First Test Drive! 500cc Off-Road Go Kart

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Our custom 500cc Go Kart Rips! This is the first test drive ever! Get the Kove Audio Solitude Noise Canceling Headphones for over 65% off right now:
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Music: Edwin Olding - Recall
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Full build tread with every part used in this modded Power Wheels here
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Runtime: 20:51


Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Get the Kove Audio Solitude Noise Canceling Headphones for OVER 65% off this month:
Code: GH68 (discount subject to change)
GPub Inbred
GPub Inbred - 11 måneder siden
who put this car here do you know who put that car there?
who put this car here
who put this car here - 11 måneder siden
what is ur real job? how do you have time for this... or do you only do youtube?
Zack scott
Zack scott - 11 måneder siden
Should use u joint from a steering column in a car
GPub Inbred
GPub Inbred - 11 måneder siden
Jaguar looked good
GPub Inbred
GPub Inbred - 11 måneder siden
I appreciated how u did your headphone video promotion, very well done. U good w da camera. B an actor.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 21 dag siden
When Edwin says the battery life is ridiculously long he's not kidding in a future promotion they did when they were running the RC car and the Barbie Jeep I took them up on the cove solitude headphone offer and that was in April and I have not had to charge it once and it's already the first week into September so I can attest for extremely long battery life
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell - Måned siden
What motor did you put in there?
PrimeDUBz - 2 måneder siden
Pretty awesome but all Mario Karts have motors in the back. And probably two stroke
Justin Heard
Justin Heard - 2 måneder siden
Next up, my a 2JZ gokart 😂💀👺😂😂😂
Sebbe kartellen
Sebbe kartellen - 2 måneder siden
i want one of these so bad! it is small like a toy car but its fast as fuck xD. i would drive it every single day if i had one
Zach Reynolds
Zach Reynolds - 3 måneder siden
man this would be so cool to have
Maria Smith
Maria Smith - 3 måneder siden
R.I.P headphones users in the being
Triston L Wackerly
Triston L Wackerly - 4 måneder siden
How much does it cost
Evan Edison
Evan Edison - 4 måneder siden
Please put a guard on that grinder!!!
aroonlak jamsai
aroonlak jamsai - 4 måneder siden
อยากได้ จังครับ.. 💓💓💓แค่ความฝันที่อยากทำเหมือนกัน แต่เรา จน
Inner city Red Neck
Inner city Red Neck - 4 måneder siden
You guys dont do nearly enough ripping in your videos!! 2 seconds of ripping and 3 million hours of talking!
Nicholas Hubbard
Nicholas Hubbard - 5 måneder siden
What welder did you use for all of this???. I'm looking for one and I'm gonna weld like crazy. Pretty much the same stuff your doing. Just so many options out there.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
Can't Cindy be retrofitted with electric starter?
Brenton Ernest
Brenton Ernest - 5 måneder siden
Where do yall get your bearing blocks from
R Terry
R Terry - 5 måneder siden
Leg and foot that close to the chain drive, fuck me !
george - 6 måneder siden
What do you use for your solid axles I’m making 60 hp and want a good solid axle
Riley Scarcella
Riley Scarcella - 6 måneder siden
Do you have fox rear shocks... for a bicycle... as ur suspension? Lmao that’s awesome
Blackleopard Alpha
Blackleopard Alpha - 7 måneder siden
good idea
R S - 7 måneder siden
Nice build but I’m worried that chain breaking and cutting open the femoral artery and bleeding out in 10 seconds. That or loosing my balls and dick. Chain guard bro.
javier barreras
javier barreras - 7 måneder siden
que motor usa?
Cesar Leonardo Hernandez
Cesar Leonardo Hernandez - 7 måneder siden
Yo quiero uno de esos
Noan YoBiseniss
Noan YoBiseniss - 8 måneder siden
FYI, 3 grounds is not even remotely excessive when you are stranded and cannot get you kart to start because the ONE ground you made failed and you can't figure that out on the side of the road. I think you may have been there before. ;D
Learn from your mistakes, actually its easier to learn from others mistakes.
FlamingCows2 - 8 måneder siden
Does it stop snowing there much
James - 8 måneder siden
Loving these frankenstein monstrocities
Jennie Addis
Jennie Addis - 8 måneder siden
i want to see the snow bike and this vido was the best i have aver sol
1man1van - 8 måneder siden
Looking at the size of those sprockets, I had a feeling something was gonna give!
bass dimas
bass dimas - 8 måneder siden
nice sound kove
Where Eagles Soar Kenny Vance
Where Eagles Soar Kenny Vance - 8 måneder siden
I would like to see a race between you guys and carsandcameras.
