned siden
Nice video 👌
Ben Riley
Ben Riley - Måned siden
2 stroke 125 motor would be hectic
kye sweeney
kye sweeney - Måned siden
turbocharge it.
moonmonk123 - Måned siden
Use one of those small 2 stroke 66cc Chinese engines would look so dope on there plus parts aplenty
Blake M A Baker
Blake M A Baker - Måned siden
I bought a ssr 110 replaced the plug cleaned that carb and she started then replaced the car and so far I've got around 350 into and its awesome just needs new suspension and some bolts for the plastics and a new mixture screw on the carb then she ready for the new engine next year
Blake M A Baker
Blake M A Baker - Måned siden
The bike itself was only 160 bucks
Xxxluca3787 _
Xxxluca3787 _ - Måned siden
rotary swap?
Jim hill billy
Jim hill billy - Måned siden
On a trailer you could dame nere just put it on the back bumper lol
Aggressive Poptart
Aggressive Poptart - Måned siden
I like how the helmet is the size of the bike
Jon Lasaga
Jon Lasaga - Måned siden
You should try restricting the beginning of the exhaust pipe more. It looks like you lost some torque in the takeoff and that is usually because with these carb setups you want to have really high exhaust pressure going to low so that the gasses exit the engine quickly and then can flow freely. If you welded a peice of tube at the beggining as a restriction at the same diameter as stock you would regain that low end and still make more upper end power with a bigger exhaust.
Josh Yoman
Josh Yoman - Måned siden
You guys should make little dirt bike 3 wheelers.
supertedogpriken - Måned siden
You guys should have gotten the 2stroke type of these pocketbikes. They go 35mph all day, downhill and uphill. And the best mod for them bikes is to put a BMX handlebar on them. If you go to ebay and search for 2stroke pocketbike engine you could get them for 60-70$
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown - Måned siden
I have the same mini bike when I saw this video I just had to watch it
Dylan Unrau
Dylan Unrau - Måned siden
that $85 is wrong its $115 for the lowest rewarded backing of the kickstarter
ChappyboyLSX - Måned siden
Ktm 65 motor ,kx 60 ,one of them motors turn it into snow bike and that thing would be killer...
frozen chicken nuggets
frozen chicken nuggets - Måned siden
i have one question. would you recommend it?
handyhippie65 - Måned siden
you know it's dinky when the seat is below your knees. the center of gravity is about 6-8" above the seat when you're sittin' on it, so yeah, it's gonna be sketchy as hell for an adult to ride. but hey, what do you expect for $300?
Jesse Jenkins
Jesse Jenkins - Måned siden
Put a 85 2 stroke dirtbike motor in it!
Kurt Wiebe
Kurt Wiebe - Måned siden
Put a 65 in it
cody leight
cody leight - Måned siden
Dosen't go fast enough to get hurt on lol
cody leight
cody leight - Måned siden
Make it a 3 wheeler
kory Manuel
kory Manuel - Måned siden
So awesome love this channel
dmonkfunk - Måned siden
At that size, isn't there a tonne of electric stuff around? looks like there's room for a bigger wheel and some li-on packs might be pretty effective with instant torque.. Playing around with that thing in the bush was the highlight!
David Cason
David Cason - Måned siden
I hate to say it no I don't but I think my 60cc Husqvarna chainsaw has more power than that little mini bike
Money Grip
Money Grip - Måned siden
420 predator swap it
Cb400f Honda
Cb400f Honda - Måned siden
I bet your helmet
They cannot produce a $300
Pit bike like you tried to trash
Here in us
Besides those lawnmowerbikes
Money Grip
Money Grip - Måned siden
I want to see edwin 360 the ledge
Carter Stennett
Carter Stennett - Måned siden
Yz50s are that small, so are most other 50 or 49cc dirtbikes
ruben bjerkestrand
ruben bjerkestrand - Måned siden
A 65/85 2stroke in it would do the job
Phillip Toone
Phillip Toone - Måned siden
0:55 Snowbike? YES!
James Litteken
James Litteken - Måned siden
1st mod .. 6-8 inch FRAME STRECH ! Lol
Tanner Gietzen
Tanner Gietzen - Måned siden
Throw in an old maico 700cc 2 smoker
TheElectro121 - Måned siden
2 stroke 80
Pickled Crazy
Pickled Crazy - Måned siden
Why you buying stuff from China
James Caricola
James Caricola - Måned siden
This life ...... so dope
Jack Currie
Jack Currie - Måned siden
Put a 450cc engine in it !! And bigger tires👌🏻
Dax arms
Dax arms - Måned siden
Shoehorn at KTM 550 into that little mini bike
MrLundefaret - Måned siden
That jump-starter is awesome!
Dax arms
Dax arms - Måned siden
Shoehorn attilicon 228cc engine in it you'll have a problem keeping the front wheel on the ground
Dax arms
Dax arms - Måned siden
Those wheels look like the same size wheels you get with the little rascal mini bike build or the master Moto mini bike and those might do a little better cuz they're wider
Dax arms
Dax arms - Måned siden
if you going to put a more powerful engine on that I would recommend a racing chain from gopower sports probably 420 with new sprockets, if you sweet talk them they might send it to you free👏👏👏👏