Grind Hard Garage Tour!

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Welcome to Grind Hard Plumbing Co. We build crazy contraptions in an old torn up garage. In this video Ethan tells us the history of the property and garage along with build updates and even a shred session with our CRF450 Barbie Jeep and Totaled Toyota Tacoma gone rock crawler. Hope you enjoy the tour and here is a playlist for each build series mentioned is the video!
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2JZ Lawnmower
500cc Camaro
Supercharged Triumph Spitfire
Honda Odyssey Engine Swap
450cc Barbie Jeep
230cc Barbie Mustang
Snow Scooter Dirt Bike Thing
V12 Jag
7.3 Powerstroke bus conversion
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 6 måneder siden
See how we wrecked the Camaro
And the Jeep on a race track!
Muhamed Osmanovic
Muhamed Osmanovic - Måned siden
Amber Overfield
Amber Overfield - 4 måneder siden
@علي الغصيني __/0⁰∆∆|¢¢№1
Harley Ellard
Harley Ellard - 4 måneder siden
I love All your cars
Country Boyz
Country Boyz - 5 måneder siden
Grind Hard Plumbing Co put trophy truck axles underneath the Toyota Tacoma
Jody Williams
Jody Williams - 5 måneder siden
@Irishboy321 kkkkkkkkkkkjpkk
Caleb Miron
Caleb Miron - Dag siden
does the welding machine giveaway over?
KturnerYT - Dag siden
Y’all need to sell some of those u will buy them
Motors And Cameras
Motors And Cameras - 3 dager siden
What's the motor worth cause I'm wanting to build one
Glenn Moore
Glenn Moore - 3 dager siden
There is a trans on E-BAY for your 9020/4041 Simplicity lawn tractor
Ommen Ludy
Ommen Ludy - 7 dager siden
hey awsome shop dude! ya im from canada and i have a shope just about the same !! I'm impressed keep doing the awsome stuff! i figure if any one else can build It oh so can I!! lol!!!
OVFDHCW Jakob - 9 dager siden
Bmwute lets go for lifted
Donald Flowers
Donald Flowers - 10 dager siden
id love to get your scrap i could use some stuff in there im sure but im sure youre to far also because i dont have that kind of luck lol
killer blade
killer blade - 15 dager siden
The lave is from 1960 my showed me one when he was buying a lave
Tombstone Soda
Tombstone Soda - 16 dager siden
#Grind Hard Plumbing Would you build another kernal senders for a subscriber if they wanted one, because they know they can't make one. I would love to get or buy one from u it just looks amazing. And sounds so beautiful
Devin W
Devin W - 16 dager siden
Yo tell me how much Ull charge for one
joseph clark
joseph clark - 16 dager siden
is the bus complete
joseph clark
joseph clark - 16 dager siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co ok my step dad and his buddies rip the cats off of them and halls the cats to rodchester and then they hall the viechales to hornell
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 16 dager siden
I had to sell the bus. But it went to a couple who's going to finish it!
reptile home
reptile home - 17 dager siden
How much wud u sale the yz pal
reptile home
reptile home - 18 dager siden
Well I'm from the uk bro I'll look after it and dive it good going jobs I do love me bikes
Cletus the Redneck
Cletus the Redneck - 18 dager siden
I'd love to see more of the "ute"
Brayden Webb
Brayden Webb - 20 dager siden
U guys should dis rzr power wheel build but but a actuall roof and stuff like that like a rs1 plspls
foootheter - 21 dag siden
please solid axle swap the crunchy taco!!! then ill have confidence to sas my rusty ass 4 runner lol
Trenton Satterfield
Trenton Satterfield - 22 dager siden
How can i get in touch with you to purchase all of the brute force parts,plastics, front brush guard anything you may have left..??
gobz gorbz
gobz gorbz - 22 dager siden
Nice I am into same stuff building toy's lightweight over powered madmaxtyp
Chad Wilton
Chad Wilton - 22 dager siden
I need to get some of them hoodies they are sweet
F3AR_Mamba56 TV
F3AR_Mamba56 TV - 24 dager siden
@grindhardplumingco if I paid you would you build me one
Travis - 25 dager siden
if u ever did wanna use any of those punch dies they're simple to set up, u use the difference tolerance ones for different thicknesses anyway when u set those dies up up keep them together theirs a few other simple other things like where to have the stroke when locking the dies down they're really really nice to use u save so many drill bits! lol n for the square holes thats sweet cuz u don't have to broach which means u have to have one to begine with :p
WRIGHT HAUS RACING - 26 dager siden
Um....... you guys are my best friends.... and no cussing.... amazing show.....
TYLER MITCHELL - 28 dager siden
would you all be interested in helping me make a electric 4wd power wheels road racer i could use help i have alot of the parts unfortunately i have not successfully found anyone with any drive who can help me .Im no good at making frames smooth balanced shocks .I could use some assistance Im 26 & really smart and may be able to help with some ideas myself. Thank you for the needed inspiration .
