New Project GSX 600 Swapped Dirt Kart

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We found a sport bike engine swapped mini sprinter kart online and couldn’t resist! We brought it home along with a 1000cc snowmobile for future projects. The kart run ok but had a broken drive train. In this video we fabricated and machined custom drivetrain components and send the beat off of our table top! Thanks for watching! #engineswap #grindhardplumbingco #suzuki
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 5 måneder siden
2JZ Mower video coming soon don't worry! Also the 4WD Jeep is dangerously close to completion!
James Wilds
James Wilds - 4 måneder siden
Would u sale the jeep
BillsfanMC - 4 måneder siden
where do you learn how to do this
last viper
last viper - 4 måneder siden
Please monster truck this thing just once n do a vid of "how to have fun in mini dirt car put of season tatorial" 😂😂
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 5 måneder siden
@Jake thanks for the love! I am going to try and make more music this summer for sure!
Logan B
Logan B - 5 måneder siden
Congrats on hitting 800k y’all’s came along way and a lot of my family has raced those and they don’t play the shifter is correct 1st is all the way back but a lot of people use bigger motors
Steven D
Steven D - 2 dager siden
It should be illegal to have a gas station without a non ethanol pump
Donald Flowers
Donald Flowers - 5 dager siden
thats just awsome you guys get the deals
TYLER MITCHELL - Måned siden
lofl give that monster some cozy suspention travel be mint
TYLER MITCHELL - Måned siden
below and above spring loaded chain tensioners may work
banmadabon - Måned siden
please obliterate that cancer growth spoiler on the roof...Dangerous and extremely preposterous
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera - Måned siden
Yo quiero estar allá con ustedes
Bailey Thompson
Bailey Thompson - 2 måneder siden
It looks like a micro stock car from the uk
Hotrod Hud
Hotrod Hud - 2 måneder siden
I rebuilt a mini sprint my grandpa made for my aunt in the 80s. It usea a 90 cc three wheeler engine and is train driven. It's. vso sweet
Michael Lucchese
Michael Lucchese - 2 måneder siden
I have a simple wasy to keep the chain from comming off, used it on my buggy and worked 100% Reply for more info.
FM Karting
FM Karting - 3 måneder siden
Week 4 of asking GHPC to do a Mercedes 6x6 build
RoadBoogala's AirBorne Adventures
Would love to see this turned into something similar to the odyssey
Jennifer Fredendall
Jennifer Fredendall - 4 måneder siden
Would love to know how much this you guys have any idea?
nobody special
nobody special - 4 måneder siden
This cart is the perfect toy for Grind Hard Plumbing Co because it came pre-broken.
Cathy La Gier
Cathy La Gier - 4 måneder siden
Did you know you need thin light tubing for RACING not JUMPING
Georgie Mentzer
Georgie Mentzer - 4 måneder siden
If anything I’d just take off the spoilers
Mcbain Garage
Mcbain Garage - 4 måneder siden
That would be one bad ass power wheel if y’all ask me lol
shanmandude - 4 måneder siden
You need a chain railer at the bottom of the rear sprocket to guide the chain left and right.
Juan - 4 måneder siden
Mid get
Reid Tallmadge
Reid Tallmadge - 4 måneder siden
Way too many commercials. 5. Not going to watch any more.
Joe Colombo
Joe Colombo - 4 måneder siden
cut some of those trees back so you have a proper track
kaleb price
kaleb price - 4 måneder siden
Race it that would be something I would totally watch
My trip My Ngeluyur
My trip My Ngeluyur - 4 måneder siden
tj hoff
tj hoff - 4 måneder siden
That pipe is so close to your ears.
Krispy Donut
Krispy Donut - 4 måneder siden
ballsdeep mudmowers
ballsdeep mudmowers - 4 måneder siden
Long travel honda needs a long travel friend ;)
specialforcesnavy - 4 måneder siden
I usually don't care about body work. But PLEASE get rid of those ugly cowlings. Thanks for the awesome vid though I'm excited about this project!
Scott Racing
Scott Racing - 4 måneder siden
As a sprint car driver this is hard to watch
антон антоныч
антон антоныч - 4 måneder siden
привет из россии!
Michael Mills
Michael Mills - 4 måneder siden
based on this thing i subbed you....that hing is out of hand! i want one just like it!
scott gingrich
scott gingrich - 4 måneder siden
Put some chain guides on the rear sprocket,werun them on our micro sprints, should help
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - 4 måneder siden
Just warning you guys that micro is not meant to be jumped. You will start bending parts. I race micro sprints currently and they are far more andvanced from when that one was around. They are ful chromoly 1 1/4” frame. Fuel injected Yamaha r6 on alcohol making 135 rwhp. If you want any chain tensioner ideas I can show you what I run
Teammizera - 4 måneder siden
Needs a case saver style guide around the front sprocket
Nicolas Xu
Nicolas Xu - 4 måneder siden
why you put a hat on the car?
b - 4 måneder siden
that looked like fun driving that
Thicc Ricc
Thicc Ricc - 4 måneder siden
I don't think they know what a sprint car is..
