Moab Off Roading in $150 Tacoma

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We took the Crunchy Taco and our off road go kart to Moab Utah. This year we hit all of the popular trails. Check out the full build here
We put our mostly stock Toyota Tacoma to the test!
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Full build tread with every part used in this modded Power Wheels here
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GsXtC21 - 9 måneder siden
Please post up more vids on this project!!!
ORANGEHIGH 03 - 10 måneder siden
Taco needs 4 links and coil overs
GTX 1070 & i5 6700k
GTX 1070 & i5 6700k - 10 måneder siden
Can anyone tell me what this song is at the start i really like it
HOMEMADE MADNESS - 10 måneder siden
Not solid axle pleaasseee
Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta
Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta - 11 måneder siden
150? too cheap
Honza Jaroš
Honza Jaroš - 11 måneder siden
What about to start new project: Tacoma to Tesla Cybertruck
Colin C
Colin C - 11 måneder siden
it doesn’t seem like a hard look to recreate with some sheet metal and plexiglass.
GBracing - 11 måneder siden
Man id love to see you guys paint all the fab work you did on the crunchy taco.. sad to see it starting to rust away. - A concerned rust belt inhabitant.
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke - 11 måneder siden
Hahaha, that Taco sure does get used hard. Not surprised about the front axle, welded diff and rocks! Lovin the videos guys, don’t sell the Taco, it’s so friggin awesome!
KrazyRandom Gaming
KrazyRandom Gaming - 11 måneder siden
I have a few questions could you guys email me or message me on here would be better for now as I dont want to put my personal information in a public area but I'm fairly local to your area and would like your help if you can
Маша и Миша
Маша и Миша - 11 måneder siden
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle - 11 måneder siden
Damn that Taco did great, also with a manual transmission too, very well done. Can't wait to see more on the build.
obsolete optics
obsolete optics - 11 måneder siden
You guys need a skydio r1 for stuff like this and the rally course
สุทัศน์ พึ่งวิทย์
adrockey - 11 måneder siden
Maybe just some limiting straps on the front suspension. That's cheap. Make them from discarded load straps that trucker's use.
viniperini - 11 måneder siden
hey guys, im a brazilian fan and i think i can give you a tip. this company make heavy duty axles (and stuffs) for off road (and extreme off road) trucks/cars. 1 dollar equals to 4 brl. Maybe the price worth it.
(sorry for english mistakes)
LautaroMuller - 11 måneder siden
song 00:00???
Clint Kysar
Clint Kysar - 11 måneder siden
I feel like crunchy has to many nice panels, not like they need bashing just some sort of cool lightning holes cut into them.
finn ruhr
finn ruhr - 11 måneder siden
This thing would be crazy if a 1uz got thrown in it
Bryant Ford
Bryant Ford - 11 måneder siden
You guys are nuts. 😜 Please be safe out there so you can keep making incredible videos.
the learning mechanic
the learning mechanic - 11 måneder siden
super charge it!
Justin Daniel
Justin Daniel - 11 måneder siden
You should give the crunchy taco away.
Strange Builds Inc
Strange Builds Inc - 11 måneder siden
Solid front axle and Ls when?
im thinking Dana 60s front and rear
also a NP205 divorced transfer case
Ryan M
Ryan M - 11 måneder siden
Love it! Moab is a blast.
Harvey Mckeever
Harvey Mckeever - 11 måneder siden
Get some dayna diffs front and rear
Diana - 11 måneder siden
spanish subtitles, yeah!! 🧡
Matt Damon
Matt Damon - 11 måneder siden
Solid axle swap and dual transfer case so you can actually crawl and not brake stuff would be sick! Excited to see it!
Blake Luhn
Blake Luhn - 11 måneder siden
Dude found the sticker left it in their for someone elese
scott smith
scott smith - 11 måneder siden
That’s cool you do geocache. If you ever get to Baltimore I have over 100 of them hidden
Andy K Johnson Johnson
Andy K Johnson Johnson - 11 måneder siden
FANTASTIC video Guys . Those drone pictures where AWESOME 😊😉
Spencer Thompson
Spencer Thompson - 11 måneder siden
EPIC, great filming/edit, and everything so good!
J Hunt
J Hunt - 11 måneder siden
Why have people not contacted you yet. You really need a TV Show you're vids are amazing
Ron Hughley
Ron Hughley - 11 måneder siden
Fyi the jack on the roof not a good loc. Be better on bumper or hood. Somewhere u can pull it out if you roll on ur roof. Badass video tho.
Hemp Slayer
Hemp Slayer - 11 måneder siden
150 my ass 😂 fuckboys and their clickbait again 👎
Random Guy
Random Guy - 11 måneder siden
Hemp Slayer it was totaled and they bought it from a friend for $150. Obviously that does not include all the parts, materials, time and work they put into it afterwards.
Paden Earl
Paden Earl - 11 måneder siden
SAS time?
