Camaro Gets Front Suspension and Steering

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In todays episode we add steering and front suspension to our custom 500cc 2019 Camaro SS power wheels toy! This is one crazy go kart build.
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Hey guys, sorry about the audio from 14:45 to 16:50. We've put subtitles in English so feel free to turn the CC!
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Ernesto Casillas
Ernesto Casillas - 9 måneder siden
Love your shirt i want one
BOSSMAN 83 - År siden
Do you guys do special orders
Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik - 2 måneder siden
Such a hard working dude spends days to make a car and also spends hours editing the video
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dbwhwhwh bxbwwbw - 2 måneder siden
gabriel billie
gabriel billie - 3 måneder siden
Im wondering if i can order one from them
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Add some real gauges where the faux gauges are so you can get your RPMs and the actual speed vehicle is traveling and I would put a voltmeter or a fuel gauge where the steering wheel used to come through
Bnut and jelly studio
Bnut and jelly studio - 6 måneder siden
This is hard only a pro can make this
riley smart
riley smart - 7 måneder siden
You should make a Dodge demon
Wesley Bostic
Wesley Bostic - 9 måneder siden
Turn down the music dude nobody can hear anything at 15 min it's annoying
Mitch Dupuis
Mitch Dupuis - 10 måneder siden
Omg trying to hear his voice with shitty music playin nice sarcasm
Devin Cavanaugh
Devin Cavanaugh - 10 måneder siden
yo man let me do some electrical work in that garage n get you boys some proper lighting
BGE_ Nook
BGE_ Nook - 11 måneder siden
I could hear him perfectly throughout music
Bobby Chudoba
Bobby Chudoba - 11 måneder siden
You guys need a proper garage or someplace to store your builds, it brings a tear to my eye that they just sit exposed to the elements and get dusty and rusty. Those were on JAY LENO's GARAGE! What would Jay Leno think??
Gäs - 11 måneder siden
Frame looks dope, real skill man
Ernie King
Ernie King - 11 måneder siden
Turn down the music!
Raymond Dejesus
Raymond Dejesus - År siden
I would love to buy one‼️‼️
1dickycat - År siden
So you guys talked about what your KPI angle was (~12°), then you went on to Ackerman... so I'm curious since I'm building a kart myself, what have you guys been shooting for when it comes to your camber and caster??
carvajal99 - År siden
Muy buenos
Gheno - År siden
How 'bout a mustang with an extended hood? Like, fit a huge bike engine and make the hood 1.5x
cadillac crow
cadillac crow - År siden
you should have made that tie rod go over that bar then you wouldn't have to put a plate under there as you said!
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Believe me, I tried. There just wasn’t space with the suspension and everything.
Xtreme Rc madness
Xtreme Rc madness - År siden
I think the music is to loud around 15:40 lmao
chravis youto
chravis youto - År siden
do the barbie van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiffany the Lioness
Tiffany the Lioness - År siden
Pussy boy drink a beer in the morning
Tiffany the Lioness
Tiffany the Lioness - År siden
Lol jk love the video
SG_Tr0l1 - År siden
I'm building a go kart but I don't have a engine yet
Fridge - År siden
This is so cool. I want to do this as a hobby when i grow up. It is my dream. Love u guys
Michael David Cilantro
Awesomeness!!! She looks fabulous so far. Any idea on how your going to do the dash? Custom lighting, stereo and speedometers? Awesome keep up the good work.
James Meadows
James Meadows - År siden
Y'all should put a snowmobile motor in one
Luke Sparkman
Luke Sparkman - År siden
If there ever was a channel that deserved a million subs, it’s this one. You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!
Trip manTV
Trip manTV - År siden
what the Brand of the suspension ?
Leonardo Zuniga
Leonardo Zuniga - År siden
How much will one of those will cost?
Jacob Holland
Jacob Holland - År siden
I think this Camaro should be called yellow jacket
Carlos Robles
Carlos Robles - År siden
Barbir Jeep 19:59 😍😍😍
Kenan Schoon
Kenan Schoon - År siden
Why are you called a plumbing company of your not plumbing company
RobesEleven - År siden
14:45 reminds of when my chicks over and I’m trying to watch the news
Elly Harfan
Elly Harfan - År siden
Hasil akhirnya manna bambangggggg
DAWSON DYER - År siden
you need a gard on the grander i about cut my leg off bc i didnt have one on mine and im 15
jm disfruta
jm disfruta - År siden
Aún no an terminado el Camaro
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor - År siden
Wheres the next video bro ? Youtube sucks without you !
YRF Kash
YRF Kash - År siden
Did you guy forget about us where’s the update
Logan Davis
Logan Davis - År siden
Music doesn't bother me I just want to see it run and drive 😍😍
April Kump
April Kump - År siden
You should build a raptor power wheels or maybe a bronco
Bones Kustomz
Bones Kustomz - År siden
Tubing bender what brand ? Must have
RobB289 - År siden
sum 1 snuck off for a wank
aXBlackDeathXa - År siden
It's coming along nicely! Just an observation guys, not sure if you had plans on cutting the steering column down in length / height but you don't want that thing pinning you in the chest should you ever wreck.
Ben Schofield
Ben Schofield - År siden
What is the name of the music @14.48 sounds awesome .
Aaron Goldsberry
Aaron Goldsberry - År siden
Lol alright somebody was drunk when they were editing this video
Jake Quaempts
Jake Quaempts - År siden
Don't care for the music when your talking
isaac serbin
isaac serbin - År siden
Call it the 'bumble beast'
colton davis
colton davis - År siden
Good build, camaro is by far the nicest.
