How I Built a 165HP Reverse Trike + First Test Drive

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Thanks to eBay motors for sponsoring this video eBay has every part you need for every ride. This new build is based off of a 1000cc 2 Stroke 2007 Ski-Doo. We turned the snowmobile into a off road reverse trike and it is a blast. This is an off road hill climbing beast! In this video Ethan talks about how he build this off road reverse trike. A full time lapse of the build is coming soon!
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - Måned siden
Thanks to eBay motors for sponsoring this video What do you guys think of the new build!?!
the Truth
the Truth - 9 dager siden
8:28 is this mean tank slapper the reason these things were never built? Lol that thing needs a steering stabilizer you can jerry magiver one on.
Brandon S
Brandon S - 11 dager siden
Let larry Enticer just send it
Brandon S
Brandon S - 11 dager siden
Gotta get a hold of larry Enticer and let him just send it! Lol
Ryan Emmerson
Ryan Emmerson - 23 dager siden
Gonna be replacing that rear tire a lot 😂 🤘
kevin auman
kevin auman - 28 dager siden
Ohhh hell yeah, this is one of my favorite builds from the channel thus far! Imagine a big ol paddle tire on her and ripping up the dunes! YeeYee
That Guy
That Guy - 5 timer siden
Ok youve convinced me, i want one now.
Only God Knows Why
Only God Knows Why - 8 timer siden
So you used a snowmobile frame.
Lakenneth Whaley
Lakenneth Whaley - 9 timer siden
I want 1 🤩🤩🤩🤩
H 24
H 24 - 17 timer siden
Absolutely stunning dudes!!!!!
Jim Bojones
Jim Bojones - 20 timer siden
CRASHTherapy - Dag siden
*"This thing wants to kill you" said the man without helmet...*
Hunter Schierling
Hunter Schierling - Dag siden
This would be badass to make a whole bunch and race them. Like they do quads and bikes
Hunter Schierling
Hunter Schierling - Dag siden
I will buy one from you if you find and make everything. I'll still pay you.
Are you guys into custom builds?
damon evans
damon evans - 3 dager siden
You should make it a dually on the rear, that would be awesome.
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman - 4 dager siden
That thing is bad ass! If you were to make a longer swing arm that would accept a big paddle tire, then run some skinny Mohawk sand tires up front, you would have a hell of a drag machine for the sand! With that much power, it would rip! It would be even faster if you had two tires in back.
Just Justin
Just Justin - 4 dager siden
E Bay Ehhhhhh........BraaaaaaaaaPpppp
Beth Wentland
Beth Wentland - 4 dager siden
Its so 😎 🆒️
Larry McGregor
Larry McGregor - 5 dager siden
I want one.
Elizabeth Buttler
Elizabeth Buttler - 5 dager siden
Cool thingy you made! Hot air naturally rises so maybe switch the airflow direction if you experience overheating.
Михаил Св.
Михаил Св. - 6 dager siden
Mark Daywalt
Mark Daywalt - 6 dager siden
that thing is angry and wants to kill you
Lighthouse Charlie
Lighthouse Charlie - 6 dager siden
imagine that thing with a paddle tire, in the sand, great toy have fun
Angpao Olsson
Angpao Olsson - 6 dager siden
Thats siiick🔥
Piseth Kh Motovlog
Piseth Kh Motovlog - 6 dager siden
This is awesome!
Chris Langdell
Chris Langdell - 6 dager siden
Unbelievable. Cool build. Y I u guys killed it again. The only thing I see is you may need a radiator protector / skid plate. If you snap a chain it will take out your radiator. Cant wait for the time laps video.
Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood - 7 dager siden
Vin Diesel rides this in a movie about future werewolves that didn't get made in 2004.
sniper66668ify - 7 dager siden
That thing give term one tire fire new meaning 🤣🤣
The C.R.E.W
The C.R.E.W - 8 dager siden
That chain!! Lol
God's Hand
God's Hand - 8 dager siden
Денис Шаншинов
Денис Шаншинов - 9 dager siden
SerchSource - 9 dager siden
More poweful than a 1999 Honda civic though...
