Power Wheels Go Kart Runs! + Off Road tires!

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Time to take our Power Wheels Chevy Camaro SS to next next level. In this episode our crazy off road go kart contraption runs! We have had so much fun with this transforming go kart build and I cant wait to take it for its first test drive!
Our bender and notcher www.roguefab.com/
Full parts list here www.grindhardplumbingco.com/builds-1/2019/8/30/500cc-camaro-power-wheels
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Peyton Motes
Peyton Motes - 11 dager siden
Camera man looks like that guy from Prodigal Sons
M Ld
M Ld - 17 dager siden
ironman12328 - Måned siden
1:25 Just 1 question, where are you there Austria/ Germany or somewhere in Europe
Nate B
Nate B - Måned siden
Why is it all tacked and not welded tho 😥
RIN VIK - 4 måneder siden
Wow keren,
king ronald
king ronald - 4 måneder siden
Increíble tutorial maestro 😎👏gracias por compartir esos conocimientos y porfavor me pasarías LOS PLANOS de este proyecto,Saludos desde PERÚ LIMA 🇵🇪.
WITO SARLAW - 4 måneder siden
Mantapp....inspirasi banget..untuk berkarya
Jose Castaneda
Jose Castaneda - 4 måneder siden
Son los mejores Saludos Cd Delicias chihuahua
Руслан Андрошук
Руслан Андрошук - 5 måneder siden
Hello, I also want to do my go-kart, but I don’t have the money to make this dream come true. If someone is not indifferent, please help. 5168 7559 0153 7270. You will help, and then they will help you.
ben cantu
ben cantu - 5 måneder siden
Any way to get a blue print if you don’t want to sell??
ben cantu
ben cantu - 5 måneder siden
How much you want for that??
Jordon C
Jordon C - 5 måneder siden
Fuck its refreshing to see real fabbed homade builds. Real. Take it from a guy that builds.
Daniel Kirkpatrick
Daniel Kirkpatrick - 6 måneder siden
So how much would you all charge to build a frame without engine body tires so just the frame steering and how ever you geniuses got the chain drive from the front to rear and it not drag on my butt lol
Daniel Kirkpatrick
Daniel Kirkpatrick - 6 måneder siden
Plus shipping to morristown arizona small ,, circle city 85342
Пестунов Ярослав
Пестунов Ярослав - 6 måneder siden
Спосибо за хорошее видео думаю сделать себе 🚙 эканом 👩‍👦.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 6 måneder siden
So nice scene of Germany there at least looks like Germany to me have a great day
Marvins Yvan
Marvins Yvan - 6 måneder siden
my name is marvins yvan i really like what you do. I watched your videos on YouTube I want to make a go kart but I don't know where to start and I would like you to help me make it. Here is my email address: marvinsyvan18@gmail.com
_ZomBeast _
_ZomBeast _ - 7 måneder siden
where are the wheels from?
محمود الميالي
محمود الميالي - 7 måneder siden
Julian R
Julian R - 7 måneder siden
Where did you get the off road tyres, cant find those on the parts list
Julian R
Julian R - 7 måneder siden
For some reason I never like a chain running next to my calves, but hey its your party. Beautiful build tho
punch guard
punch guard - 7 måneder siden
everything great but please repair that concrete bro😁
ken an
ken an - 8 måneder siden
Which engine is that?
Stephan Fourie
Stephan Fourie - 8 måneder siden
Dear God, please stop working around a spinning lathe with your hoody sleeves not pulled up !
Elok42 k
Elok42 k - 8 måneder siden
I love that their 3d modeling is cardboard
cesar salazar
cesar salazar - 8 måneder siden
19 and 17 tooth spraket for the back and wat you have for the front
BANG ARDI 75 - 9 måneder siden
Wow amazing 👍👍👍😀
jorden suberla
jorden suberla - 9 måneder siden
Dude this is fucking awesome. My friends and i want to build our own ones of these. Looks so kool
عموري عموري
عموري عموري - 9 måneder siden
Thanks MR you Genius 😚👌
azayah og
azayah og - 9 måneder siden
can you do jumps with that Go Kart
james sherman
james sherman - 9 måneder siden
the sheet metal cutter is called hydraulic K O cutter, it is used in the electrical field for cutting hole in boxes and panels for emt connectors and rigged pipe. you can use it manually or with a hydraulic pump as you have.
