Full Send+Building a 1/2 Mile Backyard Rally Track!

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Go to www.audible.com/ghpc or text ghpc to 500-500 to Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial. Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! We made a new rally track! The new track has 11 turns and a huge steel/wooden ramp that gaps the driveway! In this episode we finally race the CRF450 Barbie Jeep VS the KTM 990 adventure powered Power Wheels Off Road Go Kart!
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - Måned siden
Go to https://www.audible.com/ghpc or text ghpc to 500-500 to Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial. Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video!
ThatFabDad! !
ThatFabDad! ! - Måned siden
You guys have inspired me to get into a fabrication shop with no previous welding knowledge..and by day 4 they’re letting me get into it like I’ve been doing it for years! Words can’t say how appreciative I am for stumbling across all the amazing work y’all do! Was a plumber before, but I love cars and going fast too much to not do for life, so THANK YOU GUYS!
R YT - Måned siden
That colonel sounds pissed off
Hsoon Ali
Hsoon Ali - Måned siden
@The hair on your screen ٠
The Dirt King
The Dirt King - Måned siden
You should get a GoPro 9
Michel Dekkers
Michel Dekkers - Måned siden
Great track gentlemen!!....props to you!!...so whats next?...crawler trial?...mud hole?....hehehe....keep it up!
Anthony Raines
Anthony Raines - Dag siden
Incredible build guys!
Dan Kwarta
Dan Kwarta - 3 dager siden
What was the average cost to build sendy or colonel?
Compilation Central
Compilation Central - 10 dager siden
I want to build a Barbie Jeep just like one you guys have, but have no clue how to get started 😞 my daughter has a Pink Jeep power wheels that no longer works(has a radio and stuff on it, and a little lift kit for off-road) and it’ll be so cool to build one.
Rosko311 - 10 dager siden
TreaHuggs - 10 dager siden
Get some chainsaw chaps please!
The Masked Musician
The Masked Musician - 18 dager siden
I would pay like 3000-4000 for The Coronal or something like it. Its so cool, its like my dream to own something like that.
joseph clark
joseph clark - 21 dag siden
fire wood
Courtney Faas
Courtney Faas - 22 dager siden
That HUD view is everything
smurf streetking
smurf streetking - 24 dager siden
Ok guys i love how when im watching this i keep tapping my phone for breaks thinking im playing a game "love it"
rhox1567 - 26 dager siden
your fly is down bro lol
Anthony Attaway
Anthony Attaway - 26 dager siden
YOU! got a headlight out lol! I wish it was wide enough to rip the taco through it
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson - 27 dager siden
That is the most sketchy track I’ve ever seen man clear some of those trees out, damn.
Incognito Bandito
Incognito Bandito - 27 dager siden
Intro with fly undone LOL
Driftingninja24 - 28 dager siden
The isnt straight haha the grand tour reference much🤣🤣🤣
Jordon C
Jordon C - 29 dager siden
Loved this vid!! Maybe drag the track with some chain link to smooth it out and make it faster? Its already wild trying to keep track of whats going on from the go pro. You guys are WAY better drivers than me lol.
G Warren
G Warren - Måned siden
Aww I missed this channel
Being Happy
Being Happy - Måned siden
Your fly's undone
Kiel does stuff
Kiel does stuff - Måned siden
I foresee alot of broken suspension
Travis - Måned siden
god dam dude u have a great piece of property for ridin, n dam with that bobcat u can make some badass courses n trails!! the only thing the trails r missin is technical rocky shit like the west virginia mountains, some of those lines r soo amazing n beautiful to ride its like some of them are carved out of the rock n like rocks were placed just perfect NOthing like the king of hammers kind of technical rocky lol im talkin bout still relaxing to ride iv only got about 2 acres n while it is the country n i live outta town, i do live in a little community called millers md n i dont want to make my neighbors hate me :p they still wave when i ride up n down the road but i dont do it often n i keep it real tame around the houses
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker - Måned siden
Edwin, you look and sound just like the actor Tom Payne
Steve Yoda तर्नेक
at 0:16 Just wanted to tell Ethan... you’ve got a security breach down at Los Pantalones.
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts - Måned siden
10:08 (secretly means "my carpentry skills are sub- par but I has welder!!!)

sorry just had too
Wayne Mcclelland
Wayne Mcclelland - Måned siden
Turn 6 ,. Christmas tree corner...just a thought. Hello from Northern Ireland.
RFL Dynamite
RFL Dynamite - Måned siden
What engine is that
Jarok3 - Måned siden
that driving POV looks like the most realistic video game ever xD
Carl Harverson
Carl Harverson - Måned siden
Trees are just so fkn strong, they will delete you. Give yourself some more space bro
Daniel Yenderrozos
Daniel Yenderrozos - Måned siden
almost 1mil subs! nice guys!
