Long Traveled 130HP Odyssey Rips!

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The long traveled Honda Odyssey is done a ready to rip! This might just be our most fun toy yet! The snowmobile 800cc 2 stroke really does the trick with this custom buggy.
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Cheryl McAllister
Cheryl McAllister - Måned siden
One Ton Soup
One Ton Soup - 4 måneder siden
Finally i can understand how to use CAD... or at least cardboard aided design
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
This Sam live out of his van it's nothing wrong with that it's a good way to save money
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
All right now it's time to rebuild the front end so you can get some real good drift angle steering
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
Yeah I just looked in my refrigeratorand the square of beef I have is from butcher box but I bought it at Aldi's grocery store
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
I think they also supply to Aldi's grocery storebecause I have some beef that looks exactly like the beef you have on the counter
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
I didn't think you could tear up your yard with those tires it looks pretty tame when you took them off the Subaru brat
tim walls
tim walls - 5 måneder siden
I would love to see you race that razor in that oddessee.
JesusIsKing - 6 måneder siden
Sled engine? How do you keep from overheating?
Cole Z
Cole Z - 6 måneder siden
Hi, what was the total cost for this build?
Shawn Quackenbush
Shawn Quackenbush - 6 måneder siden
This thing is awesome. But you gotta make a clutch cover mang.
Daniel Pexton
Daniel Pexton - 8 måneder siden
Ethan is a mechanical genius .. the stuff he dreams up is amazing !!
R R M - 8 måneder siden
it needs a v6 Honda accord engine
Tony Zurbriggen
Tony Zurbriggen - 9 måneder siden
Please upload your song Shakespeare’s Summer to iTunes! It’s so dope I want to play it on a loop while I work!
Lee Bll
Lee Bll - 10 måneder siden
Where did yall get the rear end for the odyssey ?? Name of company?
sBoostedLudei - 10 måneder siden
You should widen out the front end to match the back. Make extra pin for the upper rear shocks so you can adjust the angle .
Myke Torres
Myke Torres - 11 måneder siden
You guys are awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
rswany16 - År siden
Am i the only one that thinks he looks like Francis (Christopher Masterson) from Malcolm in the Middle? No? Anyway great build series, keep up the great work!
benny laplante
benny laplante - År siden
Lit Pro. Best track real time GPS LAP TIMES and over head view of track. Plus much much more!
Eyeball Engineering
Eyeball Engineering - År siden
Nice job on those shaft adapters!
the chevy dude
the chevy dude - År siden
You guys do amazing job on your builds. Could you build an AWD?
H Sc
H Sc - År siden
I want one
Hunter Grimes
Hunter Grimes - År siden
i had one of these and always wanted to put a snowmobile engine in one, so this is epic.
yudude - År siden
the ethan cam is awesome, i love it
Powerglide Klyde Barrow
you guys are absolutely living the dream!! i cant say enough about this channel to anyone who will listen!! if i could hit like more then once i would!! talk to youtube about that!! lol
Denis C
Denis C - År siden
Love the videos! But I have to ask, how did you get the name for your channel?
trialnterror - År siden
Dude I think I’m your long lost brother..... you have a extra room! You guys are having way to much fun!
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta - År siden
Love the aerial shot of the Odyssey, while it was ripping!
Nathan Sundine
Nathan Sundine - År siden
Bring this to the dunes
Tyson Hopper
Tyson Hopper - År siden
What CVT/torque converter is that? I’ve never heard of one that can handle that amount of HP. It’s huge but I need one for a build I’m doing with a 670cc Briggs and Stratton V-twin Vanguard.
Robert F
Robert F - År siden
This channel ignites my passion to create with my dirty mitts!
Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis - År siden
Ground beef IS life! :-D
Chandler Lee
Chandler Lee - År siden
Would it be too hard to try and make it AWD
Богдан Вилькель
Годный контент
Keegan Frantz
Keegan Frantz - År siden
Nice machine guys...your going to need covers for the clutches, all that dirt and debris needs to stay out of both primary and secondary,bet u will toast ur clutches in a few weeks of ride time.
David Hager
David Hager - År siden
id love to buy one of these things.. hell a stock oddyesy or pilot is $4,000 or more where i live and very rare to find at that and for$4,000 its not going to be in good shape either. i want one of these but a polaris rs1 or ace is more practical and easier to find and maintain.
Santiago González
Santiago González - År siden
Best sponsor in the fuckin world
josh benson
josh benson - År siden
Please make a Odyssey like this but no long travel and put atv or some other tracks on the back and skiis on the front! It would be the sickest winter beater!!!!!