MotoDavid - 11 måneder siden
Xander it vance where you at
VINNY_LADWIG 33 - 11 måneder siden
I would take that through my mud hole. Moab off roaring is boring
Joe Doe
Joe Doe - 11 måneder siden
Imagine you slip
Alberto Cortez
Alberto Cortez - 11 måneder siden
Can someone explain what a “geo cash” is ? Sorry probably spelled that wrong lmao
Alberto Cortez
Alberto Cortez - 11 måneder siden
Collin Kuhn honestly might into that. I appreciate you man thank you !
Collin Kuhn
Collin Kuhn - 11 måneder siden
Believe there are apps out there to help you hunt them down as well
Collin Kuhn
Collin Kuhn - 11 måneder siden
Out in the wilderness you’ll find little boxes where people leave goodies to be found. Just a really cool thing that’s out there and if you find one you got to contribute. I’ve only ever found one
NW Huckin
NW Huckin - 11 måneder siden
Nice one. A used chevy 4.3 would be cheaper with more torque. Keep up the good work gentlemen
Richard Raueiser
Richard Raueiser - 11 måneder siden
Sweet this makes me remember upon my VW Taro
ken phillips
ken phillips - 11 måneder siden
Soon as you said you welded the front i thought well that's going to break before this video is over . i have owned 3 toyota ifs trucks. I broke a few before i went sas.
pogosticknick - 11 måneder siden
demonic477 - 11 måneder siden
as light as the Toyota's are a good set of aftermarket Dana 44 axles would last for ever . even if you get stock axles and change the carrier and axle shafts it would be strong enough for the tire set you run and last for ever on the rig . If you don't trust the transfer case you have a good transfer case choice for the straight axles would be a New Process case there cheap easy to find and last for ever under a Toyota . I'm sorry I did old school builds back in the day .
Austin's Off Road Garage
Austin's Off Road Garage - 11 måneder siden
taco is sick haha
marcuswhonea - 11 måneder siden
Time for a marlin crawler.
Mitch Lec
Mitch Lec - 11 måneder siden
What would be the benefits of having a solid axle up front? Wouldn't it make the truck less maneuverable through dips and climbing over things on an angle?
I don't offroad my truck yet since I'm new to the scene but I wish I had IRS  so it could be smoother and have more flexibility.
Lolo Yz#clge
Lolo Yz#clge - 11 måneder siden
Look tcqr
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler - 11 måneder siden
The sunset 😍
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler - 11 måneder siden
You guys are starting to blow up 🤘🏻
Mxrider2stroke Braaap
Mxrider2stroke Braaap - 11 måneder siden
Sweet vid👌
Andrew Goodballet
Andrew Goodballet - 11 måneder siden
Turbo isn’t gonna help if you can’t even keep the revs up to not stall 😂
Zaldex Xd
Zaldex Xd - 11 måneder siden
Hay un error envés de decir español dice ingles en los subtítulos
paul medero
paul medero - 11 måneder siden
I think some 3/4 ton axles and a nice bulit tubro 283 would be nice for the taco.
Stuart Harris
Stuart Harris - 11 måneder siden
While you're picking up a front axle, get some chevy/GM 63" rear leaf springs for the rear. Gives ton a rear axle flex and a Cadillac smooth ride.
Mr.Everyman - 11 måneder siden
"$150 Tacoma" has over 150 spent just on welding supplies to build it
GsXtC21 - 9 måneder siden
Nah - I just lay dimes using flux core
Mr.Everyman - 9 måneder siden
@GsXtC21 it was too point out the welding supplies, clearly you haven't ever filled a tank or run a new spool of wire out.
GsXtC21 - 9 måneder siden
The taco originally cost them $150 and if you saw the earlier vids regarding this build, they used scrap metal from a neighbor.. Majority of the money is in the wheels/tires at this point
Premix Utah
Premix Utah - 11 måneder siden
150 bucks on one tire hah
Artur - 11 måneder siden
I enjoy the new music! It's Dylan Sitts isn't it?
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 11 måneder siden
Angelita Moore
Angelita Moore - 11 måneder siden
well if you ever want to kill the taco just sent it off that cliff 4:24
DJ Maroc
DJ Maroc - 11 måneder siden
brandon chandler
brandon chandler - 11 måneder siden
Straight axle that thing already will ya!
Dirt Garage
Dirt Garage - 11 måneder siden
I've been saying this forever! Haha
Daniel Konrad
Daniel Konrad - 11 måneder siden
Highstranger951 - 11 måneder siden
May I suggest working out the detonation issue before the turbo install. Love the taco
M Astley
M Astley - 11 måneder siden
Cramming boost into an engine helps the lean tune though!
Westie 4AGE Turbo.
Westie 4AGE Turbo. - 11 måneder siden
Rock crawling gears please.
Graham Talsma
Graham Talsma - 11 måneder siden
at 4:30 would be a perfect photo op with a drone
Julia Boada
Julia Boada - 11 måneder siden
And what about the Hilux, solid as hell!
