CRF 450 Power Wheels Gets Mad Upgrades

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We finally found wheels and tires that do Sendy justice! In the video we also rebuild the full front end and merch is available here
Our 50 HP offroad go kart is finally done, it is strong, the steering works and everything is perfect! Lets see if we cant break it next week in Moab!
Full build tread with every part used in this modded Power Wheels here
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240sx95 - År siden
Can yall make a snow plow version for us snow dwellers
Austin T.
Austin T. - 11 måneder siden
ENGINES N WHEELS yeah if they can’t even make 3 wheelers anymore, the certainly couldn’t make these things lol
psx2rulz2 - År siden
Not enough weight to push a bunch of snow but it can work if someone keeps up on it haha
andrew kennett
andrew kennett - År siden
You will need tire chains and beet juice filled tires. =)
sebastian the huds
sebastian the huds - År siden
jeeps with plows is bad idea, jeep frames always be jank after a winter
Stephen M
Stephen M - År siden
youtube's greatest entainment
very cool man can you guys come to Arkansas it's a big race coming up and they got car's similar to you guys cars.
Hunter James
Hunter James - 21 dag siden
What are those wheels called
BANDA - Måned siden
BANDA - Måned siden
Gabriel Schmidt
Gabriel Schmidt - Måned siden
Song 9:00 ???
Bebo Riverah
Bebo Riverah - Måned siden
Samar Samar
Samar Samar - Måned siden
. كيف بدي واحد بس
zwmqs - Måned siden
paint it black :/
delux refurbish
delux refurbish - 2 måneder siden
Why do kids get to have fun but teens and adults get almost nothing power wheels for all ages please
Travis Sorenson
Travis Sorenson - 2 måneder siden
Wanting do my own build. Just wondering how much $$ you put into this build. So I can plan and budget. Love the videos
BigBoiWavezz - 2 måneder siden
I made mine rc but i might have other plans now...
rudresh sanguekar
rudresh sanguekar - 4 måneder siden
J S - 4 måneder siden
Best thing on YouTube! Keep em coming! Fire!
Simple Music
Simple Music - 4 måneder siden
Reminds me of ctr game
aleon1018 - 4 måneder siden
You need a roll cage.
Manishrai Manishrai
Manishrai Manishrai - 4 måneder siden
Love from India bro
Damion Troutman
Damion Troutman - 4 måneder siden
Go through a drive through food place with it also👍🏽
Damion Troutman
Damion Troutman - 4 måneder siden
Work I’m building it street legal, I want to see you guys take it around town!!!!
Aziza Lee
Aziza Lee - 4 måneder siden
You should of made it 4x4
João Bosco
João Bosco - 4 måneder siden
Outro detalhe pneus de tala grossa... Ficou top... um mini monstro.
João Bosco
João Bosco - 4 måneder siden
O motor tem muita potência... aumentando a distância entre eixos melhora a dirigibilidade...e ganha mais estabilidade... parabéns pela sua criatividade...
The Silver 5.0 Gamer
The Silver 5.0 Gamer - 4 måneder siden
Where you get the tires
Eli Ethridge
Eli Ethridge - 5 måneder siden
How much for one
Michael O'Sullivan
Michael O'Sullivan - 6 måneder siden
That is best build ever seen and you did a amazing job and you should build a mini trayback 4x4 that be bonus build for fishing rig
สตาร์เลี่ยน ซ่า!.อัลเฟน๊อค!
0.08 music ???? What's the name of the song Can't find
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
That new front suspension looks like it'll handle the abuse did you guys put it through
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Have you ever thought about after you fabricate the suspension you go ahead and case-hardened it? Have an excellent day
Matt Finlay
Matt Finlay - 6 måneder siden
Can I be your friend?
Yan Magno
Yan Magno - 7 måneder siden
Music video ??
Non Racing
Non Racing - 7 måneder siden
Roguestatus650 - 7 måneder siden
Dude do you sell these kits?
private - 8 måneder siden
what the cost of the whole project?
robert1235421 - 8 måneder siden
I want!
