Go Kart Snow Tracks From China! Camaro Shreds The Snow!

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We found tracks and skis made for go karts on alibaba so we had to make the purchase, do some fab work and tear up the snow in our newly tracked 500cc Power Wheels Camaro SS Go Kart! Full build thread and parts list here www.grindhardplumbingco.com/new-page
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Max Breitenbauch
Max Breitenbauch - Dag siden
Swiss auto 250
Rob c
Rob c - 5 dager siden
Ima buy this for my125cc 2stroke kart 🤣 fuckin awsome
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings - 5 dager siden
Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙏
john cichon
john cichon - 5 dager siden
why not try springs for the front and back tilt ? just throwing some ideas
Starcloak Starside
Starcloak Starside - 7 dager siden
Amused. That’s actually the same fate as my 1985 Toyota 1/2 ton. It’s currently a snowmachine truck that I use for logging and also carrying cargo up the river during the winter.
Brage Stening
Brage Stening - 8 dager siden
You shuld put a plow on it.
Oran McBrien
Oran McBrien - 9 dager siden
They are make me to buy one
Mike Makuh
Mike Makuh - 9 dager siden
You could of taken a saw blade (with fine teeth) with the correct number or mutiples of, teeth , put it on the end of your lathe spindle and used that for an indexing tool.
shatter boxx twist
shatter boxx twist - 10 dager siden
Just about the coolest thing i ever seen 😎
David Sarabia
David Sarabia - 10 dager siden
U guys should build a dirt bike with snow tracks
The C.R.E.W
The C.R.E.W - 11 dager siden
Where do I order this lol
Shawn Libby
Shawn Libby - 11 dager siden
Those were actually designed for robots
Travis - 13 dager siden
aw come on yupee greens not goin to drive it??? :p
Travis - 13 dager siden
i thought those skis looked a little cheap, honestly the whole thing looked kinda poorly manufactured, u guys could definitely make it worth somethin tho, but i guess they r made for a briggs powered go cart..soo.. i cant really expect a whole lot..
Cody Shaw
Cody Shaw - 14 dager siden
North Idaho? What part im in North Idaho and would love to see some of these in person
Colby Cummings
Colby Cummings - 18 dager siden
Love the channel 👍👍 great build!!!
Jay Byrd 1
Jay Byrd 1 - 20 dager siden
If anybody knows where I could pick up a small set of like snowblower Matt tracks I sure appreciate it thanks guys
Jay Byrd 1
Jay Byrd 1 - 20 dager siden
Did anybody hear how much the Matt Trax were? I have all the parts to build my magic carpet but the Trax....
Games And More
Games And More - 24 dager siden
If u wanna skip to the when they start it go to 21:56
Jt Munn
Jt Munn - 25 dager siden
I honestly think it looks better with the body OFF!
Tito Pacheco
Tito Pacheco - 26 dager siden
I am now a sub LOL, you guys rock that thing is bad ass
Outdoor Livin
Outdoor Livin - 28 dager siden
These guys may be the smartest guys I’ve ever seen
Ozark Charlie
Ozark Charlie - 29 dager siden
Good job grind hard, that's the same crappy fuel pump I put on my Polaris 500 Predator, stock diaphragm pump sucked
Carey Stafford
Carey Stafford - Måned siden
Just like a real car lol, love this build. Bad ass little thing
sportster davidson
sportster davidson - Måned siden
Love the bubble gum welds that china does lmfao , can someone please send china a how to weld video , what do they use to weld a car batterie ha ha ha ,when they where pulling the tracks off i was like oh my god who the hell welded those things together . I get why shit is cheep from china , no quality control over there or they just let anyone weld apparently...i can see those lasting a year tops
ice_geco_ YT
ice_geco_ YT - Måned siden
Firs thing i thought of was Bumblebee from transformers
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas - Måned siden
Inclover Cutting
Inclover Cutting - Måned siden
Put your slot drill in chuck of lathe and use tool post holder/cutter holder as your job/material support, now you have a lathe milling machine. Using increments on lathe handles to accurately mill to length and depth. Radial magnetic spirit levels that have rotating degree in 360 degree increments are accurate enough for what your doing can be magnetised to job while you rotate it.
Inclover Cutting
Inclover Cutting - Måned siden
Use the tail stock in the lathe with a rotating centre (on shelf) to support tap while tapping in lathe keeps it square. Use handle of tap holder against the bed with a wood cushion and avoid using hands. Updated lathe full geared head loads of torque no belts scary if you don't know what your doing under power so don't so this! Neutral gear use chuck key as handle to pull chuck manually. Remember use tail stock with rotating centre for tap support applying light pressure on tail stock handle/spindle pushing tap into job firmly and square while manually rotating chuck with chuck key.
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman - Måned siden
Can i get a link for these!? I have the perfect kart for them to go on!! So cool!
