Off-Road Jaguar V12 Full Build

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Time to build our next Gambler 500 rig/Off-Road Build. This year we started with a 1989 Jaguar XJS V12. These car are infamous for bad electronics and our Jag was no exception to the rule.
After purchasing the Jag for $1,000 we drove it three blocks and our fuel system failed. in an attempt to get the beast running again for the Gambler 500 we ripped off the whole fuel injection system and carbureted the beast with an Edelbrock 1906.
This is our ultimate Off-Road Conversion!
Wheels - 16" Konig Runlites in Matte Grey
Tires - Falken Wild Peak M/T LT245/75/R16
Music from Epicdemic Sounds (A site with thousands of Royalty Free Tracks For NOburn Videos)
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Runtime: 34:06


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Tonya Goodall
Tonya Goodall - År siden
I like your video
ThunderAppeal - År siden
Fucking shill.
Mavrck2711 - År siden
Show your subscribers and I'll download it plus subscribe myself
Uriel Eduardo Camacho
Uriel Eduardo Camacho - År siden
uuuffff men uuuffff
CherokeeXJ - År siden
Travis - 10 dager siden
the musics awesome in this video it reminds me techmaster P.E.B.
guitarwi3rdo - 24 dager siden
@19:20 I've worked in a shipping warehouse before. This is exactly what happens
Rafa Rodela
Rafa Rodela - Måned siden
Hi how much does a dese
Sam Hill
Sam Hill - Måned siden
Meth ex and gaays....what a show.
Mark S
Mark S - 2 måneder siden
Hurry up an get 1m subscribers guys you need it ;)
master Builder empathic
master Builder empathic - 3 måneder siden
You need a 750 double pumper carburetor to make it balance out your AF ratios
Dax arms
Dax arms - 3 måneder siden
Is that a tormach CNC mill? 😀😀😀
Dax arms
Dax arms - 3 måneder siden
You should have went and dual Holley 4-barrel carbs
Flesh Tree
Flesh Tree - 3 måneder siden
It's really a v10 now
Joe Botelho
Joe Botelho - 3 måneder siden
sounds like a sheep
Anthony Turton
Anthony Turton - 3 måneder siden
buy it a piston /liner kit and a new head . you owe it that after 500miles as a v11., then use twin su carbs like on the e-type v12.
then if you do put the big block in the jag body you can use this engine in a stretched barbie jeep.
CaptainNonsense - 3 måneder siden
Moto Mule seems like a really cool and hospitable dude.
Laika 69
Laika 69 - 3 måneder siden
Love these vids.. cannot say it enough.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
Up until the year 1986 Lamborghini countach was carbureted V12
baconwinnerftw - 4 måneder siden
Thanks for the video, the homemade intake gave me a real good idea for my truck, my trucks not a gambler car and it’s a daily driver but it would look really cool sticking out of the hood
Capital Diversify
Capital Diversify - 4 måneder siden
for a challenge you guys should look at doing an electric ride
FantasticPhil - 4 måneder siden
24 of each, you say?
Hold my beer
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 - 4 måneder siden
That intake is a work of art.
Dodge 3500 SRT
Dodge 3500 SRT - 4 måneder siden
Where did you guys get the tires from
Zack Skinner 2
Zack Skinner 2 - 4 måneder siden
yall should paint it
Kokx Luke
Kokx Luke - 4 måneder siden
The manifold would most likely work better with a duel plenum
Majin Studio
Majin Studio - 5 måneder siden
Its not a V12. Its a V11 ;)
Majin Studio
Majin Studio - 5 måneder siden
I live in Carver Oregon Near Estacada. Im Close. Can i be your friend!?. I have tons of toys and tons of tools as a peace offering!?
Robert E O Speedwagon
Robert E O Speedwagon - 5 måneder siden
5:49 is that windows xp?? lol
Username N/A
Username N/A - 6 måneder siden
My godddd why would you ditch the fuel injection there is literally 40 yrs of documentation on fixing such a simple system. Your carb junk loses all the horsepower.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
It sounds like a Chris-Craft from the 1950s
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Where in the hell did he find a 3.5 floppy in 2020
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
You guys going to do a frame lift or suspension lift make those wheels clear the fenders
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
That include the airplane that delivered it cuz it looks like that package was thrown out of the airplane without landing
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
Your intakes and your plenum with a carb on top looks like a prehistoric animal made out of aluminum or stainless steel
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
The one for a copyright infringement you could be playing something in the background from the thunderdome
Jeff Spakoski
Jeff Spakoski - 6 måneder siden
With all the room on top of that intake manifold you guys should have gone with dual quads! Or maybe a six pack setup. That would be super Mad Max. Or go for broke and scavenge up 6 Webers, go old school Ferrari! Keep up the good work, you guys are great. Love your stuff
Shayne Jopson
Shayne Jopson - 6 måneder siden
I love the way you Americans can Frankenstein anything and still have it on the road without having the cops hassle you it is totally not the case in Australia
ian thomas
ian thomas - 7 måneder siden
DOPE JAG,speachless
Getrektnoobslyr - 7 måneder siden
would you sell the Barbie car, if so how much.
