Custom 4WD Go Kart Build Series Gas Tanks and Skid Plates!

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Our KTM engine swapped Power Wheels drives with its own custom fabricated gas tanks for the first time and gets a new skid plate!
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All of the Fabrication on the custom fuel tanks was done with aluminum street signs and Lincoln welders Ethan made the bungs and gas caps on our 1950’s lathe and everything is working out great. We have a huge surprise for next week so stay tuned!
5:20 Shakespeares Summer - Akina Boy
10:10 Everything Is Going To Be Fine - Akina Boy
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hockeyfreak043 - Måned siden
Getting any more of the tee shirts I see ur out .I'll keep checking back
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts - Måned siden
I wonder how many street signs went into your builds ?
Mike Kerby
Mike Kerby - Måned siden
Would those be considered saddle tanks?
LionsShare - 2 måneder siden
this is quite a very interesting series on an engineering project, wish I had the skills, I like what you have acheived - well done!
The One
The One - 2 måneder siden
Man if you would have put a full roll cage on that thing and made it a rock bouncers with those crazy cool weird chassis I mean you might be onto something man..because the driver ride heights would not cause you to go out of proportion for a top-half roll cage it would it would look uniform
Steven Rennie
Steven Rennie - 3 måneder siden
What kind of alloys are they for project
FM Karting
FM Karting - 3 måneder siden
Week 3 of asking GHPC to do a Mercedes 6x6 build
WITO SARLAW - 3 måneder siden
Mantap bang .😊🙏👍
Levi - 3 måneder siden
This build is so sick. 🤤
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta - 3 måneder siden
When you showed the gas cap screwing on, I said to myself "dude, that's so metal!" (little too fast to appreciate the work on the tank, I like to see the detail)
Steve Inman
Steve Inman - 4 måneder siden
Irony: it says STOP; turn it into a tank for GO juice.
صباح النجفي
صباح النجفي - 4 måneder siden
عاشت اياديكم يابطال على هاذه الصناعات الجميله اروعه حقيقه تسر اناظر بمشهدتها 👏💪👋
donutdoode69 - 4 måneder siden
Lucianito Villalba
Lucianito Villalba - 4 måneder siden
Cómo roban las señales de tránsito utds😅
TooN - 4 måneder siden
Roy Patterson
Roy Patterson - 4 måneder siden
Why didn't you extend the back out more so you could put bigger tanks in it? You would have only needed 3 inches in length added to the overall length, this would have given you a little more room for the gas tank/tanks.
Roy Patterson
Roy Patterson - 4 måneder siden
Do you guys do plumbing work, is that why it's called Grind Hard Plumbing?
Jackson Donderwinkel
Jackson Donderwinkel - 4 måneder siden
you guys all way have great ideas for go karts
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade - 4 måneder siden
Such an amazing video keep it up you deserve everything you have and I'd wish you luck but with the skills you have it wouldn't matter
Doug Cote
Doug Cote - 4 måneder siden
So what is the drive train from?
BigPitter - 4 måneder siden
Really nice job as usual. But the bolts of all the squid plates are really sticking out... They might hook up on something and break...
Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson - 4 måneder siden
So now your street no longer has a stop sign or a turn right sign lol
John michael Toimoy
John michael Toimoy - 4 måneder siden
Sir, you make awesome
dimi evers
dimi evers - 4 måneder siden
the law of communicating vessels apply here
shawn - 4 måneder siden
anyone ever tell you your a smart f$$#%^!! how you even figure out half the things you guys do blows my mind lol love all the work you guys do plus the vids keep em coming
TAP001 - 4 måneder siden
Amazing! Using a Stop Sign to make a Go Juice Tank!
TAP001 - 4 måneder siden
I see you are a CAD specialist Cardboard Aided Design! Great Work! Love the Micro Sprint Car!
OG_ED_GOD - 4 måneder siden
yo i was wondering if y’all could build me one for my birthday it’s june15 that would be dope your probably not gonna see this but that would be cool and it would be fun going outdoors with this during quarantine and being able to just go off road and things that would be sick:)!!
Chris Hartley
Chris Hartley - 4 måneder siden
Sounds so good! No body , just a cage !
greg skinner
greg skinner - 4 måneder siden
Wait till MTO finds out yer choppin up their road signs, hahahahaha
Daron Stotts
Daron Stotts - 4 måneder siden
Finish this thing already. Dadgum!!!
ross odell
ross odell - 4 måneder siden
right tank for right side'
Carlin Gray
Carlin Gray - 4 måneder siden
it sounds so mean !!!!!
