DIY Go Kart Tutorial Steering and More!

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Earn Free Cash Here: Thanks to Opinion Outpost for sponsoring this video! This is episode 2 of Sam's DIY Power Wheels go kart tutorial series! Episode 1 can be found here In this episode we go over steering and supporting the front wheels. We also go over engine mounts and bracing the steering wheel of this DIY go kart.
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 28 dager siden
Earn Free Cash Here: Thanks to Opinion Outpost for sponsoring this video!
Jan Raphael Asiao
Jan Raphael Asiao - 13 dager siden
Why does the influencerlink doesn't load?
amorton94 - 24 dager siden
@tony detwiler It's not free. You're trading your time and opinion by taking a survey.
Gamers Vlog
Gamers Vlog - 25 dager siden
Guys for next project pls build a mini F1 styled kart
Gary Alsup
Gary Alsup - 26 dager siden
@Chris Garcia sorry I was at work fo the green jeep yes will you send me a pic of the green jeep please
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia - 26 dager siden
Of what
Joao Moreira
Joao Moreira - 2 dager siden
Vladoo153 - 11 dager siden
How do you manage the low speed turning issue ?
Philip - 12 dager siden
Super cool seeing Sam more in front of the camera (:
Dax arms
Dax arms - 15 dager siden
Excellent PFV drone work 👏👏👏👏👏👏
matty bellotti
matty bellotti - 17 dager siden
Hello what steel do you use to build the frame there? 18NiCrMo5 42 CrMo
Joey Bryan
Joey Bryan - 19 dager siden
You guys should make a man version of senderela so they can get married
Tad Delong
Tad Delong - 20 dager siden
Thanks for the merch fellas . The Cousy and patch are fire fellas awesome designs I love the Cousy can't wait to figure out a spot to put this patch
MrVwdude - 21 dag siden
Whats your tips for bending tubing. Would be nice to have tutorial
christopher walker
christopher walker - 21 dag siden
Hey dude. I enjoyed your vlog. 😂 😃 You most definitely need to put out more vids! The part at 1:19 is my favorite. You have to most definitely connect with the funny group Bad Friends. Their stuff hella are like David Dobrik mixed with a bit of PewDiePie. They're the dopest group on the planet and they straight up vlog in every vid!
Go check out their YouTube out and give him a like! 👉 #SurpriseBadFriends
Homemade Rc
Homemade Rc - 21 dag siden
really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy Hertzberg
Randy Hertzberg - 22 dager siden
Does it look to you that you may have a high stress point , right where the "A" arms join behind the engine ? (repeated frame twist can cause cracking)
Le Tornado
Le Tornado - 23 dager siden
I just grabbed a c6 corvette off of Facebook marketplace... I'm gonna cannibalize my go kart and make a little ripper! Wish I had a better engine but this 7hp will have to do for now. Can't wait for the next episode on the diy power wheels build!
Danny Hunley
Danny Hunley - 24 dager siden
Mad props on the drone skills man. You’ve come a long way with it. Sick lines.
nimda green
nimda green - 24 dager siden
FPV in the end 👍
Sebastian Ramirez
Sebastian Ramirez - 24 dager siden
No one entertains me better than you guys yall’s content is the best!!
Blade Bibelhauser
Blade Bibelhauser - 25 dager siden
What cc are you running
Connie Chung
Connie Chung - 25 dager siden
love the FPV show us your setup !!!!!! great vid
vetta17 - 25 dager siden
What is that engine out of?
vetta17 - 25 dager siden
Never mind, just started watching the first one. Dirt bike
NoNameCinema - 25 dager siden
Don't forget the Ackerman 👌🏼
goodboycoy - 25 dager siden
Challenge Try to do do one where the engine isn't sticking out
Mc- Dev
Mc- Dev - 25 dager siden
I've seen how this man drives...
These must be sturdy. Lol
Josh Willis
Josh Willis - 26 dager siden
Can you please make a Dodge Ram go cart
dipstik subaru
dipstik subaru - 26 dager siden
Yes camber is way more than just athstetics.
Dylan Antalek
Dylan Antalek - 26 dager siden
You all need new music 😂
Adventures With Seth
Adventures With Seth - 26 dager siden
You guys are gonna start a gocart movement!! Its awsome. Im in the process of combining an old hillside Honda odyssey chassis with a Polaris outlaw 500. It won't have the power yours does but its my first build so fingers crossed!!!
Jo King
Jo King - 26 dager siden
I wish I could afford to build one of these projects. I'd love to make an electric off-road powerwheels with full suspension. 💪
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia - 26 dager siden
Can you send me one
Manks - 26 dager siden
i wish these beefy powerwheels were mass produced lol
Jam_ Hen
Jam_ Hen - 26 dager siden
Its like a life sizes Mario Kart!
xo420 SLAYERox
xo420 SLAYERox - 26 dager siden
And any recommendations on powerwheels sites so I'm able to get a body to build off of
xo420 SLAYERox
xo420 SLAYERox - 26 dager siden
Can you add wheels to the parts list please
Ricky Pulak
Ricky Pulak - 26 dager siden
all i want is the 2j tractor
Quarter Life Crisis
Quarter Life Crisis - 26 dager siden
I'd really love to see them do something with one of the power wheels tanks Walmart has now
mathieu therrien
mathieu therrien - 26 dager siden
Really enjoy your video, i've been following you for quite a while! Thank you for that!