Taniora Aura
Taniora Aura - Måned siden
Cool guys.
Very Cool.
LUCIDxTEMPER 101 - 2 måneder siden
I hate it on mars.
Miss O
Miss O - 2 måneder siden
Umm check alibaba's reviews before buying!!
James Price
James Price - 2 måneder siden
Cool looking machine hope you get it fixed and make it work,
Andrew Halliday Music
Andrew Halliday Music - 2 måneder siden
Sno-maro !!
Mason Willey
Mason Willey - 2 måneder siden
Put them on the Jeep
Mike over cash
Mike over cash - 2 måneder siden
I would love to have one of those
Ben Wells
Ben Wells - 3 måneder siden
anyone else think it looks cooler with the camaro body off?
Malte Christrup
Malte Christrup - 4 måneder siden
@15:17 your vidoes are like art to me eyes :D really cool stuff pictured in really cool ways and with action packed sequenses of full send :p huge fan, watched 20 vids today xD
MARR CHY - 4 måneder siden
vince eljo p evaristo
vince eljo p evaristo - 4 måneder siden
Talk and talk all the time just keep working
Bartek Koko
Bartek Koko - 4 måneder siden
Jakiego polaka zaciekawiło
Susan Lewis
Susan Lewis - 4 måneder siden
I want the whole thing
Chase Hinder
Chase Hinder - 4 måneder siden
Michelle Roth
Michelle Roth - 4 måneder siden
Captain Tittus
Captain Tittus - 5 måneder siden
so plastic wheels? this should be good, Darwin come here real quick I wanna show you something.
Matt Yurcek
Matt Yurcek - 5 måneder siden
Here is a link to the next powerwheels you guys should build... It is a two seater appears to be considerably wider (Time attack build kart?) Would love to watch it! Hell I wish I could be the one to build it!!!
Marlin Salts
Marlin Salts - 5 måneder siden
You guys always make me jealous
William H.
William H. - 5 måneder siden
I"m a mechanical designer and spent about a month this past winter designing tracks to fit my son's power wheel jeep because I couldn't find anything already made for it. Fun little project tbh. Just need to do a motor upgrade to 24V so it has more torque without losing so much speed.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 5 måneder siden
Sounds sweet!
alex nelson
alex nelson - 5 måneder siden
Are these guys trying to bring super Mario kart to life?
The Robles kids Channel
The Robles kids Channel - 5 måneder siden
Don't use God's name in vain
LEGO MAN GAMING STADIUM - 6 måneder siden
Make a f1
kizer moody
kizer moody - 6 måneder siden
Hunter Donald
Hunter Donald - 6 måneder siden
Sean Dugas
Sean Dugas - 6 måneder siden
U guys r my fuggin' heros.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Wider stance means he'll be harder for to flip over sounds like a good safety feature
BIG WIGGLE - 6 måneder siden
Now those tracks are the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!! That is flipping awesome!!!! How did I miss this one when it came out?!?!?!
Αργυρω Τακη
Αργυρω Τακη - 6 måneder siden
6φυρθρργρφηρυφυφηφτρβρυδγργθρυφφγρθφυφ4βφηρ φθφγρηδηηψβρηδηδυβδηδηδη7γρβδβδωρωψφγρη4υεβηδηφορηδθδηδβψηδθρθφφξυρυρηρηφηρβδυηηρηεηρβδδβηδηδηυτηφυυυτηηγρωρηφγγδγγδηυτφγητγρηυφηφβρηθρηφηφηψηφβφβββψγψγψφφββφψηρηφηφ φηφηηρη θρηηρηρηφηηφηρυτητηυρηφβφηφηφφηηφβφωφφυφγφγφυφφγτττγρυφγργφγφγρηφυφτυφηφηφ
•joel mushaba•
•joel mushaba• - 6 måneder siden
"this looks like it's from china"

" *yea no shit they gonna give u coronavirus* "
2002 Mining, Inc.
2002 Mining, Inc. - 6 måneder siden
They look the same as my snowblower tracks 😂
2002 Mining, Inc.
2002 Mining, Inc. - 2 måneder siden
@James Ray Early 1990s White Snow Boss 950ST. The roller parts of the track is totally different, but the actual rubber tracks are like the same exact thing
James Ray
James Ray - 2 måneder siden
what kinda snow blower
Bill Murphy
Bill Murphy - 6 måneder siden
Theres no way you learned your way around that lathe in 20 years...that thing had to have been in your life since childhood.and used by your dad or grandad or both..your getting alotta unorthadox use of that valuable peice of equipment.
Bill Murphy
Bill Murphy - 6 måneder siden
Your definately above and beyond mcguyver...your kinda like a mad scientist & a hodgepodge level 3 wizard.....those clamps on the grinder at the lathe...that scared me..and u still made it through.