Gilberto Duarte
Gilberto Duarte - 29 dager siden
Where you from
Loren Langston
Loren Langston - Måned siden
I want can I get one
Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan - Måned siden
I would love to see you drive ur bmw uto.i would like to have a bmw \ truck like that.i always drive A 1989. 5 speed S10.truck. 2.5. 4cyl i did A few things to it runs like A raped ur show
THE PAGE BURNER 1979 - Måned siden
Guy from Fab Rats has the same drill lathe he just got a few months ago its 5 × the size check it out it came out a old barn - garage in Utah
GAGE RAMEY - Måned siden
lift the ute bmw
Tucker 125
Tucker 125 - Måned siden
How much do you want for the dirtbike chassis in the scrap pile
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts - Måned siden
interesting video. glad i watched
SpokenMindRecordzEnt - Måned siden
A shop every man wishes to have
Gavin Sather
Gavin Sather - Måned siden
SAS for sure
Christina/Lee Under-Wood
Christina/Lee Under-Wood - Måned siden
Christina/Lee Under-Wood
Christina/Lee Under-Wood - Måned siden
Christina/Lee Under-Wood
Christina/Lee Under-Wood - Måned siden
Christina/Lee Under-Wood
Christina/Lee Under-Wood - Måned siden
Christina/Lee Under-Wood
Christina/Lee Under-Wood - Måned siden
Super Bikes and Stuff
Super Bikes and Stuff - Måned siden
I'm a commercial/industrial plumber, I will plumb a brand new shop for yall for free, air line, sanitary, water everything, so u can have the piping safe from freezing
Super Bikes and Stuff
Super Bikes and Stuff - Måned siden
You guys are a dogarn inspritation
mr.karkrazy - Måned siden
your next car should be the tesla model s from radio flyers
Jonathan Bartsch
Jonathan Bartsch - Måned siden
Love what you do! Lots of fun! :) JB, Hawaii.
Денис Караблев
Денис Караблев - 2 måneder siden
Крутняк 👍
Joseph Winkler
Joseph Winkler - 2 måneder siden
I’ve heard dump trucks called Uclids like the big ones at the stone quarry
You guys have some awesome projects the time and effort put in is unbelievable
Alan Hobbs
Alan Hobbs - 2 måneder siden
If I'm not mistaken that lathe used to belong to my dad. He owned a small gun shop in Spanaway Wa. It was sold when he passed in 1992 to some one in Goldendale Wa. Lost track of it after then. If it is the same machine it's a 1947 Atlas. Looks identical to the one my brothers and I used to make 4x4 drive lines and race car parts with. Just curious if it came with a pedestal grinder that mounts to the tooling head? We had one for ours is all.
Ty Hoekstra
Ty Hoekstra - 2 måneder siden
dis is rad
Ty Hoekstra
Ty Hoekstra - 2 måneder siden
danks dude
Calvin Aleto
Calvin Aleto - 2 måneder siden
You should melt all the metal shavings down and have a cnc company make them into pocket knives to sell on your shop
Rafa Rodela
Rafa Rodela - 2 måneder siden
Quanto custa pra vc fazer um dese
Trevor Welsh
Trevor Welsh - 3 måneder siden
Barbie for sale I want one 😜
GamingMudy - 3 måneder siden
What’s the difference between u and earth?

The earth isn’t flat
Chiko - 3 måneder siden
If I won the lottery:
I'd start out with an offer of 5 million for the property. Everything but the essential youtube cars stays (Barbie Stang and other more important things can go) but stuff like the BMW truck can stay. All the tools and everything stay. Like I said, I'd give a starting offer of 5 million and keep going upwards from there. I love the property, alot.
Danny Fraser
Danny Fraser - 3 måneder siden
There stronger anyways.
Danny Fraser
Danny Fraser - 3 måneder siden
Throw a CD009 behide that what we did on are 350z 2jz build
Kurtis Flint-kinsela
Kurtis Flint-kinsela - 3 måneder siden
I have no wellder so I subscribed to all of your channel and yere please let me have the wellder thank you 🥰
Baxter Chittock
Baxter Chittock - 3 måneder siden
Fred Carrasquillo
Fred Carrasquillo - 3 måneder siden
I want it please im the winner
Sam Wheeler
Sam Wheeler - 3 måneder siden
“I think I bought this drill press when I was 12” what a guy😂
Wilson Animation
Wilson Animation - 3 måneder siden
If you need a 2jz transmission respond I know we’re on is
Travis Kelley
Travis Kelley - 3 måneder siden
Can I have number please
CCC 4x4 Club
CCC 4x4 Club - 3 måneder siden
Let’s see a walk around on that tree house lol
The glizzy clan
The glizzy clan - 3 måneder siden
How much would it cost for u to make me a custom little car cause I'm willing to pay for labor
Drifts For Days
Drifts For Days - 4 måneder siden
My dad has a Yamaha Apex, which is the more modern (2006 modern) RX1 with fuel injection. Only other difference is it has reverse.