Dakota Wilkins
Dakota Wilkins - 8 måneder siden
I have a little 4x4 plas table in Bozeman MT if you guys are still looking. I plan to list it in coming weeks
Jeffrey Le Fevre
Jeffrey Le Fevre - 8 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure if u fixed the egr and threw o2 sensors in it it would pulse on its own
Sean D
Sean D - 8 måneder siden
Been curious what kind of tube bender you guys use?
Ramon somewhere
Ramon somewhere - 9 måneder siden
This is an v11 right? One cil was broken right?
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou - 9 måneder siden
Wicked deadly
Bryson Mcgilvray
Bryson Mcgilvray - 9 måneder siden
yall should modify a slingshot power wheels
mike golden
mike golden - 10 måneder siden
Dude just burn a edelbrock manifold to your headers!!
mike golden
mike golden - 10 måneder siden
Volumetric efficiencies..
Erik Larson
Erik Larson - 10 måneder siden
@29:52 "How much power that beast putting down? Well. it'll almost rev to redline if you stay in it in neutral hard enough! :) Love it!!!
Erik Larson
Erik Larson - 10 måneder siden
I said it in another one of your videos too, but I know you guys can't possibly read all of this. Lol. I am so sorry! I met you guys at Crater Lake, and you told me about converting the Jag to carb and I wasn't NEARLY as impressed as I should have been. This is AMAZING work! You guys are killin it! Keep it up!
Noorthern - 10 måneder siden
18:40 the car sounds like its crying
w,c,m,w &fab
w,c,m,w &fab - 10 måneder siden
U guys live in Oregon. That's were I live. Would love to go for a ride. Got four wheelers. Next time u go for ride in Oregon let me no
Trent Dawg
Trent Dawg - 11 måneder siden
U should start selling them intakes.....
Trent Dawg
Trent Dawg - 11 måneder siden
Xjs v-11
NoahBones 12
NoahBones 12 - 11 måneder siden
Oh great, now we need to see a Jeep XJ vs Jaguar XJ offroad. Lol.
_Flake_ - 11 måneder siden
I’d love an underglow on that
John Pearson
John Pearson - 11 måneder siden
I love how different people come up with different solutions to different problems. When I needed to build a custom air intake for my project car, I started with off the shelf velocity stacks then just connected everything with wet layup carbon fiber.
Nicole C
Nicole C - 11 måneder siden
I want to see the build on that cart ( golf cart ).
Стив Скотт
Стив Скотт - 11 måneder siden
The erector set mentality that saturates most nowadays is clearly evident here with this manifold. Fortunately, nearly the entirety of your viewership are completely ignorant to the physics that distinguish a dry manifold from a wet manifold, allowing for your lack of technical proficiency to foster more erector set mentalities which spawn and grow more of your ilk at an exponential rate.
Gentlemen, may I suggest: instead of masquerading as Charlatans of Technical Wizardry, try to take some responsibility in guiding your malformed Millennial Base towards something other than technically obtuse eye-candy fodder.
Unimpressive and Failure. 😑
Thumbs Down. 😕
b - 11 måneder siden
Yall sure know how to have fun
Jessica Carpenter
Jessica Carpenter - 11 måneder siden
Hey just seen your channel that’s awesome ! That’s my boyfriends old jaguar He traded still have pictures with the same license plate
Zach Brucken
Zach Brucken - År siden
V11 jag
Kraemer Gamer
Kraemer Gamer - År siden
If the guys from road kill quit or something these guys could take their spot easy
KdK LOGIC - År siden
What degrees and what not do these guys have to do this cuz this seems mad complicated😂. Keep up the great work guys
Chris Neubauer
Chris Neubauer - År siden
Nice Chevy! That your guys pick-up??
Justin Updyke
Justin Updyke - År siden
To all you younguns talking about win Xp and floppies. You would be amazed how many "state of the art" factories still run old software because, guess what, it works. 3 of the 8 computers I deal with at work are still XP. The rest are win 7. Hell, some equipment we have only had 3 years still uses floppies to back up the programs. They have USB ports but absolutely no option to back up or recovery to usb.
FAHRI HMS - År siden
bannablitz247 - År siden
This car is legitimately the spirit of the gambler 500.
