Power Wheels Camaro Rips Off Road!

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Get Surfshark VPN at Surfshark.deals/ghpc and enter promo code GHPC for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! This week we pumped up the mountain bike air shocks and cut out the fenders on our 500cc Camaro Power Wheels go kart to make room for bigger and better off road tires! In this video we race the go kart on our backyard go kart track, jump the off road cart and roll it! It is a super exciting episode of Grind Hard Plumbing Co! Who wants to see a full send next?
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 17 dager siden
New Merch and giveaway here https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/ Should we make a Camaro FULL SEND next?
Darrin ali
Darrin ali - 3 dager siden
Luan Duarte
Luan Duarte - 3 dager siden
BR a
Ameer Ahmad
Ameer Ahmad - 5 dager siden
@Jaden Gloyd ض
Nelsa Hernandez
Nelsa Hernandez - 6 dager siden
@Jaden Gloyd .x ce de fofd
محمد محمد
محمد محمد - 6 dager siden
Colin Boudreau
Colin Boudreau - Dag siden
Can wait for you to come out with a new video
Ja Pakse
Ja Pakse - Dag siden
FissisionBBFL - Dag siden
Hey question can you do custome power wheels. Like people pay you take make them
Maureen Ruble
Maureen Ruble - 2 dager siden
"its time to put these on here with the body"
-hmm yes the floor is made of floor
Charles Wallace
Charles Wallace - 3 dager siden
Lil bee sting
Sofia Debabeche
Sofia Debabeche - 3 dager siden
Martha Maldonado
Martha Maldonado - 4 dager siden
Can I have the Camaro
Barrett Pope
Barrett Pope - 5 dager siden
U guys make sick videos
Travis Little
Travis Little - 5 dager siden
JACE HOWELLSOPER - 5 dager siden
would you ever sell kits to build these
Piseth Kh Motovlog
Piseth Kh Motovlog - 5 dager siden
Wow nice video!
jason clark
jason clark - 6 dager siden
It must nearly be about time to do the central air system you guys originally planned for the Camaro, would be great to see if finally happen. Good little project.
Tampa Boys Customs
Tampa Boys Customs - 6 dager siden
That was awesome same thing I say every time I crashed
linda roberts
linda roberts - 2 dager siden
Tampa Boys Customs
Tampa Boys Customs - 6 dager siden
Man it almost beat the jeeps time very nice a couple more laps and I bet it would
محمد محمد
محمد محمد - 6 dager siden
Alex TheGamerAndBeatBoxer
Alex TheGamerAndBeatBoxer - 7 dager siden
You just turned lighting machine to bumble bee
Araceli Cervantes
Araceli Cervantes - 7 dager siden
Put wheelie bar
My Aviation Channel
My Aviation Channel - 7 dager siden
500cc camaro XDDDDDDDDDDDJFKOAPLEN im dying
May Jeanett Berge
May Jeanett Berge - 7 dager siden
Yes you shod
May Jeanett Berge
May Jeanett Berge - 7 dager siden
Do you whant 1mill sub?
Carlito - 7 dager siden
To bad power wheels sold these
braxten wells
braxten wells - 8 dager siden
You should so try to make a two stroke off-rode power wheels car
Марина Яроцкая
Марина Яроцкая - 8 dager siden
Gabriel Molinari
Gabriel Molinari - 8 dager siden
What motor is he running
Motors And Cameras
Motors And Cameras - 8 dager siden
What kind of motor is in that
christina snell
christina snell - 9 dager siden
Matthew Meinecke
Matthew Meinecke - 9 dager siden
Why are you so cool?
the Truth
the Truth - 10 dager siden
6:07 i like to use wire to stitch stuff it doesnt stand out as much and its stronger. You just put it through bend it to poke through the other hole then spin it fron the inside with nippers so it tightens itself.
Kyle Dammann
Kyle Dammann - 10 dager siden
That thing is on the ragged edge sketchy. I hope your health insurance is paid up.
Peter Morrison
Peter Morrison - 10 dager siden
why does Nathon get to drive and break everything?
Dain Pauly
Dain Pauly - 10 dager siden
They should make the street mode body orange with a wide body
Luke Warm
Luke Warm - 10 dager siden
8:45 sent it a bit too hard there mate
Zvark Fitzell
Zvark Fitzell - 10 dager siden
You guys should make an adjustable counterweight system so you can adjust for the riders weight and also improve handling
Mr dominos Pro
Mr dominos Pro - 11 dager siden
classydays43 - 11 dager siden
The Rumble Bee is actually a super amazing build. I was fully expecting it to beat Sendy's record, but it did really well despite its limitations both in suspension and steering.
linda roberts
linda roberts - 2 dager siden
CMO Nature
CMO Nature - 11 dager siden
Good good
CMO Nature
CMO Nature - 11 dager siden
Good luck
Joleen Calaway
Joleen Calaway - 11 dager siden
you should jump the Camaro off a sand dune
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez - 11 dager siden
No me des tu carrito
Grant Holt
Grant Holt - 11 dager siden
Didn't this thing already have an off-road kit?
Lumber-Smack - 11 dager siden
My jaw has never dropped so fast like it did at 0:04
eslyzaeth cano
eslyzaeth cano - 11 dager siden
A yo make me a go kart
Keyvaris Gaston
Keyvaris Gaston - 11 dager siden
Can I have one
Zander Dugan
Zander Dugan - 11 dager siden
Where can I buy one I need this
bristolcity514 - 11 dager siden
Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh - 11 dager siden
Not good for the spine
Chrystian Mestanza Valverde
Chrystian Mestanza Valverde - 11 dager siden
I want dad car irse 4x4
Keyshlee Segarra
Keyshlee Segarra - 11 dager siden
GoingGoingGoingGone Type88
GoingGoingGoingGone Type88 - 12 dager siden
Where can I buy all the components to replicate as close as possible
Edward Lalone
Edward Lalone - 12 dager siden
I wish I had one
ช่างยุทธ เทอร์โบซิ่ง
What car machine do you use
Eyeball Engineering
Eyeball Engineering - 12 dager siden
Damn that thing shreds!