JayDee - 4 måneder siden
Got the same lathe in our manufacturing shop class got 5 of them
Capital Diversify
Capital Diversify - 4 måneder siden
so wicked man, keep working, keep progressing. looking forward to your builds
Lisa Sozio Sozio
Lisa Sozio Sozio - 4 måneder siden
Can you do a graft surgery versus a motorcycle off road and put a big giant otters like monster
Ciganos BR
Ciganos BR - 4 måneder siden
Oficina dos sonhos
tury verduzco
tury verduzco - 4 måneder siden
Get a 350z transmisión and the adapter that they sell for the tracktpr
juanne nurse
juanne nurse - 4 måneder siden
I would love to see the garage get fixed😖
Ilian Rusev
Ilian Rusev - 4 måneder siden
Extend the wood stove smoke tubing with some corners, not like this straight up, and you will have more heat in the shop
Colby Krasucki
Colby Krasucki - 4 måneder siden
I need the welder im 13 and i like welding and my father recently got fired and i can't use his shop welder any more and i was inspired by you and i was half way finished withe a 7 hp gocart
brycen bragg
brycen bragg - 4 måneder siden
Its hammer time
East Coast American Fishing
East Coast American Fishing - 4 måneder siden
Wish I could have something like your biulds
Andrew Buchanan
Andrew Buchanan - 4 måneder siden
put a big lift kit on the beamer along with a supercharger
Parker Coward
Parker Coward - 4 måneder siden
that Camaro is red
Michael Mills
Michael Mills - 4 måneder siden
bro bless me w that welder, or at least some stickers, "" i like share and sub you!
Zavery Gill
Zavery Gill - 4 måneder siden
You look like the guy from woods men on YouTube
Robert Laundry
Robert Laundry - 4 måneder siden
I'd love to come work / learn / build with u guys your awesome I made a.barbie keep build 20 yrs ago unfournatly I was young and tools etc and used the stock wheels from the barbie car and a 39cc motor from a.weed wacker lol good times I'd lone to win the free welder too please let's me kkow if that's still an option and how I go about entering thanks from toronto canada
Jacob payne
Jacob payne - 4 måneder siden
Hurricane vs sendy
Gabriel Candido
Gabriel Candido - 4 måneder siden
dacasman - 4 måneder siden
Oh cool, That Lathe was made where I live. Kalamazoo MI.
Kristen O
Kristen O - 4 måneder siden
You need to build a little truck
Norse Bavarian
Norse Bavarian - 4 måneder siden
This is by far your best video. No BS music tracks, drone shots or over editing, just informative and interesting.
905Ghostgear - 4 måneder siden
I like the white and blue on the sendy
ANDER TOP MOBI TOP MOBI - 4 måneder siden
Infelizmente muitos brasileiros não tem o mesmo jeito e modo do criar e fazer...já compra América eles fazem carros e motos nas suas garagens e e eles teem maior facilidades para maquinários...pq aqui no Brasil tudo é caro...e para vc fazer um carro e uma moto em sua garagem se cobram muitos impostos para que esse veículo circule ou rode nas vias...o GOVERNO invés de ajudar ele extorquem a população... país de corruptos e de GOVERNADORES LADRÕES... REALIDADE nossa
Justin'z SRT8
Justin'z SRT8 - 4 måneder siden
You should leave the blade down until it stops cause when you bring it back up if you notice your hitting the blade on the piece your cutting thus knocking the carbide cutting tips off. Js
David Perrin
David Perrin - 4 måneder siden
That is awesome
Rebecca Downs
Rebecca Downs - 4 måneder siden
You said nuts🥜
Tyler Parsons
Tyler Parsons - 5 måneder siden
7B sandpoint right? I live in CDA/PF haha.
Adam Busby
Adam Busby - 5 måneder siden
love the ute... cheers from Australia
B Kirby
B Kirby - 5 måneder siden
I’m not one for long videos but I have rly enjoyed this one pls do this more often but not to much (I’ve watched it three times)
johnyhawgleg - 5 måneder siden
How is your Tree House doing? I remember you from one of Pete’s episode’s.
Children of YHWH
Children of YHWH - 5 måneder siden
You very strong mecanichan
OzCorp Media
OzCorp Media - 5 måneder siden
What is the brand of the blade on the chops saw? Thx
Shane Almand
Shane Almand - 5 måneder siden
did you no that you can chang the blade on the sal
Shane Almand
Shane Almand - 5 måneder siden
i like the green jeep
Aritz Delgado
Aritz Delgado - 5 måneder siden
what a babi poop
NoMercyHawk - 5 måneder siden
How far you guys from Harrison, Id? My grandpa and dad had property there for years over looking Lake Coeur d' Alene. Some of my best childhood memories were ripping the trails with my Honda 50.
Dean Ferries
Dean Ferries - 5 måneder siden
If you put an air intake coming from outside it will make a big difference to the heater as it wont be sucking cold air through the cracks in the shed👍
Nathan Langan
Nathan Langan - 5 måneder siden
I've got a bucket full of wires too! ABG.
Jaxson Johnson
Jaxson Johnson - 5 måneder siden
You should make senderella a light blue light her dress -my fiancé