Epic Power Wheels Overland Adventure

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This is the story of a group of friends that got together the most heavily modified Power Wheels on the planet and went on the worlds first Power Wheels overland adventure! We had Steve from Hessick Moto and his KTM 525 full independent suspension Land Rover Defender, Mike from Moto Mule and his giant 4x4 Grave Digger powered by a 454cc Quad engine, Chris from Rather B Welding and his Kawasaki Ninja 650 powered Grave Ninja, and of course Grind Hard Plumbing Co's Barbie Jeep with a CRF450 race bike engine and the Jeep Hurricane with a KTM 990 boasting 100HP and selectable 4 wheel drive!
Special thanks to ARB roof tents! arbusa.com/tents-awnings-camping/rooftop-tents/
We had a blast on this adventure and hope to do more go kart with dirt bike engine trips soon! There’re will be most off road extreme adventures coming soon!
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Emerson Brandenburg
Emerson Brandenburg - Måned siden
Best video in YouTube history
Brett Becker
Brett Becker - 25 dager siden
oh ya
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho - Måned siden
Somebody is easily entertained. Emerson?
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade - Måned siden
@erik nulty praying Bruce brown is someone other than the dip shit that is my nabor in the last 6 months I kid you not he has blown up 7 or 8 motors and his dad eather fixs it or buys him a new car
DenverWild - Måned siden
No cap!
Jason White
Jason White - Måned siden
Finally it's here
John Cooper
John Cooper - Time siden
Where in Idaho were you?
Coby Bray
Coby Bray - 6 timer siden
need to do a BDR
Mustache and the Maiden
Mustache and the Maiden - 13 timer siden
You boys are livin right!
Андрій Осьмачка
Video YouTube like love 💪👍👍🤟🤟😍😍😍
nate cote
nate cote - 20 timer siden
Where is this?
nate cote
nate cote - 20 timer siden
Grave digger guy should have built it so he actually fits
killcancersteve - 20 timer siden
This is pure awesomeness
Josh Chavers
Josh Chavers - Dag siden
This is what freedom looks like boys.
Eleazar Renteria
Eleazar Renteria - Dag siden
can we buy these? they look so fun!
the flip show
the flip show - Dag siden
Fat guy in a tiny monster truck
Hard Enduro Tambov Russia
BOOM - Dag siden
A Loose ground would cause a short like that to happen to your fuel pump
cameron clark
cameron clark - Dag siden
Silent hill ost trap remix, I love it
Jerome Capes
Jerome Capes - Dag siden
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez - Dag siden
Awesome adventure guys ,I'm from San Diego and I know that you r the beginning of a future of power wheels adventures. Keep making more videos
Garbage Trash
Garbage Trash - Dag siden
Sendstorm has 100 hp in that tiny thing?!?!
Nancy madrigales
Nancy madrigales - 2 dager siden
Yo how much is one of those
Noah Ward
Noah Ward - 2 dager siden
Rather b welding is a great YouTuber I’m subbed to grind hard a welding great you tubers
Jr TheGoat
Jr TheGoat - 3 dager siden
I have the keep hurricane as my chrome book wallpaper
Randy Kerner
Randy Kerner - 3 dager siden
This was an awesome video.
Vladoo153 - 5 dager siden
The land rover is working good ...because it is based on quad.
Greg Stitz
Greg Stitz - 5 dager siden
Now they got to do the tank they sell at Walmart/Target
Charlie Babuchna
Charlie Babuchna - 5 dager siden
Y’all definitely need to do this more it was so fun to watch I just love your videos
Zwijacz Family
Zwijacz Family - 5 dager siden
You guys ROCK!! What a KILLER trip!! Awesome!!
Duncan B
Duncan B - 6 dager siden
What's the cost of making one of those
Benjermin - 6 dager siden
That shot at 16:20 seriously made me tear up, I want to see that in person
Edmund Cheng
Edmund Cheng - 7 dager siden
Wow! Very good video, especially love the part of the drone on sunset.
DRIZZY_LEE - 8 dager siden
letme join the next series
Jorge P
Jorge P - 8 dager siden
America and americans like you men are incredible ❤️ I hope some day will go there
Project D TV
Project D TV - 8 dager siden
Now this is.Freedom.