Brian Bassett
Brian Bassett - År siden
I flipped an Odyssey over in 1978 on an old logging road on Mitkof island in Alaska and was apparently out for a good 3 minutes. Of course, we didn't have a rear suspension back then but had installed a 1977 250 Honda Elsinore engine. If you didn't use the lap belt and lifted your butt about 6" out of the seat you could do killer wheelies, of course, this also opened the door to worse injuries. A fair trade-off some would think.
Luke Adamson
Luke Adamson - År siden
I personally think while this build is mint the front looks a little odd (no pun intended 😉). It would be awesome if you could do something like the rear to the front or if not at least widen it as it looks too narrow. Otherwise it is super cool!
hamza zahiri
hamza zahiri - År siden
Nice work guys 💪💪
Hardcore Drumnutz
Hardcore Drumnutz - År siden
Kick ass!!!! But Now ya gotta widen the front!!!!
grizzanator - År siden
Anyone remember the 5 year long Groutaone long travel suspension build?? Man I wish he would finish it but he turned into a flat earther. This channel is top notch!!
Blayne Summers
Blayne Summers - År siden
Hey i a 2 stroke dirt bike and I was wounding the bike runs but on some.days it does not run at all some.times.and it starts but it bog out to day and never started but do u.no what could be the problem
Pat Drumm
Pat Drumm - År siden
woah woah woah what is the tree house fort/ropes course looking thing on the edge of the woods???
Clay Petersen
Clay Petersen - År siden
help what about this entire thing is a minivan?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Google Honda Odyssey ATV.
j g
j g - År siden
Hi, good night. I have seen his video and he guided me how they made their project. but I have a question. The engine you use for your car what type of engine it is. I mean, if it is a motorcycle engine or is it a car engine, what type of engine is it? I have a similar protection to the one you have made but the truth is I have no idea what engine to use for my project. I have no idea what engine to put and what kind of transmission to put and differential. Could you help me a little by talking about your engine and transmission and differential clutch that you are placed in your car.
eric rhodes
eric rhodes - År siden
imagine getting the back end hung up on a tree . need some deflection welded to the arms Infront of them rear wheels
goodboycoy - År siden
Finnish the camero
papakfmcnados king
papakfmcnados king - År siden
It looks like a frog with wheels from above, no wonder it's so good at jumps
Thomas LePage
Thomas LePage - År siden
Do a build using a jet ski motor. They are normally pretty cheap and widely available. I would like to see what could be done with one.
sean campbell
sean campbell - År siden
This is my favorite intro so far filming wise
Highlife Topshelf
Highlife Topshelf - År siden
Never thot a YouTuber would live by me in Spokane shiii
Screamn’ Eagle
Screamn’ Eagle - År siden
So, when are these things going into full production? I want one!
oldreliable303 Justin Scott
I dont need to hunt or fish anymore?????? Im not sure about this...
Sid Kalak
Sid Kalak - År siden
I always wonder how fed up Edwin gets getting covered in mud and gravel for all those sweet slo-mo shots
Jake Kline
Jake Kline - År siden
Can not wait to see what y’all have I store for the front end suspension on this beast. Also y’all are really making this one to be a nice one can not wait to see her finished and painted.
Gabriel Curtis
Gabriel Curtis - År siden
I think this is my new favorite build! It used to be the Barbie Jeep, but this thing rips so hard already. I just can’t wait to see what you guys do next to the front suspension. Great job as always!
The sinner Jim Whitney
Looks awesome! Now it just needs front suspension, wheels and tires. And I can't tell for certain, but it looks like maybe the CVT belt might eventually rub a hole in the trans-end CV boot and ruin your day. I could easily be wrong, also.
Twister Rides
Twister Rides - År siden
I think it needs to be just a tiny bit higher for the jumps. It’s doing amazing just like you guys the editing the mods. It’s awesome
jack Slater
jack Slater - År siden
Should take the odyssey to the dunes it would ripp
the dude
the dude - År siden
I cant wait for the long travel front end
Bostongreenm3 - År siden
What’s a good cheap welder to learn with? Planning to do small automotive jobs here and there (welding exhaust etc.).
Josh Korsak
Josh Korsak - År siden
The sendyssey🔥
LogicalJay - År siden
Man, I wanna go close that van door! It was killin me. All that dust. Haha
Mike Jeffers
Mike Jeffers - År siden
Thing is a beast
Just for fun
Just for fun - År siden
Some of the best builds on the YouTubes.
Focus on the camaro I want more work on the camaro
CMichaelLyle - År siden
These guys are doing what the rest of us watching on here want to be doing...hahaha Love the channel guys.
pnbliveca - År siden
Does butcher box deliver to Canada?
