Engine Swapped Odyssey Testing and Tuning + New Wheels/Tires

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We finally found all of our Honda Odyssey’s problems. It had to have smaller wheels and tires and a better/bigger radiator. next stop for the engine swap/build series is paint. After that the Odyssey will be 100% ready to rip!
15'' VECTOR ATV wheels form No Limit Wheels nolimitwheels.com/ And 28" Falken Wildpeaks! www.falkentire.com/tires/light-truck-suv-cuv-tires/wildpeak-m/t-tire-0
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 7 måneder siden
GHPC 2 (NEW SECOND CHANNEL) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDJo4LLCjlbupu1DMgvNlDw
fullyford - 7 måneder siden
when you max out your revenue with one channel..start a second two incomes are better than one
The_Fonz_HD - 7 måneder siden
I have an idea, what if you wide-bodied the BMW truck and put those no limit wheels on with a widebody kit?
Ivan Hansen
Ivan Hansen - 7 måneder siden
cant you leave out that lame music
CreepersFright - 7 måneder siden
Hey yo, I know you probably don't or won't get back to me but do you guys have 2 spare 25x10-12 tires? Possibly without rims?
Simon Manifold
Simon Manifold - 7 måneder siden
Been there watched it a couple days ago
COEN NOBLE - 7 dager siden
An all wheel steer power wheels build would be great to see happen and I personally think you guys should keep the ATV tires.
DIY Hamza
DIY Hamza - 2 måneder siden
Put the radiator in the front
ritchie corpin
ritchie corpin - 2 måneder siden
nice one
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade - 5 måneder siden
Perfect channel to find in quarinten
John Connolly
John Connolly - 5 måneder siden
Tbh it looks better with the smaller set up .
RustyDustyRam - 6 måneder siden
If that is a liberty motor out of a polaris, put a bigger Rad on it. Also hook a temp gauge up, I think over 260 is when it does that and usually by then damage is already done.
David Kelm
David Kelm - 6 måneder siden
Nonsense Channel 😁 makes sense to me 🤣
Emanuel Jimenez
Emanuel Jimenez - 6 måneder siden
paint it!
W.W. - 6 måneder siden
Where men are men and the sasquatch are scared
Josh peterson
Josh peterson - 6 måneder siden
Heru Dewantara
Heru Dewantara - 6 måneder siden
You run it too lean
gayangos70 - 6 måneder siden
Hola. muy buenos trabajos .
que pena que no hay subtitulos en castellano para los que no sabemos ingles , un abrazo de un seguidor
pnw_Atv_ E•P•krew
pnw_Atv_ E•P•krew - 6 måneder siden
I'm trying to put rear shock on my odyssey fl250 anyone you guys can let me know how to do it??
Hickory NC Fights
Hickory NC Fights - 7 måneder siden
4wd drive ittt
Nathan Tanner
Nathan Tanner - 7 måneder siden
Way WAY to wide!!!!!!!!!
riley smart
riley smart - 7 måneder siden
what supercar engine do you have in there
Mr. Disorganized
Mr. Disorganized - 7 måneder siden
you need to put the no limit wheels on the LS1 mower build!!!!!
Christopher Taft
Christopher Taft - 7 måneder siden
As soon as I seen those tall narrow wheels I knew it would be a problem and I'm no mechanic. How di you not see that comming. Way to much force exerted from the side when drifting and taking tight curves and such. But I absolutly love the channel and all the cool builds. This is like my favorite hobby unfortunately I haven't had the money to do cool builds since I was a teen but I sure would love to get back into it. I used to love junk yards when they existed I would find almost everything I needed to build stuff like what you guys build. Awesome. So fun and satisfying to build a mean ass machine that's fast enough to do something stupid on. Lol keep up the good work. Been a while since I seen a odyssey. Pretty Cool guys.
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler - 7 måneder siden
Just build a whole new thing
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler - 7 måneder siden
Send it bois
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler - 7 måneder siden
I think the ackerman has alot to do with the bearing wear
Talon Walker
Talon Walker - 7 måneder siden
You guys need some UTV tires not ATV. Find some rzr bighorn 29x11 and 29x9 super light weight and really aggressive.
Talon Walker
Talon Walker - 7 måneder siden
And are in abundance as takeoffs at dealers and utv shops
Michael Watson
Michael Watson - 7 måneder siden
It would look aswome with the tricked out golf cart wheel and tire set up
Robert Peters
Robert Peters - 7 måneder siden
I don't know if it was because the video fps were a certain way, but it seems the radiator fan wasn't going well at 14:19, and so you might just need a new fan motor?
Abstruseish - 7 måneder siden
I can't wait until electric swaps are common on buggies.
overbuilt automotive
overbuilt automotive - 7 måneder siden
oh i can never ever like the way cvt work sound and the lack of control of power delivery.i been thinking a Yamaha 350 wolverine would be a great donor atv fer a build..lover your work guys A+++++
Daddo And Son.
