Real Life Mario Kart Build!

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We built the craziest thing. A Polaris 500cc powered front engined go kart. this is the next episode in our Power Wheels Camaro build and at this point it truly looks like a real life mario kart build.
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In todays episode we add steering and front suspension to our custom 500cc 2019 Camaro SS power wheels toy! This is one crazy go kart build.
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Adam the man
Adam the man - Måned siden
Absolutely love this video! I found this new youtuber who's also doing builds! Check him out hes impressive like grind hard!
briantobin9 - 9 måneder siden
Always appreciate more footage of those awesome dogs!!! 🤗
Pocket-Change 2711
Pocket-Change 2711 - 11 måneder siden
Shitass. - 11 måneder siden
11:13 😂😂😅
Roel Visser
Roel Visser - 11 måneder siden
you should know a rolling table sucks because of the welding hoses
danteelite - År siden
You guys should pick your favorite Mario Kart (or other cart racer game cart) and try to build an exact replica! It would be so cool to see a GHPC version of Mario's actual cart, or the awesome 6 wheel Bowser kart!
Just an idea for a future project if you gets ever run out of ideas.. lol
Jakob Schalk
Jakob Schalk - År siden
Keep it red
OffPlanet - År siden
Are you guys taking notes for any chassis? I think it might be a good idea for you to be able to replicate any of these builds. I just mean you guys might be making a bunch of these in the future to sell uh hem.
Cisco Sanchez
Cisco Sanchez - År siden
Paint it red and add an m for mario lol
Dian Dimov
Dian Dimov - År siden
You look like Francis from Malcolm 🤟🤙
miguel gonzalez
miguel gonzalez - År siden
best fucken welder ever
Ya Gaming
Ya Gaming - År siden
Pro I want to buy one car
Luciano Gonzalez
Luciano Gonzalez - År siden
Por favor, los subtítulos 🙏🏻😩
Corey_C. - År siden
Either paint the steering wheel black or yellow. Also how hard would it be to do this to a 2 seater go cart?
pandasalvesen1977 - År siden
awesomw! but lower the Music volume please ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Crazyey - År siden
keep the wheel red
DevanoChiron - År siden
Hi dude, i from indonesia, your video enter indonesia
Doudou Rc
Doudou Rc - År siden
It’s bike shock in the chassis ???
Saijen Alexander
Saijen Alexander - År siden
Might need to put a bumper bar on those corners at the front so they don't dig into the ground on jumps and shit
Boogers grow
Boogers grow - År siden
Keep it red
Crowmaann - År siden
It's not like the engine would ever break loose of the mounts in a hard hit and come back to crush your legs..
Marcos Barroso
Marcos Barroso - År siden
Que triste que ya estén los subtítulos, sigo dejando mi like pero muy apenado
Lauti Gramaglia
Lauti Gramaglia - År siden
No hay mas subtítulos en español?
บังกอลฟ์ สายกวนตีน
รับทำรถแบบนี้หรือป่าว อยากได้
JOTARO kujo - År siden
Man, i definitely won't get this Kart so easy..
Putup Orshutup
Putup Orshutup - År siden
RED goes good with yellow enough said
Putup Orshutup
Putup Orshutup - År siden
I would love to see some more of the MG snowmobile ripping up the road, Or the stand up one. I think we might all like to see more of your projects besides the princess and the mustang
BIGMAAL Gee - År siden
When are you gonna be done
Will Long
Will Long - År siden
Dude everyday after school I check my phone to see if the next video has come out,,, I wanna see the mustang finished really bac
Eduardvi78900 - År siden
Make a modnation racers kart, it would be awesome
william horn
william horn - År siden real vpower wheels car? O.o could this be the next step of grind hard?
InfoVator - År siden
Amazing. Only complain is the Camaro body.
Kellie Wood
Kellie Wood - År siden
That's cool. Now I want to make a kart with my everlast welder.
B Wild
B Wild - År siden
How the hell u find tires for those 😂
Mary Callahan
Mary Callahan - År siden
I see 👀 that you're in big foot contrey I can see big foot steeling the and raising he'll with it.its a bad ass little buggy.
Chris Rene
Chris Rene - År siden

I need some help finding this song. My first guess was Darude Sandstorm but that wasn't it. Any help/links?
games and random videos
That makes me wonder what a front engine mounted go-kart really handles like......
Akr Rka
Akr Rka - År siden
Fill it with sand and it won't crush it ;)
Finlay Macpherson
Finlay Macpherson - År siden
looks so good without body !!
Talan Peterson
Talan Peterson - År siden
It would be wrong not to put a Chevy bowtie on the steering wheel
daniesmailbox - År siden
SpiffyVidz - År siden
power wheels has entered the chat* nice job on it so far. making some great progress!!
Yoshi Element
Yoshi Element - År siden
holy shit it looks just like the pipe frame
InkMore - År siden
Best builders on YouTube by far!
Timmy Jumbo
Timmy Jumbo - År siden
What happened to the triumph?
Paris Rogiest
Paris Rogiest - År siden
Not a good idea to have pitman arm steering with independent suspension. The bump steer is even visible during the vid. If interested, there is an easy-ish fix...
Trim the bottom of the front and add a skid plate as it hits the ground a bit when fully compressed. If you case the ground at speed its going to ruin your day. Food for thought.
K C - År siden
stopped watching once you put the welding mask face down.
