Odyssey Restoration Full Time Lapse! 2 Years in 10 Minutes

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This is the full raw time lapse of our 800cc 2 stroke swapped Honda Odyssey ATV Build. For a detailed build series check out this playlist noburn.info/put/PLL5hF_waT6s7fg8KwMlKgwMITyGZERfYo This is 2 years of fabricating and restoration condensed down into 11 minutes. We had a blast building up this Honda Odyssey FL 350 but couldn’t have made it happen without our sponsors
Falken Tire www.falkentire.com/
Odd Ones Odyssey fenders facebook.com/Odd-Ones-2074077456019465/
This is what two years of work on and off looks like in 10 minutes let us know what projects/time lapse's you want to see next!
In this full time lapse video we clean up the rust off the frame, restore the original hand controls ad long travel suspension and upgrade everything!
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 15 dager siden
New merch and tool giveaway here! https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/
Monika Klocek
Monika Klocek - 8 dager siden
@DetroitMicroSound h7uu
DetroitMicroSound - 15 dager siden
Now turn the play speed here on NOburn up to 2.0....Watch the entire video this way......Trust me. -Make sure the sound is on. 😁
calholli - 15 dager siden
I watched it at 0.5 speed... it was great that way.. My 5yr old son loved it... Seems like a much longer video that way. Makes the music even cooler that way-- slow and dramatic.
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JadenGloydYT MTB
JadenGloydYT MTB - 15 dager siden
Where is the $300 dirt bike?
Larry Temen
Larry Temen - 5 timer siden
Clicks video, 0.001 sec clicks like. Lol
Chris Kluge
Chris Kluge - 2 dager siden
i think you guys should drop that off at my house........just sayin.....lol!!!
Matt O
Matt O - 2 dager siden
That is not a restoration, that is a full on build.
Hojoz - 5 dager siden
I liked it a lot on the larger tyres tbh
007 T-5
007 T-5 - 5 dager siden
A lot of work right there but paid off! What an Awesome machine.....👍🏁
Buggerlugz - 8 dager siden
How much cheaper would it have been to buy one guys? :)
Listray - 10 dager siden
Guys please put like more body fabrication and bigger tires please it would look so so sooo good!!
Jamie Fultz
Jamie Fultz - 10 dager siden
Like always ur builds are epic
รถทําเอง รถสร้าง DIY
👍👍👍👍 FC thailand
K B - 10 dager siden
So you basically built 3 buggies from what I've seen, lol
severon burgoon
severon burgoon - 10 dager siden
I was wondering how did you gets set your alignment for your belt drive on this guy?
I have a similar project I'm working on and was wondering if I could get some info bounced off you guys
Brian Lund
Brian Lund - 11 dager siden
Wow, that had to be at least 3 times actual speed. And I had forgotten how little actual Honda there was left.
Matthew Pederson
Matthew Pederson - 11 dager siden
My fav engines are those polaris'! 700s are more reliable I've heard, but can't go wrong with the power and simplicity of the ol twin horse!
Steveo Frontino
Steveo Frontino - 12 dager siden
Yooooo, the odyssey need some gold on it !!!! Asap !!!!!

Please and thank you !
the random
the random - 12 dager siden
Wowwwwwwwww no intro so you guys are gonna start being like those people who dont do a intro but do voiceover and just talk on vid but dont put the sound and just keep on going ?? Lmao
david guerrero
david guerrero - 12 dager siden
So you basically took 2 years when it should have only took 10 minutes ? That’s sad.
100% Méca
100% Méca - 12 dager siden
Beautiful vidéo niceee
Marshall Kohls
Marshall Kohls - 12 dager siden
Man you guys work fast!
Vance Davis
Vance Davis - 12 dager siden
Screw a can am i want that
Tyler Beckley
Tyler Beckley - 13 dager siden
That's sick! Now turbo it lol
Kenny Stites
Kenny Stites - 13 dager siden
yes i saw this one, great! If you can do this in 11 min. How about building me a personal space ship in 5 years? just kidding guys..... If, you two ever growup, though i doubt you ever will,,, Great welders are always in demand as well as fabricators and we all know your the BEST HERE. chow
Tyrone Corn
Tyrone Corn - 13 dager siden
Ugh, I forgot about that hat.
microtechmachineshop - 13 dager siden
Meanwhile my odyessy is just sitting here maybe a project for next summer wish i had a garage
RedneckDarian - 13 dager siden
well this truely is some goddamned awfull music...
funygiy - 13 dager siden
What drone is that
Eric plays off-road
Eric plays off-road - 13 dager siden
What's up

Jordan Hope
Jordan Hope - 13 dager siden
i would have used a rotax 800 triple you can get 300 hp out of those you can find em in a skidoo mach z late 90s early 2000s
Jordan Hope
Jordan Hope - 13 dager siden
naturally aspirated
C Duffield
C Duffield - 13 dager siden
Hey guys anyone know the name of the first song ?