Valente Vera
Valente Vera - 9 måneder siden
Alguien abla español q le guste estos videos
zongfa Cheng
zongfa Cheng - 10 måneder siden
too mush wast time
Phiraphon Na Bangchang
Phiraphon Na Bangchang - 10 måneder siden
TheRomanrp - 10 måneder siden
JohnAndrey 26
JohnAndrey 26 - 10 måneder siden
Do you make a barbie jeep and sell it??? Because I bought it.
Bandwagon Ink
Bandwagon Ink - 10 måneder siden
Was this a lot less complicated to put together than senderella?????
Ghouls Crazy
Ghouls Crazy - 10 måneder siden
Who else is like damn I want to try that *sees price* Damn Ill try some other day.
عبداللطيف العيسي
عبداللطيف العيسي - 10 måneder siden
emerson ferreira
emerson ferreira - 10 måneder siden
Very very crazy kkkk
Все Клипы
Все Клипы - 10 måneder siden
Русичи есть?
lorne burnham
lorne burnham - 11 måneder siden
Do you build frames ?
Roberto Grezebielukas
Roberto Grezebielukas - 11 måneder siden
hello, could you make the car project available to do at home? :)
Ross Russell
Ross Russell - 11 måneder siden
You should make your logo the thumbnail for the channel since you've branched out from the barbie mustang.
dirtbike bumpy
dirtbike bumpy - 11 måneder siden
What do you guys use more mig or tig? Just wanna know cause I’m in the market for both just looking what to get first
FORTNITE CLIPS - 11 måneder siden
Donde se pueden comprar montados?
Bobby Chudoba
Bobby Chudoba - 11 måneder siden
I would put a cotter pins on the end of the spindle bolt ends just for extra safety. if you have the space for them.
Roberto Maldonado
Roberto Maldonado - 11 måneder siden
Bro how much you want for your Jeep
Linh Danh
Linh Danh - 11 måneder siden
Banh sau a di cot thang 2 banh e thay khong hay bang di cau xe oto e chi gop u
Eddie Harris
Eddie Harris - År siden
Hey if u put a ratchet strap around the center line of the tire n tighten its much easier 2 set
ISAAC Lopez Obama
ISAAC Lopez Obama - År siden
Viva Mexico cabrones
Buen video
Raymond Betancourt
Raymond Betancourt - År siden
At 5:52 did u guys plant those 5 pine trees that it looks like you’re facing or was they already there?
Rob Mason
Rob Mason - År siden
Cant wait to see the camaro go
Derek Krause
Derek Krause - År siden
what drivetrain is it
Ty Man
Ty Man - År siden
I’ve seen people light it on fire
Việt TiVi
Việt TiVi - År siden
I like so much
Gabriel Harris
Gabriel Harris - År siden
I really like how this go-kart looks. When I'm ready to weld up a go-kart with my everlast welder I might make it like this one.
orlando andrade
orlando andrade - År siden
I agree with the two bodies idea. It would be cool to have an off-road style and a sema type body with wide body
Filipiakk - År siden
6:46 What breed of dog?
Jhonny Bolaños
Jhonny Bolaños - År siden
cadillac crow
cadillac crow - År siden
hey yall should put headlights and tail lights to lol
Money Grip
Money Grip - År siden
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang - År siden
Does that project be cancelled ? I have waiting for more then two weeks.
MaximoExcessum - År siden
@Grind Hard Plumbing Co Where did u get thoose tires?
Sakuu - År siden
damn where you have your helmet.....dude...