Country Life
Country Life - År siden
No shit yall in eugene Oregon that's not far from me and my cousins go to the gamblers all the time my cousin flipped his red Subaru last year now there gonna try some black Kia he had
Rex Volvo
Rex Volvo - År siden
That’s the great thing about having 12 cylinders, you have cylinders to spare lol 😂
Diesel Holley
Diesel Holley - År siden
My dude in the laptop hella mad scientist 👨‍🔬 vibe haha
Diesel Holley
Diesel Holley - År siden
This is by far one of my favorites channel.👌🏻 awesome guys took on welding more seriously cus u guys
Cristian Davis
Cristian Davis - År siden
Please give me a skin
IYMx RAYZAH - År siden
Why so meany dislike .how rude men great video cheers hello from new Zealand
Mouse Gipson
Mouse Gipson - År siden
Awesome video .chingon Jaguar cabrones
Chris chris
Chris chris - År siden
Justin Timberlake's scuff twin brother living large with the jag
Eric Huff
Eric Huff - År siden
I bet all that damage was you guys. You were grinding, welding and cleaning the intake with nothing keeping dirt out of the engine. It most likely sucked in slag or metal.
Mike Diakoulas
Mike Diakoulas - År siden
FYI: Those little holes on the intake flanges are for the air injection. (You can actually delete the belt driven air pump too). They go right through the heads into the exhaust ports. When CNCing the flanges you should have used the flanges to cover the holes so exhaust doesn't blow out of them. I'm 2 months late on watching this video, so you probably figured it out already though. But if you didn't, just seal up those holes on the intake flanges with some jb weld or something.
bootleg linux
bootleg linux - År siden
Looks like something straight outta Madmax! Great build!
Keep 'er Lit. Let 'er Rip!
I've owned two of these. My first had a Chevy 350 v8. Second one was v12. I'm always tempted to get another.
Eskere Double
Eskere Double - År siden
Mike its amazing!
zackary schneider
zackary schneider - År siden
/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ bang bang
Klaufmann - År siden
Very nice, brings some Roadkill vibes back. Does it run only on 11 cylinders now?
And is there a possibility to set the whole car higher, so that the wheels have some actual clearance to retract without getting sliced open by the fenders?
Kerberos - År siden
Straight out of mad max holy shit.
xxfurloxx - År siden
nice "fuck you enviroment" car
Kick The Tires And Light The Fires
This is what people do when they don't understand tpi...
Jason Carter
Jason Carter - År siden
love your show. just use hearing protection more..... from experience.......
NiT Striker
NiT Striker - År siden
volume for music and voice and engine noise are completely off
Evo K
Evo K - År siden
Max Rockatansky liked this video...
Ian atherton
Ian atherton - År siden
V11 What !!!!! Classic English V12 !! How not to ( Bodge ) build cars , how do you guys find the time to waste your time !!??
Renzo Koornhof
Renzo Koornhof - År siden
Shout out to the Logitech Trackball! Have you tried the new one? It's *perfect*
RollinRat - År siden
That doesnt sound like any Jag Ive heard before!
Next you gotta transform it into a trar and take it rock crawling!
Anyway keep up the good work! Fun stuff!
Turbopotato3000 - År siden
screw roadkill then.
motortrend can keep their stuff on their site if they wanna
Yung boof man
Yung boof man - År siden
so you guys just take power wheels around with you? ok
jrhumphrey89 - År siden
HOLLYWOOD - År siden
и что это за говновидео
Tom Libero
Tom Libero - År siden
Poor Jag....
TheKiltedYaksman1 - År siden
Looks like fun. With a proper set of tubular headers and a free flow exhaust these things will sound like Formula 1 cars. This one sounds like an irrigation pump. Two thumbs up!
Strothy2 - År siden
Lets carbonate an freaking V12 xD best video ever
Caleb Harris
Caleb Harris - År siden
After the gambler yall should replace the motor in the jag
SeanHodgins - År siden
I had the joy of working on a Jag V12 way back when(it was my grandpas that I inherited), and there are some really funky things with that engine. One that comes to mind, the fuel runs through AC cooled pipes. So the AC has to come on randomly when the engine is running, to prevent hydrolock in the fuel rail. So when the AC inevitably fails, the engine starts having issues.
Curtis Gillen
Curtis Gillen - År siden
Awesome! I love getting the entire build in one video too.
Matthew Kantar
Matthew Kantar - År siden
Woulda gone with at least two carbs.
AM D - År siden
So this is technically an 11-cylinder?
Troy Crowder
Troy Crowder - År siden
i told moto mule he wouldn't have any problem getting some attention that gearbox is very cool but not as cool as the golf kart that is the best i have seen