Crazy Power Wheels Builds and Drift Trike Go Full Send!

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We finally got the barbie go karts and Steves KTM 300 drift trike together for a send session! We had a blast driving, drifting, and jumping around mike backyard dirt bike trails and driveway! Thanks for watching! Yeww.
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Slimesito Rxjimmy
Slimesito Rxjimmy - 26 dager siden
@calholli J
Magdalena Ponce Cortes
Magdalena Ponce Cortes - Måned siden
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Kashif Javed - Måned siden
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milik paschal
milik paschal - 4 dager siden
I want one so bad😭
Gary Warner
Gary Warner - 5 dager siden
So close to 1,000,000 i rep you guys like your going out of style but you're not. You're only just getting started
SnowFlake the Protogen
SnowFlake the Protogen - 9 dager siden
Imagine someone literally driving a literal tonka truck with an engine beneath it
Tory Maloney
Tory Maloney - 11 dager siden
Wheels baby!!!❤✌🙏🤘 that shit is dope 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Kc Yukon
Kc Yukon - 19 dager siden
Yea thats awesome SUB'd yea!!!
Debra Trawick
Debra Trawick - 21 dag siden
So friggin kool me and my girls would have a blast
RainbowSixSiege4Ever - Måned siden
Girlfriend: He is probably cheating on me
Him and the boys:
j wasto
j wasto - Måned siden
Your neighbors have got to hate you.
Jack Ising
Jack Ising - Måned siden
What song is that
Savannah Bolling
Savannah Bolling - Måned siden
Klifter Phleefin
Klifter Phleefin - Måned siden
Those things are so sick! The camp heep yall made is brilliant!!@@
YOUNGSIN O_O - Måned siden
Can you guys build one for me I have one can I ship it to you
Vicki Vicki
Vicki Vicki - Måned siden
Kalod Algale Kalod
Kalod Algale Kalod - Måned siden
Adam the man
Adam the man - Måned siden
To all the grind hard plumbing fans & the creators. I just found this new Youtuber who does porting & polishing builds & hes absolutley a fantastic builder. Check out this video if your curious if I'm being serious!
CJ unknown
CJ unknown - 2 måneder siden
You should do a Barbie mustang next😂
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado - 2 måneder siden
You guys should make these barbie jeeps to sell, I'm sure you could make some good money especially if you can keep the production cost fairly low. You could make them in 50cc, 85cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, 450cc, 4 stroke and 2 stroke, or what ever the customer prefers, I'm sure these things would catch on quick especially if the price was low.
jogger1987 - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for producing these videos. My son and I watch bc he loves watching "kids" jeeps lol instead of just daddy size jeeps.
Anti AntiFafafa
Anti AntiFafafa - 2 måneder siden
Mariokart ?!?!?!?!?! Wooooooonderfull !
Dylan Coons
Dylan Coons - 2 måneder siden
Would you want to sell one
Jason Is not a tortilla
Jason Is not a tortilla - 3 måneder siden
Next they should do the Minnie Mouse beatle
Devin Arnette
Devin Arnette - 3 måneder siden
This is why I love Idaho!!!
Rampant Lion Smiddy
Rampant Lion Smiddy - 3 måneder siden
real life mario cart
Young Buck
Young Buck - 3 måneder siden
I know this video is kinda old but it's the first one I've seen I still always watch it till this day. Much respect guy's. Great talent and engineering skill's.
Alec T
Alec T - 3 måneder siden
You guys should try taking a 50cc scooter, elite, dio, zuma, or even a razz, and do a yz85 or cr80/85 swap. That would be a really interesting build. Always wanted to do myself
pumpikqq_ - 3 måneder siden
i would so full send that mustang on that corner at 3:38
Naor Aloni
Naor Aloni - 3 måneder siden
Hi were you filim this video? City name?
dirk digler
dirk digler - 4 måneder siden
Were abouts is that in america its stunning ?
