Honda Odyssey Long Travel Build ATV Front Suspension

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We built custom front long travel suspension for our Honda Odyssey ATV using parts from a snowmobile and our Polaris 500 quad. This A arm conversion was a ton of work but so worth it! We cant wait to show you our new wheels, tires and how she rips in the next video!
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Life in Washington
Life in Washington - 11 dager siden
These videos are as much artistic as they are mechanical. Very nice job. #TRUMP2020 #WALKAWAY #CULP
Steinkell Skorri Á Blöndal
Steinkell Skorri Á Blöndal - 24 dager siden
i wanna own one of those
DIY Hamza
DIY Hamza - 2 måneder siden
Put the radiator in the front for better air flow
Zack Skinner 2
Zack Skinner 2 - 4 måneder siden
why di they even buy a odyssey they basically didnt use anything from it
Zack Skinner 2
Zack Skinner 2 - 4 måneder siden
now that i think of this its not even a odyssey anymore like almost everything is modded
Dr alban Unlimited
Dr alban Unlimited - 4 måneder siden
Your job is really perfect
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
You know there's not much left there of the original vehicle
cogboy302 - 6 måneder siden
Would it not just have been less of a ballache to start out with a Honda Pilot chassis in the beginning, rather than having to swap from basically a VW double trailing arm setup to double wishbone?
The amount of mods you've done to that Odessey, you could have just bent up your own chassis from scratch.
I'm not being critical, I really enjoy the videos, I just wish I had the space & workshop to play with this kind of stuff myself.
Quentin Romano
Quentin Romano - 6 måneder siden
whats the name of the song in the intro, i'm dying to find it. It rocks so hard
Billie Taylor
Billie Taylor - 8 måneder siden
Were is a good place to find a torque converter like you used I'm planning a a racing cart build with a 2 cylinder rotax but having trouble finding a converter
Blackfourtrak - 8 måneder siden
Subscribed to you guys, you make some cool stuff 👍👍👍
Jessica Sumait
Jessica Sumait - 8 måneder siden
Hojoz - 9 måneder siden
Are you guys going to put lights on this thing?
matt1ptkn McB
matt1ptkn McB - 10 måneder siden
You mentioned that the mounting points on the Polaris ATV were measured and transferred to the Odyssey. Any chance you could share those measurements? I'm rebuilding my buggy's front end with the same Polaris front suspension, but I don't have access to the ATV frame. Sweet looking Odyssey, btw. Love the sun-lit smoke shots. 8)
joey schultz
joey schultz - 11 måneder siden
I don’t get why you don’t just buy a brand new side by side /UTV and then get everything you want for it. It’s a lot easier
Ryan Jacob
Ryan Jacob - 11 måneder siden
What tubing notcher are you guys using?
JUST BRIAN - 11 måneder siden
To Hell with Gas monkey, Discovery Channel needs to sign Grind Hard Plumbing Co. To a multi-season contract & exploit you creative Bastards! 👍🤘👍
Konrad - 11 måneder siden
I’ve had honey for months and it saved me $0 😐
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett - 11 måneder siden
Just curious, but why not mount the radiator up front so if it boils over, or a hose let’s go you don’t get burned by scalding water.
KONTROLLED KHAOS - 11 måneder siden
I have a yerf dog model 3020 that has a 500cc rotax motor in the lightest modified frame and it launches harder than an Saturn v rocket no joke It’s a drifter on pavement
carvajal99 - 11 måneder siden
Sustitulo en español pfffff saludo desde colombia
John Brown
John Brown - 11 måneder siden
No one gives a shit about your adds or your Sponcer. Seriously. No one cares. Play that shit at the end of the video.
Doug E
Doug E - 11 måneder siden
Hey guys, can you make this into a 4wd now? That would be awesome.
Superkid109 - 11 måneder siden
Please find new music to use in your videos :)
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas - 11 måneder siden
Awesome vids and dope music, I love watching your guys vids I enjoy them a lot. And hells yes man I’ve been waiting for the front of this beast to be built!!!!
