Long Travel Odyssey ATV Test Drive on 28s!

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We finished the custom long travel suspension for our Honda Odyssey ATV and it is awesome! We also got new 15'' VECTOR ATV wheels form No Limit Wheels nolimitwheels.com/ And 28" Falken Wildpeaks! www.falkentire.com/tires/light-truck-suv-cuv-tires/wildpeak-m/t-tire-0
Thanks to Mike from Moto Mule for machining our hubs!
This custom ATV build is turning out great! All we need is parts for clutch tuning and some heavy duty wheel bearings and we will be ready for a full send video!
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vGHOST V - 11 måneder siden
Hold the phone did this man just say 2JZ!!!!
William Schultz
William Schultz - 10 måneder siden
Its for a tractor
what ever
what ever - 11 måneder siden
@Isaak Welch yeah, we are lucky over here in nz. planty of imports. loads of skylines and silvias, altezza rs200's (which was the one i wanted... .oh well.. - 210hp 8000rpm 2.0l beans engine, 6 speed tranny, lsd diff, rwd etc.) and more. you guys dont get the lexus is200's/ toyota altezza's with that engine overseas, or the skylines... we really are lucky. (i just realised i assumed with no reason to, that you are in the states or canada etc)
what ever
what ever - 11 måneder siden
@nunya binis you gotta love the rotary. gonna be awesome to see rob dahm finish his quad rotor awd rx7. its gonna be well over 1000hp. awesome. you gotta love that sound. 2 stroke dirt bikes and rotaries. they are like music to my ears. and 4 cylinder high revving car engines.. :-)
Me 2
Me 2 - 11 måneder siden
too good for any of this crap
nunya binis
nunya binis - 11 måneder siden
It's always coolest to do engine swaps, but keep the same manufacturer.....unless you're swapping in a wankel rotary. Dorito engines rule!
Travis - 10 dager siden
white rims?? :p
Friedrich Wilhelm
Friedrich Wilhelm - 21 dag siden
i have some concerns
murthy narasimha
murthy narasimha - 2 måneder siden
Hmmm bit air free that body is free from air clogg and weight ratio on nuts instead a durable bearing, T&C, ...
The Minecraft Genius
The Minecraft Genius - 3 måneder siden
The rims are Shiny!!
Crazy Coyote
Crazy Coyote - 4 måneder siden
Great work guys!! Always cheered up, always smiling!! That’s a rear commodity in today’s grumpy attitude.
I have to show your videos to my lazy teenage boys.
Barracuda life
Barracuda life - 4 måneder siden
Добрый день от чего двигатель ?)
Pete D
Pete D - 4 måneder siden
I love what you guys have done with Odyssey till now.Those wheels and tires are... Well not looking good sorry to say. But please keep up the Amazing work I really enjoy all cool kick ass stuff y'all make. Thank you for all the fun vids.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
Try finding a used snowmobile in Miami-Dade county Florida
Daniel Lofy
Daniel Lofy - 5 måneder siden
You guys are fun to watch , Love the insane stuff TOO MUCH FUN!
Thomas Ferguson
Thomas Ferguson - 5 måneder siden
Just came from your Odyssey full send video, and I love it! Quick question tho, are you guys ever going to try to put these tires back on?
Adrian Ruiz
Adrian Ruiz - 5 måneder siden
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas - 6 måneder siden
Need to fix the camber on the fronts
Clayton Cressler
Clayton Cressler - 6 måneder siden
ya'll need to do a tour of everything that you guys have ever built
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Yeah trying to find a snowmobile in Miami-Dade county Florida
Roberta Jordon
Roberta Jordon - 6 måneder siden
You guys are good!
Salty Pirate
Salty Pirate - 6 måneder siden
Lol, at 19:28 I expected him to yell, "Wilson!" Dude looks like Tom Hanks.
Down & Dirty
Down & Dirty - 6 måneder siden
I think norrow tires on the front will give you better turning. They just look wey to big for nothing.
deadsquirrel69 clark
deadsquirrel69 clark - 6 måneder siden
The wheels and tires are too much unsprung weight for that light of a vehicle totally throwing off the performance and the not to mention that stress on the drivetrain
Matthew Parsons
Matthew Parsons - 6 måneder siden
Its slower though
Twisted Pine
Twisted Pine - 6 måneder siden
Could have a wet belt slippage issue too. Maybe fashion a belt cover of some type. Looks awesome and is performing great. Can’t wait to see how awesome you make it.
tiago mendes de oliveira
tiago mendes de oliveira - 6 måneder siden
Muito louco.