Austen Douglas
Austen Douglas - 4 måneder siden
You guys need to build a trike like that but with some improvements
JayDee - 4 måneder siden
Mario kart in real life all you need know is bananas
PsychedelicRam - 4 måneder siden
4:30 now that's a mustang driver
Nelu Cazacu
Nelu Cazacu - 4 måneder siden
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez - 4 måneder siden
Sonny Brooks
Sonny Brooks - 4 måneder siden
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Onan Castro sevilla
Onan Castro sevilla - 4 måneder siden
telaconpro la moto rio blanco
Christopher Castro
Christopher Castro - 4 måneder siden
Thats sick
Loffi & Trap
Loffi & Trap - 4 måneder siden
Mais 1 inscrito ae parça
Назгул Хайрлина
Назгул Хайрлина - 4 måneder siden
Eugene McCleary
Eugene McCleary - 4 måneder siden
Markquis McDonald
Markquis McDonald - 4 måneder siden
I want one
Marlene Parent Bleau
Marlene Parent Bleau - 4 måneder siden
Dream property for sure. That was so fun guys!
Dónde compraron esa moto y esos coches
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
With your friend driving at Cindy is doing the Carolina squat all the way
Привет Пока
Привет Пока - 5 måneder siden
За Сколка продаёш
Ave Rodnenkii
Ave Rodnenkii - 5 måneder siden
Вы только посмотрите на состояние асфальта, он идеален
Carmon & Cassie Hensley
Carmon & Cassie Hensley - 5 måneder siden
The mustang needs to be hire
Joan Almaraz
Joan Almaraz - 5 måneder siden
can you give me the motorcle
김다오 - 6 måneder siden
당신을 카트라이더 실사판!! ㅋㅋㅋ
김다오 - 6 måneder siden
한국인 중국 미국 일본 카트라이더
ANGELA CIPCIGAN - 6 måneder siden
Vinzi mașinile
miguel tirado
miguel tirado - 6 måneder siden
juan pablo TV
juan pablo TV - 6 måneder siden
Vendeme el jee rosado
Jakigh Colburn Channel 3
Jakigh Colburn Channel 3 - 6 måneder siden
My god, now this is truly Mario Kart
GForce Monkeys
GForce Monkeys - 6 måneder siden
Wish us luck! We are in Chattaroy....not far from you in WA. We have a project to work on like this. Pocket quad into a corvette.
HayabusaOrlando - 6 måneder siden
It's official. You guys are nuts. Acting like little kids hopped up on mountain dew. Acting irresponsibly. Breaking the law by taking those hooligan machines onto paved roads. And overall acting like reckless teenagers.
Where do I sign up???!!!
You guys are having way too much fun. 😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
8:55 " the front wheels are never on the ground"
That says it all. That's how you guys live.
I want in!!!!!
phil mortlock
phil mortlock - 6 måneder siden
The Barbie stang is a wild little beast.
Austin Doehling
Austin Doehling - 6 måneder siden
With the mustang not drifting well. Check the amount of positive caster. I would suggest between 8 to 10 deg.
Liam Applegath
Liam Applegath - 6 måneder siden
Is there a build series for the trike?
Nathan Sanisya
Nathan Sanisya - 6 måneder siden
Ouuu i like the jeep.
Man D
Man D - 7 måneder siden
I want to do the gambler 500 and that!!!
Todd Weber
Todd Weber - 7 måneder siden
i would love to see you guys bring your rides to cars and cameras!
Mateus Mendes
Mateus Mendes - 7 måneder siden
Muito legal esses carros
Jayton Alex
Jayton Alex - 7 måneder siden
Cool video
Bermuda X.O.
Bermuda X.O. - 7 måneder siden
I would go so dumb in that pink mustang I stg 💯
Hoku Dusenberry-lee
Hoku Dusenberry-lee - 7 måneder siden
Can I buy the jeep, I live in kauai hawaii the garden island it would be perfect for here
Noah F
Noah F - 8 måneder siden
Playing Mario Kart IRL w/ the boys be like...
