How to Build a Power Wheels Go Kart! Step by Step!

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The backyard shifter kart build made crazy progress this week! This is episode 3 of our how to build a power wheels go kart series. Sam finished mounting the engine, adding chains, jackshaft, clutch, seat breaks and more! In this episode the Honda CRF 230 starts for the fist time!
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 22 dager siden
New giveaway and merch!
El chiquete Toys
El chiquete Toys - 19 dager siden
Que ay biejon no puedo iniciar el jeep
Kas b
Kas b - 21 dag siden
Holy shit guys y'alls comment section is gettin hammered by bots
Nick Pendleton
Nick Pendleton - 21 dag siden
You guys are fricking geniuses!!love the content
MRLAW243 - 22 dager siden
Thanks for the free entry's. I had to have one of your lunch bags and a stubby cooler, because "magnets" love ya work fellas, keep it up!
Alex Haste
Alex Haste - 22 dager siden
Y’all should make a super kart
Luke's Builds
Luke's Builds - 22 timer siden
Where did you get the police car
Šimon Liška
Šimon Liška - 3 dager siden
please make a video on how you made the chassis
GAMING BG TEAM - 3 dager siden
Yes, i need this too.
Alex Boyea
Alex Boyea - 4 dager siden
Material list and measurements please
TheMan TheLegend
TheMan TheLegend - 4 dager siden
You should add a clutch, gas and clutch pedal and paddle shifting. Gas and brake on the right, clutch on the left. Or do a shifter next to it. Or do a clutch pull and shift with each paddle which would be mindblowing dope.
The One
The One - 4 dager siden
This is a cool build 😎
Vivian Bonaparte
Vivian Bonaparte - 6 dager siden
make me one like if you agree
UncleIvan 55
UncleIvan 55 - 7 dager siden
Is the Power Wheel car a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson - 10 dager siden
Got a link, to this specific song?
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson - 10 dager siden
The intro song
SUPU TEAM - 11 dager siden
This channel is epic I found it half an hour ago and I am binge watching the vids one of the coolest car collections I have ever seen btw
cam872k3 - 11 dager siden
It's spelled "pedal", not "petal"!!! I just saw a meme yesterday that had it spelled wrong also! The meme wasn't funny because millennials can't spell!! We're not talking about flowers here!
Vladoo153 - 13 dager siden
Hey grind hard, I followed your tutoriel ...but my mini(yes it is a mini cooper :D) wont turn at all at low speed. Can I get some advice for improoving this ?
classydays43 - 13 dager siden
That motor sounds like it runs on soap.
The cosmetic duo
The cosmetic duo - 15 dager siden
How can I buy one
ew ness
ew ness - 16 dager siden
Almost a Million subs🥳🥳 youre almost there guys just keep it up. Btw, is that the engine from the old mustang?
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 14 dager siden
Thanks! And yes we decided to use that engine for this project and then restore the Mustang with the better engine later on
Justin richards
Justin richards - 16 dager siden
do more builds - prefer the buils more than the driving.
Justin richards
Justin richards - 16 dager siden
can the next build be a electric. would be cool to see if electric motors off ebay rip
Antonio Alveraz
Antonio Alveraz - 18 dager siden
You should just use your foot... like the😉
Nick Rudd
Nick Rudd - 18 dager siden
You need a clutch cable with the 90' tube bend coming from the lever adjuster. that will direct it towards the column
EmoDragon 24
EmoDragon 24 - 18 dager siden
You guys should do a bag mobile for one of your projects
Nicolas Bernardo
Nicolas Bernardo - 18 dager siden
How price engine CRF 230 ?
Nicolas Bernardo
Nicolas Bernardo - 18 dager siden
I from Brazil,but here is more than $ 5000
Dax arms
Dax arms - 18 dager siden
Normal shoot size feet I guess you Sam you're either a 10 or a 10 and a half in shoe size which is about the average male human size of feet
William Jenssen
William Jenssen - 18 dager siden
Why is the brake on the right side?
luka turinek
luka turinek - 18 dager siden
Why are brakes on the right side
Josh Clasing
Josh Clasing - 19 dager siden
How would you define a “normal” size shooed people. And what about non-shooed people?
Steffen Tysnes
Steffen Tysnes - 19 dager siden
Should really put on some gloves while welding, if the heat doesn't get you, the uv probably will
tachank a
tachank a - 17 dager siden
Who is Ujiv Vladimirin?
