Camaro Go Kart Gets Air Suspension!

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In this episode our 500cc engine swapped Camaro SS Power Wheels toy gets mountain bike air shocks. That is right we are building a bagged go kart!
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Runtime: 21:49


Ethan Harrison
Ethan Harrison - 6 dager siden
If u put a radiator in it put metal sheets behind it so it don’t. Melt the plastic
Nate B
Nate B - Måned siden
Why’s it look like he’s just tacking and not welding any joints?
Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo - 2 måneder siden
You guys are what childhood dreams are made of
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh - 6 måneder siden
Make a tesla please
Elliot Agosto
Elliot Agosto - 6 måneder siden
LMFAO really bursting my bubble over here guys I'm a welder and I thought building one of these would be a lot easier than you're making a it seemed like
Josh Larsen
Josh Larsen - 7 måneder siden
Dude that saw ain’t meant for metal
Gangus Khan 2024
Gangus Khan 2024 - 7 måneder siden
That music!! Ugh!!
Olivier Bourgoin
Olivier Bourgoin - 9 måneder siden
You guys are awesome ! I've watched your building videos several times, I just can't get enough ! Watching you from Quebec Canada ! By the way, simple question: where did you buy the heim joints ?!
Rizuwan Nasir
Rizuwan Nasir - 10 måneder siden
Very nice
Less talking more work ☺️
Andrew Silverquill
Andrew Silverquill - 10 måneder siden
Offbrand speaker lol
Caleb Foster
Caleb Foster - 10 måneder siden
Bruhh you gonna blow the shit out of the shocks using a air compressor.. buy a suspension pump
James 84 Jackson
James 84 Jackson - 10 måneder siden
Just put the damn thing together 😐 all The explanation shit is too much bro😤
SmolSquishyTaeil - 10 måneder siden
I'm a fan tbh. Thank you YouTube.
bmx gang
bmx gang - 11 måneder siden
I have a power wheels but i need some help with getting a motor an putting it in the car can anyone help me get the motor
Simon Castillo
Simon Castillo - 11 måneder siden
I guess you guys are helping them out, the kove speaker is sold out :(.
BGE_ Nook
BGE_ Nook - 11 måneder siden
Do an super/sport car next I’ve seen an nice Ferrari Poweredwheel
BGE_ Nook
BGE_ Nook - 11 måneder siden
No one:
Grind hard plumbing co: 1000cc poweredwheel helicopter
Amber Pogue
Amber Pogue - 11 måneder siden
next project should be a ram pickup power wheels pulling truck
Ben Mckenzie
Ben Mckenzie - 11 måneder siden
Went to get a koozie and a few others items, but the shipping to the UK is a killer. :(
sassanada - 11 måneder siden
What kind of saw blade was that? The one you cut the solid rod stock with
David Floer
David Floer - 11 måneder siden
I'm a 58 yr old kid wanting to build a senderalla cart. Have a small garage full of tools and no room to build, but I am building a HF 10x20 canopy with a frame with in a frame and it's going to have a hard roof on it with in a couple of weeks. I started watching cars and camera's and then your channel came on and I started watching you guy's. I have been wanting to build a cart of some kind and you have giving me an idea that might work. Great channel I'll keep on watching you guy's having fun!
Chris Neubauer
Chris Neubauer - År siden
Forced induction that super sport!
Lester Hernandez
Lester Hernandez - År siden
A wide body kit from kid stance would be so dope on this
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald - År siden
take it to SEMA
Paipai Roberts
Paipai Roberts - År siden
Put a wide body on it
reckoutjj561 g
reckoutjj561 g - År siden
Would you sell it
Bryan Snell
Bryan Snell - År siden
What blade is that you put on your chop saw?
Eduardo Ramos
Eduardo Ramos - År siden
Wau como hacen eso
Carlos Augusto
Carlos Augusto - År siden
Seria legal ter legendas em português para nós brasileiros, somos seus fãs, abraços 👏👏
crutksdub - År siden
I love Carsandcameras channel, but you guys get way more involved in building the chassis of your karts from the ground up! Thumbs up to you all for your skills with working metal!
APRLYD - År siden
Talk to a chinese man..
Hellsong89 - År siden
Always buy least 20% extra, cause then if you screw up something, or its barely passable you wont just go "meh its good enough" or "meh gotta be good enough as i dont have enough material to make it again".