Cara vocês se garantem muito. ..
Um abraço
TheImtoomuch - 7 måneder siden
That's bad ass! Cooler than any lame ass side by side!
G2 WestWood
G2 WestWood - 7 måneder siden
16:51 that belt has to be slipping as well
MCRTRUCKINGLLC - 7 måneder siden
I have a couple of question what kind of engine u put on that huge frame? And those wheels are huge? Why so many sprocket u loosing power? And why it sounds like a kx60
Ronn Jerremy
Ronn Jerremy - 7 måneder siden
Yea I'm sitting on my couch telling some guys with real world experiences what they should do with their custom builds...😂
Grind hard plumbing you guys rock obviously or all these haters wouldn't be watching.
Aj Lauzon
Aj Lauzon - 8 måneder siden
That thing would be soooo sick with the 1.5 liter VTech out of a newer Honda fit. Single cam, suuuper small, and hondata compatible ecu. I'll donate just to witness the sendage.
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson - 8 måneder siden
Awesome build but you need more horsepower
Yee Thirty
Yee Thirty - 8 måneder siden
Music volume down when someone is talking.
Carleton Slight
Carleton Slight - 8 måneder siden
Looks like too much tire and weight... plus it would work better and look better. Plus with smaller profiles tires/ rim size in front.
lol br
lol br - 8 måneder siden
Great work. Why do I see a tree in your future?
Cody Ballew
Cody Ballew - 8 måneder siden
new nickname, axle breaker
R R M - 8 måneder siden
also, better tires would be Firestone Winterforce snow tires, they are light, and get the narrow ones, ultimate traction and bumps get absorbed
R R M - 8 måneder siden
sell the tires, get narrow snow tires with high aspect ratio sidewall....im a professional, beleive me!
R R M - 8 måneder siden
finally, a cool one of these!
Matthew Beito
Matthew Beito - 8 måneder siden
Hey guys I love the oddessy! I know im late to the party but a lot of your issues are wet clutches. Make a shroud to keep them dry and it will work way better. I would also swap that polaris engine out for a 2003 to 2006 Arctic Cat F7. They eat modern 850s as sleds i cant imagine what itd do to that beast.
Dan Skofich
Dan Skofich - 8 måneder siden
i could hear alot of belt slip . also i think you have too steep of helix in the secondary
Derrick Anderson
Derrick Anderson - 8 måneder siden
I think it's about time I tell those I love that I'm an addict. Addicted to Grind Hard and it's becoming a problem! :)
Robert Ring
Robert Ring - 8 måneder siden
Have you guys tried driving this in the dry yet? I bet the water on those clutches did you no favors.
Overspray - 8 måneder siden
Now it just needs a trailer for the jag to pull the little odyssey to the gambler 😏
overbuilt automotive
overbuilt automotive - 8 måneder siden
like to see a harly transmission on it
Dustin Turman
Dustin Turman - 8 måneder siden
Light tires are your friend
Steve Lamperta
Steve Lamperta - 8 måneder siden
the machine would perform a lot better with the lighter tires an wheels , the clutches were not designed to spin that amount of weight. the entire machine isnt designed for car tires...
SuperPeter05 - 9 måneder siden
Over inflate those tyres, that will give u less grip and make it spin tyres more.
Chicago Vasko
Chicago Vasko - 9 måneder siden
Hi mike from moto mule.
Swift Fishin
Swift Fishin - 9 måneder siden
This thing looks more like a crosscart
Author Joe Holt
Author Joe Holt - 9 måneder siden
You guys are the best kind of crazy!
Jeepers12 - 9 måneder siden
Sorry guys but those wheels and tires are way to big. I think it looks a bit ridiculous plus it is super hard on the clutch and suspension components. A set of four wheeler tires (23 or 24 inch maybe?) would look a lot better in my opinion. Just my thoughts on it. It is a awesome build!!!
Greg Garrot
Greg Garrot - 9 måneder siden
https://www.latestrage.net/ Latest rage carries a lot of parts you guys could use and they're cheap
H Y - 9 måneder siden
Sooo.. did they give up on it?