You should do a off road mini austin pick up with a harley engine! Go take a look at the ''class 7 autograss pickup'', would be really sick!
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis - 26 dager siden
make a lamborgini go cart with motor
Time Table
Time Table - 27 dager siden
Drill a hole in the bushing and put a grease zerk
Stephen Dekker
Stephen Dekker - 27 dager siden
I like having sam onboard like this, hes a cool guy
Steven Farris
Steven Farris - 27 dager siden
Yes still the one from a Barbie car cuz you're never going to get it out again
NicK PaiN
NicK PaiN - 27 dager siden
What dirt bike engine did you go with??
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
Harry. B. Renner. jr. - 27 dager siden
I have watched GHPC since they first came on to you tube. and I have come to believe that they are the best builder's on you tube. but these videos giving Sam his start with a channel. and showing people how to build a power wheels kart. proves that they are the greatest of all hands down. bravo guy's.
Hector Jauregui
Hector Jauregui - 27 dager siden
What size engine is ?
NicholasJames Vavricek
NicholasJames Vavricek - 27 dager siden
Love all GHP puts out , but I have to say Sam is kickin ass with this cop car build . You're all legends for each intrical position that u have on all the builds . Thank you for sharing them with us . 👍🤘👏
MetalMan 329
MetalMan 329 - 27 dager siden
Sam sucks... He should just backflip his way out of Grind Hard videos...
VM - 27 dager siden
Did Barbie Mustang really turns into a Dodge Police?
Julius Bolstad
Julius Bolstad - 27 dager siden
Where do you get all your engines?
Shawn Myers
Shawn Myers - 27 dager siden
Sam is a great addition to tha grind hard team 👍👍👍
Ross Burrow
Ross Burrow - 27 dager siden
looks good, there is an easier way to notch a tube with a grinder (for 90 degree joins), Justin Voss made a great video on it. Rotate the tube as shown in this video 90° and make a vertical cut 45° from the centre line of the tube
Eldridge Garrett
Eldridge Garrett - 27 dager siden
there needs to be a 6 wheeled power wheels build or like a limo build
Edmund Drumm
Edmund Drumm - 27 dager siden
You guys should get a mini jeep that they have online with the 125cc motor in it and do a complete overhaul on it
niyash sookra
niyash sookra - 27 dager siden
David Deep
David Deep - 27 dager siden
The DIY series is up to now my favourite!
Ikhsan Hatur
Ikhsan Hatur - 27 dager siden
Honda tiger engine 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 😁
Turbo_Richie - 27 dager siden
This guy talks like he needs to cough really hard
ew ness
ew ness - 27 dager siden
I think the engine is Xr200R😂
Cannon dxile
Cannon dxile - 27 dager siden
You guys should do a budget video of how much Colonel senders
rthomp03 - 27 dager siden
It would probably be helpful to explain castor, camber, toe, etc. and what effect they will have on steering. You mentioned what castor and camber were, but you left a lot of things unexplained to get it steering correctly. General rule for tutorials: don't assume everyone following along will know about these things just because you already do. Be thorough with your step-by-step instructions. Explain what you're doing, and how you're doing it. Especially something as important as steering, getting it right the first time is preferable to a dangerous trial-and-error approach.
Aside from that, I'm really enjoying this series. Nice to see Sam getting more involved in the videos.
Orestis KIRIAKIDIS - 27 dager siden
Can you please share the link of the hubs and the wheels
Rasmus vikström
Rasmus vikström - 27 dager siden
Very good video, more build videos!!
steven johann
steven johann - 27 dager siden
you should definitely leave the jack stand to serve as an adjustable-height love, much props
Q-ster - 27 dager siden
What engine is it???
Jody Homewood
Jody Homewood - 27 dager siden
I can't find opinion outpost in the google store, is it Apple only? If so you might wanna mention that ?!
Thor Thomassen
Thor Thomassen - 27 dager siden
Please remount the saftycap/shiel on the angelgrinder.
An exploding disc is not fun to get in the face.
Jayden Pearsey
Jayden Pearsey - 27 dager siden
How much would it cost for you to build one for me dont mine if it little extra for you time and supply's
Hity Design
Hity Design - 27 dager siden
Hity Design
Hity Design - 27 dager siden
TheUnnamedDude2 - 27 dager siden
A phone can be used as a fairly accurate angle gauge, probably a bit more fiddly though
Every day life with me
Every day life with me - 27 dager siden
White frame
trondaksel - 27 dager siden
You should make one with a toyota tundra body shell
mark smithson
mark smithson - 28 dager siden
Now you need to let Sam take it down the hill to see how good it rolls. and if it rolls freely. Edwin you guys are amazing showing how to do a budget build.
Ferdinand Zebua
Ferdinand Zebua - 28 dager siden
You guys keep mentioning "the kit", you guys are making a Powerwheels DIY kit for sale aren't you?