Kate Pena
Kate Pena - 6 måneder siden
Eduard say the
Cristobal Castro
Cristobal Castro - 6 måneder siden
Al Ayto Thank You de Soft ancho gouache
Silvio Wittmann
Silvio Wittmann - 6 måneder siden
Now I see this video and 30 min Iater i see you in a German tv documentary, the name is world deadliest on dmax, you have a crash in a pink vehicle, that is funny🤣
Josh peterson
Josh peterson - 6 måneder siden
NeoIsrafil - 6 måneder siden
... to answer your question, no, I definitely want them. I want to put them on my ninja 250r front and rear and rip up some trails on my tankbike...
Jesse Rodgers
Jesse Rodgers - 7 måneder siden
might as well build a hover jeep while your at it
Kamaury Bender
Kamaury Bender - 7 måneder siden
I know right from c h i n a
ian thomas
ian thomas - 7 måneder siden
you guys got any relation to Leonardo.absolute genius i love your hacks ,where do you come up with this shit!! thanks for all the ideas now i will never sleep!!!LOL
Drone2Address Las Vegas Drone Services
Love it!
Matthew Ball
Matthew Ball - 7 måneder siden
That's bad ass....!
Uncle Bingo
Uncle Bingo - 7 måneder siden
Reticulating Splines
Eugene Perkins
Eugene Perkins - 8 måneder siden
Y'all OR SO smart.
scootgang TV
scootgang TV - 8 måneder siden
So I’ll just give you my paycheck for one of those lol
roger holder
roger holder - 8 måneder siden
Can i buy it
Lovedeathwhiskey - 8 måneder siden
Just use a drill to tap it not the lathe. Set the clutch on the drill low and have at her. Same thing as the lathe technically but way less sketchy imo
Bass Jump Blues
Bass Jump Blues - 8 måneder siden
I love what you guys accomplish, Great production!
papa franku
papa franku - 8 måneder siden
For some reason the engine reminds me of a k series engine
Ssc Boys
Ssc Boys - 8 måneder siden
can i buy a go cart off you
gabriel billie
gabriel billie - 8 måneder siden
How much will it cost for you are willing to take form me to make me one
Megan Becker
Megan Becker - 8 måneder siden
Mack a cop car
Sean Yeahright
Sean Yeahright - 8 måneder siden
Mickey Mouse Club SPLINE SHAFT JIG 101 . place drill bit in center chuck. plot circle inside the diameter of the stock/shaft use your tool plotter to to navigate the shaft onto the drill bit making 22 symmetric holes parallel with the shaft length (like a revolver mag) then turn the outside diameter down exposing the perfect spline/keyway you just drilled Love your fucking channel ! ps. Im still waiting for my two-stroke back woods death scooter to arrive ....
Skiridr22 - 8 måneder siden
Can’t wait for faze 3 😎
Skiridr22 - 8 måneder siden
🤣🤣 love the grinder shim.
View from the road
View from the road - 8 måneder siden
Here you go...
Myles Bowser
Myles Bowser - 8 måneder siden
Whatch, you may get the coronavirus off of that box, and I love the videos
Cliff P
Cliff P - 8 måneder siden
Is that Justin T?
Ocean Man
Ocean Man - 8 måneder siden
Another impressive build from you guys! I see you have been enjoying the winter season as well!
mycarpounds - 8 måneder siden
Ohh No !! China !! Wear a mask !! That damn Corona Virus is lurking about. lol
mycarpounds - 8 måneder siden
Ohhh.. And glad to see the front tires have been changed back on the Modissy !!
FlybyJunkie - 8 måneder siden
How the fuck did you just eyeball a spline xD
American Patriot
American Patriot - 8 måneder siden
What alot of you came here for starts at 18:09.. thank me later.. an before some of you say "I came here to watch the whole build, etc"... some of us didnt.. nothing wrong in wanting to see what we came for an not watch the entire video.. hope everyone reading this has an extraordinary day!
quad55555 - 8 måneder siden
where did you get the tracks, i want to modify them for my powerwheelchair project
Dash Cam
Dash Cam - 8 måneder siden
You better believe that if i am opening a package from China, I am sterilizing it first!
With my luck, I would catch the Corona-virus from touching it, LOL
Kaleb Russin
Kaleb Russin - 8 måneder siden
Build a six wheel Mercedes
staticnb1 - 8 måneder siden
Looks just Like my Cub Cadet snowblower X3 tracks
Sam klien
Sam klien - 8 måneder siden
The carbide on the skis are not for grip, yes it helps but it is for running on tar when you have to cross roads and etc. If you didn't have them one road crossing would destroy the ski.
Ken Vik
Ken Vik - 8 måneder siden
I thought for sure those tracks would roll off I'm surprised they stayed on
Jon Dresser
Jon Dresser - 9 måneder siden
where is the link to purchase these tracks and skis?
J Otterson
J Otterson - 9 måneder siden
Love these videos with fake exited laughing to hype it up /s