Off-Road Jaguar and Barbie Jeep Rip at The Gambler 500 2019

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Time to fully test our Jaguar V11 XJS build and our CRF 450 powered Barbie Jeep at the 2019 Gambler 500 in Chumult Oregon. Party on! This year we hit the trails and hope for the best with our off road Jaguar XJS build. This was a blast!
Dirt Garage
Moto Mule's channel! noburn.infovideos
Wheels - 16" Konig Runlites in Matte Grey
Tires - Falken Wild Peak M/T LT245/75/R16
Music from Epicdemic Sounds (A site with thousands of Royalty Free Tracks For NOburn Videos)
Akina Boy - You Are Fine
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Runtime: 12:44


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Kyle Lawrence
Kyle Lawrence - År siden
I just wanna drive it once please!!!!!!
Cameron Richards
Cameron Richards - År siden
4x4 barbie car
joe shmo
joe shmo - År siden
Can you guys PLEASE tell me where you purchased the tires that are on SENDERELLA? Im building a similar kart and really love those knobbies on the barbie jeep and want them for my build but I dont know where to find them.
Kevin De la garza
Kevin De la garza - År siden
Grind Hard Plumbing Co why don’t you guy put wheelie bars on Barbie Jeep it would get so much more grip and monster one that you can put on and take off
Mattie 75
Mattie 75 - År siden
@Alec Weinstein b
Roel Morillo
Roel Morillo - 3 måneder siden
C H S CHANELL - 4 måneder siden
hopefully get millions of subscribe
C H S CHANELL - 4 måneder siden
Very extraordinary content, good luck, greetings from Indonesia
Drifts For Days
Drifts For Days - 4 måneder siden
The jag is like a really obese alligator
Majin Studio
Majin Studio - 5 måneder siden
My buddy Jayson Scrage has the Lifted Cadillac Hurst thats like on 40s and like 5 feet off the ground. You probably have seen him there. he lives out here in Oregon and dose the Gambler every year.
Nathan Langan
Nathan Langan - 5 måneder siden
Loved seeing you guys at 2019 OG. ABG!
gonzalo salinas
gonzalo salinas - 6 måneder siden
But why the Daisy dukes shirts bro and an Alpine stars jacket
IIIBETEPIII - 8 måneder siden
Love the look of the Jag :)
Kyle Locker
Kyle Locker - 9 måneder siden
Damn son look at them shorts, woooo buddy 😂😂😂😂😂🤘
Alley Oop
Alley Oop - 9 måneder siden
In who's world's a BBC cheap, LOL!
Steve .N
Steve .N - 10 måneder siden
This is the best gambler video I've found so far!! I hope too go someday looks insanely awesome!!
dandymcgee - 10 måneder siden
I hope this channel lives a long and prosperous life.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson - 10 måneder siden
OMG!!! I met you guys! I apologize so much for not being more impressed when you told me you converted the jag to use a carb. I must have been on pluto. You guys were all awesome! It's s weird that I just happened upon your channel from the Senderella videos, and had no idea you were in the gambler until I started watching all your older videos to get caught up. Love your channel!
Matthew Charles-Roy Thibault
Matthew Charles-Roy Thibault - 11 måneder siden
What's the first song that plays????
Pierre-Marc Dionne
Pierre-Marc Dionne - 11 måneder siden
you should make a long air intake tube to inside the cabin. so it would breath less dirt... but its just one of my weird idea. (also you would ear it swallow)
Pierre-Marc Dionne
Pierre-Marc Dionne - 11 måneder siden
MAdMAx fans of me : YEEEAAAAHH!!!!
Hooha888 - 11 måneder siden
The first tune sucked but the second tune rocks! Please, no more of the first tune, lol!
danteelite - År siden
You know your life is going in the right direction when you're one wheel drifting a barbie jeep in daisy dukes in a gravel field while narrowly avoiding death by a custom 11 cylinder Jaguar doing donuts all with friends and filmed for tens or hundreds of thousands of adoring fans who support your lifes work and dreams.
Yeah. Not many can boast that level of life win at any point in their lives, much less while still young enough to enjoy life and learn from your experiences with room still to grow.
Stop and smell the burnt rubber occasionally guys, because you've made something incredible! (and I don't just mean the cool vehicles.)
Cody N
Cody N - År siden
I remember seeing the build, that thing is amazing! but I want to know if it's got leather seats and a cd PLAYER PLAYER PLAYER PLAYER...
SoyMcGoy - År siden
first song? i really like it.
electrontube - År siden
living loud and laughing so hard. so much love your way
blazinjay1 - År siden
You should look for a 8.1 Chevy truck motor that’s would be awesome!!
B_luggs - År siden
It so needs a huge wing on the back
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Nelly Farnsworth
Nelly Farnsworth - År siden
I need that jaguar engine for my XJS JAGUAR. LEAVE message in commment section.
Nelly Farnsworth
Nelly Farnsworth - År siden
You need a chevy LS & the transmission. Yes the jaguar has TH-400 guts, but the case is Jaguar. Will ONLY bolt to Jaguar. A big block will NOT fit. The V-12 is 60 degree engine, the engine compartment is very narrow. Only small block Chevy (kit) or small block Ford, will fit.
rudymarleyaskit - År siden
The Xjs is badass tae feck..