T. Kono
T. Kono - 8 måneder siden
You guys ever think about selling these? I'd love to have a Ford bronco one of those! Or possibly four of them to Mario kart in the back 40 with my kids! Lol
Rachid Ong
Rachid Ong - 9 måneder siden
I wish I could have like that amazing car because we can’t afford that (I’m a subscriber)love from Philippines
Caidan Carroll
Caidan Carroll - 9 måneder siden
Where can I buy those tires and wheels?
Gian Carlo Ranada
Gian Carlo Ranada - 9 måneder siden
Can i have it pls i want it😅😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰
NIGHT GAMER Thejus - 9 måneder siden
Please sail these
Huuge - 9 måneder siden
You have mad skills
jefftrue79 - 9 måneder siden
So I can't help but notice all the rekluse gear you guys wear. Are you guys affiliated with them in some way?
Parmanand Bhola
Parmanand Bhola - 10 måneder siden
Super amazing bro.. great build... Wish I had one 😔
MOTO ZAP - 10 måneder siden
could you send a link to these rims
mr manguy
mr manguy - 10 måneder siden
Y'all should make me one
angel pedraza
angel pedraza - 10 måneder siden
It's December 21 at 3:11am. This showed up on my feed and I like it. I would love to build one of those if I had space build it in.
Rochy Cruz
Rochy Cruz - 10 måneder siden
Not spike spanis?
Brandon Carpenter
Brandon Carpenter - 11 måneder siden
Im just saying... I need one... Legends. Like Cars and Cameras and RBG. Not to forget Vascilly, Rather B, and Build Break Repeat.
Bleach - 11 måneder siden
Cody Knight
Cody Knight - 11 måneder siden
Why don't y'all awd Cinderella that'd be super dope to see
Daniel Boyle
Daniel Boyle - 11 måneder siden
Man you are great at driving in slow motion! I could never get the hang of it.
Dalton Brown
Dalton Brown - 11 måneder siden
I want one
Dutch BoSs
Dutch BoSs - 11 måneder siden
90s dodge Dakota ball joints are bolt on, might be more easy to make a steering knuckle to fit those so you can easily service it later. ball bearing idea while easy to fab together seems like a poor design for long term use and serviceability
713Ace529 - 11 måneder siden
man! if you're the only one riding it, you gotta paint that thing at least Red, Lime green or some dirt bike color.
Fabiano Ribeiro
Fabiano Ribeiro - 11 måneder siden
A cada updates que fazem no jep fica mais robusto, melhor é potente! Parabéns pelo trabalho que Deus os abençoe! 🙏🍃
Joe Ben
Joe Ben - 11 måneder siden
I think she's too heavy now, you lost some power to weight ratio..
Thierry Minatchy
Thierry Minatchy - 11 måneder siden
what is the price of the jeep
Luuk Bouwman
Luuk Bouwman - 11 måneder siden
How mutch can i buy him ?
Louis Johnson Jr.
Louis Johnson Jr. - 11 måneder siden
Love the work and the time you take yo emprove it as you go so it will last. Have you thought about making and saleing them and what would you think would be a ball park number because I'd love to get one or two for my kids
dirtbike bumpy
dirtbike bumpy - 11 måneder siden
Find a way to put tracks and skis on it maybe like a 120cc sled tracks would be sick
kalvyn lucas
kalvyn lucas - 11 måneder siden
Your tire rods don't look that straight
C & B Vlogs
C & B Vlogs - 11 måneder siden
Can u a tutorial on how to make something like this it or can I tell me how long did this take and much did all this cost
Levan Cuthbert
Levan Cuthbert - 11 måneder siden
I am no fabricator...but to my eye it looks like that small welding surface between the hub and the spindle would be the first thing to break. Your new suspension looks super strong, but I'm curious to see how that hub holds up!
Jesse Baute
Jesse Baute - 11 måneder siden
And like make your own transfer case so you can take it out of 4 wheel drive
Jesse Baute
Jesse Baute - 11 måneder siden
You should try and make it 4 wheel drive somehow but I believe in you guys cuase you guys come up with crazy stuff
George Stephanie
George Stephanie - 11 måneder siden
A message from Elon musk - " I think your ready!"