Atanas Dimitrov
Atanas Dimitrov - 11 måneder siden
can you do a shop walk through, shows us all tool used to make ur projects
Brady Bergen
Brady Bergen - 11 måneder siden
U should convert it so the throttle and brake are on the floor. I would think it would have to be easier to drive
RyanTreks - År siden
Ha! I see a Triumph Spitfire MKI (or Spitfire4)...between 1962 and 1968, depending on what the front end looks like. I have 4 of them (one '68 and two '62s and a '63...and a '76 1500 which I dont care about so much but may do something with it some day). Obviously I love those years and that model.
jeep WSEDRFTGY - År siden
Is that car in the back ground a MGA
Stew Pedaso
Stew Pedaso - År siden
Our.second.lives 2016
Our.second.lives 2016 - År siden
Build something where u can switch into 4x4 that would be cool
hairy plopper
hairy plopper - År siden
It'd be cool to put the headlights inside the dimple holes on the shock mounts
The Eric Benson
The Eric Benson - År siden
I'm a huge fan, and fellow builder.
I'm a machinist/fabricator..
I also have an odyssey and endless list of other projects.. I don't have alot of time to watch you guys build stuff.. because I'm building my own..
But when I do I'm always impressed. The cinematography is top notch as well Edwin.
Maybe do a special with viewers builds.. My daily is a sick old 2wd yota that I jump at least twice a day.. Rockin' your sticker on the back.
I'm in northern utah, have endless ideas and tools to build with.. Let's get together 🤔
Kenny K
Kenny K - År siden
Question again... What became of the fancy hand made gas tank!??.... What is it using now?...
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray - År siden
This is SICK! I've always wanted to engine swap and long travel an odyssey, didn't think about how involved it would be. Great work!
fullyford - År siden
having done long travel suspension to my own odyssey. that is quite different, not the way I would of done it, but what ever works
gadgets y mas
gadgets y mas - År siden
Saludos desde argentina,son igual de locos que yo 😅
Mike Brown Ohio
Mike Brown Ohio - År siden
Have you thought about a brace from shock tower to shock tower? Have a great day...
NO SE QUE PONER - År siden
Genioss saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾 ( espero traduzcan :,v)
bildough - År siden
You guys have some of the best montage music it’s so good, just flows through the video
L M T - År siden
Now do a halo mongoose
Kostek Produkcja
Kostek Produkcja - År siden
13:00 music?
Sycothrash666 - År siden
You guys make awesome videos!
Felts Dirt bikes
Felts Dirt bikes - År siden
Bro sick stuff freaking crazy
Connor Tidman
Connor Tidman - År siden
Odessy name:
Aughtasend; like i aught to send
Harry Ballzack
Harry Ballzack - År siden
As much as y’all have modified that cage it’s not a Odyssey any more. 😂
Lance Connery
Lance Connery - År siden
So, whats the final wheelbase, guys?
subreme34 - År siden
Hey you guys should do a truck go kart i really want to see that😁
shawnster - År siden
First time watching you guys and it wont be the last. I'm really impressed with the quality of work you guys are throwing down. looks amazing and I'm jealous. :)
Che Shreve
Che Shreve - År siden
Everything looks fantastic, my only question is are you going to double up the brackets for the front shocks? Not sure that a single piece of metal would hold, even with the dimple in the middle.
Marcos Barroso
Marcos Barroso - År siden
Y los subtítulos??
Chad Morgan
Chad Morgan - År siden
Paint it like the buggy from PUBG! You'll get a lot of views on that. :D
Joe Nels
Joe Nels - År siden
please adopt me :)
byker4lyfe1 - År siden
Serious guys you need to go into buisness building these cuz dayum you do quality work
Devil Of death
Devil Of death - År siden
Aman Ismaell
Aman Ismaell - År siden
Backwood Boys
Backwood Boys - År siden
Hey this is just and idea but on the front where it angles down you could put pods and then count a the pipe and angle it and put it where it opens up so it’s like head lights and it will be really bright
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres - År siden
It looks like a cross kart now
DeMoN nUgGeTs
DeMoN nUgGeTs - År siden
would you guys consider doing a custom powerwheels build for me? and if so how much would it cost?
Bri - År siden
I died when I saw you cut up that frame but what you guys came up with is amazing! Nice Work!
SGillespie1985 - År siden
This thing is turning out SO AWESOME! Your videos rock; they always go by so quickly!
andrew bingham
andrew bingham - År siden
Y'all guys got on Jay Leno's garage?!? That's what's up. I'd recognize the Barbie Jeep anywhere
Tri Blankly
Tri Blankly - År siden
Is both the suspension and wheels off of a Polaris ATV? me and a firend are trying to make a cross-kart of our own, but we are having trouble finding sutable parts at a reasonble price.