Cam bike adventures
Cam bike adventures - 12 dager siden
How much do you think you spent on that and what Engin
Kincaid Harrison
Kincaid Harrison - 12 dager siden
id love to see you guys try to fix the cameros bad suspension so we could see the thing shine on pavement
John Paquin
John Paquin - 12 dager siden
You need to put something under the back to keep the body from hitting the grownd
John Paquin
John Paquin - 12 dager siden
It looks better yellow also I know it any so but the yellow makes it to bigger then the red did
Joseph Salazar-Romero
Joseph Salazar-Romero - 12 dager siden
Hay if I take the engine to you geis and the body can you geis build it for me.
Chris Larick
Chris Larick - 12 dager siden
I have a YouTube channel It is called Chris Larick because you’re so stuck under my dad’s account instead of mine go check it out
Chris Larick
Chris Larick - 12 dager siden
The Camaro why did you paint it red
Chris Larick
Chris Larick - 12 dager siden
Why did you paint it red
stu booth
stu booth - 12 dager siden
You guys would really like the fone/tablet game "beach buggy racing" and maybe the sequel too! It's like you guys have unwittingly built cars identical to the game!
Andy Dunkin
Andy Dunkin - 13 dager siden
I really like your new videos! I'll re subscribe
Case Akers
Case Akers - 13 dager siden
You should put a 250 2 stroke motor in one
Jaydan Larsen
Jaydan Larsen - 13 dager siden
What is your fast this build out of the power will
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough - 13 dager siden
What does Ethan keep pulling at his pocket for is it a nervous tic or something..
wrxsubaru02 - 13 dager siden
I hope u arent messing up your back by hitting all those jumps and bumps in that sitting position
gavin haskins
gavin haskins - 13 dager siden
I think you should put a wide body kit on it, just saying 😂
Brent Heltsley
Brent Heltsley - 13 dager siden
Some of the track times are unfair guys. Sendy and the Kernel aren’t on knobbies right :)
Cash app Wifi6543
Cash app Wifi6543 - 13 dager siden
My guy stop calling these power wheels
alex wallis
alex wallis - 13 dager siden
Do any of your builds have dash lighter plugs?
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior - 13 dager siden
Yeah a rally inspired track monster would be sweet. Basically the camaro but wider and 4 wheel drive.
ik ja ik
ik ja ik - 13 dager siden
can you guys make a fwd pouwer weels? i think its fun to try
Alex Quenneville
Alex Quenneville - 13 dager siden
She needs wheelie bars
linda roberts
linda roberts - 2 dager siden
Jamwood03 - 13 dager siden
What's happening with that lawnmower build? I haven't been watching alot recently and I'm curious if that making an appearance
Life as jorzaann
Life as jorzaann - 14 dager siden
Can I buy one of these for my birthday
Kenneth A
Kenneth A - 14 dager siden
Hi how are you doing ?
Can you please make me one theses??
Txt back please
NeoIsrafil - 14 dager siden
Guess she needs a wheelie bar now to keep her from shredding the body...lol
Bradyn Stevens
Bradyn Stevens - 14 dager siden
Were do u get that motor from, what kind of motor, and how exoensive
Ryan Cue
Ryan Cue - 14 dager siden
Dig the build. Your music choice and editing skills are ace as well. You rock.
Ben West
Ben West - 14 dager siden
Are your videos copywrited? I see you on this thumbnail. https://youtu.be/cmYBNiwV9Cs
Mason King
Mason King - 14 dager siden
What kind of motors do you guys use
204 Video
204 Video - 14 dager siden
I watched your videos with my 8 year old daughter and she wants one now haha
Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson - 14 dager siden
They used ur vid in HickHub. Respond to let me know
Alex Willis
Alex Willis - 14 dager siden
Why didn't the pressure washer strip the yellow paint too, or is it yellow plastic all the way through?
pdawg - 14 dager siden
Walmart has a tank. Need I say more.
Ryan Poland
Ryan Poland - 14 dager siden
You Should do an electric bmw i8 powerweels
linda roberts
linda roberts - 2 dager siden
Kamarra Samuel
Kamarra Samuel - 14 dager siden
Or but I need to tho cuz it’s insane
Kamarra Samuel
Kamarra Samuel - 14 dager siden
I wanna build one
Mammoth 56
Mammoth 56 - 14 dager siden
Wicked video fellas. Glad neither of you were hurt.
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 14 dager siden
Thanks! We are happy to have made it out clean too!
Isaac Gutiérrez
Isaac Gutiérrez - 14 dager siden
Cómo se llaman esas llantas
Dena Current
Dena Current - 14 dager siden
Send me that
Kyle Lindhardt
Kyle Lindhardt - 15 dager siden
make the BMW next
Justin Zozokos
Justin Zozokos - 15 dager siden
Cr500 build?
OVFDHCW Jakob - 15 dager siden
Dude bring back the bmwute please and give it a lift kit and biggervwheels
lol gamer Dj fv2738
lol gamer Dj fv2738 - 15 dager siden
You can make alote if money
lol gamer Dj fv2738
lol gamer Dj fv2738 - 15 dager siden
You should start building these and selling them
Feels bad man 2020 ruined our lives
we need a tutorial of how to make one.
C Perez
C Perez - 15 dager siden
U need a seatbelt very awesome
C Perez
C Perez - 15 dager siden
I won the lotto and wanna buy that thing for the land or make me one similar 🤣 🙏