Michael Kawecki
Michael Kawecki - 11 måneder siden
so what are these? basically quads with ridiculous car bodies? seems hella fun, i need one
Ace Ace
Ace Ace - 11 måneder siden
I love that Barbie jeep, takes a real man to pull off. I used to hate people critiquing my builds. If I may humbly suggest a pink toy looking steering wheel, it would be perfect for me. May you live a long prosperous life and get everything you dream of.
Kare Bear
Kare Bear - 11 måneder siden
I Just cant get why there would be so many dislikes on this! Like are those the viewers tht would think its just an atrocious thing to do to a Barbie Truck...Like OH MY GOSH😱...'Who would do such a thing' 🤣🤣🤣
cade ridenour
cade ridenour - 11 måneder siden
This thing is insane! Can you guys do a 6 wheel G wagon power wheels build?
El Sibarita Del Castillo
El Sibarita Del Castillo - 11 måneder siden
Su taller que bien equipado está,
Carlito G
Carlito G - 11 måneder siden my daughter wants one for Christmas 🎅🤨👊
Austin T.
Austin T. - 11 måneder siden
How could you not appreciate this guys work?
Tyler Rathe
Tyler Rathe - 11 måneder siden
Put working lights in it that would be amazing
El Sibarita Del Castillo
El Sibarita Del Castillo - 11 måneder siden
Aún más súper.
N a o k o _
N a o k o _ - 11 måneder siden
bye bye battery
Fooligan - 11 måneder siden
Lol Can we collab? I want to drive this gem 😍
ayy lmao
ayy lmao - 11 måneder siden
Those guys are living life
Andy Clifford
Andy Clifford - 11 måneder siden
Honestly... can I just come and live with you guys for a while? From the audio to the cuts, your videos are brilliant! Keep it up guys. 👍👏 Those new wheels would give me a bit more traction haha
Just Justin
Just Justin - 11 måneder siden
Lol.....Oh and there's room for some Brembos up front......lmao
Hellzzzz Yeahhh.....I want one
Mark Newman
Mark Newman - 11 måneder siden
You need to take this to Pastranaland and race Travis!
Mark Newman
Mark Newman - 11 måneder siden
Take my money now!!
b - År siden
I need one, can you sell them on amazon?
justin frappier
justin frappier - År siden
Yo ! Clamp your stuff while using a grinder ! I love the channel ! Don't get hurt !
Scoops - År siden
It's pretty cool kart that these guys made.  However, what's the difference between what they did to building a cool go-kart and putting some power wheel body on top of it?
Cat Shit202
Cat Shit202 - År siden
You should try to make an all wheel drive cart
Roberta Jordon
Roberta Jordon - År siden
Turn into a bad ass machine
Семен Фарамордин
GOOD молодец чел.
Gabriel Horton
Gabriel Horton - År siden use that as a powerplant for one of the carts
Lee Carpenter
Lee Carpenter - År siden
Why can you not use stock 450 suspension? Maybe use the lower half the frame and widen it?
Dylan West
Dylan West - År siden
Yall guys should start an offroad suspension company, been watching y’all for awhile, y’all know what you’re doing
Larry Goldman
Larry Goldman - År siden
How much $ to make me one? Not joking.
frank majano
frank majano - År siden
Estoy asiendo algo similar aver si les gusta
David som
David som - År siden
would you like to know the jeep measurements?
David som
David som - År siden
What is the name of this tool that makes the hole finished in the plate?
PilesOfBrass - År siden
My 3 year old would dig this!
Justin Gauthier
Justin Gauthier - År siden
I want one!
Colby Cummings
Colby Cummings - År siden
My childhood dreams have come true!!!! And better than I have ever expected.
Fix It
Fix It - År siden
Great great content, excellent work, plz keep it up
Sultan 650
Sultan 650 - År siden
What is the song
budders !!!
budders !!! - År siden
What kind of front suspension is that
Ricardo Maldonado
Ricardo Maldonado - År siden
You should take it to the dunes it will perform there