Nolan - År siden
Where is all of this at even like all of these meet ups
devo blanco
devo blanco - År siden
billy burr:
decoration of independence
bulging dics in his neck
Flex Craft
Flex Craft - År siden
Man it always suprises me how much that little jeep kicks butt
Mike Marquand
Mike Marquand - År siden
Some of the coolest shit ever!!! If I could give you guys two thumbs up I would
nathan randall
nathan randall - År siden
If you guys are still looking for a engine my father has a 454 with 4 speed trans up in Vernon BC
Joseph York
Joseph York - År siden
Great video! Running commentary on the mechanical status on the vehicles would have been welcomed! Instead of what appears to be effortless thrashing! Roadkill are good with this and they do well!?! Some video time on the road too! Tune the original engine! Surely theres something that can be done to have it run better!? Don't just stick a v8 in, this makes me sad how many vids are there out there of v8 swaps!
Samuel Groher
Samuel Groher - År siden
Celternix Games
Celternix Games - År siden
You need to go zig zag going uphill
Dan Warn
Dan Warn - År siden
It takes 2 trucks. A Blazer body & chassis with the driveline out of a K2500 or K3500. BBC on Nitrous, cheap way to make big HP!
Or a better way is to buy a H1 Hummer with a blown 6.5. Put a LS in it (supercharged or turbo) then the Jag body.
Wayne Corbin
Wayne Corbin - År siden
I don't care what waivers I have to sign I want to drive the Barbie Jeep LOL
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - År siden
Take the Jeep to Glamis and see how it goes.
Indian Giver
Indian Giver - År siden
The Cinematography is top notch guys!
Rich ard
Rich ard - År siden
The duke boys
Roger Alvarez
Roger Alvarez - År siden
Tf. Is he wearing the dukes of hazards short shorts. Wow
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett - År siden
Donkey Kong!
TJ Kilmer
TJ Kilmer - År siden
With all that work you guys put into that custom intake there’s no way I’d dream of tossing that one out . I’d find another v12 whatever it took and keep playin with carbs till she was tits
dovahkiin vakii
dovahkiin vakii - År siden
If you make the Princess jeep at the back a but higher and give em stronger suspension at the beck, you should get better grip and more wheel control.
Tommy Damron
Tommy Damron - År siden
really cool , picking up the trash you guys I commend you!!😀😀🤘🤘👍👍👍👍
Binarykode - År siden
That jag sounded like it was running on 6 cylinder's
Rajshil Ganesh
Rajshil Ganesh - År siden
Wish I could join u guys
Lorin - År siden
I love the whole "we" thing always mentioned in these videos. Your engineer is the star of the show, you (whoever you are) are superfluous. The channel is fabulous, but it's entirely due to your engineer who is phenomenal, not you (whoever you are).
John Josephson
John Josephson - 3 måneder siden
Leotheleprachaun - År siden
Takes brass kahones to wear shorts THAT short. Bigups to ya man!
shadetree surgeon
shadetree surgeon - År siden
Looked like a total blast!
Powerglide Klyde Barrow
Hope it was half as much cruising , music, and good times as the vid made it out to be! living the dream! you should have had vid of the adventure home? keep content coming?
Samuel Whitchurch
Samuel Whitchurch - År siden
Really looking forward to the super charged lil car power by the a snow mabeel moter
David Kelm
David Kelm - År siden
against all odds jagornot made it
Fix It
Fix It - År siden
I could almost taste the dust watching this one, but yes I can tell that Jagwired is quite gutless
4:45 backfire and just coughs smoke out of the half ass air filter mind you the most important thing when driving in dry dusty conditions like this you should have at least put a cheap foam outer filter around that standard filter like the pink mustangs air filter has to help catch micro particulates and smaller grains of sand just food for the thought also for the Barbie Jeep to add weight to the front to keep it down you should weld a plate to the front of the bull bar fill the front with melted lead or concrete and cap the backside with another plate either way love the builds keep up the great videos
vespizzari - År siden
Guys. Epic as usual, but seriously? Two karts, a gorilla suit, and no banana spin out? Mario Kart fail. ;) Keep it up. Maybe I'll see you at the Gambler next year.
Jacob Thornton
Jacob Thornton - År siden
Hey I love your vids but is the jag a automatic or a manual because if it's an automatic it will eat the clutches in the trans without a throttle position sensor
andy bowyer
andy bowyer - År siden
You should put that fuckin barbie jeep into production you'd sell hundreds, the thing is boss its fuckin sick😜🤣👍
crispycris - År siden
Late comment, but how about a Cadillac 472/500cid motor? Just for the oddball factor.
Jon g
Jon g - År siden
Need some more weight in the front for the barbie jeep. Make a detachable weight tray so you can add and remove weight bars
Jason Bierschwale
Jason Bierschwale - År siden
Why does the jaguar seem so slow? It should have no problem spinning those meats.
