DIY Power Wheels Go Kart Tutorial Series

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Code GRIND67 (Early Black Friday Discount/free US shipping to change October 15th) This is our first DIY tutorial series! By far our number one asked question is "can I buy one of your go kart Power Wheels?" and we spend way too much time and energy on these things to do that so instead we are doing a full on step by step in depth DIY tutorial series on building a go kart like ours!
What do you guys think of the new series idea? What questions do you have? let us know in the comments and we will try and add the answers to our site and address it in future tutorial videos!
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Cole Hoard
Cole Hoard - 6 timer siden
Talking about the level if you have iPhone their is a new level app
Brandon Carpenter
Brandon Carpenter - 13 timer siden
Im wondering on dimensions of the frame. Making the exact car, except using rectangular tubing. And a smaller 110cc engine so my kid doesnt kill himself on it.
Jax Porter
Jax Porter - 2 dager siden
Can you do a big foot of grave digger? Please
Jax Porter
Jax Porter - 2 dager siden
Hey r make that jr
che ballon
che ballon - 3 dager siden
me going fast
me going fast - 3 dager siden
The dash makes the whole thing. Might have to make one, between other builds. 🤔
Jassmine Myers
Jassmine Myers - 3 dager siden
William Cad
William Cad - 4 dager siden
I want one plz
bahaa dalani
bahaa dalani - 6 dager siden
Jamie Brazier
Jamie Brazier - 8 dager siden
Gabriel Molinari
Gabriel Molinari - 10 dager siden
What motor is in it
Dax arms
Dax arms - 15 dager siden
There's only one drawback to a motorcycle engine that is air cooled it doesn't have its built-in cooling fan like the predator 212 the tillerson 212, 225 and 228 or bigger engines with a built-in fan so it could cool itself at idle you always have to be moving for the motorcycle engine to stay cool, but if you're always moving then you're having fun
Donald Flowers
Donald Flowers - 16 dager siden
what kit?
Adam Ming
Adam Ming - 16 dager siden
Can I come to your house and drive the fast please car
TsPitfire - 17 dager siden
Is that an e36 truck?
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott - 19 dager siden
cool cov
Marissa Marden
Marissa Marden - 19 dager siden
Kashawn Taylor
Kashawn Taylor - 23 dager siden
Cedric Tittums
Cedric Tittums - 23 dager siden
NonExistent - 24 dager siden
This channel grew very fast like I was watching videos on the very very beginning of the channel when I was like I dunno 8 years old and I now watch maybe a half year and it has grown to almost 1 million it is just amazing to see childhood memories come back
chris art tv
chris art tv - 25 dager siden
They should of painted the body
Shaneviel Dayanan
Shaneviel Dayanan - 25 dager siden
can I ask for a mini motor? even if it is broken, I will fix it so that I can have a mini moto? thankyou
Josh Clasing
Josh Clasing - 26 dager siden
What engine is that?
Mark Pollard
Mark Pollard - 26 dager siden
What was make model of motor what year?
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - 27 dager siden
Can i get that.camero plz
Kaleb Croteau
Kaleb Croteau - 27 dager siden
it needs a turbo
Hans Zuerner
Hans Zuerner - 27 dager siden
1:24 are kids not human ?😢😂😂
Dis_Biscuit_ 212
Dis_Biscuit_ 212 - 28 dager siden
Trump 2020 Baby
Luke Sparkman
Luke Sparkman - 28 dager siden
Dang that Kove promo code got me PISSED I just dropped 200 on a new Bluetooth speaker 😭
Charles Hank
Charles Hank - 28 dager siden
No offense intended this guy here I don't know his name but they should call him roll over rolling LOL because every time he gets in one of them cars he rolls it over LOL great video.
Mason Humphries
Mason Humphries - 28 dager siden
what size tubing are they using
BSmitty Vids
BSmitty Vids - 28 dager siden
Can you also do a tutorial in a build like Cinderella
M D - 29 dager siden
Wear gloves with grinder! Just takes a bump and your tendons are cut..
3 months no work
Andrew Buchanan
Andrew Buchanan - 29 dager siden
“human’s rather than kids” .... so kids are a different species??? I knew it
Silas Hayden
Silas Hayden - 29 dager siden
You guys need to do a volkswagon bus version
FNG_SLOTER - 29 dager siden
How mouth would I have to pay for you to make me one
Kyler Paul
Kyler Paul - 29 dager siden
you should do a bigger one thats not a power wheels too
Jimmy Coughlin
Jimmy Coughlin - 29 dager siden
What engine?????????? Help
Bernard the Builder
Bernard the Builder - Måned siden
when tony hawk makes a power wheels
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell - Måned siden
You guys should do a video tutorial of a off-road version of these power wheels
Eat Sleep Play Repeat
Eat Sleep Play Repeat - Måned siden
This has inspired me
Robert Amaral
Robert Amaral - Måned siden
Enough with the kids aren't humans crap,dod he finish the build?still looking
Josh Mark Lebron
Josh Mark Lebron - Måned siden
Cool friend
Adam Ming
Adam Ming - Måned siden
Can I come to your house in roblox please car
Irwan Wan
Irwan Wan - Måned siden
Is that honda gl200 engine?
Devin W
Devin W - Måned siden
How much would one cost??
Jimmy Coughlin
Jimmy Coughlin - Måned siden
What engine? Going to start a build.
