KTM 4WD Go Kart Build / Frame + Drivetrain

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ian reed
ian reed - 14 timer siden
That slow motion shot of the snow falling was pretty awesome !!
ian reed
ian reed - 15 timer siden
Wow your camera rig looks pretty high end . Very robotic!
Tyler Word
Tyler Word - Dag siden
What is the motor from
Indiefive RU
Indiefive RU - 10 dager siden
You guys keep nice content and that ski doo trike my personal opinion is one of the most dope things you guys made im a find a way to build that beast fellows keep up the good work 💪
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 21 dag siden
what did those diffs come from?
EE Dudenhofer
EE Dudenhofer - Måned siden
What kind of chain box are you guys using? I need something similar for my off-road buggy
Dylan Anderson
Dylan Anderson - Måned siden
whats the gearbox and diffs from?
frozen chicken nuggets
frozen chicken nuggets - Måned siden
i found a mini chopper GoKarts USA® | Go Kart
guitarsword1 - Måned siden
Amazing. U are a master, madman builder.
joseph luebberke
joseph luebberke - Måned siden
Instant sub!! Thanks for the awsome content!!
Matthew McLaughlin
Matthew McLaughlin - 2 måneder siden
What is the chain case out of?
Curtis Carté
Curtis Carté - 2 måneder siden
What is the brand of that camera slider?? So smooth!
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma - 2 måneder siden
Song at 1:30🔥
MM Powersports
MM Powersports - 2 måneder siden
Where did you guys get that casing for the drive system?
Jorge antonio Dos santos
Jorge antonio Dos santos - 3 måneder siden
What is the size of the tubes you use??
Jacob Rice
Jacob Rice - 4 måneder siden
your videos are all sooo good in equal parts fabrication, video editing, knowledge sharing, and sending it! my favorite channel on youtube by far
Bob W
Bob W - 4 måneder siden
A very good build up, I am an Mechanical Engineer and I would like to add two comments . First one, the drive shaft from the engine to the drop box make sure that the uni yokes are in line [ look up tail shaft uni joint phasing] and fit a slip joint to prevent damage to the bearings and shafts. Second one, the welding on the uni yokes and shafts would have been better welded by MIG not TIG as TIG does not have the penetration [heat] of the MIG. Regards from Australia
Mr. Dad2014
Mr. Dad2014 - 4 måneder siden
So I am building a buggy of my own. I would like to use a reverse chain case as well but I don’t know which shafts I need from the snowmobile. I am buying a chain case from an 06 Yamaha Apex from eBay. Does anyone know which shafts I need for the top and the through shaft?? Any input would be appreciated.
Cristhian Viva
Cristhian Viva - 5 måneder siden
Lu M
Lu M - 5 måneder siden
The timelapse machine is very nice
Paul Montagner
Paul Montagner - 5 måneder siden
Nice job your doing make sure you put a bleeder screw up high for your cooling if your radiator is lower than your engine head s
Ryan Aldous
Ryan Aldous - 6 måneder siden
https://youtu.be/1LYeC1G3kto?t=89 that finish after those passes wtf??
NOOBMASTER 69 - 6 måneder siden
Hagan los videos subtitulados
John DeBrular
John DeBrular - 6 måneder siden
Where does the driver sit ?
04ธีรเมธ บุณย
What model of this central Differential and rear differntial?
Jimmy Haley
Jimmy Haley - 6 måneder siden
finally someone that calls the power plant an engine,,, not a motor,,, made me subscribe ,,,
Gilgamesh X
Gilgamesh X - 6 måneder siden
ปวรปรัชญ์ ฝั้นติ๊บ
สุดยอดครับ คุณเจ๋งที่สุด ผมติดตามดุทุกคลิปการสร้างรถของคุณ FC. GHPC
Naga Ac
Naga Ac - 6 måneder siden
Goog job 👍👍👍
Matt Finlay
Matt Finlay - 6 måneder siden
Is there a playlist for this series ?
Steven Pleasant
Steven Pleasant - 6 måneder siden
are you running the input and out put backwards on that reverse gearbox is so it may not work for me let me know thanks.
Steven Pleasant
Steven Pleasant - 6 måneder siden
Hi guys rear cool build you are doing what reverse gearbox is that from what would you charge to set one up if you could find one I could use one for one of my builds if you could do this let me know just message me and I will tell you how I would like you to do one for me I also some day would like to build a small 4x4 kart like this . real nice.
otahu Rice
otahu Rice - 6 måneder siden
is that a snowmobile chain case your using for a center diff?
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 6 måneder siden
Yes, it is!
