Camaro Does Burnouts

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Our 500cc Polaris Predator engined go kart does its first burnout. In this episode the Chevy Camaro SS gets a custom built gas tank, oil tank, and cooling system. We are one episode away from getting this thing driving! Next stop Sema! Yewww
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Full parts list here
JohnAndrey 26
JohnAndrey 26 - 10 måneder siden
Do you make a barbie jeep and sell it??? Because I bought it...
OFFICIAL JEBUDDAH - 11 måneder siden
Yall should try to drift these things🤣🤣
You guys wanna make a rear under body wing so that rad gets more air?
stormmy - År siden
Grind Hard Plumbing Co this week... Yeahhhh
Alex Damron
Alex Damron - År siden
Are you worried about the small gas tank size? Not sure how efficient that engine is but I was just wondering if you’d get enough run time
JesterNR - 3 måneder siden
The way you setup part of the frame to run the coolant to the radiator is similar to an Idea I've had for years about boxing in the rear frame of a minitruck and using it as the tank for air suspension. Looks super clean
Wilson Robledo
Wilson Robledo - 4 måneder siden
Me puedes Aser uno de estos carritos yo te mando el mio
MellowDevil - 4 måneder siden
can u use this as a normal car?
Bruce Mackay
Bruce Mackay - 5 måneder siden
Why did they not put the gas outlet line lower down on the tank... so they can use the gas in the bottom half of the gas tank...
Jeff Zavitz
Jeff Zavitz - 7 måneder siden
Nice timing there...Thought the drill broke... (4:15)
Jacob Bancroft
Jacob Bancroft - 8 måneder siden
What does a project like this cost? Or have you ever considered selling prices?
Ernesto Casillas
Ernesto Casillas - 9 måneder siden
Who'S Ethan ?
Brian Westfield
Brian Westfield - 9 måneder siden
The projects you guys build are all so cool. But the fact you also incorporate an OP-1 into your audio workflow, that's SUPER cool!
Jordan Forsgren
Jordan Forsgren - 9 måneder siden
We need a shop tour
federico arce
federico arce - 11 måneder siden
Jajajajajaja 8:46
MASTERoQUADEMAN - 11 måneder siden
Banging that reservoir against the table I heard the tribal chant from the volcano scene in finding Nemo. “Ah ooh ah eee ah oh oh oh”
El Sibarita Del Castillo
El Sibarita Del Castillo - 11 måneder siden
Para la pista
Rick Vestuto
Rick Vestuto - 11 måneder siden
This is so funny (I just found you and watched a ton of your videos)
I was sick of hearing the same music I used on my YouTube videos on other peoples YouTube Channel (Like Yours)
So I just ordered an OP-1 (it arrives today)
I will no longer be hearing music that I downloaded from "EPIDEMIC SOUND" on my videos
It will be harder and a much longer process to Post process but hey, Nothing good doesn't take a lot of hard work
In my younger years, I used to scab parts from several machines to create just one working 4x4 (Until i became a husband and father 33 years ago)
Great job on all your work and awesome job on your videos
Your production techniques have gotten much better over the past year
Best regards, Rick
Durrell Laporte
Durrell Laporte - 11 måneder siden
You made a sweet beat wit it to
1320 Savage
1320 Savage - 11 måneder siden
Do you sell them
Paul Dupey
Paul Dupey - 11 måneder siden
I guys r fucking awesome for this build
Brodie Young
Brodie Young - 11 måneder siden
garage tour for sure. then build a new one
Brodey Miller
Brodey Miller - 11 måneder siden
How much money to make me one
Jayce Rodgers
Jayce Rodgers - 11 måneder siden
That frame is amazing!
golem 5000
golem 5000 - 11 måneder siden
gotta love that beat tho
Vennique Nesbeth
Vennique Nesbeth - 11 måneder siden
Do you sell these?????!!!!!!!! Please say yes
Matt Mays
Matt Mays - 11 måneder siden
Just curious, have you guys ever been in contact with CarsandCameras? Two of my fav. go to custom build channels.
Justin Daniel
Justin Daniel - 11 måneder siden
I miss you guys I got a garage in Arkansas 50×100. I'm insipid to get a lathe and do something of my own
Andres R
Andres R - 11 måneder siden
This is one of the best channels on YouTube, nice builds, nice commentary, nice video editing, nice music, amazing work guys, greetings from Colombia.
salahin aja_terus
salahin aja_terus - 11 måneder siden
Hi, i have a video recommendation for making a tank sedan car. I think it fits the character of your yellow car project. Of course the speed of acceleration can rival Cinderella. Here: 👇
Baby Boi
Baby Boi - 11 måneder siden
Beautiful💙 I need one
danteelite - 11 måneder siden
Here's my vote for that shop setup video.