Jacob Patton
Jacob Patton - År siden
Love your videos keep up the good work :)
GANGSTA LOVE92 - År siden
Been 6 days how many more must I wate to see more!!!
Anime Person
Anime Person - År siden
U guys should do something like this like a car body but built off-road like
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson - År siden
How do we get a hold of you and where exactly are you guys located are you out of Idaho?
James McGee
James McGee - År siden
Do you guys build custom kart or minibike frames to sell on the side?
James McGee
James McGee - År siden
Amazing craftsmanship guys!
joe Belt
joe Belt - År siden
I cant wait to see the camaro finished, however, I saw a new little war tank that can make a great project
Kevin Meijer
Kevin Meijer - År siden
I think you should make an gas powered Tesla powerwheels after this
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke - År siden
Never change your name GHPC, its friggin awesome
Carmen Fernandes
Carmen Fernandes - År siden
Just waiting for the camaro
Matt Rickman
Matt Rickman - År siden
Power wheels makes a tank! and one should be your next power wheels build
Dylan Cope
Dylan Cope - År siden
I like that
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor - År siden
music over rides your voice
David Ring
David Ring - År siden
all right grind hard Plumbing fire your editor 15:30 in and I can't understand him explain because of the crappy music overlay that's too loud
Imanol Martinez
Imanol Martinez - År siden
make a monster truck kart, It would be incredibly crazy and ridiculous
something like this!!!!!
porqueria random
porqueria random - År siden
thats epic bro!!!
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - År siden
Crap happens. "Crappens"
klimkowski - År siden
Imanol Martinez 2
Imanol Martinez 2 - År siden
500cc of an atv polaris
maylon 13
maylon 13 - År siden
constrói um galpão para guarda seus brinquedo
Alexandre Albergaria
Alexandre Albergaria - År siden
Yes yes yes on that Camaro!!! Way to go guys! And no sweat in the music! Was actually fun to imagine you being tired of all his talk and just like ”gonna wear headphones”
leveltate - År siden
FMF Fatty Exhaust.... please add. If I had the money I would buy and ship to u guys just because it really needs it.
Carmen Sánchez
Carmen Sánchez - År siden
Hola aunque no me entiendan pongas subtítulos en español si quiera
Matthew James
Matthew James - År siden
absolutely love the way this one is shaping up I think the Jeep will still be my favorite though. LOL you guys should also send me the forks off of that dirt bike you took apart ha ha🤣 help a brother out
David Amos
David Amos - År siden
You should do strut towers
Jonathan Patzke
Jonathan Patzke - År siden
Love the "get it in town" mentality, can't wait to move back up there. Love the Sandpoint/Bonner's area.. so gorgeous.
Marcos antonio Carvalho
I'm Brazilian but i watch your videos very top 💯
Andy Ezequiel
Andy Ezequiel - År siden
Andy Ezequiel
Andy Ezequiel - År siden
Joshua Joshua
Joshua Joshua - År siden
Please do the charger cop car next with all working lights ..
Don Ochetti
Don Ochetti - År siden
Edwin: How loud do you want the music?
Ethan: *Yes*
Delicious DeBlair
Delicious DeBlair - År siden
Why did you decide to flood out his explanation with music? ~( ,m,)~
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta - År siden
You should insert a cell phone instead of the Camaro radio, and have it integrated into two of your bluetooth speakers, so the Camaro can play some real tunes!
Charlie Pitt
Charlie Pitt - År siden
Make it loud and proud
Eli Banks
Eli Banks - År siden
Amazing. You guys are intelligent
Jordan Hendrickson
Jordan Hendrickson - År siden
Mini Truck build next?
T Malone
T Malone - År siden
You should clean up the engine. Make it show quality
SirensC3 - År siden
Sure wish I could hear what he is saying over the annoying music.
North East MX
North East MX - År siden
So bad ass !! So do you guys do any plumbing anymore? No need now that you are YouTube Famous !! Keep up the good work.
Troy Cargile
Troy Cargile - År siden
good video love your builds but can you turn the music down at 14:52
nathanz28 - År siden
Take a shot every time they say Tack
jonathon boler
jonathon boler - År siden
To stay on the badass power wheel builds y'all are doing it needs to be the Grave Digger power wheel body with a Harley Davidson engine a 883 or 1200 Sportster engine mated to a Polaris 4wd auto transmission would be by far the best go kart/ mud buggy ever!
Ron LeClair
Ron LeClair - År siden
Next build, in the spirit of the winter season thats coming. I think a power wheels whatever it may be should have skis and a track.
sleeper10s - År siden
Awesome vid but please try not to have music over him talking
Noraliz Medina
Noraliz Medina - År siden
Do a wide body kit for the camaro
Mad Mod
Mad Mod - År siden
I'm already expecting a rear engine Porsche power wheels.
wayfaring stranger
wayfaring stranger - År siden
Cough cough, double wishbone front would fix your camber issues.
Ben Threadgill
Ben Threadgill - År siden
That bass guitar sounds so good! great mix!
Ronnie Farmer
Ronnie Farmer - År siden
What do you charge to build one ?
thethePete - År siden
Awesome content as usual! I've really grown to love watching your projects and it's very clear to see the progression in your skillset and understanding of what you're doing. Keep it up!
Blake Nichols
Blake Nichols - År siden
Do you guys have any plans for the Tacoma? I know at some point you said you might possibly go SAS. It looks lonely and forgotten sitting there in the yard.
John Griffin
John Griffin - År siden
Anyone else look at that bandsaw blade hanging there and think it's a little bit of a hazard.. wound't want to trip over in that section of the barn.
Tanner Martin
Tanner Martin - År siden
This dude is a genius
Thelukinator_3000 - År siden
Real life mario kart