Mild to Wild RC
Mild to Wild RC - 9 dager siden
Now that’s a beast👍Badass and looks like it has crazy power💪
yvan dureve
yvan dureve - 10 dager siden
I have the impression that it is not easy to take it in hand,
you are full of imagination and I like it, GREAT
yvan dureve
yvan dureve - 10 dager siden
i love it, you are crazy dude lol ;)
Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley - 10 dager siden
Chain looks too long, kinda unstable on balance, I definitely would take it for an all out thrash though!
Eatshit Asshole
Eatshit Asshole - 10 dager siden
Buy snow mobile
Add wheels
Charlie Kirsch
Charlie Kirsch - 10 dager siden
Now put a paddle on it and go to Winchester
wolthers301 - 10 dager siden
Gotta love North idaho
Paul G
Paul G - 10 dager siden
Yup, certified bananas! You, not the machine...its pretty cool, but I don’t need to ride it thanks.
BigG LilWayne
BigG LilWayne - 11 dager siden
To truly be bad ass it needs to be front wheel drive, like a reversed Honda Big Red 3 wheeler
DualSportBandit - 11 dager siden
fookin rally trike!
Tory Maloney
Tory Maloney - 11 dager siden
I would put some kind of guard on the chain to protect it going fast like that you might cut the chain on a rock or snap it but HELL YEA FUGGIN 🤘🤘🤘
Reverse_beta - 12 dager siden
When u realize that thing has more horses than a Miata
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard - 12 dager siden
Dude...take my money already and give me!!!!!!!
Meechy Sosa
Meechy Sosa - 13 dager siden
Just put dirt tires on a can am...?
Jaboc F
Jaboc F - 13 dager siden
That’s not a reverse trike. It’s a SUNMOBILE
Michael Sadler
Michael Sadler - 14 dager siden
you should invite larry the enticer to ride it
gene yiss
gene yiss - 14 dager siden
This just makes it really obvious to me that it’s a good thing snowmobile skis slip when you turn too hard or I would be dead by now
Da drop'as
Da drop'as - 14 dager siden
It’s all fun and games having brakes near engine until sprocket will break going 100mph :// you have to do something about front brakes
Steven Ramey
Steven Ramey - 14 dager siden
This is awesome I love this dude!
Lopro Lopro
Lopro Lopro - 15 dager siden
My one question is does it wheely
Peter Heavey
Peter Heavey - 15 dager siden
Sell me that bike! I need it bad! What's your offer?
GTA 5 Kingkong0581
GTA 5 Kingkong0581 - 15 dager siden
That chains going to snap an wrap
zachery burkenbine
zachery burkenbine - 17 dager siden
i belive youd have better control with moving the front whels back about a foot or so idk just food for thought
Anthony Hadeen
Anthony Hadeen - 17 dager siden
I can't wait to see this build video
Martin Huotari
Martin Huotari - 17 dager siden
I wonder how it would go water crossing?
Toby Won Kinoby
Toby Won Kinoby - 17 dager siden
Finally, a snowmobile that’s built for Florida!
Tomas Charles
Tomas Charles - 18 dager siden
Erwin ́s Ostblog
Erwin ́s Ostblog - 18 dager siden
Hey Guys.
Greetings from Germany.
Great Projekt!
But i also build a reverse trike at 2010 with an Yamaha XJR 1300 engine in a Honda CB650 frame with an handmade front axle.
We use it for quarter and 8 mile races on the road and since this year for OFF ROAD like you.
It works great on and offroad.
You can see it on my channel:
JUSTA BRAAPIN - 18 dager siden
Gooood build guysss!!!
Clinton Williams
Clinton Williams - 18 dager siden
Yeah buddy! Shittin and gittin
Kc Yukon
Kc Yukon - 19 dager siden
That's just awesome machinist work dude!
Shawn 101
Shawn 101 - 19 dager siden
Holy shit, the things a weapon of mass destruction..
Glockspecific - 19 dager siden
I would Love to see full send!
Glockspecific - 19 dager siden
Y’all should build a water tank deal to spray down the area for less dust!