Daddo And Son. - 7 måneder siden
Definitely the wheels are too big
Sean Sykes
Sean Sykes - 7 måneder siden
The monstodisosea I like that
Christopher Morin
Christopher Morin - 7 måneder siden
Interesting, with the smaller ATV front wheels, the Odyssey rides level.
Boi Meme
Boi Meme - 7 måneder siden
Coolest Honda Odyssey on YouTube
immrnoidall - 7 måneder siden
I think those smaller wheels look bitching good. It's a keeper.
Jonathan Padewski
Jonathan Padewski - 7 måneder siden
You should turbo it
Crunchy Boii
Crunchy Boii - 7 måneder siden
So how about an update on the 2jz mower
Kasse Boxen
Kasse Boxen - 7 måneder siden
That clutch engagement thoo it runs so high rpm to engage
PHIL PHIL - 7 måneder siden
No that’s hilarious very passionate about the earth as the engine is throwing out more smoke than a mosquito fogger
Buckets - 7 måneder siden
Change out that CVT for a actual transmission with gears. You’re losing drivability and power by having the set up you do 🤨
Welcome to RUSSIA
obsolete optics
obsolete optics - 7 måneder siden
Why does it look like the CVT belt is on inside out?
Cody Milligan
Cody Milligan - 7 måneder siden
Even though the wheels are big it happened when you got sideways onto the pavement.
A-man1997 - 7 måneder siden
The only safe vehicle you own lol
Cade Hernandez
Cade Hernandez - 7 måneder siden
When is the tractor build coming out
Tee Shark
Tee Shark - 7 måneder siden
I love the start over idea...
Tee Shark
Tee Shark - 7 måneder siden
Sry guys, love your content but I just love how the stock odysseys looked. They were the absolute king of ATV's when they debuted back in the 80's and its those memories which make them so hard to find today. I just cant get used to the rail buggy or dune buggy look that you get with those tires/wheels on the Odyssey. I like the big beefy knobby treads on the traditional Odyssey.
Mark Workman
Mark Workman - 7 måneder siden
On that liberty 800, don’t run stock elko pistons, run wisecos. They handle the heat and Rpms much better. Also I’d switch the coolant out for Evans waterless coolant. Keeps the engine much cooler on 2 strokes. Just my .02s.
martin m
martin m - 7 måneder siden
Those wheels are so much better. Those white things were horrible.
sleep can't
sleep can't - 7 måneder siden
Quit messing around and finish the Jeep already. Quit teasing us!
SEKIGAN TIVZ TMD - 7 måneder siden
Dude is freaking stoned
Sebastian Vega
Sebastian Vega - 7 måneder siden
You guy should add snowtrax like Cinderella in the Camaro
Ken Leach
Ken Leach - 7 måneder siden
Shannon Corbin
Shannon Corbin - 7 måneder siden
The front suspension looks like it came off a Polaris predator
Zack Sprankle
Zack Sprankle - 7 måneder siden
Predator 500 to be exact
Randy Schock
Randy Schock - 7 måneder siden
I took my oddesey to a mechanic, he blew it up, and broke the engine case. Then left it in my yard. You guys wanna fix mine?
Rob Bam
Rob Bam - 7 måneder siden
Put a tractor radiator and put a fan ran to a separate switch or tied into the ignition when you turn it on you can have a nut all the time running fan
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou - 7 måneder siden
It's killer
Casey Jones
Casey Jones - 7 måneder siden
I wish you guys would just build a legit SXS.
The Brody channel #1
The Brody channel #1 - 7 måneder siden
Wen are you doing the low mower build
Любопытно Интересно
Сначала лайк,потом просмотр ! 🤙
killdogxes - 7 måneder siden
thoes small tyres on the front and big on back were indeed hilarious! Thanx for the good laugh on my lunch break :-D
dielauwen - 7 måneder siden
The Landscaper is gonna be pissed when he sees what you did to the lawn.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson - 7 måneder siden
I'm glad to see the smaller wheels on it again. Damn thing keeps breaking
Flatrell Cluggins
Flatrell Cluggins - 7 måneder siden
U should by the plastics for it
sam pasikowski
sam pasikowski - 7 måneder siden
what kind of camera equipment do you guys use?
farmer jackson
farmer jackson - 7 måneder siden
Should unplug one of the spark plugs then it will stop breaking lol
Trevor Babajan
Trevor Babajan - 7 måneder siden
I would loooooove to see this thing with a nice set of chains on it 😂
Trevor Babajan
Trevor Babajan - 7 måneder siden
“Back to the drawing board!” Ugh man, so much goes into these crazy contraptions for our enjoyment. Thanks fellas, lol.