Brayan Gomez
Brayan Gomez - 7 måneder siden
Amazing JOB !!!!!!!!
MsJinkerson - 7 måneder siden
1 badass machine
Noah Clark
Noah Clark - 7 måneder siden
🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️
0:59 💞💜💜
Andries Louw
Andries Louw - 7 måneder siden
You're going to experience transmission binding when cornering. Or not really, the drivetrain is strong enough, but you're gonna have some scary understeer. Having no central diff means your front tires will slide in corners (because it's rolling a larger arc than the rear wheels). Well it depends on the wheight disribution it might be the rear wheels sliding. You'll probably have to throttle steer it. Guaranteed to be terrifying.
Sindre Michael Jensen
Sindre Michael Jensen - 8 måneder siden
Love the work you guys have done so far!
I am a little concerned about the the "phasing" of the u-joints on the driveline. I see that you have assembled the drive shaft 90 deg. "out of phase" in ep. 7.
Here is a video explaining the importance of proper phaseing of the driveline u-joints. https://youtu.be/DDmz0tibVGM
Enrico Riccardi
Enrico Riccardi - 8 måneder siden
Where did you Guys get the u joints
Hung Ching
Hung Ching - 8 måneder siden
B.R. HHH - 8 måneder siden
The biggest thing I take from watching these latest vids is how much I miss snow!!! I loved going out and riding with my brothers and cousins and friends on [my] raptor 700, our king quads, yz450's, and our lil'badazz ( I forget which kit we built it up to 240-265cc) Blaster and our maniacally insane ~50rwhp CR250r...man...a ton of great memories from those winters back on the east coast. Love OC,CA but always a special place in my heart for NoVA/DMV
J1I9M7M4Y - 8 måneder siden
This is so cool! What kind of transfer case is that?
Amod Wagh
Amod Wagh - 8 måneder siden
You Guys Rock !!!!!! Videos, Drone Handling Time Laps Equipment's, drilling tools, making clamps, designs, chassis making, and end result all are great awesome. mind blowing hats of you guys :)
kuncih SD silo
kuncih SD silo - 8 måneder siden
(Tahun,2026,air biruh.)
MrAndrewbarnett05 - 8 måneder siden
Awesome work however do you realize that using frame/chassis rails for send/return radiator water will effect the tensile strength and stability. Had this with a Manta, could not work it out set up was great went out and all good until it heated up then all went to crap!! You may not have as dramatic effect due to the size? All the best and keep the amazing entertaining work, cheers!!
Akhmat nur Said
Akhmat nur Said - 8 måneder siden
I like you sir 😙💕
You genius 😙😙
Hugo Alvarez
Hugo Alvarez - 8 måneder siden
Gracias por subtitular este episodio
April Brown
April Brown - 8 måneder siden
Oil movement going to be a problem in those upside down axles?
Gabi ciaka
Gabi ciaka - 8 måneder siden
and lc8 wonderfull
Gabi ciaka
Gabi ciaka - 8 måneder siden
very nice
Gabi ciaka
Gabi ciaka - 8 måneder siden
bv maan
илхам Магазин
илхам Магазин - 8 måneder siden
joeretro - 8 måneder siden
Love the concept, watching for the fab work. worried about the U-joint phasing and input stability of the primary driveline.
Ιωάννης - 8 måneder siden
He... He... That's so sick!!!
Ee Wiley
Ee Wiley - 8 måneder siden
Question On min 7:29 you showed no video on how you mounted the spline where the sprocket goes to mounting the U joint? Do you have any video on that? Did you take the shaft out from the engine?
Ee Wiley
Ee Wiley - 8 måneder siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co okay cool thank you
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 8 måneder siden
I took the sprocket and cut it down to just the splined part, then welded that insode the u joint yoke and made clearance for the nut that holds the sprocket to the putput shaft.
Jamie Moore
Jamie Moore - 8 måneder siden
You my friends are amazing engineers! Just so awesome to watch a master at work keep on grinding hard brothers!
михаил ландышев
михаил ландышев - 8 måneder siden
Heksa Pratiwi
Heksa Pratiwi - 8 måneder siden
Mas grand hard.......sampeyan top tenan. Salam santun dari Indonesia.
Dillon Neufeld
Dillon Neufeld - 8 måneder siden
My favorite part of your video's: skipping the sponsor promotion.
Berati Demir
Berati Demir - 8 måneder siden
Ps6K4tr!K - 8 måneder siden
Nice project
Washington bento de lima
Washington bento de lima - 8 måneder siden
Miguel Junior
Miguel Junior - 8 måneder siden
What country do you live in?