Also why X brace the rear axle? Its now so stiff that it wont allow for instance one tire to drop into pothole, but whole car drops in on one side, limiting how much traction wheels have. You had spare parts so just use them to make it move independently. You can then add torsion bar for better cornering. We are now in territory of deadly fast, so dont go skimping out on construction, or you will soon win Darwin award.
Andrew - År siden
You guys are amazing engineers.
Andrew - År siden
The one guy is a literal genius. Lol
no bs
no bs - År siden
Those shocks are high tech, keep up the hard work boys!
Mr Hustletin
Mr Hustletin - År siden
I would pay to get one made...Could you guys build me one? How do I go by getting one done
Xrevenge - År siden
Y'all should make a Corvette that goes faster than the Barbie Jeep
Brad Forester
Brad Forester - År siden
Do u guys sell thez? U would kill it,💵💵💵.... ill buy 1 ! Spread the fun!
Tested to Destruction
Tested to Destruction - År siden
cut off saw is sweet hardly any sparks either.......
steven cortes
steven cortes - År siden
Is that 1” tubes?
Andy Mitchell
Andy Mitchell - År siden
For this amount of work please just go with a ktm 525
Kieran Guiney
Kieran Guiney - År siden
Make the front softer than the back and more toe out in the front and put more toe in in the back
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 - År siden
I can't wait to see her ripping around.
stephan B
stephan B - År siden
why is the guy behind the camera talking so slowly and has to repeat what is being said it's annoying
Jeremy Mack
Jeremy Mack - År siden
Next power wheels should be a lifted mud truck/work truck
JiraXel - År siden
You dudes are just killing it🤘
vampeel - År siden
Just thought of this, since you guys are going pro in making awesome toys, you should get Grind Hard posters in the shop, show off your brand
MrWarwick15 - År siden
Wow, looking really good Guys!
Thanks, Rich.
PIckeljuice - År siden
Hehe I have one of those on my mtb
BBCTROLLING A 69 - År siden
How much would u sale me the barbie car/mustang
Lenard Manalac
Lenard Manalac - År siden
camaro should be much fun than the jeep
Chafid Maulana
Chafid Maulana - År siden
Gawe opo kang?
AssaulteD NuT
AssaulteD NuT - År siden
Put locking casters on the welding table.
Juliana mariany
Juliana mariany - År siden
Juliana mariany
Juliana mariany - År siden
leveltate - År siden
You guys got to get a power band exhaust in this one. Would sound more sporty. Go all out on this one. Lights horn everything that can be imagine...
J0rdanRaY 508
J0rdanRaY 508 - År siden
Watching at 320 a.m. watched all the triumph vids. Moved onto these.. love em
ExtremeATVOffroad - År siden
Awsome as always your building skills are fantastic to watch
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke - År siden
Have already got the Kove Commuter, and it’s friggin awesome! Lasts ages and is super loud and high quality, used mine on the building site and the sound goes forever, it’s also experienced a few knocks and she keeps on truckin!
Justin Fincher
Justin Fincher - År siden
I’d love to see the exhaust come out where the real cars exhaust comes out. I don’t know how you’d do it but I’m sure you guys can do it easily
Bombaartes - År siden
You can use bicycle suspension and it is harder.
ScienceofSpeed - År siden
That iron worker must be sooo nice, removing the extra material from that thick flange like nothing. Awesome build! I'm all about the power wheels now. Question: What type of steel are you using, DOM?
Brandon Cook
Brandon Cook - År siden
You guys should do a cantilever front suspension setup. With the shock sitting horizontal either slightly forward than the arms or slightly behind the arms. Like an F1 car.
Harry Ballzack
Harry Ballzack - År siden
Really enjoy the editing ya do. The music in back ground that doesn’t cover your voices and then ramps up at different moments.
Not mention the epic builds y’all do!
Angus Frame
Angus Frame - År siden
boy those dnm shocks are so cheep compared to fox and rockshox mtb rear shocks good deal though
Angus Frame
Angus Frame - År siden
This guy is so much like my dad. He just starts from scratch and no tutorials
Tony Skate's
Tony Skate's - År siden
It's getting better. Want to see it run!!
Rs Sicko
Rs Sicko - År siden
sick ass fuck
Victor Kojenov
Victor Kojenov - År siden
I remember when you guys were building the bumper for the BMW Ute. So much improvement in your tube fabrication skills!