Branden Wilson
Branden Wilson - 7 måneder siden
So time to put it against cars and cameras cross cart
Netti Poliisi
Netti Poliisi - 7 måneder siden
*It need Little bit smaller rear tires :)*
Tripp Harris
Tripp Harris - 7 måneder siden
That is an amazing machine you guys built, congratulations
IOUaUsername - 7 måneder siden
What if you took the chassis from a Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick and replaced the body with a duck shooting punt boat. Then a second transfer case which instead of 2/4/4L gives you prop/wheels/superlow
An N
An N - 7 måneder siden
Dang it really getting to the points where you need safety nets or wrist straps.
i_C_Wiener__ - 7 måneder siden
it would be nice if you could find one goddamn youtuber not trying to shill shit on his channel
Shaun Liedtke
Shaun Liedtke - 7 måneder siden
I would look for a set of Dick Cepek Spiderco's for it.
Travis Gilcreast
Travis Gilcreast - 7 måneder siden
Yeah this thing should blow the tires right off of it. It needs low end. The 2J tractor would be awesome with those big wheels though im sure.
Vance mac D
Vance mac D - 7 måneder siden
I was going to suggest an upgraded radiator. Usually skido's run a heat exchanger above the tracks under the seat to keep the engine cool. Maybe an automotive rad might work
Mxrider2stroke Braaap
Mxrider2stroke Braaap - 7 måneder siden
Nice vid✌️
Pant1KR - 7 måneder siden
Go nitrous! 😈🤘
Lance Kotrous
Lance Kotrous - 7 måneder siden
Do you think I can put a old snowmobile engine into a mower and it will run.
Yes or on
Or Maybe
Tim LeBlanc
Tim LeBlanc - 7 måneder siden
Two strokes NEED efficient heat transfer. That’s where power is made
MrVein - 7 måneder siden
Man that thing is insane! and tbh in my opinion it looks better with the small tires. looks more factory, the car wheels made it look a bit like a backyard buggy. awesome job guys cant wait to see more of this
Shawn Hatcher
Shawn Hatcher - 7 måneder siden
Looks and rides 100x better.
wayfaring stranger
wayfaring stranger - 7 måneder siden
Jett 47
Jett 47 - 7 måneder siden
That ‘spark retarding’ you speak of if it did have some form of ecu is what they call ‘limp mode’ if any sensor is not reading right it cuts the power to the motor thus the term limp mode
Samuel Deleon
Samuel Deleon - 7 måneder siden
Put tracks on the odyssey please!
Kody's kayaks and fishin adventures kody wattus
jan Kowalski
jan Kowalski - 7 måneder siden
why camera guy always looks like smoke weed every day
Mark Dillon
Mark Dillon - 7 måneder siden
Thank fuck you got rid of thoes ruduclious wheels lol now put them on a rally car an daily it haha
IJ AWD E36 - 7 måneder siden
Hope your fuel doesn't have ethanol in it, the black tank foam will break down and clog everything in the carbs..
ShiBBy's Gaming Place!
ShiBBy's Gaming Place! - 7 måneder siden
I'm betting 10,000 rupees that the Odyssey sets the fastest lap around the track! You boys build some wild machines!
Malachi Javernick- Pender
Malachi Javernick- Pender - 7 måneder siden
I love the more dialogue, good sh*t guys, per usual.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen - 7 måneder siden
This is both interesting and fun.
Paulman50 - 7 måneder siden
I put JBWWeld in a bearing housing then lathed it down and pressed in the new bearing. It was in the end of my chain crencher, a 4 inch bearing and it lasted a couple of years.
Delicious DeBlair
Delicious DeBlair - 7 måneder siden
Can I have the wheels you take off there? ~( 'w')/
Chance Dayton
Chance Dayton - 7 måneder siden
Probably one of my favorite builds an I’m waiting for you guys to turbo the odyssey
Hunter Birgerson
Hunter Birgerson - 7 måneder siden
I’d say you throw the snow track setup on the odyssey. I mean it does have a snowmobile engine in it
jacob jenkins
jacob jenkins - 7 måneder siden
Can you guys please put longer arms on the front of this bad boy🙏🏽
David Amazing
David Amazing - 7 måneder siden
You should name the Odyssey the “Rowdy-ssey”
Stuart Jebb
Stuart Jebb - 7 måneder siden
Change all the wheels to quad looks well better
thatdude Inblue _
thatdude Inblue _ - 7 måneder siden
When is the SAS going to start for the tacoma?
thatdude Inblue _
thatdude Inblue _ - 7 måneder siden
I've been Subscribed before 25k
ORANGEHIGH 03 - 7 måneder siden
Put senderellas wheels and tires on it
Glenopolis - 7 måneder siden
Audible sellout lol