Long Travel Suspension Build Honda Odyssey FL350

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We are back to working on our engine swapped Honda Odyssey. In this video we build custom long travel suspension around a Honda CRF 450 rear shock. Hope you like the new suspension set up guys! Let us know what you think below.
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The long awaited return of the Honda Odyssey series is here! Thanks for all the support guys! What do you guys think so far? Check out our new shirts and stickers here! https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/
Aj Karrer
Aj Karrer - År siden
any chance you guys will share your specs on suspension, so i can do the same to mine? ajatals@gmail.com either way thanks guys ps cindys lookin noice!
KooolaBe - År siden
watch?v=sU0rl2R611k might want to look, someone is using ur video with false texts
energy phocused
energy phocused - År siden
Enjoy your builds. i think it's going to bend guys. That's more than double the weight of Senderella and well... keep the content coming
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
@Robert Grubb sorry they just cost so much to ship we break even to Australia.
VR Studio
VR Studio - År siden
You should of used a gas torch to heat that piece in order to make it expand and afterwards it would of been easy to take it out.....
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
you guys have a lot of land okay at the bottom of the hill take a bulldozer level it out and pave it then you got your parking lot
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
I saw what you had to do to get that piece off on your other videos on your playlist why don't you just Mount the axle to the ground and use the skid steer to rip the piece off of what you need
ryan menke
ryan menke - 5 måneder siden
I have not decided on motor yet, but a mid engine, long travel, newest fl 350 in the works! You guys are awesome. We can do alot more. We would all work great together with an offroad team. Just because something has not been done, the best ideas are still to come!
Bradley Hayslip
Bradley Hayslip - 5 måneder siden
You guys are awesome living a dream!!
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Got to get the other two wheels from the Subaru brat and make duallys on the rear
eli christensen
eli christensen - 6 måneder siden
2:23 anyone else notice that that is sitting on a pair of underwear?
Super Bikes and Stuff
Super Bikes and Stuff - 6 måneder siden
This my kind of plumbing 🤘
Luki - 7 måneder siden
Really love the channel, great videos!
Барон Косяков
Барон Косяков - 8 måneder siden
Баги круто
Kênh Thích độ chế
Kênh Thích độ chế - 8 måneder siden
Nhìn nơi bạn làm việc thấy thích quá.
phdfxwg Fischercat
phdfxwg Fischercat - 8 måneder siden
Dont run a grinder next to the lathe might as well dump black beauty on it !
M Barilla
M Barilla - 9 måneder siden
Whats that tool you used to cut that mounting bracket? Some kind of shear?
Havoc Racing
Havoc Racing - 9 måneder siden
When will the modyssey coming back?
KRISTA MICKLE - 10 måneder siden
Put some on her
pec1739 - 11 måneder siden
i wanna pat that dog
Live long Explore often
You guys are a great partnership. Perfecting your craft in front of and behind the lens.
Todd Bearden
Todd Bearden - År siden
Hahahaaa!!!! Your background music is like way groovy!!!
Far out man!!!
croberts01 - År siden
Dudeeeee that brat is too badass to be tearin apart
Robert Dake
Robert Dake - År siden
The music in th backgrnd was 'Right-On'!, good for th mood ! 😏😘😎
Robert Dake
Robert Dake - År siden
Luv th changes !😲, I thnk it's gonna Be Awesum whn yur done ! 😏😘😎
Гоша - År siden
What kind of music 21:13
Couper Carpenter
Couper Carpenter - År siden
What engine is that
Todd - År siden
Bro.... what happend to the bay window bus @1:18
Santiago Foche
Santiago Foche - År siden
Those wheels are from a Peugeot 505!!
Brian Corrigan
Brian Corrigan - År siden
To pick up camber gain on compression. You want a shorter upper arm so it swings on a tighter arc. Move your upper control arm's inboard mount out. At ride height you want the lower arm essentially flat, so upward motion results in predictable camber gain. at ride height, the upper arm should be a little higher outside than inside. and on an upward angle to the hub compared with the lower arm being essentially flat.
HojozVideos - År siden
New music!
Joe Powell
Joe Powell - År siden
Ron Hughley
Ron Hughley - År siden
Awesome ride.
Ron Hughley
Ron Hughley - År siden
Use hear to get if off. Torch works wonders . And rust/bolt removrr.
Austin T.