RC Big & Small
RC Big & Small - 8 måneder siden
lol crazy love it
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez - 8 måneder siden
Estos tipos si que saben como divertirse sanamente
Young Buck
Young Buck - 8 måneder siden
Love the music you guy's put with this video fits perfect what's the song called?
Fred Pelroy
Fred Pelroy - 8 måneder siden
Here we go adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers.. We have our boys here put down a challenge to these up and coming kart builders. I think they go by "well be okay". There right here on U-tube, hell you probably already spoken to them.. anyways keep doing what you but go faster..
Thomas Nichols
Thomas Nichols - 8 måneder siden
Cause the bois in the hood r always hard: 6:12
Centexzen2 - 8 måneder siden
You can keep the barbie, I wanna go @ the Big Wheel!!
From CarsToLawns
From CarsToLawns - 8 måneder siden
so how much for the jeep?? :D
Vince D
Vince D - 8 måneder siden
Looks like Mario cart lol, sickass builds tho well done
Dee-Bee Kooper
Dee-Bee Kooper - 8 måneder siden
You lads make me proud to be an Oregonian...
Eloy Marquez
Eloy Marquez - 8 måneder siden
So much fun guys
Andy Dunkin
Andy Dunkin - 9 måneder siden
Ol dude most def rolled the Barbie mustang and didn't want the fun to end so he played it off. Check out all that grass stain as well as the wind wing (which he checked after the wreck) 😄
Rhett Salsbury
Rhett Salsbury - 9 måneder siden
Try building a unicycle build
Kyle Love
Kyle Love - 9 måneder siden
One of the coolest videos to ever hit the internet!
willowbrook hermit
willowbrook hermit - 9 måneder siden
Tot rod
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores - 9 måneder siden
How much would it cost someone to have an exact go kart just like the jeep ?🤔
Elroy Dennison
Elroy Dennison - 9 måneder siden
Hummer Up Next
Marshall Keene
Marshall Keene - 9 måneder siden
how much will it be to make someone a jeep like the barbie
David Dudley
David Dudley - 9 måneder siden
Hey do you build them for people?
baptiste agricole du 59
baptiste agricole du 59 - 10 måneder siden
bonjour tout le monde je me demander pourquoi pas ne pas faire une depanneuse
Tyler Mears
Tyler Mears - 10 måneder siden
Are you guys plumbers haha
my vlogs
my vlogs - 10 måneder siden
Build a crocherocket dirtbike
RRR R - 10 måneder siden

Ça me fait pensé à General Lee la Dodge Charger de 1969 conduite par Bo et Luke Duke dans la série télévisée américaine Shérif, fais-moi peur (The Dukes of Hazzard)
Bravo 👍
BlazeLord - 10 måneder siden
Put drift slips on that shit
Bobby Sweeney
Bobby Sweeney - 10 måneder siden
Like a child, I can watch this today, and tomorrow it still makes me just as happy. Awesome
Idc man
Idc man - 11 måneder siden
This convinced me not to get driving license
805 Rigged
805 Rigged - 11 måneder siden
Make a wheelie guard for the Jeep
Being Happy
Being Happy - 11 måneder siden
Amazing! That jeep needs a wheelie bar
Christian Nimey
Christian Nimey - 11 måneder siden
perfect day in the making right there omg looks dope
ayden Ba
ayden Ba - 11 måneder siden
You need to put on a snow plow and see what happens
IrocJared - 11 måneder siden
Song name?
Jayson Santiago
Jayson Santiago - 11 måneder siden
👌👍😂😂😂😂brutal .desde puerto Rico
Gary Burbank88
Gary Burbank88 - 11 måneder siden
Cinderella is a badass go kart fuck a quad i want one of those jeep builds how much you have in the whole build and do you have a Facebook page
Patrick Heidinger
Patrick Heidinger - 11 måneder siden
You guys should do a power wheels Mercedes G-Wagon build