Bryce Mclaren
Bryce Mclaren - 19 dager siden
A go cart
Bryce Mclaren
Bryce Mclaren - 19 dager siden
How much do you think you would sell one of those for
KD Customs
KD Customs - 19 dager siden
Lets see one with a built raptor 700 engine in it lol
cain sample
cain sample - 19 dager siden
I missed you building this powerwheels😕
Ts .sims7
Ts .sims7 - 19 dager siden
Like the channel what size motor is that and what did it come off of ??
suzuki etc
suzuki etc - 20 dager siden
Have you guys ever thought about using the mechanism from the front brake on a bmx for the clutch? The ones that allow the handle bars to spin indefinitely? I think that would be a good work around to keep the clutch pull consistent when turning the steering wheel
jason davey
jason davey - 20 dager siden
My predator 212 sounds like this, it did not before. Why?
Breached Matrix 16
Breached Matrix 16 - 20 dager siden
How much for it please sell it to me
Matthew Sporle
Matthew Sporle - 20 dager siden
You should try make an offset sprocket centre that can rotate and lock so that you don't need tensioners. Some single speed mountain bikes have this design
Richard Browne
Richard Browne - 20 dager siden
Put a real sirein on it after it's done!
Allen Sandven
Allen Sandven - 20 dager siden
The pup nailed it ! Only shot that would top that would have to be a pot belly ? Just saying... 😂
J Flow
J Flow - 20 dager siden
Lee ma g
Lee ma g - 20 dager siden
Love the build its really cool and y'all are keep everything tucked away is a good idea
willowbrook hermit
willowbrook hermit - 20 dager siden
Watch podcast I would like to know Can you take a Electric car And have all the power you need off of it For camping And then emergency.We need to make All our batteries have 1 connection So we can use our power battery for everything in the house and emergency.Small motors has took in a whole different turn Now they are survival.
Socks VR
Socks VR - 20 dager siden
oh wow, i thought it would just be mountain bike disc brakes at the back, you guys went hydraulic, nice. that will lock up real good, for some sweet drift initiations, haha. not that it wouldnt lock up pretty good with standard mtb brakes either
Socks VR
Socks VR - 20 dager siden
for some of that cabling you could probably just use a gyro off any old bmx bike, so its on bearings and you dont need to worry about cables kinking.
also, for the deleted files, as long as they have not been overwritten (you realise you deleted it pretty quickly). all that happens is its renamed to blank space as far as the system knows. buy it is still there, you just need software such as 'recuva' to find it and restore it. so thats just an fyi.. although it doesnt always work well.
Larry Veney
Larry Veney - 20 dager siden
I just realised the name of this channel
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - 20 dager siden
No JZ mower yet?
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
Make the 50cc pit bike vid part 2!
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
50cc pit bike!
Matthew Derkach
Matthew Derkach - 20 dager siden
What happened to the 50cc pit bike bring iT up!
dylan zrim
dylan zrim - 20 dager siden
Why not use the splitter bearing you’ll find on the front of a freestyle BMX for the clutch?
Jake Malone
Jake Malone - 21 dag siden
That thing sounds like a bubble machine without the header lol
somethingtowatchhere - 21 dag siden
I can't recall, wasn't the idea with this build, not to include the use of the piranha?
karl G
karl G - 21 dag siden
As much as I'd like to do it, many of us would pay for a diy kit ( frame, suspension, steering, brakes, clutch or torque converter, sprockets ) more or less assembled that way we just strap in a predator 212 and tune her up for a good rip!
MonsterZ #GoBigOrGoHome
MonsterZ #GoBigOrGoHome - 21 dag siden
Thanks for this video . Really helping me with ours. I'm going to use a brute force 750 4x4 engine and diffs
Jersmemescarsandshit - 21 dag siden
A mustang, camaro, and charger. I love it.
Skiridr22 - 21 dag siden
It’s alive 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez - 21 dag siden
That gokart looks 🔥💪💯🤘
Motor Boy
Motor Boy - 21 dag siden
You guys are amazing! I love this channel so much and can't wait to see more epic builds
Shane Hadfield
Shane Hadfield - 21 dag siden
Recieved stickers today. absolutely love them! Keep up the great work fellas!
stew harris
stew harris - 21 dag siden
must be a decrease in shopping carts in the area lol
heady2008 - 21 dag siden
Could you adapt a detangler headset and brake system from the front brake on a Freestyle BMX bike for the clutch? It wouldn't matter how far the steering wheel is turned, you'd still have smooth clutch pull
Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug
Man, Sam and Ethan both have some mad skills! No doubt! 👍👍🤘✌🏻
JadenGloydYT MTB
JadenGloydYT MTB - 21 dag siden
The fricken Noise when it stated up. XD omfg!!!
niyash sookra
niyash sookra - 21 dag siden
Muffin Man
Muffin Man - 21 dag siden
Plz put working cop lights in this thing😂
frank francis
frank francis - 21 dag siden
Watch your videos all the time the stuff you guys build are bomb ! Keep up the good work I wonna build me one like this soon 👌
Peter Portelance
Peter Portelance - 21 dag siden
IT'S ALIVE 😅😎.👍 💙
Dax arms
Dax arms - 21 dag siden
Without the suspension system I think that car should do good on a oval circuit
erick segovia
erick segovia - 21 dag siden
Hey GHPCo, Still loving your videos....enjoy watching the creative maquenations going on in Idaho. Carry on Carry on.