Kordell Games
Kordell Games - 9 dager siden
I het you so much ok so go😠😠😠😠😠😠
Michael E. Perez
Michael E. Perez - 9 dager siden
Cool video . Doing donuts in the field is just the type of things the anti-off-road crowd loves to see to justify closing off the wilderness. Leave no Trace.
seggpaskolóezredes - 9 dager siden
Best video ever
oz frishta
oz frishta - 9 dager siden
זה ממש יפה אבל ממש
Iamlukie !
Iamlukie ! - 10 dager siden
I know it’s a great video and trip. But maybe, just maybe if you didn’t bet the absolute tar out of them they would have made it to the end unbroken. But where the hell is the fun in that?
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor - 10 dager siden
Type of drummer using the maverick
Thokozani Tshabangu
Thokozani Tshabangu - 10 dager siden
At 17 Min
My heart was melted
Euel Moges
Euel Moges - 11 dager siden
Euel Moges
Euel Moges - 11 dager siden
10:05 thochanged the whole vid
Mad Skills
Mad Skills - 11 dager siden
It’s hard finding videos with no swearing
This YouTube channel is the best
Getrektnoobslyr - 12 dager siden
Is there a way to buy cars like these and not make them?
The One
The One - 13 dager siden
why would you load such a heavy trailer all you need is fuel ,food and a sleeping bag
Kids Jeanlouis
Kids Jeanlouis - 13 dager siden
or $10,000
Kids Jeanlouis
Kids Jeanlouis - 13 dager siden
I will buy that green one with a star on it for $7,000
Cameron Walker
Cameron Walker - 13 dager siden
great to see chris from rather b welding hanging out with use guys his fabrication skills are much simalar to that off grindhard and moto mule.use guys should do a collab and use could build something epic keep up the good content coming from new zealand 👍
Red Dragon81
Red Dragon81 - 13 dager siden
somebody link me the green jeep body pls
alia176 - 13 dager siden
Awesome video, great commentary and camaraderie. Thank you for the entertainment.
Joshua King
Joshua King - 14 dager siden
I need 2 of them. I hope y’all sell one day. My daughter needs that Barbie Jeep.
Dan San
Dan San - 14 dager siden
That looks awesome
Jerry Guajardo
Jerry Guajardo - 14 dager siden
Who's the nerd with the mask in the mountains... probably voting Biden..
Jerry Guajardo
Jerry Guajardo - 14 dager siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co I apologize. I meant no disrespect. I just couldn't see taking in that beautiful Mountain Air through a mask.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 14 dager siden
The mask is for dust. Don't judge people you don't know.
steveroxx69 - 14 dager siden
Very cool
Nick Bojko
Nick Bojko - 15 dager siden
It was a blast guys . From the music to all the work to edit this video.
Kole Blevins
Kole Blevins - 15 dager siden
How can I buy a pre moded power wheels from you because I would love to have the pink jeep?
Mike. - 15 dager siden
10:10 that guy doesnt know how to ride a quad becuase when ur on two ones on the right, u gotta put all ur body weight on the left so it steadys it i ride a 3 wheeler its 10x more difficult than a quad and its harder to control so basicly my point is learn to balance urself before u go and try to show off
sensi sensei
sensi sensei - 15 dager siden
SUBSCRIBED! Yall from Oregon?!
Raptor72809 - 16 dager siden
when he did not give you nuckels
Adam Barbanell
Adam Barbanell - 16 dager siden
Where was this filmed?
Benas Matelis
Benas Matelis - 17 dager siden
how much car
Tristen Smith
Tristen Smith - 17 dager siden
Good shit
batch2448 - 17 dager siden
Hell yeah ARB. Another piece of Australia in your builds
James Girardin
James Girardin - 18 dager siden
When are we gonna get a lifted sports car??
Gage Deal
Gage Deal - 19 dager siden
Steve looks like my dad
Dayton M
Dayton M - 19 dager siden
Are you guys from northern idaho? I'd be so stoked to see one of these things wheelin!
Robert Cates
Robert Cates - 20 dager siden
So you guys are in Idaho??