Austin T. - År siden
Great lookin fab work man
Dana Dalessandro
Dana Dalessandro - År siden
Man I love the stuff you do. I day dream about this stuff, knowing Ill never actually put the work in, and coming to your channel scratches the itch. Keep up the good work.
failarmy fan 2
failarmy fan 2 - År siden
Looks like a rock crawler
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson - År siden
I've been wondering about this one. It's bad ass
Rangetech - År siden
New channel name: Squished ‘Hard Plumbing Company’ when you get crushed by failing hydraulics....
El Sibarita Del Castillo
Mejores refuerzos
DukeSky - År siden
I like that...Tear the rear end out of the brat...My girlfriends nick name is Brat....
Broo_sh - År siden
why your channel allways its espanja text
Joe D
Joe D - År siden
Dude, I hope ur gonna reinforce the top of that shock mount too ! If that thing ever shear's off on the down-stroke ...... it's going to skewer somebody's rib cage or neck !!
OzBullGaming - År siden
omg that diff housing to tough
Dave Brittain
Dave Brittain - År siden
Don't work under a live load! Now let me tell you one of the reasons why that freaks me out. My uncle was working on a dump truck with the box raised and a hydraulic line blew. The box dropped like a rock and it crushed him like an accordion on top of the fender for the rear wheels. He survived but was never the same again.
Dale Lehman
Dale Lehman - År siden
2:30 I'm confused
thanedogg - År siden
you guys need a torch
amorton94 - År siden
That sucka gonna be WIDE!
Roy Patterson
Roy Patterson - År siden
That's why you should have took a torch and put heat to it to break it loose!
Charles Grigg
Charles Grigg - År siden
shock need to be over the rear axel
John Averick
John Averick - År siden
I would have subscribed but they never even mention what the heck this 130 hp engine swap even is ! What 2 stroke engine ??
John Averick
John Averick - År siden
@jospi2 FRIGG, thank You, Why the heck is it a big secret ! ?
jospi2 - År siden
800cc 2 stroke engine from a snow mobile.
idan124 - År siden
amazing joB guys
thishereaveragelife - År siden
I'm envious of your shop equipment
Josh McDevitt
Josh McDevitt - År siden
Awesome build! One thing though, you've gotta adjust the center to center, or pretension on the drive belt. It looks like you're using Polaris P-85 primary and secondary clutches. The factory secondary, if it's a button, not a roller has an adjustable collar on it to help adjust the belt to clutch as it wears. Try turning it full min to full max. I don't remember if 1 or five is max, until the belt runs 1/16-1/8 above the top of the secondary clutch. It'll help taking off and not glaze belts as bad. If a new belt doesn't get you there you may have a wide belt clutch, and a narrow belt. Certain sleds. The XCR800 RMK 800 all used wide roller, wide belt. Most of the other sleds at the time used a narrow, narrow set up. It looks like you're running a toasted belt, or a narrow belt on a wide clutch set up. You can shim the primary if need be to match the secondary and get the belt to ride up just a hair above the secondary, or buy shorter belts if your current center to center is out a bit.
7:17 chopper dirt bike next build?
CT gamer
CT gamer - År siden
go to the measurements of the jeep stroller of the princesses but especially that of the chassis please
Maine backcountry snowmobiling
Is that a snowmobile motor?
jospi2 - År siden
Yes. 800cc 2 stroke 2 cylinder.
imbadwrench - År siden
Ive got an FL350, never could get it to run right.
Larry Ney II
Larry Ney II - År siden
Great video !!! Looking forward to the Triumph through !!!!!!!
Joe Billy
Joe Billy - År siden
Heat next time? Didn’t see a torch
Wyhoot Ray
Wyhoot Ray - År siden
All I read at first was long travel F-350 and I got pretty excited!😂🤘
Bradley Lomas
Bradley Lomas - År siden
Scary to have shock close to driver. rather have on top of action
Shane Bep
Shane Bep - År siden
Just thoroughly enjoyed watching some bad obsession motorsport and now I'm gonna enjoy the fuck out of this too!
Jacen Grey
Jacen Grey - År siden
awesome, just awesome.
winston smith
winston smith - År siden
Love your content but you trust that chain too much when working under the brat .
Monkey Wrench Cycles
Monkey Wrench Cycles - År siden
I absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing with the odyssey! I started a odyssey 350 build like 5 years ago with a sport bike engine and a-arm suspension up front and a custom swingarm in rear that pivoted with the engine, and built a custom roll cage. I never ended up finishing it since I bought a house and sold it to free up some funds. Again, awesome job!
Stephan Mare
Stephan Mare - År siden
You need a cutting torch heat up that piece and hit it right off.