Veronica Niño
Veronica Niño - År siden
Hola amigo cordial saludo y muchas felicitaciones por lo q construyen. Tengo una pregunta ustedes no tiene un video pasó a paso pero concreto que muestre la construcción de los chasis o la forma en la q se inventan los chasis. Saludos
Zorina and Valentyn Getman
Love the vids. Ukrainian electric bike at the exhibition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUdxpmK-b-8&list=LL8KOzhHg6RIj98ESYGFe2EQ
Jarom Worthen
Jarom Worthen - År siden
You got to put the exhaust under the car and out the plastic tip locations. Straight pipe.with a crossover.
bryan rut
bryan rut - År siden
Don’t know if anyone mentioned it. But a ratchet strap around the tire helps get it beaded up.
Logan Davis
Logan Davis - År siden
So what's going on guys haven't seen you 2 work on the Camaro in a few weeks really lookin forward to seeing it get done and driving
Walmart Shredder
Walmart Shredder - År siden
I’d like to know how to change the body, I have a souped 2009 Eton quad at my dads shop and I’m wondering how I can modify the body to enable me and my brother to have some fun and not look like 14 year olds on a 9 year olds quad
Вездеход ЛитЛ
Brandon Purtha
Brandon Purtha - År siden
Adjust the carb for the straight pipe for sure. Shoot some flames 🔥
Francisco Javier Segoviano Santoyo
amazing!!! you`re best! I want make one it, which it´s especific tube diameter or caliber, and the electrodo type and amperes ? Im new in the MMA soldier. Thank^S
Awesome Dave
Awesome Dave - År siden
I have always just used a ratchet strap to blow out the tires to fit a larger wheel. You guys do awesome work though. Mind blowing
Gatby - År siden
ModNation Racers irl
Wilson Duan
Wilson Duan - År siden
4 wheel drive?
__ im0nfarm3r0nly
__ im0nfarm3r0nly - År siden
patiently waiting.....😁
Gab Inidal
Gab Inidal - År siden
These guys are legends in my book!!!
Маша и Миша
Маша и Миша - År siden
Когда она уже поедет ??)))
gokartbuilder - År siden
The Escalade is getting a huge upgrade going from a 5.5 hp push mower engine to a honda VT750 vtwin and the frame will be built hopefully soon for suspension and wheels im thinking of looking for atv parts
Jared Killian
Jared Killian - År siden
Good Music Choices
David D
David D - År siden
Use a ratchet strap to put pressure all the way around small tires. Fill it until bead then pull the strap off.
Kyle Logan
Kyle Logan - År siden
Thoughs welds though :o won't last long like that
Егор Иванович
So cool guy's, from Russia....
Josh Masters
Josh Masters - År siden
Anyone know what tyres they put on this kart rims?
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh - År siden
@grindhardplumbingco i use to have a bad ass predator 500 that would walk raptors and mild banchee’s . If you need any tips on tuning that cv carb hit me up
YRF Kash
YRF Kash - År siden
Are you guys posting a new video on this mini car this week ?
Dumpster Stu
Dumpster Stu - År siden
Can't wait to meet you guys at the next Gambler 500! I'm learning how to weld right now. Also less than three death to thee!
uziXwraith - År siden
... where did your radiator go? I see the waterpump...
YangGang 2020
YangGang 2020 - År siden
I want to learn how to weld and learn mechanics and build stuff like this! You guys are amazing!
Sean W
Sean W - År siden
Hey guys, I have a mountain biking background and I highly recommend that you get some sort of cover over the air shock stanchions because when they get scratched it is really bad for the inside of the shock because the scratches can carry the dirt inside completely messing up the shocks👍
Anyway great work loving the vids
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams - År siden
You guys! Good work! Love your channel!
AJ Bertelson
AJ Bertelson - År siden
Ya know you guys may be on to something if you were to ever create a single donor kit with one of these.
Davis Long
Davis Long - År siden
What state do hey live in?
Enzo Tornese
Enzo Tornese - År siden
Pongan subtitulos
SMOGGY 2019 - År siden
music at 12.29 what is it called
dallyson ricardo
dallyson ricardo - År siden
Matthew Drehobl
Matthew Drehobl - År siden
I just passed you guys on 94 between Boner and Clinton Montana. The barbi jeep looks nice on the back ok the crawler
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - År siden
Whens the next upload im jonesin 😳
RyanClark -
RyanClark - - År siden
Come for the cart build, stay for the creamy b roll. Ready to see this little guy jump!