Stoke Burner
Stoke Burner - År siden
I like it. I like it a lot. You are the fabricators fabricator.
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle - År siden
Your other builds are amazing, but this is turning out to be next-level. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Albert medvedskiy
Albert medvedskiy - År siden
for the next bilt you shud make a 4x4 pawer wheel truck.
Beecher - År siden
paint the steering wheel yellow
Ben Tilley
Ben Tilley - År siden
Purple and Yellow....Wario Cart.
Eric Petty
Eric Petty - År siden
I hope you guys can make a mini pre-runner truck for the dunes someday.
Trevor Filips
Trevor Filips - År siden
you brothers ? )
Traveling Kaspers World
Whoops, We kept hitting replay and nearly left without hitting the like button. Focus...focus....lets keep the priorities in order.
Cole Johnston
Cole Johnston - År siden
gay retard
gay retard - År siden
Paint it yellow!!!
N8 - År siden
Dark chrome wheels and white frame
would look nice
A Toaster
A Toaster - År siden
Guys should add something like a caster that pops up the rear or something to make you soon out or lose control.while driving, like if you were hit with a shell
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill - År siden
Just something i noticed, but those gussets under the front of the motor look like they'd stop you dangerously quick if they dug their teeth in during a high speed bottom out. Might want to round those off a bit, but I'm assuming you're going to increase the dampening on those shocks at some point, too.
Mike Collins
Mike Collins - År siden
U guys rock keep up the awesome work 🤙✌
Zombie Circus Collective
Song name?
agkurtz96 - År siden
Paint it yellow
Lil Brién
Lil Brién - År siden
Hey y'all should try to make one with rc control for it to, y'all are the best showing what is done for fun, love the new power wheels motor projects, a wish to a dream, keep doing it in making more believe able adult kids fun vehicles
Taco Perry
Taco Perry - År siden
GHPC vs Cars and Cameras??
Rob Bob
Rob Bob - År siden
Paint the frame red
Nathan Hamler
Nathan Hamler - År siden
You should do a fabrication workshop for Cars and them how it's actually done lol
Andy K Johnson Johnson
Great video Guys😊😊. That thing is gonna smoke the track 😝😝
Fast Jacks Garage
Fast Jacks Garage - År siden
love coming home from a weekend out of town to a new grind hard video
SGillespie1985 - År siden
Your bender bench looks like a dinosaur.
OzBullGaming - År siden
red looks great wow what an awesome machine
christopher eversole
christopher eversole - År siden
Make some ridding videos
Austin 303
Austin 303 - År siden
Looks like you guys like your table
Dan Dallman
Dan Dallman - År siden
@ Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Where did you get those new dies? They look aluminum, and I thought all of Rouge Fab dies are steel
Neyser Florencio Pérez
Subtitles in spanish please
Nicholas Gionet
Nicholas Gionet - År siden
the shocks should have a 20% sag when you sit on it. for optimal performance
Evan Felter
Evan Felter - År siden
Keep it red
Norm - År siden
Um that little 5lb weight reduction doesn't mean it's good.... Weight directly over the wheels is a good thing for traction....
Norm - År siden
Awesome!! A box from cool as build tho you do some nice work.
Derek Wedin
Derek Wedin - År siden
Wrap the wheel in Carbon Fiber!!!!
Everything Loud 406
Everything Loud 406 - År siden
Leave the steering wheel red👍
Shawn Lambert
Shawn Lambert - År siden
I want to see a build off between these guys and CarsandCameras. what such content would that be.
Tyler N
Tyler N - År siden
Red and yellow killed a fellow. You decide
bryce boland
bryce boland - År siden
Yellow the steering wheel!
Eddie MacNellis
Eddie MacNellis - År siden
is anyone else waiting for a electric build like with a crazy powerful motor
Gary Stinten
Gary Stinten - År siden
An zero motor with a gen 6 controller should cover it.. Also, while we're on the topic.. see how far they can go on a reconfigured telsa model d battery .. 16 cells.. with a zero motor and controller.. It'll still pull burnouts if they want to..
David Wichner
David Wichner - År siden
Damn i love this channel
FPSaddiction - År siden
Clearance, Clarence!
Daniel Hamm
Daniel Hamm - År siden
Just take the center red ring and paint it yellow then keep the rest, or do the other parts and keep it red
frederic rike
frederic rike - År siden
One of the best looking, tightest builds GHP has done to date- and has set off a bunch of other YT content makers to play with- AWESOME, dudes!
javier garcia
javier garcia - År siden
I really don’t like the steering wheel as much
Daniel Seaman
Daniel Seaman - År siden
Hey I got the same steering wheel for my golf cart
Jim Bobber
Jim Bobber - År siden
What the heck is the world coming to? One of the ads was a Calvin Klein ad with two Weiner whistlers in it.
TurboTerry - År siden
No red or yellow matte black or carbonfiber
Lenwood Cruze
Lenwood Cruze - År siden
You guys know that you will raise the suspension and give it more steering angle right?...I have seen the future!
Jay mind ya business
Jay mind ya business - År siden
9:52 thumbs up for that nice ass Synchro back there!
Soy yo o ya no lo traduce la gente a español, bueno de todas manera un video vale mas q mil palabras xd y se entiende un poco xd
Matthew - År siden
Buy a red camaro body
einar - År siden
you should get some 170mm travel shocks instead of thoose 100mm travel shocks