Or at least a DIY support kit for essential stuffs (brackets guides etc.) that can help make it easier/less time-consuming for someone making their own gas-powered powerwheel at home in their workshop? And sell those essentials at your website? Now don't get me wrong I personally think such a DIY support kit would be very cool. 👍
Mr Adventure
Mr Adventure - 26 dager siden
The link for the parts is in the description
madmunki creations
madmunki creations - 28 dager siden
Coming along nicely can’t wait to see it drive👍, nice drone shots your getting good with the drone.
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - 28 dager siden
Theres a simple rule to notching.
Mark 1/3 tube diameter and cut a V from that point to the end of the tube at each edge. Then it only takes a tickle with the grinder to round it out.
So if you're mounting a tube between 2 other tubes, and it 1", add 2/3" to the measurement and notch 1/3" out of each end and it will fit.
amazon box
amazon box - 28 dager siden
Wheres the 2j tractor?
Nojus Bobas
Nojus Bobas - 28 dager siden
build electric power wheels
Michael David Cilantro
Michael David Cilantro - 28 dager siden
No shocks? Great build but pretty basic build good for a starter but hmmm awesome
Tee Shark
Tee Shark - 28 dager siden
Damn, so you mean you guys dont just get some tubing and start throwing a frame together. There is measurimg involved... Damn you lost me at both sides need to be identical to the best of your ability.
Austen Crenshaw
Austen Crenshaw - 28 dager siden
ever thought about hanging some extra large hula hoops or something in the trees and making a drone racing course I mean you kind of already do it chasing the carts around.
frederic rike
frederic rike - 27 dager siden
A Red Bull Air Race course in the woods- yeah, buddy!
Colton Britz
Colton Britz - 28 dager siden
2jz tractor
pj motor homes
pj motor homes - 28 dager siden
theres an easier way to Koch the steal tube with an angle grinder
your making an easy job hard
pj motor homes
pj motor homes - 25 dager siden
@John Richardson yeah i had to many beers sorry peeps
John Richardson
John Richardson - 26 dager siden
Your poor spelling makes reading your comment hard
F_ Craft14
F_ Craft14 - 28 dager siden
I dort no i spik greman
Tim Riggs
Tim Riggs - 28 dager siden
Getting carried away with adds guys?
Skiridr22 - 28 dager siden
I think you have to cut out the fender so the front wheels don’t rub when you turn.
PUИIƧHƎR - 28 dager siden
so simple construction that i'm gonna give it a try... thanks guys, you're the best
Ameritude - 28 dager siden
I forget his name, but I love how this is his series. He deserves it
BryDuhBikeGuy - 26 dager siden
Ralph.Oh,wait.That's what I'll do after a couple aerial flips. He's Sam.
Sebastien Dorst
Sebastien Dorst - 26 dager siden
I want one I have a Jeep in my backyard but we can't really use it so
Ferdinand Zebua
Ferdinand Zebua - 28 dager siden
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett - 28 dager siden
Zero suspension is gonna be rough!
Fernando Yescas
Fernando Yescas - 28 dager siden
Hello, my name is Fernando. I am from Mexico. I have looked at your videos for almost three months and the truth is, you do an excellent job with those cars and I just wanted to give a little opinion about the police car. It would have been excellent if you had put it on. Se Miraria De Puta Madre Hahaha * Postata * Use The Translator Because The Truth I Don't Speak English Haha Sorry * Greetings *
ADub - 28 dager siden
That’s the amateur way to notch a tube.
Daniel Tracy
Daniel Tracy - 28 dager siden
That intro tho ❤️
garrett bryson
garrett bryson - 28 dager siden
You're getting better with that drone bid. 🤙
TheGhostGhillie - 28 dager siden
Love that i got an add for lego cars xD
Michelle kotosky
Michelle kotosky - 28 dager siden
Love the vid but could you do a treehouse preview or show it
John Josephson
John Josephson - 27 dager siden
Look at really early videos, there's one about the tree houses. Also another about the bicycle elevator, super cool :)
Michael Hite
Michael Hite - 28 dager siden
You guys should make basic plans for building these. You could sell them.
Alex T
Alex T - 28 dager siden
Let's see a true Power Wheels tribute using a brushless electric drive system. You've got the fab skills and Peter Sripol has the electro-skills. Time for a colab.
David Baker
David Baker - 28 dager siden
Since there's no suspension u should put some loose springs under the seat for comfort and to give some give to lean ur weight around turns
Alex T
Alex T - 28 dager siden
I built my kid an electric reverse trike using an electric scooter powertrain and steering was by far the biggest challenge. Steering either works or it doesn't so do your research and do it right.
Christopher Brennan
Christopher Brennan - 28 dager siden
Make a off-road cop car power wheels
Duane Baker
Duane Baker - 28 dager siden
I wish you'd guys bring back the Barby cart back for an video or two..
Climber31 - 28 dager siden
I can't wait for the part of this tutorial series where they cover fixing the car after it breaks. XD
It's just not GHPC if something doesn't break at some point, right?
Amy Carveth
Amy Carveth - 28 dager siden
You guys should build a quad out of a power wheels quad