Matt - Måned siden
If you are wise you will put a roll cage on those and start mass production. Everybody needs one
Logan Sizemore
Logan Sizemore - Måned siden
Hey, I love what you guys do, but I have something you might be interested in that would be awesome for a future build. I intended to build it but never did but it is a 1/2 scale willys Jeep body, full metal body, seat frame and windshield frame, it is already painted and no rust, let me know if your interested, my email is lsizemore1917@gmail.com
Chris Sam
Chris Sam - Måned siden
Hello guys I am from Greece and I like your jeep projects. I would like to communicate with you about the 4x4 jeep project. I would like to buy this one.
Jordan Borths
Jordan Borths - Måned siden
Your fly is open in the intro lol
Connor Digs Dirt
Connor Digs Dirt - Måned siden
So is anyone gonna hit the jump in one of the trucks?
A L - Måned siden
Only a matter of time before you ZOINK yourself into a tree
Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen - Måned siden
Yodeling walmart kid in the mix at 13:00😆🤦‍♂️
Visceral - Måned siden
Great video, but would definitely advise wearing chainsaw chaps. Be careful and save the reckless nature for full sends on the power wheels!!
Nicolas Fonsfria
Nicolas Fonsfria - Måned siden
Anyone else notice the black bear creep up behind Ethan on :45
Shaun PC
Shaun PC - Måned siden
Yeah I’ve gotta say that your new track is beginning to look way too sketchy for you to not be using decent protection.
I’m definitely worried about something seriously bad happening to Ethan,
Please be careful and build in some protection 🙏🏻
VM - Måned siden
And there's Edwin risking life just to film a donut, awesome man 26:03
Marlon Medina
Marlon Medina - Måned siden
Where can we buy those mini jeeps?
jefftrue79 - Måned siden
So did you guys get Colonel Sender's clutch fixed?
Peter Piccolo
Peter Piccolo - Måned siden
ur fly is down bro!!
Laltluangkima Tluanga
Laltluangkima Tluanga - Måned siden
If you use deal like SC protect exhaust on the jeep Side by side it will sounds so perfect.make another exhaust like SC short muffler for the jeep
Craig Ster
Craig Ster - Måned siden
Where's the rally cars?
brady moritz
brady moritz - Måned siden
what could possibly go wrong?
Jeremiah Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas - Måned siden
If I would make a power wheels like there's I would make it lower gear like an atv you can slow crawl / go fast.
Jeremiah Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas - Måned siden
Without a good supination that going to hurt your lower back.
Jeremiah Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas - Måned siden
Kawasaki brute force.
John Ortitay
John Ortitay - Måned siden
Must b nice to b off i been working through this nightmare
Didier Arias
Didier Arias - Måned siden
Excelente en español el titulo!!!
RandyXandar - Måned siden
The video compression is terrible at some points.. youtube needs to up their game..
CaptainNonsense - Måned siden
I saw the guy with long flowing locks of hair at 13:08, and thought "Is that Spencer from BuildsNotProjects?" And what do you know, it is!
endra baba
endra baba - Måned siden
Kalo sudah menebang pohon tolong di tanam kembali agar tanah di pegunungan tidak semakakin gundul terima kasih
frogswurld - Måned siden
If I were 30 years younger I'd be headed your way.
So much epic in every vid.
Michael Meroney
Michael Meroney - Måned siden
Those trees on the outside of that sweeper make me nervous.
cokey from Bk to Tx
cokey from Bk to Tx - Måned siden
First time here. Nice property, a yone know how big? I want to build my own trail quads and jeeps
Beast from the east
Beast from the east - Måned siden
Where yall gonna make a go around at the driveway jump call that the wussy go round and if anyone uses it they get the pink helmet to wear all day. Yall should really consider add a center brace for the center flex on the boards
James McGee
James McGee - Måned siden
This is sweet track. Alas, I get really nervous watching you guys take the really tight turns. The 'yooooooou turn' is crazy. "It's like being chased by a giant angry gorilla!" lmao!
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly - Måned siden
Bumpy straight should be changed to treehouse lane
stu booth
stu booth - Måned siden
That flickering light through the pines gives me epic anxiety. It going to wreck some pride, bikes and limbs.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - Måned siden
Your fly is down my guy
divine_ - Måned siden
Plane's flying low in the intro scene there, chap. (fly is down)
Dylan G
Dylan G - Måned siden
the kernel sounds so nasty
Wayne Black
Wayne Black - Måned siden
Do you guys ever go to mountin mafia mud boggs
Gregg O
Gregg O - Måned siden
I would smooth out the landing after the wood ramp jump over the driveway so if the jeeps back end gets kicked up on take off you won't nose dive into the landing like you did on the bike.Ive also found that a good layer of wood chips, bark mulch,or hog fuel on top of the dirt your landing on is always a good thing in case things go sideways.The added padding the top layer of bark mulch(or other wood chip product)adds could be the difference between a broken collarbone or just a simple soil sample easily rendered with some mouth wash if you happen to experience premature ejection. My experience racing motocross brings me to my next suggestion, which would be a chest protector, and for good reason.If you are thrown from the jeep and into a tree,roll the jeep,or have it land on you ,you'll understand how priceless a chest protector can be.Trust me,I know.