Isaak Martinez
Isaak Martinez - 20 dager siden
This is what every kid feels like driving power wheels
John Carlo Roales
John Carlo Roales - 20 dager siden
I love your video man and this overland is so damn great. Hopefully you're ganna do it again godbless guys😊😊😊😊
M. Fadil
M. Fadil - 21 dag siden
So damn cool👍👍👍
Jan Ahrends
Jan Ahrends - 21 dag siden
5:18 Cinderella is already broken! Haha
Juan Mejorado
Juan Mejorado - 21 dag siden
To be honest before I clicked this video I thought they where going to be way bigger.😂😂😂
Red Monkey
Red Monkey - 22 dager siden
Haven’t even started watching the video yet and I already like it
Payton Sadler
Payton Sadler - 22 dager siden
I wish I could build something like thay
Dave Kiger
Dave Kiger - 22 dager siden
you guys should go on big mountain bike trails with your toys
joseph clark
joseph clark - 22 dager siden
you could of used the tire off the back of the barbie jeep
Bhagirath Suthar
Bhagirath Suthar - 23 dager siden
Man , I want that overland adventure
Brinley Seaton
Brinley Seaton - 23 dager siden
I want to build one of these
Raffy Malabug
Raffy Malabug - 23 dager siden
chris williams
chris williams - 24 dager siden
Dude do you guys live in Idaho cause I do and it would be really cool to meet you guys
ArrowSmith95 - 24 dager siden
girlfriend " i bet hes out cheating and not with the boys"
me and the boys....
MicKMuzZ MKMZ - 24 dager siden
This has got to be one of the best (if not THE best) all round videos you guys have made. The pictures, scenery, editting, & content was all top notch. It was better in quality than some actual TV shows. A gyro stabilised camera would be handy for the bumpy stuff though, lol!
Still, a really professional job! 👌👌👌
P.S. Breaking things is the best way to test something, then you can assess what failed, & build it better second time around!
Can't wait for your next video. 😉👍
SkåneMemes - 24 dager siden
so good editing and so good filmed i loved id🥰
Aidan Sellers
Aidan Sellers - 25 dager siden
I was hoping this was an old video witch would mean there may be another just like it 😂 cant wait to see it again one day
Daniel Shuda
Daniel Shuda - 25 dager siden
This is the real life adult version of every powerwheels mission my imagination took me on as a kid!
Braxton Yeadon
Braxton Yeadon - 25 dager siden
Yo you guys are sandpoint Idaho? I'm from troy montana
Brannen Thompson
Brannen Thompson - 25 dager siden
Not taking anything away these are fing awesome but when does it stop being "Power Wheels" and more a mini Quad with plastics, who bloody cares anyway.
firewatersun - 25 dager siden
Mini homes are now all the rage...next popular addition to mini home...mini overlander!!!
Yaniel Fidalgo
Yaniel Fidalgo - 26 dager siden
I need one 😂😂😂
Andrew Nunez
Andrew Nunez - 26 dager siden
You should sell the no cap 🧢
Jlambo200 - 26 dager siden
Hey wanna know a secret

Your my favorite YouTuber.
plixplop - 26 dager siden
I thought these trucks were just a funny novelty at first, but the fact they could make it that far on a real trail is damn impressive.
smurf streetking
smurf streetking - 26 dager siden
I need to join the guys with one of my beasts its a shame im in UK
Gus Abar
Gus Abar - 26 dager siden
All you guys are really talented, and are a great bunch of knowledgeable men and I wish I was apart of the crew cuz I love wrenching and fabricating shit!! THANKS for the video 👍✌
Yuri Corrêa
Yuri Corrêa - 26 dager siden
My face hurts from grinning for 29 min straight.
Dematron - 27 dager siden
Broken Sway Bar Link at 5:16
Old Scout
Old Scout - 27 dager siden
You guys appear to be a joke, a bad joke. Unrealistic, unprepared. You would be better off on horse. No beer. The stupid guy with trailer, enough said already. You can almost I’ll see starting point. Some joker snorting it really is a joke. Not even serious.
Kody Weisbeck
Kody Weisbeck - 27 dager siden
These remind me of that quad thing that Trevor gets at the end of the story on gta 5 😂
Guido Bosson
Guido Bosson - 27 dager siden
Anti AntiFafafa
Anti AntiFafafa - 27 dager siden
What would I do to be allowed to live in America ???! Dearest greetings from Hamburg Altona ..
Jesse Howard
Jesse Howard - 28 dager siden
Legit thought this was a gta 5 video from the thumbnail.
Ralph Burrows
Ralph Burrows - 28 dager siden
You guys should put some of your totally AWESOME engineering into making a couple good trailers as that seamed to be your weakest link. Your work is awesome and really unique.