Felix W
Felix W - 21 dag siden
It's probably better not to put the battery next to the fuel tank, even if it's the good one
iamandreja - 21 dag siden
Maybe it would be better if you mounted the clutch pedal on the steering "column" and not on the steering wheel itself? In that case you shouldn't worry about how it would work if you are at full steering lock.
Emmers Metevier
Emmers Metevier - 21 dag siden
Any guesses on how many shopping carts get stolen after watching this video haha
Chris West
Chris West - 21 dag siden
Could you use a BMX bike Gyro to set up the clutch cable? It would help you with the kinking issue maybe
Shreddin Daily
Shreddin Daily - 21 dag siden
That thing is so awesome
Michael Arsenault
Michael Arsenault - 21 dag siden
you guys are truly amazing you inspired my cousin (14) and me (13) to build our mini 4 wheeler into a beast with a 212 cc preditor with the governor removed. thank you and keep it up
Nathan Agness
Nathan Agness - 21 dag siden
Yall need a build table so you dont have to be bent over so much. have table on casters on screw Jacks then you can level your table wherever it may be ✌
Rondizzler Yt
Rondizzler Yt - 21 dag siden
Looking forward to this build
Dallas Byerly
Dallas Byerly - 21 dag siden
Bro I love your vids
Troy Crowder
Troy Crowder - 21 dag siden
that thing is going to jerk you around should be a powerhouse nice work
One Man's Trash Aus
One Man's Trash Aus - 21 dag siden
So is this kart gonna be good cop or badass cop? 🤔🚔🚓💨💨😉
TechKnowCSS - 21 dag siden
Cody J
Cody J - 21 dag siden
you should change the clutch lever to a sleek position off the steering post if there's clearance under the body where its stationary and less chance of it binding up and damaging over time if your thrashing the steering often other than that i love it and totally want to build myself one here in New Zealand :D
Cody J
Cody J - 20 dager siden
@Socks VR couldnt have said it better myself dude! im just down the road in Hamilton
Socks VR
Socks VR - 20 dager siden
im also in new zealand, and i also want to build one, lol. i live in auckland though and cant think of anywhere you could use it legally. cops are such a pain in the ass. i have a dirt bike too, i miss the times you could just ride it in your nearby forest, or on the grass along the side of a country road. such a pain to sort everything out and drive all the way out to a bike park like the sandpit, and then pay for entry. still totally worth it though. so much fun.
mike luther
mike luther - 21 dag siden
Why did the brake pedal go on the right side? That seems counter intuitive...
Steffen Tysnes
Steffen Tysnes - 19 dager siden
They're probably making it the same way as a quad or motorcycle with clutch and (optional) front brake on hands, and rear brake right foot and shifting left foot.
Olli Lehtonen
Olli Lehtonen - 20 dager siden
I suppose they have a foot shifter
Gary Loyer
Gary Loyer - 21 dag siden
A series 50 and the 530 bike chain is a perfect fit...I up graded my 520 chain and glad I did
Rosko311 - 21 dag siden
Wow, if that chain comes off at speed it could delete a pork pistol. Also, if you want to put the break pedal on the left you could attach a short cable going from the pedal to a 2nd smaller jack shaft to get around the motor. And you could even put a small lockable handle off the break jack shaft & have an E Break.
Robert G
Robert G - 21 dag siden
Great video Edwin, great build Sam, thank you, guys!
CODY SWILLEY - 21 dag siden
Yall used the piranha in this video. Wasnt sure what to do. Now my hand is stuck in toaster. Please help
Kas b
Kas b - 21 dag siden
10:22 PETAL
Sic Rider
Sic Rider - 21 dag siden
Can somebody name the first music in the video? Thanks :D
TheDuckumz - 21 dag siden
Never heard a bubble mower quite like that before ;)
TK Skagen
TK Skagen - 22 dager siden
Thank you Sam for this Build!
Maki Tiong
Maki Tiong - 22 dager siden
over all great build and tutorial as well, my only concern is that you guys can fabricate why we cant see a left foot clutch mechanism on that thing? why because of space issue? or really is left foot pedal is for breaking? i think for sure there is enough space for foot pedals to put in that thing to work. congratulations for 1m subs in advance you guys deserves more subscribers
onkel tutti
onkel tutti - 22 dager siden
I don't think the brake on the right is a good idea. Because with the go-kart the accelerator pedal is on the right side and the brake on the left side
omni builders nz
omni builders nz - 22 dager siden
What size is the motor? This looks awesome!!!!!
Zdenek Sychra
Zdenek Sychra - 22 dager siden
wait what