The What-Not Project
The What-Not Project - År siden
even though the engine is pretty buggered, without the v12 its not really a jag anymore
Hellsong89 - År siden
Jaguar i like, but it needs further development as mentioned. On the jeep you have plenty of power but no way to get it reliably into ground. Its nice to drift the corner but that more of no go more of a show. Extend the rear axle to get weight more into front, even wider rear tires and add 4x4 to get it.. well deadly powerful.
On the Gabler i get car meets, but to run in roads that dusty and wreck your machines there.. something i never can understand.. though props for the cleaning out the place!
BJ Jongejan
BJ Jongejan - År siden
I loved this video, awesome music too :)
Ketchupflesss - År siden
i hate how you are destroying the tires its constantly hitting the fenders.
Corrales Racing
Corrales Racing - År siden
El Sibarita Del Castillo
Cuantos coches para divertirse
Robert L
Robert L - År siden
Was the air cleaner being self purging via a carb backfire planned?
Ben Rozema
Ben Rozema - År siden
So... was a bet lost to have to wear those shorts or what... Daisy Duke
lena e.v
lena e.v - År siden
Pls make it 4x4
JordanGamingLive - År siden
Yo it was awesome meeting y'all and checking out the Jag.
Scott Butts
Scott Butts - År siden
Good god that looks like a riot
ajm8127 - År siden
V11! I love it.
I am surprised just how much abuse it took given you had to replace the head gaskets to even make the engine work. Who knows what else is really wrong with it besides the limitations of the intake manifold. I know you guys built it just to make it work, but I am sure there is something lost there compared to the original manifold and injection system. There is a lot of engineering that goes into manifold design especially NA. Also being down a cylinder I am sure does not help.
There were also no chassis failures. With the larger tires that always is a concern especially driving it off road.
Overall great job with the Jag. Looking forward to the engine swap. I agree with some of the comments below that it needs some lift. Might be able to get away with just spacers above the struts.
doctorstruts - År siden
Longtravel the Jag with a BB nitrous v8 😍
Michael Hite
Michael Hite - År siden
BBC in a Jag, you guys are showing off now.😏🤣
Kris K
Kris K - År siden
Ethan and Edwin, since the appearance of the cars is apparently important at the Gambler 500 maybe you could paint the Jaguar with the colors and pattern of a Jaguar cat for next year's event.
Kris K
Kris K - År siden
Ethan and Edwin, please don't put a diesel engine in that Jaguar. Diesels are smoking, knocking, underpowered, overrated pieces of junk. Stick to a gas V8, and as others have suggested check the gear ratio in the rear end of the Jag.
Kris K
Kris K - År siden
What's with you guys who are so fascinated by Ethan's shorts? They're not all that short and they're not unusual. I didn't even notice them when I first watched the video and had to watch it a second time to see what the fuss is about.
TwistThrottleATV 350
TwistThrottleATV 350 - År siden
Short shorts in a Barbie jeep on top of a Jaggernaut LOL you guys are awesome! Love the channel cant wait to see whats next
Thanakis Lupis
Thanakis Lupis - År siden
The easiest way I found to roll the fenders is get a log of the substantial size put it on the back of a tire roll the car for a little press everything out evenly
nathanz28 - År siden
Rip v11
elesjuan - År siden
Okay - So it wasn't just me how slow the Jag looked.. I mean, I get that in its original condition that motor didn't make shit for power (like 242 or maybe 290hp...) while running on all 12... but damn. I so go for the Chevy V8. Make this Jag a real beast!!!!!!!!
Edward Clark
Edward Clark - År siden
guts. A tractor weight on front end.
Peter McMullin
Peter McMullin - År siden
Awesome video - production, content & adventure!
Arthur Bernardo
Arthur Bernardo - År siden
WOW. This is amazing, several countries united.
master Chu
master Chu - År siden
Were those daisy dukes supposes to be funny
Ryan Bradbury
Ryan Bradbury - År siden
you guys should add some weaghts to the front bumper of the barby jeep to try to keep the front tires on the ground kinda like a tractor lol
Josh N
Josh N - År siden
Were you guys the ones using the inspire drone?
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
We have a Phantom.
Rubin Appleton
Rubin Appleton - År siden
that barbie jeep is nuts, build a x2 scale one!!!
Nemo Speed
Nemo Speed - År siden
10:15 where's the flextape!!
Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson - År siden
8:08 - peach from mariokart 64
Pavement is lava
Unkle Kapkan
Unkle Kapkan - År siden
Guys ever think of extending the rear end so it’s not so unbalanced
Kenan Furcle
Kenan Furcle - År siden
Cummins 6bt swap?
henrik willamo
henrik willamo - År siden
You should keep the v11.
Temple Rea
Temple Rea - År siden
is it just me, or did this episode sound really good?
WalkerBear - År siden
5:00 thats awesome.
Ding Dong Daily
Ding Dong Daily - År siden
i'm jaguarnaut bitch!
Ding Dong Daily
Ding Dong Daily - År siden
you guys are legends! can't wait to rock the merch!
A B C Roge
A B C Roge - År siden
Hermoso video ❤
Payton G
Payton G - År siden
Was this in oregon