You guys have a very interesting setup and a sweet property and a tour would be very cool.
plankz gaming
plankz gaming - 11 måneder siden
My name is ethan
Iskandar Dzulkarnain
Iskandar Dzulkarnain - 11 måneder siden
Side pipe exhaust or front fender exhaust exit should be nice👌🏼
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 11 måneder siden
Street fighter la wide body kit
Mike Swisher
Mike Swisher - 11 måneder siden
Swing the left header pipe to the left side and run the exhaust down both sides of the car. you could have to option of doing a side pipe exhaust or straight out the back..
kennedy singh
kennedy singh - 11 måneder siden
Great job
Francisco Noyola
Francisco Noyola - 11 måneder siden
Y’all keep up the hard work and the great content! Really enjoying the videos! But please please take a look at Mark Robers channel and the fundraiser he is doing. Please help them reach his goal of planting 20 million trees by 2020. Please help them teacher there goal #Teamtrees
gay retard
gay retard - 11 måneder siden
Please paint the red on the steering wheel black or yellow! It's really annoying me!
gay retard
gay retard - 11 måneder siden
This build is so classy and clean!
gay retard
gay retard - 11 måneder siden
I'm surprised you didn't dimple the oil tank! 😂
Matthew Reynolds
Matthew Reynolds - 11 måneder siden
Make side pipes
JefferySandburger - 11 måneder siden
You guys are so cool
Parker Brown
Parker Brown - 11 måneder siden
3 wheel tricycle next
Alex Yates
Alex Yates - 11 måneder siden
What's the name of the song at 12:20?
Please help!!!
King Toyoter
King Toyoter - 11 måneder siden
Hey look at that you got a heated seat
Deimos Phob
Deimos Phob - 11 måneder siden
A hand clutch like a suicide shifter on a motorcycle would be cool
TreachourusJdogg - 11 måneder siden
Does anyone know the song at 12:20? That beat has been stuck in my head since the last Senderella episode.
Xvier Benuto
Xvier Benuto - 11 måneder siden
Yeah make a tool video
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox - 11 måneder siden
I hope to see a ninja 250 on one of your projects. Something with some real rpm.
darren marchant
darren marchant - 11 måneder siden
uhm...uh....uhum...role bars...yeah....
Nate Mucher
Nate Mucher - 11 måneder siden
please do a DIY style video explaining the steps you need to take to make your own extreme power wheels car.
will wardlaw
will wardlaw - 11 måneder siden
Can I come hotbox y’all’s treehouse?
Isaiah Vasquez
Isaiah Vasquez - 11 måneder siden
why not make a 2 stroke next
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz - 11 måneder siden
Do the hoonigan challenge. The best burnout of the month gets prizes.
Mauricio Narcia
Mauricio Narcia - 11 måneder siden
Can it fly or go on water maybe 2 people an beers
Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang - 11 måneder siden
Boost it
Bradley mantla
Bradley mantla - 11 måneder siden
Shop setup video
And parts and sizes to build one
Sir Bumps-a-lot
Sir Bumps-a-lot - 11 måneder siden
Just got paid today and bought a few things GHPC stuffs headed to Alaskan fan to represent ya'll now i need a XL flat bill hat to wear at work so people ask me about it and help spread the word 😎👍
Jemma Green
Jemma Green - 11 måneder siden
Can you send me one of your go-karts
DJRAYBz marin3constant1
DJRAYBz marin3constant1 - 11 måneder siden
Cant wait to see it finished and hopefully have headlights and taillights
Walther and Kaytlin's Vlogs
Walther and Kaytlin's Vlogs - 11 måneder siden
I hope y'all sell like this. 😌 This is so fun 😌 Even though i only watch on youtube its already fun. How much more you drive this 😌💙
Chris Nealis
Chris Nealis - 11 måneder siden
The chains will be covered, right?
Mauricio Narcia
Mauricio Narcia - 11 måneder siden
Is AWD possible 4x4 ?? An extra chain to the front
チャリEL [ChariEL]
チャリEL [ChariEL] - 11 måneder siden
I waited for this!! XD
Clark Shannon
Clark Shannon - 11 måneder siden
You should make a power wheels with 2-stroke 500 in it or something it's way lighter
Brayden Webb
Brayden Webb - 11 måneder siden
You guys are so good at building stuff I bet, if you mad a car it would be the best car, or truck made.
Drew McCall
Drew McCall - 11 måneder siden
when are you making a hoodie for the merch store?
InkMore - 11 måneder siden
Ansel Gaddy
Ansel Gaddy - 11 måneder siden
Looks great! Put a heavy sheet metal chain guard on, you really do not what a busted chain whipping you in the back of the leg.
T H - 11 måneder siden
How much it cost to make barbie cinderella jeep, cuz iv wanted to make my own go cart, not like this, i wish i had time like this lol. But would it be cheaper and better to just buy a used honda 400 sport wheeler. But id die to have this. Plus im not old enough to buy my ow wheeler, cyz dont have jab, but saving up. Ive fot minnamal tools, do u think i could possibly do it.