Dawid Chomiuk
Dawid Chomiuk - 13 dager siden
Wszystko jest bardzo interesujące żeby tylko wolniej i dokładniej pokazane
mike AKA miky
mike AKA miky - 13 dager siden
AWESOME job with the rebuild lads looks super cool nd that jump at the end epic. (cars & cameras grand prix track look out) keep the great videos coming lads love them.
LukeTheJoker - 13 dager siden
Tag the point at which you started watching GHPC, mine was about 7:02.
Wheelie Dad
Wheelie Dad - 13 dager siden
Getting short on content? Best start those other projects 👀🤣
Andy K Johnson Johnson
Andy K Johnson Johnson - 14 dager siden
Great video again guys 👍. Luv how you scavenge parts, from other vehicles. Re-useing them to a new, LIFE OF FUN. Awesome 🤪😜🤘
Nick Kuhlmam
Nick Kuhlmam - 14 dager siden
So ummmm you guys wanna sell it????
74amodel - 14 dager siden
I'll give 1000 CANADAIN dollars for it
Terra Tundra
Terra Tundra - 14 dager siden
Great way to end the video... Full Send!!!
Jaycob Ross
Jaycob Ross - 14 dager siden
You guys should teardown the garage and th a t tree and have a new one built. It would make you guys live a lot easier
Figris Tek
Figris Tek - 14 dager siden
It'd be so cool if you find an old Pilot to go with the Odyssey.
Think Harder
Think Harder - 14 dager siden
wow , thats an amazing ride, cheers , lets see some more
Figris Tek
Figris Tek - 14 dager siden
Oooo the Cool Honda Odyssey. Always wanted to drive one. Luckyyyy
Old School 54
Old School 54 - 14 dager siden
Honestly I think Honda needs to bring these back I had so much fun on mine wish I would have never gotten rid of it
Highstranger951 - 14 dager siden
Nice job hiding the bong...
Exploding Anvil
Exploding Anvil - 14 dager siden
I’m still waiting for the day where they make a tank with snowmobile treads.
Ty Brown
Ty Brown - 14 dager siden
Epic! Can't wate to see more thrashing in this one
Fabrice N
Fabrice N - 14 dager siden
This thing is awesome. I want one
OnPoint Engraving And Laser
OnPoint Engraving And Laser - 14 dager siden
Size of that expansion chamber when this is on the pipe its gonna be insane 😳
Tin can
Tin can - 14 dager siden
gj on it
Wes H
Wes H - 14 dager siden
dope toy
Youri Weerman
Youri Weerman - 14 dager siden
When are you going further with the lawn mower
RippinGearz - 14 dager siden
Is it still considered a “restoration” if you chop the hell out of it? Lol
Unknown_Theifer _
Unknown_Theifer _ - 12 dager siden
I would consider it more of a resto-mod
War Phoine
War Phoine - 13 dager siden
It seemed rusty enough in some areas to just replace the metal 😲
Thomas W
Thomas W - 14 dager siden
Holly !! Wow Shit that thing is awesome..... i want it...!!!!!
wesley allen
wesley allen - 14 dager siden
Do you guys do any plumbing at all? I’m just saying lol. Love the channel y’all crazy
Terminal Psychosis
Terminal Psychosis - 14 dager siden
I also want an endless supply of land, money and amphetamines. ;P
No, seriously though, that is a beautiful monster right there. Well done!
bristolcity514 - 14 dager siden
Start transforming a smart car next? High Lift off road big tires...
Jacob Care
Jacob Care - 14 dager siden
How much u want for it
Gazza D
Gazza D - 14 dager siden
Show me ya tree house lol
Himel Khan
Himel Khan - 14 dager siden
1:29 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Sharki Jules
Sharki Jules - 14 dager siden
Just waaaaaww 🤤😱Magnifique 👌🏽
BackWater Assassin
BackWater Assassin - 14 dager siden
I would love one of those stock. Should have never sold mine😭
Giorgi Basiladze
Giorgi Basiladze - 14 dager siden
elisa gomez
elisa gomez - 14 dager siden
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
SkyBug Productions
SkyBug Productions - 14 dager siden
Excellent video, I saw every one of the build videos. I just stood here at my workbench and watched this whole video. Good job Fellas!