Carlin Gray
Carlin Gray - 4 måneder siden
plz do a build with cars and cameras
Dead Centre
Dead Centre - 4 måneder siden
I hope your tank liner material is not the same snot they used to sell back in the nineties, the old liner material used to set up and them collapse a few weeks after curing,I have better luck just welding then pressure testing , I hope yours work well for you, what a great project, don’t ever stop imagining 🇨🇦👍👍
Allan Laal
Allan Laal - 4 måneder siden
khm.. long sleeves & lathes dont mix ;)
William Whitman
William Whitman - 4 måneder siden
YouTubers should engage legal advice. Requiring a purchase for an entry into a 'give away' is an illegal lottery in virtually every state.
ironwolfF1 - 4 måneder siden
For your peace of mind, I'd do a pressure test on those hand-made gas tanks.
Better safe than sorry...30 psi should be enough to test 'em.
НДК НДК - 4 måneder siden
Чувак,это реально круто, твои руки явно растут из плеч.Молодец!
grabitz - 4 måneder siden
You stoled a STOP sign? Is it the same stop sigh where all those people got killed because a car didn't stop?
Willem Combrink
Willem Combrink - 4 måneder siden
I would love to have one it looks awesome guys good job
Justin - 4 måneder siden
Lean pops 🙈🙉
Helicool's Helipad
Helicool's Helipad - 4 måneder siden
Such catharsis watching... I am both relaxed and want to tear up mud and dirt. *sigh! (nice)
Brian Bassett
Brian Bassett - 4 måneder siden
What could possibly go wrong?
Bubba Farckel
Bubba Farckel - 4 måneder siden
aaron lidbetter
aaron lidbetter - 4 måneder siden
Build something with an Aprilia SXV 550 engine !? I beg you lol
mcbrand06 - 4 måneder siden
This thing is awesome. I can’t wait till you guys put your style in this project and it’s totally awesome
Garrett - 4 måneder siden
The next day on the news "There's a sign bandit on the loose hide all signs they could be anywhere!" lol
david symalla
david symalla - 4 måneder siden
FUCKING WOW BRO!!!!!!!! Very cool, very slick, very nice!! So when you gonna build a jet?
pagansforbreakfast - 4 måneder siden
An aluminum Outboard motor gas tank might be a donor source for a cap and fill neck.
edwin van oers
edwin van oers - 4 måneder siden
is the turn right tank for methanol ?
Super Bikes and Stuff
Super Bikes and Stuff - 4 måneder siden
HANDS DOWN my 100% favorite youtube channel
Acura RL
Acura RL - 4 måneder siden
I’d use inline filter on all tanks that have some type of tank repair product in them for the day the sealer breaks down it don’t damage or clog oil ports or carbs
Michael Rhinehart
Michael Rhinehart - 4 måneder siden
Would you sell this?..How much would you charge to build another one?
Earl P
Earl P - 4 måneder siden
Name after that: Sendy Crawford
Earl P
Earl P - 4 måneder siden
Next name: Adam Sendler
Kendan Strader
Kendan Strader - 4 måneder siden
How much would I have to pay y’all to make me a senderella
Good Grinds Welding
Good Grinds Welding - 4 måneder siden
Awesome fab skills! Practicing every day. Reminds me of the Honda ATC and the legal repercussions from people who pulverized their spinal cord riding it. Sign the waiver before riding it !
Miss Creature
Miss Creature - 4 måneder siden
Yo, i fly fpv too! And build machines like you guys. Lets me friends. Lemme do some art for ya!
Chris S
Chris S - 4 måneder siden
May want a roll cage for that thing.
Blake Nicholas
Blake Nicholas - 4 måneder siden
Leaving all the red and "STOP" fragments on the tank will give it an apocalyptic 'Mad Max' look and it might be pretty cool for the finished result if you want to keep it.
Bass bikes bows and bullets
Bass bikes bows and bullets - 4 måneder siden
Need to lock the dif somehow
David Perrin
David Perrin - 4 måneder siden
That is awesome it runs good
James in Venice
James in Venice - 4 måneder siden
Awesome build! Really like those wheels.
STiCK fpv
STiCK fpv - 4 måneder siden
I don't know how you two don't have more subscribers. Video editing, fpv, drone skills are on key. Love the music you made and the slow Moe's are fun to watch. Love seeing the builder create and use what is around to the fulllest. I build fattire motor bicycles. Yall should build one. They are a blast to ride on sand, snow, mud and the road. Anyway, keep it up and look forward to more videos.
Pat Reeve
Pat Reeve - 4 måneder siden
Remember the film Batteries not Included!
Pasture Drift Kings
Pasture Drift Kings - 4 måneder siden
I man this is gonna be awesome
Matt Miller
Matt Miller - 4 måneder siden
Illegal to take stop signs down or to have in your possession!!!!!