Sergio Daniel Torres
Sergio Daniel Torres - 9 måneder siden
Tu eres Genio, eminencia de ingeniero! tengo hecho uno mas grande en tamaño con motor de fusca 1600 ,tratando de terminarlo, aqui es muy dificil , Argentina es un antiproyectos, Gracias por compartir tu saber! Hasta pronto.
Godfather - 9 måneder siden
No guard over that chain ? Well you can kiss that left leg goodbye 👋
Levi Beebe
Levi Beebe - 9 måneder siden
Electric powerwheels that's equal in power and performance to Cinderella.
larry melroy
larry melroy - 9 måneder siden
500cc gocart looks awesome I would have the clutch on one side and up and down shift on the other probably because it would confuse me otherwise lol
But looks awesome!!!!!
JoeLouis - 9 måneder siden
That slow motion welding and grinding though!
Tyler Shupp
Tyler Shupp - 9 måneder siden
Could of used cables to shift with a "Y" on the shift peg ...left cable ran around to front and right ran straight down to pull towards you
Karen TV
Karen TV - 9 måneder siden
Kto Polska?
Joy Morales
Joy Morales - 9 måneder siden
El motor debería estar atras
Jim Rodgers
Jim Rodgers - 9 måneder siden
Fantastic build and superior welding and bending job. Cart looks tight. With a custom build i am sure there are always things to modify.
Matt Price
Matt Price - 10 måneder siden
Some of the big companies should send over some tracks for the odyssey!
i AM Dj HotSt3ppa
i AM Dj HotSt3ppa - 10 måneder siden
Dude installed paddle shifters 👍🏽🎯
Marica Tinibua
Marica Tinibua - 10 måneder siden
what engine did you use
Marica Tinibua
Marica Tinibua - 10 måneder siden
I want one
maks jagosz
maks jagosz - 10 måneder siden
Do you have any plans to build this car? I really wanted to build them but I don't know how to start. Pls help me
Kelly Barnett
Kelly Barnett - 10 måneder siden
@grind hard plumbing co is this a predator 500 y'all used on this Camaro build
Kelly Barnett
Kelly Barnett - 10 måneder siden
How y'all get that motor to run without all them wires
Sniper King
Sniper King - 10 måneder siden
You guys need to make one car that has a truck body on it and a trailer to carry everything you guys build
Meas Tangkim
Meas Tangkim - 10 måneder siden
golem 5000
golem 5000 - 10 måneder siden
Poor Barbie at 6:52
Derek L
Derek L - 10 måneder siden
love the work and ingenuity but looks like a good way to loose a left leg ....... rwd chain driven go cart? motor in the back and and body in front! comin sense?
marcos genude agricultura qualificada
Olá tudo bem Srs, parabéns excelente trabalho ficou muito bom mesmo,eu curti muito o projeto e gostaria de saber se tem como você disponibilizar o projeto do chassi pra mim construir um.
caleb aldea
caleb aldea - 10 måneder siden
you should either make the chain smaller or tighter because then it will be a lot faster and pickup better
Все Клипы
Все Клипы - 10 måneder siden
Ибать пушка
Rudy Ross
Rudy Ross - 10 måneder siden
Wanna see snow bike rip again
Dwayne ochs
Dwayne ochs - 10 måneder siden
Hey man sick machine just add dirt bike bars
David Böhler
David Böhler - 11 måneder siden
How much HP? I want to build something like that, but i don't know what enigine i should use...
Joshua Creed
Joshua Creed - 11 måneder siden
17:15 is when he actually rides it
Austin T.
Austin T. - 11 måneder siden
I’m constantly Impressed with the stuff you’ve taught yourself to do
BEASTIES - 11 måneder siden
I need a mower like that!
Erik Feltch
Erik Feltch - 11 måneder siden
What song starts at 5:00
Evan Field
Evan Field - 11 måneder siden
You guys should build a bigger version like the odyssey and use a street bike engine with a chain drive
Evan Field
Evan Field - 11 måneder siden
That chain by your leg is sketchy
Tommy Torres
Tommy Torres - 11 måneder siden
I love it so cool
Jamwood03 - 11 måneder siden
So uh.. How much for one? xD
Callaghn Robertson
Callaghn Robertson - 11 måneder siden
Your way of life seems so tranquil.
rayn man
rayn man - 11 måneder siden
Holy moly I would not even be driving that thing at all without those chains being covered by a steel plate!