FML MX - År siden
olle esque mola mucho tu moto la honda nola bendei
FML MX - År siden
si me puedes mandar unsaludo alagente de mexico
Bobby Sweeney
Bobby Sweeney - År siden
# 427,862
Justin Timberlake if born a man.
VdubSPAZ - År siden
I had to end at the suspension of the a arm being added and the drilling and placement of the shockmy only thought was is that there should be bracing underneath that tubing for the simple fact that's going to be the weak spot nowif for some reason the shock does bottom out that tubes going to bend from that point out to Axel but if you cover that part later on and I didn't see it disregard lol 😎 😁🤯 😭🤪 🤐
Quentin Hargrave
Quentin Hargrave - År siden
You use your brain completely different then ordinary people and it’s awesome the stuff you guys come up with is incredible I’m hooked and hope you don’t mind me using some of your ideas cool projects keep them coming
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - År siden
Y'all continue to break my heart with the BRAT.
adam mccardle
adam mccardle - År siden
And remember newtons law of relitivity. Anything that can go wrong will
adam mccardle
adam mccardle - År siden
Ummm first step is a shit ton of modification
harold hoyt
harold hoyt - År siden
amazing how talented you guys are with the builds and the film footage and that lathe just put you guys on a whole new level
Tony Ruiz
Tony Ruiz - År siden
I am building a custom shifter off road kart out of a baja blaster go kart. If you got any ideas let me know. I put polaris a arms in the front its going good so far. Keep the modesey going its my fav one on the show !!
ren shino
ren shino - År siden
called it! on the axle!
Adam Sykes
Adam Sykes - År siden
I get sad when your videos end
Cole Z
Cole Z - År siden
Hi, will you guys still be in castle rock on Sunday? My brother and i'd love to meet you guys!
Krissi 992
Krissi 992 - År siden
Can you guys rebuild you your
Bradley Cross
Bradley Cross - År siden
Best content on youtube right here...
Baylan Maverick Legacy
if you would have taken a torch an turned the CV cup on the diff about red it would have come right off :/
Mike D
Mike D - År siden
Amazing! Love how you guys do what you do. Don't change your builds or cinematography... its great.
Team Wyman Scale Design
You might want look at the bolt pattern of the Subaru I think it’s the same as the odyssey 4x130
Eyal Alon
Eyal Alon - År siden
BarnStangz - År siden
Lathe was a game changer tool addition guys! Glad you have it and the projects are looking good!
Ben Miller
Ben Miller - År siden
Just came across your channel (late to the party, I know)....I’m hooked! Awesome content!
NoNameNeeded - År siden
I need some tree house
supdus - År siden
When this is all done, this thing needs a paint job... all that hard work needs to be shown off
Paulsblocks - År siden
Dont worry about the other side, just take some angle iron and a caster wheel. Itll be fine
Vance mac D
Vance mac D - År siden
I wish I could use your shop, dam you have some great tools.great content
PZerotheartist - År siden
Edits are great and how you go about explaining parts and things.. I have learned a lot. Keep it up TY
jabba0975 jj
jabba0975 jj - År siden
For parts disassembly, hydraulics beats pounding every time. If you must pound on something, try heating the outer/expandable part first....just sayin'.
SAL Motorsports
SAL Motorsports - År siden
There was a drift pin in the axle. Lmfao
Jose Santos
Jose Santos - År siden
Its better if you put complete video no only one side en crazy loking that's call crack head garage?
Robert Belote
Robert Belote - År siden
Power of rust gentlemen , thats what we deal with on the daily on the east coast . Cool builds , i enjoy the channel.
Fastblade Productions
Fastblade Productions - År siden
by far the Odyssey is my favorite build for it was always something I wanted to do.... So glad to find your channel!.. I was like what is he doing with that single pipe... then when you added the other 2 and I was like .."That's Beautiful!" ..... You are the undisputed Mcgyver Award Winner... Can't wait to see this finished!... Keep up the Great Work!
That car is gonna be sick too!.... my second favorite build!.... :)
Bobby Chudoba
Bobby Chudoba - År siden
light bars, cab nets, spun aluminum gas tank, wide body mud guards, it will be the Insanessey.
James Stone
James Stone - År siden
Hurry and post a video, of y'all driving and jumping with new suspension
mrman1125 - År siden
Is that new music YAY
DeathQueeF - År siden
Edwin is a creepy name, its perfect for such a creepy dude
Les Mack
Les Mack - År siden
Don't ever get under a heavy object suspended by a chain and hydraulics. That's a really bad move. People die this way. It's a stupid thing to do.