J Dock 69
J Dock 69 - 9 måneder siden
That looked fun! nailed it with the sema rzr's. I'd rather have a odyssey like yours and be able to have fun than a trailer queen.
MAX MAX - 9 måneder siden
Saluti da Italia, Spresiano Treviso
G GThorne
G GThorne - 9 måneder siden
Just a couple observations from a Canadian snowmobiler. You need to build a cover for your clutch and drive belt, if you snap a belt without a cover you can get seriously injured. And the reason it fucked up is because the belt got wet with the mud, a splash of water can make a snowmobile sink while crossing water, im assuming thats what made it fail
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel - 9 måneder siden
I got 27s on my 150cc go kart
Glenn Crockett
Glenn Crockett - 9 måneder siden
Sorry but the New Wheels and Tires killed it, was looking good before you made it look like a Donk.
MrZep420 - 9 måneder siden
That thing looks sweet...Nice job...I would love to see it with a KX500 , RD350, or some other large 2stroke engine and a Rekluse clutch, something with a transmission, it would have enough ball to turn those big wheels, whatever you do please stick with a 2stroke ...You guys will get it dialed in...Don't worry what other people say most of them never turned a wrench or drove off road...Do what makes you happy.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 9 måneder siden
The camera dude looks like Ryan dungey
Cathy Berg
Cathy Berg - 9 måneder siden
The belt was wet so that could have been a factor to
Daniel Hamm
Daniel Hamm - 10 måneder siden
In the beginning i watched odyssey video’s but then they extended the arms on it and I thought it looked dumb so i stopped...
But with the new wheels, it’s waaaaaaaaaaay better
William Neska
William Neska - 10 måneder siden
Where yall located? Wanna help me build mine if I pay for being that you have the tools an knowledge more then I do.. i need a new frame, figure out the brakes, add suspension an install stage 4 kit for my predator motor, change gearing an 2 piece steel sprocket (old aluminum one blew up) add lights an blinkers.. so basically rebuild the hole thing so it safe an able to use
ALEX VAZOVSKI - 10 måneder siden
зверь аппарат
Josh Pontius
Josh Pontius - 10 måneder siden
Ditch the wheels
Brian Samonas
Brian Samonas - 10 måneder siden
That Odyssey is sick!!!!!
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith - 10 måneder siden
Gotta change up the commercials cause if I hear "Hey Google" again I think I'm going to bash my head against the pavement of my driveway.... Not really I'm joking but hope you get the point ... Love the videos but it's the same damn commercial I don't know if you can change it but it's like Google is just trying to conform us into Google zombies...
Dan Mcelroy
Dan Mcelroy - 10 måneder siden
It's coming out nice. But I'd put a smaller tire on the front. Like most sandrails have. Shorter and more narrow. ✌
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson - 10 måneder siden
Put some mini rims on it ther to big lol
sirgallium - 10 måneder siden
Since a rotary is a 2 stroke but without the self-supercharging part I bet you guys could make it work. Put on an expansion pipe, connect the intake to the exhaust with a reed valve, add a large enough intake plenum with another reed valve before the carb. It could be the world's first self-supercharging rotary. I know you guys could do it.

I'm not sure if it would work but I bet there is a way. With a piston 2-stroke the intake and exhaust ports are open at the same time and then when combustion starts they are both closed at the same time. With a rotary there is never any overlap which is why you would need to connect the intake to the exhaust. I don't see why it wouldn't work though with the proper sized expansion pipe and intake plenum (to simulate the crank case volume of a piston 2 stroke which is part of the supercharged air fuel mixture), and with the correct reed valve setup so that exhaust could go into the intake but not the other way around, and so that exhaust couldn't come out of the carb. Then I think it should work.
sportster davidson
sportster davidson - 10 måneder siden
I dont know why you call it an odyssey any more its only 20% origanal now . Its just a buggy now . Should just have built one from scratch.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen - 10 måneder siden
Just some small adjustments. That machine is f...n beautiful .
Making it Happen
Making it Happen - 10 måneder siden
It's not fun to have it cold in the workshop.
Hunter Rowland
Hunter Rowland - 10 måneder siden
I want this so bad
cody brinks
cody brinks - 10 måneder siden
handyhippie65 - 10 måneder siden
that is so far beyond an odyssey, it makes jason's trip look like a gentle paddle, down a peaceful stream. there's nothing gentle, nor peaceful about this beast. i used to turn v-dubs into sand rails when they were cheap and plentiful. i'd wager this has a better hp/weight ratio than even the last couple i made with a 2112 big bore kit on a 1600 dual port, and an aluminum front end. i'll bet with a real clutch, it'd be a wheelie machine. i know my sand rails were. awesome build. golf clap all around.