James Joe
James Joe - 20 dager siden
Build me one
Donald Flowers
Donald Flowers - 21 dag siden
i always buy from ebay
Curtis Bull
Curtis Bull - 21 dag siden
Bring it to the sand dunes!
drew dogg
drew dogg - 21 dag siden
Brian Stickley
Brian Stickley - 21 dag siden
Set of CST sandblast and find some dunes!
dadadadankable - 21 dag siden
I bet this thing would be even more of a monster at the dunes.
Garnet Campbell
Garnet Campbell - 21 dag siden
What did you do for air filtration? My guess is pods. Another question is did you have to do anything for clutching to keep the engine at peak power RPM?
NSD designs
NSD designs - 22 dager siden
that swing arm is a work of an artist. Beautiful!! This should legit be a stock machine Can-Am should sell.
NSD designs
NSD designs - 22 dager siden
Drinking Games of Death: Take a shot every time Ethan says eBay in this video.
Johny Peters
Johny Peters - 22 dager siden
Let's see this with a mean paddle tire in the sand
Brandon Pittman
Brandon Pittman - 22 dager siden
Cool bit sketchy as hell lol
Derek Schwartz
Derek Schwartz - 22 dager siden
I want one.
Ptguy0618 - 22 dager siden
That chain needs some serious protection.
lmtada - 22 dager siden
Cool. That thing rips.
Brodey Smoot
Brodey Smoot - 22 dager siden
Need to see this thing in the sand with paddle tire on back
A1 Media
A1 Media - 22 dager siden
This should become class in Xgames.
Dan Theman
Dan Theman - 22 dager siden
Eat pizza and chicken
QdMaster - 23 dager siden
That thing looks sketch af! Now I want to ride it lmao!
the McCulloch man
the McCulloch man - 23 dager siden
Huh two rides in the engines going to melt I had two of them they both blew up at 3000 miles
Richard Key
Richard Key - 23 dager siden
Yesterday I saw a street bike with this wheel configuration; was it a custom unit, or does some mfr. Offer one? It wasn't one of those low Spyder machines, it looked like a normal m/c .was going other way, I couldn't check it out
gundorethemighty - 23 dager siden
Yea kinda dislike the using the chain as a break to stop a wheel .. prob would of been safer to put a break disc on the other side of the wheel an made it a dual link instead of a single . i'm just saying chain snaps no breaks. :) but a very sweet ride thou
ZimmyPlayz - 23 dager siden
looks like power steering is high on yalls list
Tony M
Tony M - 23 dager siden
I could get that street registered around here with a few minor mods..
David Gomez
David Gomez - 23 dager siden
Then you gotta put tracks on it and send it in the snow
TIREKILLERZ - 23 dager siden
Very cool but I think it should just have 2 rear wheels to harness more power.
Rod Gillanders
Rod Gillanders - 23 dager siden
This thing is insane! Grinds harder than my GF!🤣🤣
Odd 1
Odd 1 - 23 dager siden
Reverse trike yet it goes forward. Tadpole trike.
white wolves
white wolves - 24 dager siden
When is the video coming out so excited to see it lol
Vitaliy Anagurichi
Vitaliy Anagurichi - 24 dager siden
На снегоход
Сергей Парфёнов
Привет можно такой купить с ПТС для россии?
jordan gibson
jordan gibson - 24 dager siden
dude so nice
ChristianX Z owner
ChristianX Z owner - 24 dager siden
Id put a tentionner in the middle of the chain
ChristianX Z owner
ChristianX Z owner - 24 dager siden
Its the FatCat Skedoo...🤟😁😈👌
ChristianX Z owner
ChristianX Z owner - 24 dager siden
Guys just jump into production..
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith - 24 dager siden
William Edwards
William Edwards - 24 dager siden
When you were tippy I noticed your chain I've never seen a chain move that much and not come off
harp chicken
harp chicken - 24 dager siden
Top speed run??
Anson Critchlow
Anson Critchlow - 24 dager siden
Absolute ditch digger...... Crazy thing!!
Steven Mays
Steven Mays - 24 dager siden
John of Cars and Cameras wouldnt let Ike ride it he thinks there gokarts are to fast LOL