Connor Doran
Connor Doran - År siden
The moooistessy
psob1 - År siden
It's looking great! Even the ackerman angle looks right , top job👍
IIEx0ticAims Films
IIEx0ticAims Films - År siden
What sandy place do you guys go to test out your builds
Xertz Water
Xertz Water - År siden
NEVER STOP! I cannot get enough of your videos. Highlight of my media consumption!
Kn P
Kn P - År siden
Whats left of the original Odyssey???
Lee Chandler
Lee Chandler - År siden
A good name brings Fame!
Hard 2 Munch Live Action Cell Floor Productions (sorry to disappoint you it's not porn) LOL I'm working on some ideas what do you think about "World Wide Medical Foundation Moving Mankind Towards A Greater Good" for a charity?
Corey 01
Corey 01 - År siden
I think it should be painted old school looking. Light blue some sorta red decal or designs and white rims with white letter tires
lackz - År siden
Honey is only on computer not iOS?
Xander Lundblad
Xander Lundblad - År siden
Ok a cool idea i just came up with and would love to see it happen
So what my idea is the you guys build a vehicle that can off road and rock crawl and be light enough to float as a boat and drive on its own power
Shawn Strode
Shawn Strode - År siden
You do know your pipe bender kinda looks like Pac Man.
Shawn Strode
Shawn Strode - År siden
With all the roof space you have solar panels could back up your power. Your usage must be high. There has to be a company that would sponsor you just for the exposure and test environment.
Shawn Strode
Shawn Strode - År siden
Wow signed up for Honey have $43 in the first hour. Great sponsor.
CaveMan - År siden
Just send it 💃💨
Sir Bumps-a-lot
Sir Bumps-a-lot - År siden
Bumper nonsense lmao thats great
Triston Gibson
Triston Gibson - År siden
Honda Odyssey vs carsandcameras cross cart
daniesmailbox - År siden
You guys should do power steering next!!
Damian Mathis
Damian Mathis - År siden
You should make it AWD guys I mean that would be sick
707 Chevy
707 Chevy - År siden
Can't wait to see the #GrindHardPlumbingCo guys on the #JayLenoGarage show!
Looks like your jeep and mustang get speed trapped
TravisDVH - År siden
fuck your huge Honey plug. That was too much.
Troy Crowder
Troy Crowder - År siden
i like this honey sounds like a great thing how could you go wrong if it finds the deals for you i have spent so many late nights shopping my ass off trying to find the cheap prices i ill check it out thanks, great work guys, thats turning out to be one dam nice ride
Jim Yost
Jim Yost - År siden
I'd love to have a buggy like that with a big bullet bike motor on it and set up with lights and all that in order to be street legal. It would be the ultimate stoplight racer. There would practically no car that could outrun it from a dead stop.
pogosticknick - År siden
So where does plumbing play into all of this? 😂
Gregory Buzzell
Gregory Buzzell - År siden
Sick remix of the quintessential GHPC theme song.
Is the name of the original song "getting ***t done?
Carlos Quintana
Carlos Quintana - År siden
I like your videos but remember safety first👍👍✅
Leonardo myers
Leonardo myers - År siden
I'm planning on building something like that
MrStevelovestogrow - År siden
It looks like a well built racing machine, ripped before now it looks like it would fly! Excited to see it's progress and the fit and finish nice work guys 👍
Mike Westervelt
Mike Westervelt - År siden
You guys should hook up with carsandcameras at one of their mini mayhem fests!! 😂
Evan Moon
Evan Moon - År siden
My aunt drive a odyssey and is looks way different
TEAM clipping
TEAM clipping - År siden
11:04 still my favorite background music!
Chance Milburn
Chance Milburn - År siden
1,000,000 very soon my friends
James Cunliffe
James Cunliffe - År siden
Looking good! I'd sleeve the bolt holes in the square tubing so the metal doesn't deform!
Jeremy Lindsey
Jeremy Lindsey - År siden
U should put headlights in the shock mounts in the dimple 😂👍💪👩‍🔧👩‍🏭
Putup Orshutup
Putup Orshutup - År siden
I dare you to join the Grave digger race by putting a big ass snowmobile engine on a grave digger power wheel. that would be scary
Mxrider2stroke Braaap
Mxrider2stroke Braaap - År siden
Amazing work 👌😄
Cyrus Fisher #19
Cyrus Fisher #19 - År siden
Off-road tires on the back yo
Davis Long
Davis Long - År siden
What state do they live in?
TheGoatfat - År siden
nice work