Alive Above 8000ft
Alive Above 8000ft - 11 måneder siden
In the Rockies! Come up to 8000ft. Just started my own vlog. Check it out
Jonny Nevanranta
Jonny Nevanranta - 11 måneder siden
The subtitles say "English" but they are in "Spanish"
Cheese Cake Salad Head
Cheese Cake Salad Head - 11 måneder siden
Definitely need a higher Barrier on the doors or a net, you roll over on a rock small enough to fit in the door and it probably won’t feel too good lol and also the g force from multiple rolls of you rolling to hard will have you hanging half way out and smacking the rocks
Riley Blake
Riley Blake - 11 måneder siden
Should deffinately give the taco some custome 6" stacks
Zalina Ibrahim
Zalina Ibrahim - 11 måneder siden
миша маваши
миша маваши - 11 måneder siden
Такие места у них красивые) хотя с другой стороны понимаешь что для них у них все обычное и надоело)
Vaint - 11 måneder siden
Put a 1uz lexus v8 in it, theyre dirt cheap, reliable and throw an ebay turbski on it.
Dirt Garage
Dirt Garage - 11 måneder siden
1UZ's are awesome! I'd love to swap one of those in a build someday.
three wheela
three wheela - 11 måneder siden
1 tons for the Yota FTW!
Josh! Tulberg
Josh! Tulberg - 11 måneder siden
@9:32 Wowzers. I'm guessing that amount of throttle was not intentional at that location.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 11 måneder siden
100% intentional!
Casey Jones
Casey Jones - 11 måneder siden
Please make a legit SXS UTV and a Trophy Truck!!!
Unscheduled Edits
Unscheduled Edits - 11 måneder siden
Needs a skid plate
Evan Abendroth
Evan Abendroth - 11 måneder siden
Not sure but i think they are drivers side drop tcase so with that you need a ford axle
biketothetop - 11 måneder siden
Unbelievably extensive Trailside repair!
Tony Ash
Tony Ash - 11 måneder siden
Tuuuurrrbbboooo time!
Nick Byk
Nick Byk - 11 måneder siden
Crunchy taco sas can’t wait!
Patrick Godde
Patrick Godde - 11 måneder siden
Lower gearing
singletracktician - 11 måneder siden
Extra thumbs up for the wheelie drop at the end!
Sean Cowie
Sean Cowie - 11 måneder siden
Make that thing long travel
Trece Daves
Trece Daves - 11 måneder siden
My 4runner has 3/4 ton chevy axles haven't broke nothing yet....
Tom Marning
Tom Marning - 11 måneder siden
Paint the bars so they don’t rust to much
Max Rechkemmer
Max Rechkemmer - 11 måneder siden
I vote supercharger
Dirt Garage
Dirt Garage - 11 måneder siden
My grey Pickup following them in this video is 3.4 swapped and supercharged. Love it!
TN 4L - 11 måneder siden
Whats that music in the beginning tho?
boardbysled - 11 måneder siden
05+ Ford Superduty are the axles you want. Super beefy stock, correct side drop, and some of the cheapest heavy duty axles around because they are so common.
Coner Berry
Coner Berry - 11 måneder siden
You should take your builds to sema.
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 - 11 måneder siden
4:18 that shot of the truck parked on the ledge with the back drop of the wide open valley is absolutely amazing.
Jose Trejio
Jose Trejio - 11 måneder siden
Puedes ver el video del carro se mi hijo soy tu seguidor no es como los tuyos pero se hace lp que se puede esta como carrito bmw Spider i8 tunig jeje Ojalá y te agrade un poco
CLINTON THE FAM - 11 måneder siden
Hey!! My name’s Clinton also !! 😆😁😁😁
CLINTON THE FAM - 11 måneder siden
Dirt Garage 🙌🏻🙌🏻💪🏻👍🏻
Dirt Garage
Dirt Garage - 11 måneder siden
@CLINTON THE FAM Awesome! Thank you
CLINTON THE FAM - 11 måneder siden
Dirt Garage 🙌🏻🙌🏻👊🏻💪🏻 I just subscribed to you brother !!
Dirt Garage
Dirt Garage - 11 måneder siden
Hello Clinton, I'm Clinton from Dirt Garage!
Dan zoller
Dan zoller - 11 måneder siden
Ya get roudy! Put some one tons under that thing , we have a beater taco runner here broken front stuff as well lol ya get dana 60 front / gm 14 bolt rear and a marlin box and come wheel the Rubicon with us i live in closest to to the trail not tahoe side ! Keep grinding!
Torry Pope
Torry Pope - 11 måneder siden
Someday i will get my 3rd gen 4runner to Moab!Love the wheels on the Taco!
Explosion 445
Explosion 445 - 11 måneder siden
The dislikes are all Jeep guys
Tea Tea
Tea Tea - 11 måneder siden
10,000 likes on this post and they buy me a car
Chester McGillicuddy
Chester McGillicuddy - 11 måneder siden
Holy crap is that ever amazing!!!!!!
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - 11 måneder siden
If you don't have engineering issues and can do the work yourself then a solid axle swap is best bang for buck. Parts about $2000 and you have whatever you want travel, track and wheelbase wise.
It runs over $10,000 in Australia because of all the engineering and getting it certified.
4bangerlove - 11 måneder siden
If that box was left out here in Pennsylvania someone would obliterate it with buckshot and hang it in a tree
Mekhanic1 - 11 måneder siden
Convert it to a 6x6 !!!!!!