Ezra Cope
Ezra Cope - 4 måneder siden
you guys should put a cage on it so you can send and not smash yourself if you roll. full on mini jeep
Starrex - 4 måneder siden
7:46 isn't that the same sign as in the background?! Crasy.
Tophe Font
Tophe Font - 4 måneder siden
Hi, you guys are genius !
I have seen all you videos, all your machines are amazing.
Just a question, in France we are not allowed to build and drive these kind of home made vehicles, what about in the USA ? I mean insurance ? Police control ....
Evan Ortwine
Evan Ortwine - 4 måneder siden
Day 7053269 and you have a gas can!! Wtf! Lol much love guys keep it up
☠Rogue Tactical☠
☠Rogue Tactical☠ - 4 måneder siden
Man! I would love to drop my quad off to these guys and them rebuild it to minty!!!
Beast for Life
Beast for Life - 4 måneder siden
7:46, turn right sign but in background is same thing XD
Aiden Wisler
Aiden Wisler - 4 måneder siden
Your next build should be a mini rock bouncer
Jim Marriott
Jim Marriott - 4 måneder siden
That's definitely a Pain in the Gas Tank.
Dylan Dembrow
Dylan Dembrow - 4 måneder siden
you guys deserve a SEMA booth
Matty Mccolgan
Matty Mccolgan - 4 måneder siden
Wonder how many people offer this guy a job?
Saul Perez
Saul Perez - 4 måneder siden
ive been watching this build since day one and every time theres an episode its never full send !! its like a cheap hand job!!! full send or nothing !! AWWWW AN I JUST WANNA HEAR IT FUCKN RIPP !!!!!!!!!
Steven Thompson
Steven Thompson - 4 måneder siden
You killed it on this one... lock that front diff up an I bet that thing will be unstoppable as far as climbing an crawling...
Michael Collins
Michael Collins - 4 måneder siden
The road signs are a nice touch... But another source of material to make into oil take or fuel tank that I'd love to see would be old pots or pans... Might be able to save on welding.. and knobs and handles make for unique feature....

Love the show keep up the good work this is the second account I've subscribed on
John Paul Jansen
John Paul Jansen - 4 måneder siden
What are those buildings at 15:15?
Fix It
Fix It - 4 måneder siden
I want that buggy real bad
AZ Off-Road
AZ Off-Road - 4 måneder siden
Congrats for 800 thousand subs
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson - 4 måneder siden
Please make a r1 or higherbooser super quad or cross cart with long travel suspension and that and awd would be a record breaking monster on track s or you land track;)
Brandon Panozzo
Brandon Panozzo - 4 måneder siden
This thing is gonna be so insane once you get it all figured out freaking love it you guys rock
Benjamin Jackson
Benjamin Jackson - 4 måneder siden
You two are the best! Thanks for all your hard work
Dax Barnes
Dax Barnes - 4 måneder siden
Use the old tool box to put on sendy or kernel senders
Chris Stover
Chris Stover - 4 måneder siden
Do y'all have any fitted hats that ain't a trucker hat
Lance Ladewig
Lance Ladewig - 4 måneder siden
They came out with a Honda Talon sxs you gotta build one!!
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez - 4 måneder siden
I sense putting power wheels bodies on front engine go karts becoming the new thing right now. Can’t wait to get in on the action
Ethan Heard
Ethan Heard - 4 måneder siden
What about an electric power steering kit for an ATV to help with that torque steer? Iove the content guys!
TechGuy321 - 4 måneder siden
I love how you guys fab everything yourselves, especially the little bits. Love it!
King James
King James - 4 måneder siden
Y'all should put out more videos a week at least 3 vids a week do some of riding when you are waiting on parts and can't wait to see how much faster and sound better without the cutout it's doing
Ramon somewhere
Ramon somewhere - 4 måneder siden
Oh btw love all your builds..
Hows jayz's tractor.
Ramon somewhere
Ramon somewhere - 4 måneder siden
Please use other timelaps music.
This one is so depressif.
In the beginning it was awesome now its to much..
Ill make u one for free..
If thats the problem
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle - 4 måneder siden
You guys are lucky lucky people.
D R - 4 måneder siden
I know Im gonna cop some shit but I hope that stop sign wasnt stolen from the road. I ride a motorbike and I'd be pretty pissed if someone rolled out in front of me because their stop sign was missing.
Boat Lives Matter
Boat Lives Matter - 4 måneder siden
Respect bru. Love this channel and you are a skilled craftsman. Very good and informative contect.
Spicy Insomnia
Spicy Insomnia - 4 måneder siden
Add some electric power steering, you can figure it out like you always do. Hehe