N j
N j - 4 måneder siden
Best car ever.
Michael Shearer
Michael Shearer - 4 måneder siden
Hey guys. Love your channel and everything you've done, right up to this point. PLEASE don't jump that race car again! It was not designed to do that and you will turn it into a pile of cracked/bent tubing if you keep treating it like a cross kart, which it most definitely is not! Breaking off that shock tower should be proof enough, rusted or not. That adjustment, (up and down) is not for ground clearance. It is to loosen or stiffen up the chassis for different track conditions. I had a CBR 600 powered "sidewinder" mini sprint back in the 90's but always wanted a front mounted engine chassis. That is a really cool car you've found there. I'm in PHX, AZ and these cars were pretty popular back then and I'm pretty sure they still run them here. Let me know if you get bored and would like to sell it. I'll drive up to get it. I've never been to Idaho and would love an excuse to visit. It looks like an awesome place to live with some pretty awesome people! Or, it would be really cool to see Mark get it back, if he wanted it. I wish I had my first race car that my dad bought me. A Curtis quarter midget back in the early 60's. Almost too much fun for a little kid and memories I hope I never lose. Lost my pop back in 2001 to a brain aneurysm.
jakeybakey24 fishing
jakeybakey24 fishing - 4 måneder siden
I will give you 500 dollars for that thing
Hatchet Harry
Hatchet Harry - 4 måneder siden
you could use a motocross bike chain guide. it is situated closer to the sprocket. also look into making a case guard for the front sprocket. if you pitch the chain it wont jam up & break the case
Shift Addicts
Shift Addicts - 4 måneder siden
Damn you guys make good videos! Keep it up dudes
dimi evers
dimi evers - 4 måneder siden
your gsx 600 engine is out of a katana otherwise known as a GSX-F , thats a touring bike brothers , GSX-R never had an oilcooled 600 , it would be a GSX-R 750 slingshot or something like that. you can also tell that it is a katana engine by the clutch arm location.
Marcelo - 4 måneder siden
for the chain problem just get a rear dirt bike chain guide, you dont really need a spring just a guide in the sprocket
2-STROKE-FREAK-NL - 4 måneder siden
Turbocharge the hell out of that thing! Would be freakin awesome!
John Gammilljsphs
John Gammilljsphs - 4 måneder siden
It would be awesome to see long travel and a sportier cage on this!
christopher m primm Sr
christopher m primm Sr - 4 måneder siden
Nice acquisition guys don't fuk it up
C Prince
C Prince - 4 måneder siden
A little TLC and she RIPS!!!! Awesome little ride.
dacasman - 4 måneder siden
backwards to shift up is pretty much the standard for sequential transmissions in race cars.
cris rose
cris rose - 4 måneder siden
I own a gsx600f and its really weird seeing you work on one XD
2001MXZ800 - 4 måneder siden
I hope you guys arent using that 1000cc snowmobile engine... the 1000cc twin was a terrible motor, they dont last very long
Northstar Riders
Northstar Riders - 4 måneder siden
So cool!
Chris Hartley
Chris Hartley - 4 måneder siden
You guys find the best toys that just need a little work and they good and if not you could it! Awesome, love it keep it up!
Константин Рахманов
is it roof or spoiler от top?
Greasy quarters
Greasy quarters - 4 måneder siden
I never seen anyone jump a sprint car except for when they crash and jump the fence
joel42097 - 4 måneder siden
Sweet microsprint boys
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips - 4 måneder siden
That things a Beast.1000cc?
Blaine Pfister
Blaine Pfister - 4 måneder siden
its not a dirt cart its a sprint car
nick mcgreal
nick mcgreal - 4 måneder siden
So sick! Keep up the good work.
Michael Moose
Michael Moose - 4 måneder siden
Are you still doing the 2jz tractor?
curtis schmit
curtis schmit - 4 måneder siden
U should extend it and turn it in to a 2 seater
Steve Trojano
Steve Trojano - 4 måneder siden
You may have the only running 1000sdi summit in the world!
cale16 honda
cale16 honda - 4 måneder siden
You should biuld a drift trike with a motor in it
Steven Thompson
Steven Thompson - 4 måneder siden
That's thing frigging rolls out!! Cant wait till you get the tension fixed an the struts..
ShiBBy's Gaming Place!
ShiBBy's Gaming Place! - 4 måneder siden
As soon as I saw the jump at the beginning I knew it wasn't lasting it haha they are not built for that. But I'm glad you guys sent it!