I am Brazilian and I think the place they live is very beautiful.
Вездеход ЛитЛ
Вездеход ЛитЛ - 8 måneder siden
Good afternoon. From what technique is the reducer that stands in the middle? How will I go back?
Добрый день. От какой техники редуктор, который в середине стоит? Как будет ехать назад?
Andrei Avenirovich
Andrei Avenirovich - 8 måneder siden
👍 from Russia!
Derrick Anderson
Derrick Anderson - 8 måneder siden
AGREEEED to what he said below!!!!
RC10CNC - 8 måneder siden
pretty much awesome...
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz - 8 måneder siden
Roll it and smoke some tires awesome project.
mercsmith - 8 måneder siden
Just impressive skills-- make me wish I had 10% of what you take for granted.
04ธีรเมธ บุณย
What is gear4wd of car?
ayam bangkok si pecong
ayam bangkok si pecong - 8 måneder siden
Mantep lur.
LukeTheJoker - 8 måneder siden
Amazing stuff as always Guys!
Loud-Pedal-Addict - 8 måneder siden
What transfer case is that?
Sympul1 - 8 måneder siden
I'm totally blown away with that tube bender. Any more info on that??
Also, loving how you explain your build process and how you come up with your designs.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 8 måneder siden
We love our bender too! It's a Rogue Fab model 600xHD!
sunny downey
sunny downey - 8 måneder siden
Amazing build! Love it! I’m no expert but I think your driveshaft is not in phrase.
Mister Smoker
Mister Smoker - 8 måneder siden
This is good.
caleb kibet
caleb kibet - 8 måneder siden
Which engine is that?
Artur - 8 måneder siden
Good song in this one!
9rjharper - 8 måneder siden
Jebus. Somebody's gonna tip this thing over.
Brandon Beaudette
Brandon Beaudette - 8 måneder siden
How do you like that welding helmet? I just ordered that exact same one and just noticed it is the same one you have. Seemed like a really good value!
Dakota Allen
Dakota Allen - 8 måneder siden
What transfer case did you use???
besposhadniyNAFTIZIN - 8 måneder siden
good job! may be you can replace ICE to electric motor in near future.
PTSD Channel
PTSD Channel - 8 måneder siden
Its really annoying to be continually blasted with ... Annoying music.. EXTRA LOUD!!! WTF MAN? The best videos dont have stupid assed music.
Brownsworthy - 8 måneder siden
I love the way you build and design your chassis everything has a purpose but still absolutely beautiful. Brilliant stuff.
Michael Burnheart
Michael Burnheart - 8 måneder siden
Wow another unfinished product
PowerStrokePepe - 8 måneder siden
You’ve got a great channel!
Dylan Alleman
Dylan Alleman - 8 måneder siden
You should make a bronco build there’s one at Walmart and it’s the 60s body stile it would be sick o you guys got your hands on it
inkloverdom - 8 måneder siden
Hear me out here guys. A supercharged snomobile engine swapped into a smart car!
Jeff Mayo
Jeff Mayo - 8 måneder siden
Wouldn't those steel cooling pipes rust out eventually?
Modzel Moto.
Modzel Moto. - 8 måneder siden
I like wathing Your joob 🙂 sory for „english” i from Poland 🙂👌
New Memer
New Memer - 8 måneder siden
Project Idea: put a V8 in a smart and build around it like with those power wheels
creeper gaming
creeper gaming - 8 måneder siden
Dude, love the beard
YarikStuntRider - 9 måneder siden
gastón - 9 måneder siden
uff man
Patrick Hale
Patrick Hale - 9 måneder siden
Love the program, you put so much into it. The music fits and is not a obnoxious. I love how you incorporated the dogs into your videos. Good job you two! BTW not sure about the tension side of the timing chain vs the tensioner ( viewed from the Nissan side). Keep up the great work,
NorCal_CBR - 9 måneder siden
Hey you guys got the cheeseburger birds there too haha! It whistles during your promotion. Cheeeeeeeeese buuuuurrrggeerrrrrrrrr
Was at a cabin and this girl points out the birds and ever since she said it it's all I hear hahaa
crappy scrap
crappy scrap - 9 måneder siden
I wish you posted more 😔
Алексей Рулев
Алексей Рулев - 9 måneder siden
you're crazy. Thank you for motivating, Hello from Russia
Raztech Powersports
Raztech Powersports - 9 måneder siden
Grade A fab and video quality, keep up the great work 🤙🏻
Куб Кубич
Куб Кубич - 9 måneder siden
Hello from Ukraine do something and your vorking is have a big resultat.