SkyBug Productions
SkyBug Productions - 14 dager siden
5:52... Y’all stripped that thing down like ants on a bug!
Zack Skinner 2
Zack Skinner 2 - 14 dager siden
YOO an odyssey video!! I love the odyssey build
KWBKnives - 14 dager siden
awesome as always! I did get sad when you took the big wheels off again though aha
Bret Schaefer
Bret Schaefer - 14 dager siden
1:26 my entire life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Melvin The mechanic
Melvin The mechanic - 14 dager siden
Where is the 2jz lawn mower build 😡
Subifan1 - 14 dager siden
I hope that some day I have time to build something like this. Or a power wheels.
FJ80Coop - 14 dager siden
Need to do a longest jump attempt topping the backside of that hill...
Farrah Elbaz
Farrah Elbaz - 14 dager siden
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
Joseph goins
Joseph goins - 14 dager siden
Great song for the video and you guys do awesome creations
elisa gomez
elisa gomez - 14 dager siden
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
C Duffield
C Duffield - 14 dager siden
I just watched the first 2 minutes 30 seconds 4 times for that soundtrack !!
Zeno Show
Zeno Show - 14 dager siden
Omg I can't believe you guys are still using pitman arms . I thought you might use rack and pinion steering for such a powerful motor.
matthew hervey
matthew hervey - 14 dager siden
I fr thought you put a banshee motor in it
lexie rogers
lexie rogers - 14 dager siden
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
gbessette40 - 14 dager siden
So cool!
Johnny Massengill
Johnny Massengill - 14 dager siden
if you guys and DonnDIY ever did a colab.....it would be a beautiful day.
Benjamin Praska
Benjamin Praska - 14 dager siden
I know this channel gets most of its followers from the power wheels builds, but this one deserves the respect! So much time and effort to make it was it is. Great job guys, and a nice tribute to the odyssey build!
Joshua Foust
Joshua Foust - 14 dager siden
Are you guys running out of ideas?
Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug
Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug - 14 dager siden
There’s something I’d like to see, if it’s possible that is?? Can you or anyone for that matter make a road legal bike with a snowmobile engine on it? And can you, or is it possible to hook up a external trans to a snowmobile engine?? I figured if anyone would know all that it would be you guys..
Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug
Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug - 14 dager siden
That’s just toooooo Cooool! Man, you fellas have got some mad skills, no doubt! My hats off to you! KUTGW! 👍👍🤘
Aids Man
Aids Man - 14 dager siden
You guys really shouldn't be running around in a workshop like that, it's pretty dangerous.
Mr. Sumonoob
Mr. Sumonoob - 12 dager siden
Made me laugh, lol. Nice one.
Bill Rader
Bill Rader - 14 dager siden
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Kira concepcion
Kira concepcion - 14 dager siden
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
PAULIE FREESTYLEFPV - 14 dager siden
Half way through n you have already ripped 3 projects apart for this one 😁
Lars Fristedt
Lars Fristedt - 14 dager siden
Amazing video,but there was not much of the original chassi left when you where finished!
TechKnowCSS - 14 dager siden
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith - 14 dager siden
We want more odyssey
Socks VR
Socks VR - 14 dager siden
beautiful music to go along with some great footage. damn that vehicle is a beast! great stuff as always guys.
TheRinger1976 - 14 dager siden
Yall are in the flow... excited to see your business expand :D
Eugene KOLARIC - 14 dager siden
Guys, it's really good (inspirational) to see your origins and how humbly things like this start (am I correct in seeing/thinking you didn't even have have half the fabrication tooling you've got now?). Also is there a up-to-date list of all your tech? . . it'd be good to be able to see how you're growing and what gismos you're using - like I said, inspirational - this stuff inspires others. It's a form of giving and it's free and it's greatly appreciated by the peeps.
danielleclements13 - 14 dager siden
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Diamond Thomas
Diamond Thomas - 14 dager siden
Glad to see lil ride out the video 👀💯💪🔥 she rips
Robert Wick
Robert Wick - 14 dager siden
Edwin the editing on this one was 🔥!
NOSLEEPATALL - 14 dager siden
Makes me miss my old Honda but, been told it seized on new owner years ago so I should see if it’s still around?
BryDuhBikeGuy - 15 dager siden
Next week:They take 2 fork lifts,and a couple 'jaws of life'and make a Robot Suit to lift engines.
JimmyDean1992 - 15 dager siden
Should make these videos more often!
emy wox
emy wox - 15 dager siden
fender flares that do absolutely nothing lol