P appz
P appz - 11 måneder siden
-wait....that off road jag... i need to know more about that!
RVbilly - 11 måneder siden
Y’all are 1000xs better than boring ass Ike and whatever his name is cars and cameras you put REAL engines in your builds not shitty predators
JustAnAverageJoe - 11 måneder siden
Why can't anyone in CDA do something this cool? 🤔
Ken Neal
Ken Neal - 11 måneder siden
how much would you charge to build that for someone else. Thats willing to pay
Rosie Hernandez
Rosie Hernandez - 11 måneder siden
Damm is there any thing you can't all the work do....keep up the good work.....
Lizard King
Lizard King - 11 måneder siden
His driveway looks like a they be having mini mad max rally....righteous.😎
J B - 11 måneder siden
IRL mario cart!
mark mccall
mark mccall - 11 måneder siden
Was wondering about the steering right from when he mentioned the rod. Surely this can work with 2 cables attached to either side of a rocker at the gear box end???
W4V3MAKER wave
W4V3MAKER wave - 11 måneder siden
0:09 Nice exhaust location my man.
Zsolt Berei
Zsolt Berei - 11 måneder siden
Stacy Starnes
Stacy Starnes - 11 måneder siden
Justin Timberlake builds gocart!
Авто Спорт 78 Jon
Авто Спорт 78 Jon - 11 måneder siden
У меня получился такой дырчик!!!
Авто Спорт 78 Jon
Авто Спорт 78 Jon - 11 måneder siden
Авто спорт 78
ron whittaker
ron whittaker - 11 måneder siden
nothing like having low-end grunt and long legs at the same time.
_Flake_ - 11 måneder siden
I’d love to see a KTM bike drag race “tuned” or what u say
AydenBoby te
AydenBoby te - 11 måneder siden
holy fuck, why's the chain so close to ur leg??
Sinisa Srbljan
Sinisa Srbljan - 11 måneder siden
how much to build one or to buy one of urs
Ken Dog
Ken Dog - 11 måneder siden
I so want this go kart without the body and give it a automatic gearshift
Victor Poulin
Victor Poulin - 11 måneder siden
So it is good to have more than one ground when connected with other grounds. If one fails it can rely on the other grounds for a ground. Just sayin :)
White Lamborghini goes skrrt skrrt
I literally just skipped to past the last ad and here you go @18:22
browngar - 11 måneder siden
hell ya north Idaho! so stoked to have found this channel, love what your doing!
Andile Mhlongo
Andile Mhlongo - 11 måneder siden
wow this is very fast
Andy Hall
Andy Hall - 11 måneder siden
He's not even done slipping the clutch out in first gear and already doing 40mph LOL. *ALSO* ya might wanna tuck in those shoe laces by that chain! LMAO LOVE IT.
David Mccully
David Mccully - 11 måneder siden
Why not go 12" more for more leg room
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Super Mario Kart
young goat
young goat - 11 måneder siden
how much u selling for
Dizzy - 11 måneder siden
shit i wish i had a friend with a garage like that, i got shit to build. :(
Liam Hebden
Liam Hebden - 11 måneder siden
Perry Dimitaris
Perry Dimitaris - 11 måneder siden
Can I buy one of these
Ryan McCahill
Ryan McCahill - 11 måneder siden
For your control scheme, I would change it personally. I would put the brakes on the right side of the steering wheel, the clutch on the left paddle. Then you put a sequential up and down as the left pedal and throttle as the right pedal. That way it remains a familiar control scheme for someone to transition to from a motorcycle or dirt bike.
Dre C.
Dre C. - 11 måneder siden
Turn the exhaust outward and down not toward you!
Rampage Sv GAMING
Rampage Sv GAMING - 11 måneder siden
how dangerous the engine looks in front of the go kart example the chain, the exhaust ..... why didnt add it to the back of the go kart===????
Justin Cavinder
Justin Cavinder - 11 måneder siden
Can't wait to see more of this one, looks awesome.
Also your chassis building isn't terrible, have you ever thought about building pro stock drag bike chassis? You can make a fat pay check
Neel 1851
Neel 1851 - 11 måneder siden
You should put mufflers on these things especially the 450 they would run so much better
63maverick - 11 måneder siden
valve bender--
fisheattoast - 11 måneder siden