DIYkING 9K - 4 måneder siden
God this thing is ugly powerful tho and looks fun but ugly as hell
mark smithson
mark smithson - 4 måneder siden
Leave it to Ethan to break something new. No wonder y'all cant have anything nice. LOL
Dumentcha Cat
Dumentcha Cat - 4 måneder siden
Hellos is andens ands is andens
Mark Paul
Mark Paul - 4 måneder siden
you need to brace the outside of that Jack shaft
Kev - 4 måneder siden
I think it would be wild to bring in some yxz 1000 parts on the buggy. A one seater like that with the stance of a the yxz would be wild.
Megann Williams
Megann Williams - 4 måneder siden
Can u please take the wing off the top and make a custom rear chassis mount for it
Debbie Baker
Debbie Baker - 4 måneder siden
Also known as a mini sprints
Build Prone
Build Prone - 4 måneder siden
would be cool if it didnt have that hideous spoiler thing on top. looks like a bowl cut on a dune buggy.
Nelson Davis
Nelson Davis - 4 måneder siden
Why does it have horns?
Ron Murdock
Ron Murdock - 5 måneder siden
Full send hell ya that was bad ass whole vid was sick great job guys!!!💯💯🤟🏻🤣
Evan Harvey
Evan Harvey - 5 måneder siden
I race the 600 micros. They have changed quite alot since then. Kind of an interesting build
DeluxeTerror - 5 måneder siden
I would love y’all as neighbors as long as I get to ride them too 😂
Miguel Cerrillo
Miguel Cerrillo - 5 måneder siden
Can you guys do a like do a give away like the little pink car that u go have
Robert Belote
Robert Belote - 5 måneder siden
The music in this one was nice , personal opinion is this is one of the better ones .
Kaleb Morris
Kaleb Morris - 5 måneder siden
are you from bonners ferry
Michael Gessler
Michael Gessler - 5 måneder siden
Y’all should sell the non used parts off the skidoo snowmobile
lxwvandenberg - 5 måneder siden
Its a GP shift on that trans from the engine :D
Seth Fisher
Seth Fisher - 5 måneder siden
I really dig those self adjusting front shock towers.....little more tinkering and you'll have those locked down too
III Vance
III Vance - 5 måneder siden
It's got an ugly cage, the spoiler looks ugly and I don't understand the vinyl padding on the bodywork behind the seat.
But, it' got "No Fear" painted on the tank and as a Collin Mcrae fan I respect that!
Striker Thunderlick
Striker Thunderlick - 5 måneder siden
take that to baja
Striker Thunderlick
Striker Thunderlick - 5 måneder siden
that is awesome
King Ave Garage
King Ave Garage - 5 måneder siden
Where do you guys find this stuff? Another crazy little project. What are the plans for it?
Cameron Weidert
Cameron Weidert - 5 måneder siden
Eugene Meyer
Eugene Meyer - 5 måneder siden
Hi guys . You are living my dream. I always wanted a quad bike so n saved up some money in high school and scrap bikes and built my own.
Mike Whitcomb
Mike Whitcomb - 5 måneder siden
I raced micros for a bunch of years. That thing is built more like a mini sprint which are 1000cc cars. Motor mounted between the frame rails where most micros are offset and the chain goes straight to the axle. Also has a midget steering gear in it, 250 and 600's usually are go kart type steering or really small rack & pinion. Probably a pretty badass car at one time.
Jacky J
Jacky J - 5 måneder siden
That wing is so hugly grind it off 😂😂
Paul__ - 5 måneder siden
i love the design of the old go kart
annas azis
annas azis - 5 måneder siden
I think i have a good name for this monster. She has to be called "chain sender" or "chain slayer".
Allen Sandven
Allen Sandven - 2 måneder siden
annas azis “ loose Tool “ or “. missing link”
deesine - 5 måneder siden
You guys are fugitives from the fun police, may they never catch up with you...
Ken Saner
Ken Saner - 5 måneder siden
Been seeing this thing on Craigslist forever. Stoked it's finnaly found a good home! How about adding a second jack shaft and run 2 short chains? Would that minimize the torque slap you're getting with that long chain?
Powerband Photography
Powerband Photography - 5 måneder siden
i want one next
AFA Motorsports
AFA Motorsports - 5 måneder siden
Instead of a "Walk of shame" you guys need to have the "Walk of Send!!" For when you break something and you have to walk to the tow vehicle.
W Hoggdoc
W Hoggdoc - 5 måneder siden
Yet again the idiots at YouTube are showing this in my subs as a new video when I watched it days ago.
Sam’s Garage
Sam’s Garage - 5 måneder siden
Great video you guys make me wanna take off my engine from my GSX and put it on my spider box yerf dog.Just joking I love my bike but I will look for a motorcycle engine for sale
Conner Metheney
Conner Metheney - 5 måneder siden
We'll this something I have not seen but my brother raced a car called a micro sprint and depending on which chassis the shifter was different
Jeff Right
Jeff Right - 5 måneder siden
You guys should do a Thing with Cletus MacFarlane