Ghetto Dexter
Ghetto Dexter - År siden
I cant wait for a long arm up front and a bit more room between the cvt belt's and axle... maybe a roller? But you guy's do great work either way!
Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight - År siden
Yall should hit up Horse Haven Airstrip Labor day weekend.. And maybe leave one of the toys behind so i may or may not play with it. just sayin
Austin Getner
Austin Getner - År siden
Use the quad front suspension from the Polaris 500 (The motor donor for bumblebee)
Jay Payette
Jay Payette - År siden
Perfect lifestyle, your house looks amazing for what you've shown, the way you work with what u have. U guys are just awesome I love it!
Charlie Newman
Charlie Newman - År siden
They should do a Lamborghini Power wheels 🤘
StraightSixBenz - År siden
That front needs a similar wide stance as the rear. I want one so bad RN
Brody Jo
Brody Jo - År siden
You guys have been teaching me alot about fabricating this past year so for that thank you but I need more knowledge lol
Joe Santi
Joe Santi - År siden
The shot used for the opening clip was full send. Loved it
Gustavo N
Gustavo N - År siden
Like so much now wats next? upgrade the front end?
Luuuca - År siden
My cousins saw you hiking!!! Their names are Marco And Mikayla. Do you remember them???
cadillac crow
cadillac crow - År siden
yall got to do long travel in the front lol
WheeliePete - År siden
You guys do know that Mike (MotoMule) built his plasma table right? I'm thinking with the amount of brackets you are building lately a home-brew cnc plasma table should be on your to-do list. The time savings alone would be worth the cost (faster brackets = faster build = more videos = more of that sweet, sweet google money!)
seeker156 - År siden
Ethan you need to get on a flat track bike. I think you would take well to the sport and we could see some vintage builds.
Jett Weber
Jett Weber - År siden
You guys should make the dirt bike into a low rider hard tail bike. just any idea I've never seen or heard of one.
Alexandre Albergaria
Alexandre Albergaria - År siden
hit out of the park one more time!! those drone shots are million dollars!!!
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts - År siden
when you go to church in your grease stained jeans and the pastor looks at you approvingly.
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts - År siden
yall are one of the only channels on youtube that has about 5000 horsepower combined with all of your builds and I could buy it off of someone from craigslist for about 5 grand.
Mike Mchaney
Mike Mchaney - År siden
So with all the equipment, why don't you guys have a plasma cutter yet?
101_skeleton - År siden
I like the shock cam!
Robert Wooten
Robert Wooten - År siden
Already ate the steaks......
How rude are you. What happened to sharing man
jake garner
jake garner - År siden
Ground beef for life.
Justin Capitao
Justin Capitao - År siden
Hey chaps, wow, awesome work. Following you guys from down here in New Zealand. Slowly inspiring me to build one of these suckers. What would be nice now is for you guys to slowly digitize all the parts, and sell us the plans....
ZeroFLM - År siden
As a french guy, this is so surprising to see old Peugeot 505 wheels on that thing ! Those wheels are becoming very rare and they were the top of the line when they were produced. Nice to see you put them to good use :)
Gem City RC Outlaws
Gem City RC Outlaws - År siden
You think rocks getting into the belt will be a problem?
Rb Gs
Rb Gs - År siden
RipCord - År siden
you guys should stretch the front now and make it wider
Steve Snider
Steve Snider - År siden
I’m glad to hear they’re planning on modifying the front to match the rear. It should be pretty great then. However they have to enclose the clutches and install an airbox. And a permanent fuel-cell and an aftermarket exhaust and carbon fiber reeds and an actually useful rim and tire combination and control arm mounted fenders etc, etc. That’s the fun though right! I just wish the engine I used in Frankenquad wasn’t so old so I could still get parts for it 😏. I had four years riding that quad until a shift fork bent in the transmission. Now it’s been sitting for four years in a compound completely exposed to the weather 😢. Just rotting away...
Caleb Neiman
Caleb Neiman - År siden
This is the best Chanel on YouTube and has been since it started like over a year ago.
DetroitMicroSound - År siden
Can I suggest just a bit? Widen the front out just a little more, but keep it inside the rear, and put rally car wheels and tires on the front. Now imagine it being able to hill climb on asphalt with one set of tires, and tear it up, off road, on another set. Maybe get a wing on the back...stuff for a little little bit of downforce up front, like rally cars use... maybe a bit of minimal body work, fenders, and flaps... 😎
DetroitMicroSound - År siden
Have dual travel suspension. One setting that drops the center of gravity, lowering you down, for asphalt, and one that lifts it for off road. 😎
ethan gregory
ethan gregory - År siden
It needs fenders
leedle lee
leedle lee - År siden
Your kitchen is fucking beautiful!