SGillespie1985 - 11 måneder siden
You guys make me REALLY want to learn how to weld! I've had a low-end mig for a couple years; never even fired it up..!
hotshtsr20 - 11 måneder siden
Breathe deep
Bangin '
Bangin ' - 11 måneder siden
You guys should make a true dual exhaust that comes straight out the back
João Rubens
João Rubens - 11 måneder siden
I brasilian
Metal Face
Metal Face - 11 måneder siden
So I'm at the part where you said 'make the floor pan out of this thin steel here' what if you did a layer on top of maybe 1/4, 1/8" wood planks or wood-flooring style? Some wood working thrown in. Fuck it, right? Or maybe some kind of dashboard accents that are wooden. I know you know your woodworking, cmon, you live in the woods of Idaho and have a rotating treehouse. ;)
Shawn Canady
Shawn Canady - 11 måneder siden
Wide body the camaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CJ De Smidt
CJ De Smidt - 11 måneder siden
Hands down the sickest b-roll in the game
CJ De Smidt
CJ De Smidt - 11 måneder siden
The OP-1 🔥🔥
OhMyCod - 11 måneder siden
Yes. Shop setup video!
cadillac crow
cadillac crow - 11 måneder siden
hey you know what would be really cool? cut the car body in half 4 ways and make it longer and wider and make it out of a two-seater and fiberglass the parts of the body that is to short! plus if you did that you would be able to run the mufflers like a real car lol. I bet that would really be cool!
Shelby Howard
Shelby Howard - 11 måneder siden
Once you get to the painting of the frame and stuff you should paint the engine flat black
Ashton Dyer
Ashton Dyer - 11 måneder siden
Seats mounted to the gas tank that seems a little risky love it
Sneeki Breeki
Sneeki Breeki - 11 måneder siden
Just a suggestion: but I would run a hose through the chassis rails instead of just using the frame as coolant hose. That way if/when you bottom it out you don't have to worry about a crack/bend/etc in the frame causing you to leak boiling coolant all over you...
William Pirkle
William Pirkle - 11 måneder siden
Nice fabrication skills
the anonymous 30
the anonymous 30 - 11 måneder siden
I suggest a power wheels truck for the next build
Hunter Helmich
Hunter Helmich - 11 måneder siden
Any room for a turbo?
Alex Yates
Alex Yates - 11 måneder siden
What's the name of the song playing at 11:20?
Please help!
Taylor Robinson
Taylor Robinson - 11 måneder siden
Imagine a rear engine Porsche power wheel!
Cody Harkins
Cody Harkins - 11 måneder siden
The next build should be a ford power wheels truck and y’all’s can put a diesel in it! ✊✌️🤟
Brett Beard
Brett Beard - 11 måneder siden
Cut slits in the chair like on the curve so some more air will hit the radiator when driving.
Lobo Cua
Lobo Cua - 11 måneder siden
Skip to 18:20
Gavin O
Gavin O - 11 måneder siden
You should do a cr500 build
Geo Bee
Geo Bee - 11 måneder siden
Now this I what I been waiting to see forget all that other bullshit you guys nail it with the motor in the kids toys you guys could make a good living from making these and selling them for sure #grindhardplumbing I'll buy one deffinatly
Bobby Cravens
Bobby Cravens - 11 måneder siden
Next build should be the Barbie Dream Camper.
Kevin Jelinek
Kevin Jelinek - 11 måneder siden
It even sounds like a muscle car
Ramses Lopez
Ramses Lopez - 11 måneder siden
This is how many people would buy the cars they made
Build Prone
Build Prone - 11 måneder siden
Use felxable tubing for your exhaust header then muffler at the end and header wrap it all. Then you can use the flex tubing to rout it down and around the frame slightly resessed then to the back and into the actual comaro exhaust locations. I used flex tubing on my vertical shaft motercycle build. It works well.
Kenny Kaya
Kenny Kaya - 11 måneder siden
Instead of chain driven i would love to see an actual diff driven
Noscopes Allowed
Noscopes Allowed - 11 måneder siden
Me too but then you need a driveshaft and that adds significant complexity, and a lot of weak points.
MrPafleouf - 11 måneder siden
the camaro really is your most refined build ! with all the new tools and ideas, it's a work of art ! well done guys !
Bradley - 11 måneder siden
Was the rear suspension at full droop when that gastank went in? I couldn't quite tell. Would be a real bummer to smash up that gas take on the first send.

Also, that floor plan is absolutely sick. I need dimple dies!
Incognito Bandito
Incognito Bandito - 11 måneder siden
Toolz and shop setup pl0x.
land cruiser
land cruiser - År siden
you shod do a
Ram 3500 Dually 12V Battery Powered make it a crf500
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto - År siden
Have u ever think big bigger bader meener how about making somting realy cool of a powerwheels gpassion its a trick lock it up see where im going with it to in my sort o perspektiv make it happen i know u can and have the time and tools for it big fat tires with big engine next big projekt