Rynoman - År siden
Better start brushing up with some Bardwell videos if you plan on getting any good at FPV. Cool vids though keep it up
Brady Brewer
Brady Brewer - År siden
How much does one of these builds usually cost ?
Path Taker
Path Taker - År siden
Loved the song
skeg rats atv
skeg rats atv - År siden
You guys should do a kids car bed that holds a twin mattress. Call it the sleeper. It will be twice as big as the power wheelz cars.
jesus negron
jesus negron - År siden
You guys are awesome i love all your builds
SSclone - År siden
Not even tryna be weird but what state are they in it looks so ooo nice with the mountains in the back of some older videos and the roads are so nice
BNS MEDIA - År siden
As a service manager of a bike shop I would not recommend doing just about everything you did or are planning on doing with the shocks. You should get a shock pump not an air compressor. The negative and positive chambers will balance per the shocks design so that plan won’t work. and lock out is designed to be locked out at the top of the travel. They are supposed to be set to a certain pressure and adjust rebound and compression that’s all. Love the content and don’t mean to be all negative here but I definitely wouldn’t do that if I were you.
Jonas Hagerlund
Jonas Hagerlund - År siden
Next powerwheel build shuld be 4x4!!
Justin Lowery
Justin Lowery - År siden
You two are awesome and I cannot think of two better people to represent for Sandpoint!
hamza hajdarbeg
hamza hajdarbeg - År siden
Wtf you do with the suspension 🤦🏿‍♂️
Vladimir Westyk
Vladimir Westyk - År siden
Вы крутые , ребята . Смотрю вас давно , и вы радуете меня ))
Patrick Reid
Patrick Reid - År siden
Can you please do more Tacoma content!
shaggys - År siden
that's a sweet deal on that speaker, just picked one up !
De cuántas pulgadas es la tubería? Y. Calibre ?
Joost klein Tank
Joost klein Tank - År siden
Great channel🤘🏻 fpv-drones are fun and pretty hard to fly, get some spare parts and a 2nd fpv-drone💪🏻 good luck boys
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson - År siden
You won't be able to dump air from one side of the shock to the other side. You're just talking crazy now.
Lower Felix
Lower Felix - År siden
Do a dropped silverado next 🤠
Boogie&Rilleybug Autorepair
Y'all getting better and Quicker on the power wheels
Adrienne Bardos
Adrienne Bardos - År siden
I don’t know if you guys will see this or not but if you do your next build should be the grave digger power wheel the one that has 24v battery because it already has a basic metal chassis and comes with suspension that you would just need to replace instead of a complete suspension build. It looks sweet Sita high and the Jeep needs a buddy to romp and send with. I’ve been watching for a while now and just wanted to say you guys have come so far and your quality just keeps going up and up and up. Can’t wait to see you guys blow up because it’s definitely gonna happen. Keep building and having fun. Like so they can see it.
Burning Halo
Burning Halo - År siden
4:01 nice biceps bro 💪
Haran Alfred
Haran Alfred - År siden
Favorite YouTube channel
Haran Alfred
Haran Alfred - År siden
Can you make a video on Wednesday
E Seavert Sr
E Seavert Sr - År siden
New Sub here, I HAVE to see this thing completed!
Stoner - År siden
awesome, instant sub.
10 a C e bikes Jody Bennett II
Ok so I don't know about these little cars but I do know about DNM and other Mountian bike shocks you can buy a shock pump for probably 25 bucks and it screws on to these so you can get the PSI dialed perfectly also just a tip these are designed to work with linkages that have progression ratios so you might look to see if they make progression tokens for these so you can run the pressure really low without bottoming out
That guy who likes 2nd gen Rx-7s
Next car should be a Mazda Repu with a 13b in the back
Bobby 225
Bobby 225 - År siden
Next power wheels project should be banshee powered
watahyahknow - År siden
it probably a good idea to clamp the balljoints between two large washers , prevent them from springing off the holder the wheel bend upward and one of the front corners digging intoo the ground should the ball pop out
iKryptified - År siden
Any tips you guys have for anyone wanting to build their own power wheels kart?
Mr OzRally
Mr OzRally - År siden
im happy to know my favorite builders on yt are from my home state wa keep it up guys
Bear da bully
Bear da bully - År siden
Where can I go for someone to build me a frame for power wheel go kart