Steven Farris
Steven Farris - Måned siden
You need to get the Mustang back out it is the one that started everything
Nate Dog
Nate Dog - Måned siden
Can I buy the red car
Michael Thibault
Michael Thibault - Måned siden
there's no creativity in this frame its just plane
Tatiana Silvasilva
Tatiana Silvasilva - Måned siden
Fais um prami i manda pru brasil
I have a Payne in my Ass
I have a Payne in my Ass - Måned siden
A new build you mean a second hand build
Colby Magew
Colby Magew - Måned siden
Brings back memories of Barbie car when is it gonna be back in videos I wanna see more of all the things you build and have built and Barbie car needs a make over
The-Cheeze-Ity - Måned siden
Call it the "turgart"
Julio Davila
Julio Davila - Måned siden
This is badass!!! Would you sell one of those karts??? Lol
james cook
james cook - Måned siden
Are you calling me not a human
Kyle Tanner
Kyle Tanner - Måned siden
Man I wish I had one of those cars I really do you guys should do a giveaway please I'm begging you please please please please just please do a giveaway I'm begging you I know it's not going to be easy but please do a giveaway and I know those cars cost expensive but I really want one of those cars please
rexwing Schmidt
rexwing Schmidt - Måned siden
I want a speaker
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz - Måned siden
Thanks for showing a sample installation go-kart and order that a can work with my kid
BAYN Mods - Måned siden
Awesome 😎 Guys
pat fugere
pat fugere - Måned siden
i love all your builds but i wanted to see a bolted angle iron or sleeved tube frame rather then a welded one when yall said "hand tolls only no power tools"
Steven Thompson
Steven Thompson - Måned siden
Making a whole town of power wheels!! Love em all and there own personalities that go with em!!! Great explanation sam killing it with the step by step and explaining how and why!!
Mx gamer Fortnite
Mx gamer Fortnite - Måned siden
the anonymous 30
the anonymous 30 - Måned siden
Did yall use the motor out of the barbie car ?
the anonymous 30
the anonymous 30 - Måned siden
Im so glad yall just keep building these
Robert Jones
Robert Jones - Måned siden
Don't forget your roll bar! LOL
James Makes Stuff
James Makes Stuff - Måned siden
I S THE HOUSE YOU'RE BUILDING( WITH THE TYVEK IN THE BACKGROUND ) FOR EDWIN? And are you doing a video on it. When I heard he was converting the bus to live in, I thought, Ethan has 5000 acres, he should build a house on the property. ITS NOT LIKE GRIND HARD PLUMBING COMPANY IS GOING TO END ANY TIME SOON. 👍🏼
James Makes Stuff
James Makes Stuff - Måned siden
slav iln
slav iln - Måned siden
How many cc's?
Vance mac D
Vance mac D - Måned siden
Too funny the beginning, I'd love to see more youtubers actually try acting some scenes. I was hoping it would be longer. Love this channel,
Тодор Малджански
Engine horsepower???
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou - Måned siden
Almost a million subs! Epic 🤘
K.A.C Music&Art
K.A.C Music&Art - Måned siden
Next Level. Tutorial build with hand tools is so inclusive of the community you guys. Seriously great vid!
Mister Emerald
Mister Emerald - Måned siden
I use to have that powrr wheels
Samuel Goddard
Samuel Goddard - Måned siden
I just want to know that
Whos non-human kids he's talking about
Filip Plaftak
Filip Plaftak - Måned siden
what are you goona do with the vw t2 that was in background
Jessica Larhein-Wilkinson
Jessica Larhein-Wilkinson - Måned siden
I'm eleven and I love building and working on things I'm also busy with a gokart for my little brother
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson - Måned siden
Great opening 😂😂😂👍
Avery Kienbaum
Avery Kienbaum - Måned siden
Y’all I have a question about those speakers I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find these answers. So can I use the two half as two different speakers like connected to two different devices do you get what I mean? And also if say I buy 1 and my sister also gets one can we pair the two or 4halfs together and paired two 1 device? Thank y’all god bless and lots of love from down the road here in Spokane. I pretty much live in Idaho lol
o - Måned siden
We got a new contestent. In you tube (council house creations )...who's is better
Water Lover
Water Lover - Måned siden
liked this build so far
Dino Kejs
Dino Kejs - Måned siden
Cant wait till its over and you catch that camaro! :D :D
brian nash
brian nash - Måned siden
Where is the bat mobile?
Qualeed Christian
Qualeed Christian - Måned siden
Make a 6x6 please
Tyler Oliver
Tyler Oliver - Måned siden
What happened to the Barbie car
M.A. Hogan
M.A. Hogan - Måned siden
Keyvaris Gaston
Keyvaris Gaston - Måned siden
We didn’t get to see if he going to get the dude
Keyvaris Gaston
Keyvaris Gaston - Måned siden
The video going to be over he over here talking
patrick - Måned siden
Where do you get your motors from?
Alex Franco
Alex Franco - Måned siden
What’s the name of the songs you play on the Edit
Hot Wheelie
Hot Wheelie - Måned siden
Grind hard needs to build a drift power wheel that lowered and can slide
Kenneth Bonnette
Kenneth Bonnette - Måned siden
Is this going to race the Barbie cart? Haven’t seen the Barbie mustang in a while.
Emery Cottle
Emery Cottle - Måned siden
Good to see the Camaro in action
KenDog 351
KenDog 351 - Måned siden
@0:25 I started laughing because it reminded me of ken block drifting around the car doing a wheelie
Brian Yellow
Brian Yellow - Måned siden
Where’d you get the rear sprocket what size is it?
Kyle Dobson
Kyle Dobson - Måned siden
Its an engine not a motar, motars are electric
Goomer - Måned siden
The shed is so "Green Acres". (flyover)
Kalyd Dessalines
Kalyd Dessalines - Måned siden
The rims for the tires aren't listed.
Pinky Floyderson
Pinky Floyderson - Måned siden
I always new babys weren't human..
Cenzo Senerchia
Cenzo Senerchia - Måned siden
How does one own a lathe but not a level