Kenny Lewis
Kenny Lewis - 10 måneder siden
That's a Polaris "liberty" engine from a snowmobile. The small belt that was broken is NOT a oil pump belt. It's the water pump belt. And yes, when you start it up it'll run fine four a while, right up until the engine temp get to high and then it'll start to run like shit. The oiling system "oil pump" runs on the same system as the fuel pump, 2 stroke life!!
Kilak - 10 måneder siden
that's a deathtrap right there
Kilak - 10 måneder siden
13:08 "some metric and some standard"

retarded units are not "standard"

Cameron Riccio
Cameron Riccio - 11 måneder siden
Yeah, the new tires look kinda ugly
Noah Risner
Noah Risner - 11 måneder siden
Those tires are way too big!!
Kenji - 11 måneder siden
Awww why a 2j? Rather overrated and boring if you ask me, shoulda got sometimes cooler
Ian Lacour
Ian Lacour - 11 måneder siden
Their sickest part of this build yet
Talon Walker
Talon Walker - 11 måneder siden
Well I think you guys went way overkill on the tires. Robbing massive power in the tires. You would be better off with some stock rzr bighorn 29x9x14 in front and 29x11x14 in rear. Super light and great traction
Talon Walker
Talon Walker - 11 måneder siden
Seriously chalk those tires up as a fail put them on something else and look for mid sized side by side tires.
Willlerd - 11 måneder siden
Dudes come on. I know you don’t listen but this is slow as crap with those tires
Austin T.
Austin T. - 11 måneder siden
I personally like the big wheels and tires. If dude knows what he’s doing I trust his opinion wether to keep the big tires or not
allen fisher
allen fisher - 11 måneder siden
Those tiny bearings won't take the stress of those tires for long
allen fisher
allen fisher - 11 måneder siden
Think you should have went with 25-27 inch atv tires and wheels but to each their own
panicmech - 11 måneder siden
I got a 7mgte in my mk3 I gotta finish here in Rathdrum 😁
Laika 69
Laika 69 - 11 måneder siden
Love the music.
chilly cheeze
chilly cheeze - 11 måneder siden
Those wheels slop HARD
GUNNER NEWTON - 11 måneder siden
New power wheel build ford raptor
Boya 3goob
Boya 3goob - 11 måneder siden
I don’t think it’s a honda anymore 😢. Because you’ve modded the heck outta this thing. Great build tho 👍
Speed Demon
Speed Demon - 11 måneder siden
If yall take suggestions, I think yall would have fun building a older style charger powerwheel like the Camaro, jeep, and mustang, but with a wide body like the liberty works style
Paul Guajardo
Paul Guajardo - 11 måneder siden
Hay that would be cool if you guys built a grave digger monster truck with another 450 in it
Kevin Cunningham
Kevin Cunningham - 11 måneder siden
From a backyard builder to another, get rid of the front tires. Way too big. Will constantly keep breaking
Trans Plant
Trans Plant - 11 måneder siden
hey just get rid of that oil pump and just mix your own gas, that way if it breaks you wont blow up your motor
John Alexander
John Alexander - 11 måneder siden
just throw a car motor on and be done
Chris Langdell
Chris Langdell - 11 måneder siden
Nice. Definitely too much meat on the tires. Can see alot of caster and camber deflection on the rear tires in slow motion video. A new clutch kit will make that thing beast and its time for an engine rebuild
mingusbreeze - 11 måneder siden
Thanks, guys, looks good.
Milan Teubel
Milan Teubel - 11 måneder siden
Ethans hoodie string
Jay Byrd 1
Jay Byrd 1 - 11 måneder siden
I’m gonna say one thing about you guys you rock! Everything you do is turned up to like 10 compared all the other videos and that’s cars and cameras Mike and his monster mini yeah I’m watching you guys all of you I love it happy Thanksgiving!
Evan Field
Evan Field - 11 måneder siden
Those rims and tires are too big for the engine and clutch
Jim Sox
Jim Sox - 11 måneder siden
I want to see a shot of the brakes glowing.