I also know I'm not alone when saying that you guys are awesome,last thing I want to see is someone get shitmixed and not being able to walk it off and continue making the wonderful content this channel provides all because of the absence of a piece of protective gear.Cant wait for more vids on the tracks evolution and when you turn the odyssey loose on the trackHey,at least the odyssey has a roll cage.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Addy Santos
Addy Santos - Måned siden
Ey you right
guitarsword1 - Måned siden
U guys are awesome.
Eugene Cussen
Eugene Cussen - Måned siden
@ 26:45 ...tyre pressure lol
Tatur Tot Morrison
Tatur Tot Morrison - Måned siden
Love all your music
Eugene Cussen
Eugene Cussen - Måned siden
Add some fluorescent braking markers ;-)
4bangerlove - Måned siden
Widen the track boys. Not big enough for the power
Geraldene van Deventer
Geraldene van Deventer - Måned siden
I dare you to jump on the wooden jump
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman - Måned siden
The “four wheel drive quad” is a brute.
Lord_Falcon - Måned siden
Damn you guys seriously need to turn on Stabilizing on those gopros I’m getting pretty Motion sick here... but hey pretty cool ass videos!😁
Chase Bishop
Chase Bishop - Måned siden
I always watch your guys videos. Great work. I would love to come fly with you some time. We need to have a drone race around the track.
drive it break it fix it
drive it break it fix it - Måned siden
Who else wants that brute force!!
Matt Nusbaum
Matt Nusbaum - Måned siden
Staring down the face of Col. Senders while Sam does donuts. Might be the best shot you ever took!
Axel Harford
Axel Harford - Måned siden
I live in maine and I want to build one how do I start?
spencer vance
spencer vance - Måned siden
No homo but it kind of looks like your fly is down in the beginning.
Tim Leppanen
Tim Leppanen - Måned siden
i feel like doing the track in reverse would be fun, especially with climbing sketchy hill....maybe bypass the new jump lol
James Robert
James Robert - Måned siden
So we bought some land with our YouTube money?
burntorangeak - Måned siden
The Sunny Bono racecourse,
Brought to you by GHPC.
Tim Matson
Tim Matson - Måned siden
got a decent amount of firewood for the winter
vettelover2009 - Måned siden
Colonel Senders, is, the angry gorilla...
Matt Eyre
Matt Eyre - Måned siden
Would love to see more North shore sections just for power wheels!
PaRaDoXXX Foster
PaRaDoXXX Foster - Måned siden
Does the camera man ever get to have fun? His friend reminds me of the kid growing up that never passed the Nintendo controller.
240sx95 - Måned siden
I feel like these guys are wicked humble idk why there so under rated.
Land to water _
Land to water _ - Måned siden
I know that the track is probably not even close to being done but you should definitely add some berms to those tight corners so we can cringe less about you hitting a tree or rock.
Antonio Costa
Antonio Costa - Måned siden
You guys have such a gorgeous property
Juan Martínez
Juan Martínez - Måned siden
Maaaaaaan the overlanding video??
esko - Måned siden
damn that route seems fun!
David G
David G - Måned siden
Love the Doom™ chainsaw view!!!
David G
David G - Måned siden
IDK man, those trees are frighteningly close to the track.
Somebody is bound to hit one of them at speed.. Scary.
Juho Nikula
Juho Nikula - Måned siden
You should try the RC car again, but now on this new track. The jump could be a great challenge to try!
Random Dude
Random Dude - Måned siden
You need a roll cage man. Thank me later.
Ben Lawrence
Ben Lawrence - Måned siden
do your zip up bro ;p lol
Dennis Tagscherer
Dennis Tagscherer - Måned siden
Not uuuuuuu-turn
That was en V-turn hahahah
Levi Carson
Levi Carson - Måned siden
I think you guys should build something with a seriously epic suspension set up and maybe a two stroke of some sort 700cc+ something bigger than the colenol maybe so you can take the both of them on some trails for the weekend?
pcostyle09 - Måned siden
Damn that was scary man !!!
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek - Måned siden
Thank you for decoding the video for us poor people to see it too!
EDIT: You just nailed that geometry on the jump. I almost sends you over by default, and over shooting it will just send you a bit higher, so if you have traffic on the road, you can just jump higher to avoid accidents. Missing the landing is as impossible as it can ever be.